Friday, August 31, 2012

In Memory-Dame Glenda

Whilst away on vacation, my good friend the Dame Courtney called with sad news. A lovely acquaintance and fellow queen,Dame Glenda, passed on, known throughout Pennsylvania for her Benevolence and huge heart, word traveled quickly that Dame Glenda passed last Wednesday August 22 after a lengthy illness and courageous fight with diabetes. She had been in the hospital the last few days, a stay that ended with a fatal stroke. Born April 6, 1957, Glen Wagner is known throughout the state for her many and many volunteer fundraising efforts for many good causes, including HIV prevention and treatment, Central PA Pride Festival, and children’s funds, among other endeavors. There was never a moment that a recall she said no to doing a show, and she has raised hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars for the good! She gave her all. Always giving smiles and warmth to all in the clubs. She cared. She mentored and taught, and brought out the best in all us queens. No matter what, Glenda stood in the wings waiting to mount her shows, some years ten shows, other years six shows, and on top of that also producing fund raisers for other worthy community causes. Glenda's example to us all is one of open arms, no judgments and a loyalty to always giving back. I can remember being just out for the first time in the clubs, a young twinkie, and she, along with my dear older sister and good friend Mame, welcomed me quickly and made me feel much more comfortable. Before I knew it I was having the time of my life! And in her routines she was queen of the cart wheels, generally bringing down the house with several. Friends and others are hosting a memorial fundraiser Sun., Sept. 1, 9 p.m. at Liquid 891 called “It’s Time to Give Back to Her”. The community at-large is invited to attend and participate.

Here's a few shots of Glenda performing for my birthday years ago. If I recall, she was performing Whitney Houston's Step by Step, and even did one of her famous cart wheels right there in the house!
Dame Glenda- you keep on doing those cart wheels in the  sky girl.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In From the Cape, from the Sand and Sea men

Well, well, well, what can I say, the summer air, the small of the beach and all the sea men all conspired to make a trip of enchantment and fun! It seems like forever since I have been with you all, and as you guessed, way behind on blogging! And this weekend will bring yet more holiday festivities. My trip was extremely fun, filled with days at the beach, a scrumptious seafood bake, a drag show, nights out on the town, a whale watch, a parade, meeting old and new friends, and two readers- the beauty and the beast, being swooned by men, lots of eating, and putting away some gin. Our lovely host were the most gracious of host and even had a hot tub installed this year, which was a great way to end a long evening out....or other things. And my friend Preston with help of the Lad, almost got me to get a tattoo, but I was told not to drink to much before going to get it. Well that never happened. But I good time was had by all, and even though Provincetown is a seven, very long hours drive, to the very tip of the Cape, it is ooohhhhh so worth it! Every year durning Carnival Week there is a theme and this year was no exception. Space Odyssey was it this year and the highlight for me is always the parade. But the theme can be seen all over the town, at the beach and even at some of the private house parties.

The lovely, funny, and campy Miss Richfield 1981, another of my favorite queens....

The Marc Jacobs float....

The fabulous Hat Sister with their outer space seahorse hats

We also met up with another reader of mine, Pearly Gates. Here, during the parade, she was getting ready for a afternoon show, but outside she was pinching the nip of a poor shot boy. But can you blame her, he was just so melt in your mouth!

I do believe a parade went through here....

After the parade it was off to the Crown and Anchor for the after parade party so to speak. The Mistress wore only a pair of hose, a silver square cut, and pink go go boots! And they were made for walking too!

Seen on a pier post near the beach......

The Lobster of my favorite places for lunch and dinner.

Most afternoons were spent on the beach with tons of men and some libations. And our hosts house was almost right on the beach making for a short walk. One of my blog readers had sent me an email, Cali Boi, who I was just dying to meet!!!! After almost five years of fresh comments and flirty emails, I got to meet him in the flesh, and what a tall glass of water he was. He was joined by his very sweet friend Tim. During the trip we met up several times and had him in for cock-a-tails at the house. He has already said he is planning a trip to Philly for the fall to visit the Mistress. Will he be another house boy? Time will tell........

You know I had to stop at the Marc Jacobs location here, you know, just in case he was inside. You know he is to be my next husband right? Alas, he wasn't there. I just give up. But there is some fabulous shopping here and lots of service shops here also.

View down the Commercial Street shopping district. And more men!

Spank the Monkey....

