Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Evening at Casa du Borghese

It's just another chill sunday evenging here at the Casa du Borghese, with the boys, some cock-a-tails, and the music stylings and talent of the late GREAT Dakota Staton!

A Froggy Theme Post

I saw this over at a blog I read by fellow blogger Mr Bluehaunts blog, The Haunted Lamp and thought Froggy would love the story. Very intresting.

From Australian Geographic-
For Nealy 90 years the only testament to the existence of the Bornean rainbow toad -pictured above - were a few sketches of the weird spindly legged creature penned in 1924 by the European explorers who discovered it. Since then the animal had never been seen again, leading many to believe it had become extinct, and the IUCN placed it on their list of the 'World's Top 10 Most Wanted Lost Frogs'. But after an 87-year wait, the psychedelic amphibian (Ansonia latidisca) has been spotted once more -and this time photographed in exquisite detail. According to Conservation International, which released the images this week, three of the toads were discovered last year in the dense forest of the Malaysian state of Sarawak.

And while I'm at it, when Froggy's house is done with all the renos, think of all the lovely gifts she could use-

A lovely table lamp!

A frog drawer pull!

A frog nightlight.

A frog door knocker.

Maybe frogs aren't so bad.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

One Week Ago

Yet another example of a troubled, yet talented human being who was berated and bashed for years and only upon death was she treated like a human being. A little more kindness from the world and the media while alive—may have made all of the difference. I took this as a chance this week to not just pay tribute to my favorite singer, but also make it very clear that no matter how troubled a person may be, praising them at death doesn’t make the ridicule during life suddenly “ok”. To concluded the week out is Amy covering Someone to Watch Over Me that would have been a part of her third cd release. And to my hateful commenter all week regarding these post this whole week was for you!

 Kisses. Peace.

A Night in Asbury Park

The other night after work, suitor number 2, The Prince Charming asked if I wanted to ride over to Asbury Park for some dinner. Not spending to much time in New Jersey except to work, and I'll keep it that way, I decided to go see what it was all about being a Springsteen song and all. And I figured I'd continue my beach tour, since that seems to be my choice of locale this summer. There was a place the Prince Charming though I might like to dine and have some cock-a-tails. Depending on who you talk to, Asbury Park has been through several bad spells for so many reasons. Fire gutted many of the Boardwalk Attractions early in the last century; hurricanes and nor'easter damage eroded lots of the classic Art Deco buildings; and, of course, there was that ugly period in American History about 40 years ago, when Asbury Park, along with dozens of American cities, faced riots. In the last three years the little beach town is trying to come back and there is much rebuilding going on. I don't know if I'd go back, but it was nice to see. Although the Lad said I might want to check out a place called Swell, a go-go boy joint. Not that I would mind ya! This is the old Casino Building, which spans the Asbury Park Boardwalk on one end. There's nothing in here for now except for a Farmer's Market on Saturdays, but workmen are busy renovating both this 1920s-era structure, which used to house Boardwalk amusements & was never used for gambling, and the adjacent Carousel.

The one-mile Boardwalk is bracketed at both ends--by the old Casino Building at one end, and the equally geriatric Convention Hall, below, at the other. I'd never seen a beach boardwalk running through a building before, and in Asbury Park it happens twice!

The Beach Bar. I understand you could see about 2,000 half naked men dancing on the sands here last weekend during the circuit event, Sand Blast. Of course, the Convention Hall is populated with the requisite restaurants, and shops, and a kiosk or 2. The really neat thing about this ongoing renovation is the Beach Bar, which runs along the outside of the building as it meanders across the beach to the water's edge.

After the walking and a quick look-see, it was off to dinner at Italian food house, Stella Marina.

Can I tell ya how in love with the chandeliers I am? How cool are these? And they are made of real drinking glasses!

We started with the fried Calamari appetizer which also included caper berries, fennel, and zucchini shreds. Outstanding. Crispy, perfectly salty and a huge portion.

As a middle course we shared the Funghi (portobello, fontina and thyme truffle oil) pizza. One of the best of this style pizza that I have had. Perfectly cooked, crispy yet tender.

I should have stopped there but continued on with a dinner entree.I had the Salmon with white wine, lemon, tomato, pine nuts, spinach, and roasted potato. A generous portion and very tasty. The crunchy little potatoes tasted like something from my childhood.

After such a lovely dinner I ended up staying at the Prince's abode as it was waaaayyyyy to late to drive home. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Tootles!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Amy Winehouse-You Know I'm no Good

Today is Amy's second release here in the US, You Know I'm No Good, and one of two of her most recognized songs by people who were not huge fans of her's. A great song. I remember the Mistress being stuck with this as her theme song by her friends. They all said when they heard it they all thought of me, so , I guess they are right? Here's my theme song.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Amy Winehouse-He Can Only Hold Her

Today is my fourth favorite song by Ms Winehouse. He Can Only Hold Her from her second cd, Back to Black. She never did a official video for this song, but here she is live from a London performance. Love all her quirky 60's groove moves!

