Friday, July 28, 2023


By the time the post, I should be in NYC to catch to up with some of the clan to head out Long Island to Sayville to jump the ferry for a few days on FI. I LOVE the beach, so who was I to say no? My square cut, a tee and sun lotion went in a brown bag and off I went.

Stay cool kids and I'll return next week!


Thursday, July 27, 2023


What else? Politicians. Luckily, I don't mind the heat and actually like the feel of the heat, but many don't and have health reasons to not like it. But we're cooking kids. And yet our politicians are still taking bribes from fossil fuel titans as the world burns.

And while most of the Democrats and Biden are and have done some initiatives for a cleaner atmosphere... I'm still on the fence with Biden being a "green" president.

I feel Biden has broken promises when he said no more drilling during his campaigning to stop giving out new drilling permits and has now given out more permits than the Great Orange Oaf. Yet in some corruption-friendly news outlets, Biden is laughably called the "climate president." It's a boiling point in many countries-including ours. July was one of the hottest months in many parts of the country, and others included, and has only gotten worst. Not to mention average thunderstorms seem to be getting more volatile. Shame on this!!! Republicans are done, and don't give a shit, simple as that... and some Democrats, greed is so short-sighted that I guess they don't care. Especially those in my boomer generation and beyond who simply take the tactic to dismiss the climate catastrophe we are on the verge of. with " I'll be dead. So what?"  We still need to Biden to do better, then just imposing a higher cost on the companies who are drilling. That won't even make a dent to these big fuel companies. He NEEDS to stop giving out permits to stop the drilling, not to mention tearing up and down beautiful, natural forest, under the guise of "fire control." One of the biggest controversial approvals he gave out was a massive drilling to take place on beautiful federal lands in the Alaskan Arctic- a move that drew heated, fierce and immediate condemnation from environmentalists. I still feel as though Biden is a extremely conservative Democrat.  He needs to remember his promises. We should not expect the fossil fuel industry to lead us out of a crisis caused by fossil fuels. Only our government and politicians have the power to cut demand for these fuels, and they haven't even made a dent yet. Green President? I use the term extremely lightly.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023


You know me, I like the obscure shit. Stockholm artist Cobrah grew up in Gothenburg Sweden's second city and home to a thriving metal scene. Immersing herself in metal each weekend gave her something to do when she was, in her words, way too young to party, with way too many hormones to stay inside. It was in Stockholm that the prodigious ex-flautist discovered the fetish club scene which has massively resonated with her and would go on the shape her creatively. It's here amongst the whips, chains and tentacles that you'll find Cobrah who's aptly titled "lesbian queen of the Swedish fetish scene. And she is going to be one to watch creatively when it comes to videos...with her newest single Suck.


Is it any wonder with so many potions, creams, cleansers and powders that people get confused as to what to use on their skin, or what products to use since there appears to be something for just about every issue with the skin. There is something for everything, and they do, supposably, everything, but make you a cock-a-tail! Over the years being in the field of visual display, fashion, and visual styling, I have had connections with many different cosmetic company reps, that would give me full on swag bags filled with full size potions. One of the perks being in a high-end department store environment...I hadn't bought skincare or fragrance in years!!! Over the years I have used it all....and trying to find your right regime is like trying to test drive your sexuality when coming of age and what lane you will drive in!

I finally found my routine about 10 years ago. And I now opt for more natural products. As our Sixpence did on his blog, which showcased his skin care system, he also commented it's should also be about me time. I have me time in many ways during the week, but my one big treat is to each season get a "tune up" at a spa for a full day of me time. It usually consists of an hour and half massage, facial, body wrap, mani and pedi. Nothing like it.

I have really scaled back my routine daily with products I use. It used to be insane, but like I said about ten years ago I found my routine and stuck to it. And it must be working because our dear Duchess Deedles swears, I have a portrait in the attic that gets older, and Cali Boi and Anne Marie thought I was in my late 30's.  Daily upon getting up, it's brush the teeth, then off to the shower, where I use a bath gel and one of two facial cleansers. After the shower, I moisturize my entire body...yes, everything, with Michel's Tea Leaves and Ginger with Vitamin E. Once a week I also use Burt's Bee's Milk and Honey hand and foot cream. Works wonders and my feet look great if I say so myself. But daily....