Preston decided to have his nipples pierced! Was he drunk? I'm not sure,but I already got my tongue stuck on one of the piercings, please don't ask. But he better let me use those abs for my laundry one of these days! Meanwhile the Mistress almost got a very small tattoo, but was turned down as I had just a wee bit libations!

We also did the whale watch again. Getting me up early was ugly I'm here to tell ya. The morning started out very foggy, but got beautiful. While the captain didn't trust the Mistress to drive the boat, we did get the tour and even saw two whales. But yet again the Mistress wasn't quick enough with the camera,damn it! Afterwards our host prepared a seafood bake right on the beach for our "last supper" in Provincetown.

After such a lovely time it was hard to leave. When at a beach, I'm always torn to leave. But the Mistress had to get home to relax before my second trip- to the Pocono Mountains, to join other friends for some relaxing, weinie roasting, and some good ole frolic in a all gay campground! And that's another story! Tootles!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Boss, the Mistress Borghese

I've just talked with my Mistress, and she says she is  going to be back to regular programing soon. Truth be told, I believe it is the work withdrawals. God forbid she work any this summer. She probably had to even program her car's GPS to even remember how to get to work! And the house boys will be here soon , so she had to un-pack her own baggage. But meanwhile , as you probably guessed, unless bore under a rock, she fell off the wagon on the trip on many fronts, drinking the town dry and with the men! Let us just say she was quite popular.
For she had more men then chefs have  gourmet meals! And enough drinks to end the drought in parts of the US! Stay turned she will be here soon enough.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Birthday Wishes for My Dearest Mame!

Had I'd been in the fair hamlet of New York City this weekend, the above would have been for my oldest and dearest friend and sister, Mame, aka David Dust who is having her birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET Mame!!!! And for all you new friends of mine, Mame is the one responsible for creating this gin guzzling Mistress!!!!! And my love of all things Brazilian! And the Pearl River Mart. And Pork Buns.And Bean Dip! And she is as nuts as I! Soon, I will be picking her up when she and myself go up to the gay campground The Woods, for some September frolic. In the meantime this song is for you dear sister, you always make me feel good, make me laugh, and your always there!
 Now, the Mistress is just literally in from vacation, but I'll be back in a few days after I get un- pack, collect myself, receive the houseboys from the airport and go back to work. Ugg. See ya soon!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Vacation Again? YES!

Yes, the Mistress is ready for my big vacation of the summer. Yes I'll be off for a couple days, a week and a half up to the Cape with time in Provinetown, and some time also spent with friends in the Pocono Mountains. Your probably thinking, like Fluffy and Kailyn, does this bitch work? Well yes I do, but I also need more vacation time....

So.... it's off to Provinetown first...........


I've already told everyone I'm not having any libations this time......


Where they will reply.....

Ah, what the hell......


Then I'll swoon over a dashing guy with salt and pepper hair. He'll ask me out, forgetting I'm with the Lad. I just have to remember....



Maybe whilst there I even drive a whale watching boat........

So it off for me and the Lad where we'll meet friends in Provincetown. So while away the Casa will be closed as I have given the houseboys their vacation also, and even the no good Anita Moorecock is getting hers too! And if anyone sees Mistress Mj lurking around from the Infomanaic, it's alright she is probably just getting more hooch for her vodka fountain. But the doors are always open so please visit my older posts and visit all the swell blogs in the sidebar! I'm outta here...........

Seen in New Hope........

Seen on New Hope's Mechanic Street, whilst eating lunch Saturday....Super Kind Woman! With her parrot. And yes, that is how she in known. Cool.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Closing to the Olympics...

Well this weekend brings to a end the summer 2012 Summer Olympics. And leave it to the Mistress to open the Casa du Borghese to host an after sporting event for some of the dashing athletes! I have had the pool widen for the swimmers, a volley court put in, and and a ball grabbing activity for the wrestlers! I even had a pommel horse and rings installed in the boudoir!!!!

What did you think of Hungarian tract and fielder Balazs Baji? Very nice no? He was my favorite sportsmen of the event.

And one can't forget our friend from Sweden, Bjorn Barrefors. mmmmmmmmmmmm…oink Those Swed's have so much "personality"!

This one can not wait till the mistress's makes her entrance!

Well, I should say the gymnasium should be quite interesting! I'm sure they will get trained  at the Casa for the  performance  for the next Olympics! Unless my houseboys get there first.