Meanwhile......... the Casa Du Borghese the houseboys are not houseboying, but lounging about. Maybe the Mistress isn't giving them enough to DO!

Well except this one, he is on his hands and knees.....mopping of course!

I just hope the place is presentable before I get back from Asbury Park for dinner tonight, or I'll be raffling them off to y'all out there!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amy Winehouse-Back to Black

Amy Winehouse's Back to Black was from her second cd release by the same title. This is the cd that put her on the map here in the states, even though she had another cd and some singles out long before this in the UK. A most excellent cd for any collection. Love this song as I listened to it alot when the Boy-Toy and I called it quits. The song strikes many cords with me. I think because it was the first song I heard after the decision was made. And the video for it is shot in chic black and white, and the scene- how ironic.

Run at The Lake...with Dust Bunnies!

Lovelies, I'm here to tell you, that I'm am in agony! Yesterday while off for the day, I was going to go back to the Raven Resort to catch some rays, but it was overcast, as I thought I would go up to the lake early and do my walk/run. Peace Valley Lake is a huge man made lake just minutes from the Casa du Borghese. It's eight miles the whole way around, and three days a week I go up there when the season starts and start walking around the lake. Eventually I end up walking and running my way around and by late summer I can jog the whole thing. Well, yesterday, I went up and not even 6 minutes in, don't you know a major downpour hit!!!! But it was fun running in the rain, and kept me cool, even though I was soaked! Today I was in major pain, as every step I took hurt like hell. I think I ran a little further than I usually do, so I took it easy today! But the lake is quite beautiful to see, don't ya think? And their is a ton of wildlife to see. They even have a nature center and a bird habitat.

Arrived and getting started.

A tyical view of the nice wide path, very wooded!

Hard to believe all this is only 18 miles outside the city, isn't it?

My break at the halfway point, enjoying the rain drenching me.

The little walkway to the dock.

One of the many cranes that can be found at the lake.

I do believe David Dust had spies there to check up on the Mistress! Had to post these for him.

Tonight after work, yes, I worked, I came home, stripped and laid flat on my back. I know, what else is new, but boy did it feel good to get off my feet! Tootles!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amy Winehouse-Stronger Than Me

Continuing with Amy Winehouse week here at the Casa, is another song off her Frank cd, and one of my favorites, Stronger Than Me. This song just makes me want to grab the Lad for a soulful pump and grind slow dance. And Amy looks so radiant.

Grande Dame

This week brings us Miriam Webster! After many years of entertaining and perfecting her craft, Miriam is ready to build the Webster empire! While building the empire of amazing individuals, Miriam still strives to be the new gal in DC and Philadelphia and reach as many of the DMV drag supporters as possible, while teach words and meaning from the Webster dictionary. Miriam has a great balance of midwestern charm, southern hospitality, NYC sex kitten and just a pinch of mommy dearest perfection. She is very much the peace keeper; however, keeping the peace isn't always so easy. Miriam is taking part in many Aids driven charities here in Philly and can be seen at the Wig and Mask Club and twice a month a Tavern on Comac. In Dc she will soon be seen at Nellies Drag Brunch. Miriam also has some good taste, as she checks in here from time to time!!!! Love ya girl!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse-In My Bed

So after the weekend news of Amy Winehouse's death I have declared it Amy Winehouse Week here at the Casa du Borghese. I enjoyed her music more than just about any other female singer, she really brought a fresh sound to the scene when she arrived. I so hoped to see her perform live one day and maybe even share a drink with her. So if no one minds I'd think I'll do a little ode to Amy and feature some of my favorite songs this week from Ms Winehouse and enjoy my Tangauray! In my Bed is probably my favorite Winehouse song and it is rare we see her without the trademark bee hive. A Mistress theme song.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let's Get Soaking Wet!

Well....the heat here is kicking everyone's backside this week. The temperatures have soared to 101 yesterday so the Mistress and "Prince Charming" were off to the Raven for a day at the pool to enjoy a three day weekend! I had to take a three day weekend because the three day work week last week was taxing!!! In the warmer season, the pool at The Raven is the place to enjoy fun and sun in the area. And see all the local boys and enjoy a refreshing cock-a-tail! Plus all day guys come and go, and their is always some dance track or old school diva song playing.

Yes, that is indeed a raven at the bottom of the pool. And I'm here to tell ya the water was at least 88 degrees, but it still felt good to just get wet. Some of the sights from yesterday-

A papi I think my sister Mame would have loved!

This hottie is Brian. He is the one who brings the Mistress's nourishment. He is so cute and a real sweetheart too!

My drink of choice yesterday was frozen strawberry margaritas. Boy, who knew they hit so fast in this heat?

The lovely Cabana

A adorable couple enjoy the raft

Here are the terrible Croc shoes that Prince Charming wore to save his feet from the hot cement. I hate those things!

By time we left he was passed out from all the cock-a-tails, hmmm, I meant, sun! And he was out!

One last shot before leaving.

It's suppose to be another hot one tommorrow so I may go back again, you know, just to make sure I did indeed have a good time when I was there last! Tootles!