Friday, April 30, 2021


Blu Hydrangea- United Kingdom

Cheryl Hole- United Kingdom

Janey Jacke'-  Holland

Pangina Heals-  Thailand

Jimbo- Canada

Jujubee- United States

Lemon- Canada

Monique Heart- United States

Baga Chipz- United Kingdom

Your queens for RuPauls International Drag Race👑

Thursday, April 29, 2021


Wow. I couldn't believe that my Amsterdam trip was all the way back in 2014. It doesn't seem that long ago. Amsterdam was my second foray into Europe really, and is truly one of the most electric cities on earth, with beautiful canals, funky art, the wind mills and tulip fields,  which are incredible to see btw, and of course, an extremely open policy of "soft drugs" and sexuality. There really is something for everyone here, whether you're into museums, food or just want to feel immersed in the culture, it's the perfect city to be in while not feeling overwhelmed by a big city. And don't get me started on the cheese markets! Of course Mistress' Maddie's #1 Fan was the perfect travel partner, even though we did find ourselves into some debauchery. Ok, a lot of debauchery. What can I say,  we met some dashing locals. I have already posted about many of the sights we saw and they can be seen by clicking Amsterdam in the tags. While I did share moments from the Van Vogh museum and the Rembrandt House, I never shared pictures from the Rijksmuseum. The Rijksmuseum has been around for 200 years,  and during it's existence, has went through many transformations, and shouldn't be missed. The museum has rose to one of the world's leading museums for it's many masterpieces of Dutch and world art. Along with masterworks from Rembrandt, Vermeer, van Dyck, and Jan Steen, the museum has truly a exceptional collection of the antique objects of the Dutch culture,  and vast collections of prints drawings and classic photograpghy. The van Gogh Museum is right next door, so it's like a two for one.

Milkmaid- van Mermeer
Guilted Ostrich Egg- Jean-Etienne Lebel
Impressive library
van Gogh
The Night Watch- Rembrandt
Musee D' Orsay
The size of this Rembrandt!!!
The Fall of Man- van Haarlem
Girl with Red Hat- Vermeer
The Mistress- taking in a Rembrandt
Amandier in fleurs- van Gogh
Girl with Pearl Earring- Johannes Vermeer
The Intrigue- James Ensor
Mary Magdalene- Jan Van Scorel
MM#1 Fan doing his best Titanic impression I believe.

Beautiful art, but I was totally mesmerized by the art installation.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021


These are more of my un-used pictures from my trip in Costa Rica. Mostly from around Manuel Antonio, Arenal, Monteverde and Corcovado National Park.   With more than a quarter of the country's total land comprising of national parks, reserves and refuges, it is no wonder then that this country's greatest national treasure is it's plethora of natural diversity. I was really surprised by how much I loved it.  Very secluded, many days we didn't see anyone except at the lovely hotel. Great service and we even had massages. Having been through this pandemic now, I think I could easily live there. It was not uncommon in the morning to have coati's, monkeys, or exotic birds on the deck, and the hotel is mostly all open air, with the ability to be closed up for bad storms. It too,  was not uncommon, to see birds and small lizards breeze through. I shared many of those on my insta. Home to some of the most colorful and exotic flora and fauna on earth, and one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world,  yet this tiny country is the habitat of some 10,000 species of plants and trees. It's lush and verdant, and steamy. A good place for the avid nature lover. The scenery can't be beat, and you'll see some of the most pristine and secluded jungles that play host to a varied cast of huge insects, mammals,  retiles and birds. And Warbucks got a great picture of me from above at one of the many waterfalls, one of my favorite pictures to date. I miss this place. And we had an outdoor shower.
Arenal Volcano

The Ruins of Ujarras. Once considered of the oldest churches in the country. The ruins are a good relaxing point when hiking.
La Bruja waterfall


......Grand Eleganza Gowns

America's Next Drag Superstar...Symone 



Kandy Muse


On a side note, I thought the Finale was very well done and entertaining., very cool they had three opening ensembles. These bitches spent some series coin.  While  I adore Symone, I did think Gottmik should maybe have won. She brought things in that finale we hadn't seen before, while Symone is talented but does she really bring anything new to the existing winners circle? But she is more well rounded. Gottmik was the only one I liked all three ensembles. She was OFF THE HOOK. Rose' fucking brought that My Fair Lady gown!!!! That would have sooo been me. Didn't care for the red looks by any of the others. Also I thought the lip synchs sank. Could they have been any more low key for Britney songs??? There shouldn't have been floor boards left. And the wig reveal thing is so yesterday. But Utica brought that gown eleganza, and she wasn't even a finalist! Work it but don't break Utica!!!! I think the finale would have been more entertaining with her there instead of Kandy. I mean, she wore the above, and wasn't even in the finale! 

And to Ru, next season how about 10 queens. I can't sit thought another almost 5 months season.