Left to right...Native- Sea Salt and Ceder body cleanser. OMG!!! Smells wonderful! The facial cleanser... I have two I like, and rotate between the two every other day. Burt's Bees Orange Essence Cleanser or Burt's Bees Refreshing Foaming Cucumber Cleanser. After the shower, I use Humphrey's Witch Hazel with Rose Water. I have sworn by witch hazel for years. Then it's onto my moisturizer and an eye cream, and swear by Chanel Hydra Cream, with ultra hydrating moisture. Been using both now for almost 13 years and it may be the secret. Then I finish off with Chanel Matte Tinted Pressed Powder to take the shine off and add a touch of sun kissed look. That's it daily. Twice a week, maybe three times in the summer, I use at night before bed, a face mask also from Chanel, to get the sweat and grime of the day off and it really deeps cleans and leaves the skin so smooth. And when the mood strikes, there also may be a eyelash curler and eye wings done, if I'm stepping out at night!  Now when doing drag, that was a whole other story and routine. Noxzema is a queen's best friend and perfect on a sunburn. I will say a drag queen better have a good skincare routine, because the layers of make-up, adhesives and glues take a huge toll on the skin, especially applying it over and over day in and day out for shows. I have known many queens that look downright stunning henny in drag, but out of drag have faces like a mud fence.I always invested in my drag persona as much as my male self.

But my routine works for me and leaves me actually relaxed with the scents of the products...and so far, has thrown people off my real age. So, I will keep using it unless Lisle Von Rhuman offer up the "secret potion! 

Just because I'm getting older doesn't mean the showcase can't shine.

Monday, July 24, 2023


The one thing about living where I do, is we are so close to many different day options or weekend Get-Aways. In addition to Philadelphia, New Hope and Harrisburg, we are also so close to NYC, the Adirondacks Mts and the Pocono Mts, Washington DC, Balitmore, and numerous stops in Delaware such as the beach points and Wilmington. Which is where the day took stockbroker and I for a day trip to the Nemours Estate. One of two times we got together on his visit.

I couldn't believe I lived so close and have never seen it. Nemours is all around spectacular too! It exists as a perfectly preserved piece of the Gilded Age, seemingly untouched by the hands of time. With acres of glorious gardens and a mansion designed by Carre're and Hastings, it will exceed any grand estate expectations you may have. Constructed in 1910 as a gift to Alfred I DuPont's Francophile second wife Jessie, this massive 77 room mansion was modeled after Versailles'Petit Trianon.Designed in one of my favorite styles, Rococo, it is an absolute architectural showpiece, but still much smaller than the "summer cottages" that I have seen in Newport. The mansion still showcases workmen and craftsmanship we don't and won't see again...every excess of the era. Solidly built of granite, it features exotic woods, marble, intricate wainscotting and moldings and faux finishes. Indeed, no expense was spared to impress his bride and this attention to detail survives to this day. Additionally, unlike many gutted Gilded Age homes, here the original decor remains intact, featuring over 110,000 items including a clock made for Marie Antoinette, ending up in the hands of the DuPonts. While Alfred DuPont dies in 1935, his wife Jessie remained at the estate until her death in 1970, where the ownership then passed to the Nemours Foundation, which per DuPont's instruction was to open the property to the public.

According to our tour brochure. these gates once stood outside the Russian Palace of Catherine the Great, but now call Nemours home. Pretty neat.
The pedestal pillars and clock was the one pictured here that belonged to Marie Antoinette.
Can you believe the intricate woodwork in this room on the walls, and that floor! Took my breath away.
In memory of the favorite Bloodhounds and family pets that once roamed the property.
 Sure, don't see work and craftsmanship like this anymore. Also makes one sad to see how disposable we have become and will settle for subpar construction anymore. 


Nope, I am not opposed to that wallpaper!!!! Or for that matter the pink club chairs!  I am in a gleeful mood this Monday, as I had a bit of this and that this weekend. I had a trip to Delaware with the stockbroker on Sunday to see and tour the Nemours Estate, and Saturday was spent relaxing in the garden with drinks and reading...a glorious day to be in the garden. Stockbroker is departed once again to tour and visit other friends before heading back to Singapore. A good visit!!! I may also be in a wonderful mood for a Monday because of it being a short week. I had to take a personal day today, otherwise it will be a lovely three-day week, as at weeks end, I'm heading to the beach for four days on FI. It has got my mind in a playful and non-sense mood! This board sums it up... whacky thinking! Can't you hear the circus music coming from my head?

Weekend reading...

Saturday, July 22, 2023



Well, we knew it wouldn't be long before a Latina relapse with me. This week I have some very hot eye candy, best consumed hot. And is it ever filling to say the least. It's been highly addictive for me. Rene Gonzalez Byken is a handsome hottie from Panama City, Panama. By day, a health care worker in the physical therapy field, and in his part time a fitness trainer. What's not to like about this Central American hunk? Chesticles, check. Thick legs, check, cute pouty face, check, full bubble butt, check, thick long sausage, double check!!! This boy just knows how to turn up the heat and get me purring. And he's got no qualms sharing some risqué pictures and messages in his DM'S on Instagram. We will be married by the end of summer. Mistress Borghese Gonzalez Byken has a nice ring no? He can rub my muscle (s) any day that end in day!!! There has just got to be something in the water in Central and South America....these men are just too gorgeous.