Monday, May 17, 2021



I have to say, with the freelance projects picking up in the process, working for my friend in between at his floral shop, and the volunteer work continuing at the BSASPCA...with not working my old job anymore, and even during the pandemic when I was stuck home, it is amazing how quick the weekends will go by. It's like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday , Friday, I blinked, Monday again.  It was definitely another busy end of week and weekend. It's amazing how much of a shock to the system it is getting back into a groove. One reason why I kept up with a exercise regime during the quarantine and running at the lake. Had a nice run with the Lumbersexual, before heading back to the ancestral home once again. And he kept up. But for those wondering if there was a slap and tickle of towel in a shower scene afterwards, or after our run we emptied our water bottles all over each other, rubbing and jiarating our manhood on the others thigh, snapping each others jock straps.... pawing and kissing all over each other... ripping our shorts off.... Where was I??? Oh!  The good news is on Tuesday I go to the mother's rehab for my second jab of the vaccine. Then wait out the fourteen days. A reunion with the Lad is already on the books!!!! That should knock the wind out of my sex sails! Who knows, I may even return after that work out!! I noticed this weekend that everywhere I was, everyone was still staying masked in and outside. The Mistress had a lovely private tour of a mansion in Hershey and  dinner with the Capital Street duo, outdoors at a new hip place, and seemed the majority were still wearing masks, even while walking down the streets. Felt good to enjoy a meal out.  Most places are voluntary keeping mask guidelines. But people wearing them outdoors had me in shock. I still am, but I think it just habit for me. Funny, it seemed like it took well over a year to get people to wearing them... now that we don't, seems no one is taking them off. I found it rather surprising. But then no one ever said humans were the brightest. I just enjoyed the spring.

I don't know any of you ever experienced a Fleet Week in New York, but it's very fun and lively....the Village is most certainly alive with the sound of music.... but it will seem odd to have another year without being in New York to welcome in the sea men.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Thursday, May 13, 2021



Lily of the of my favorite flowers of spring. The scent is sweet and intoxicating in the home. Yes, they do indeed have a scent. Once back home this week, I was over joyed to see the flower bed was in bloom with hundreds of them. When I left, they were still just the green leaves. When I moved in back in 2001, I got a few bulbs to plant, and now in my bed alone there are well over 200 of them...they spread like wildfire, and a few neighbors have even dug some up and started there own bed which have flourished. The condo association is all for gardening and planting here which is nice. 

Since I'm always gone so much over the years and couldn't tend to flowers, I created a "greenery" along my condo building, with ivy, ferns, hosta, mini irises, and the Lily of the Valley which will stay green and leafy all summer once blooming is done.
I save the gardening for the mother's house. I went out to harvest some stems on Tuesday morning and they are just everywhere. It's often also where the fox will play late at night, scampering around. Often times too,  the birds will be under the leafing getting the fallen bird seeds. I'm lucky to have so much Lily of the Valley, as they are the second most expensive flower one can buy from a florist, which is why you rarely see it in a shop. Just a small nosegay will run between $40-50.My harvest....
But like the Mistress, it is pretty but deadly. Ask my last three husbands!!!!!! Lily of the Valley is highly toxic to both people and animals when ingested. All parts of the planet, including the flowers bells that often tempt children and animals to eat contain cardiac glycosides, which will impact the heart. They are a "grade 1" deadly flower on the poison scale. They can induce cardiac arrest, severe and altering seizures, extreme violent nausea, cause hallucinations  and death. They are delicate, gorgeous and a tantalizing flower but one of the deadliest flowers in existence. But as long as you don't eat them you'll be fine. I got four vases filled.

I'm currently sending off a batch of my Lily Cookies to half the  members of the GQP, with my left over lily of the valley.... while Bonnie and Clyde keep me company, the dears.


 The country's favorite gap toothed queen and highly hilarious, Heidi N Closet as ensured her new debut single GAP arrived during the pandemic with a bang, after enlisting a flock of legendary drag sisters, from Sasha Colby, Aurora Sexton, Pryrinka, Manilla Luzon and many others. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well done it was and yet another queen branching out using her own instrument, while still bringing the hilarity that Heidi only delivers, and love the dig at keeping her own name too.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021


This week a good friend and sister from London, who I admit, didn't know whether to feature in the Grande Dame or From the Candy Shop posts?!? Ella VaDay who hails from the UK is a drag queen, but first and foremost a professional actor and musical theatre performer,  and has appeared in London productions as Wicked, Fame, Cats, and the Book of Mormon, and was set to appear in Hairspray. And Ella was a god send for me during the pandemic with her shows on line and our messaging. A real sweet heart.  Ella never got into drag till RuPauls Drag Race started airing, but then became a part of a west end drag charity night called. A Mad Drag Night, which raises money for the amazing Mad Trust. Fast forward to 2019 when his run in The Book of Mormon was ending and decided to use drag with his skill set, to earn some extra money, and never looked back. With his accent, he would always say "it been a ell of a day"...and Ella VaDay was born. Ella calls his drag style as colorful, curvaceous and silly, and not to be taken seriously, and likes to keep it as fun and garish as possible. And like everybody else, the pandemic derailed many his run in Hairspray. But with his dog, his boyfriend Marco and his fans on Instagram, he got through like most of us and even got his cover of Tainted Love on Spotify. But his week Ella dm'd.... Ill be seeing him on Drag Race UK Season 3!!!! One friend down, one more to go!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021


Some time last year, I tried my damnest to get Daddy Warbucks to buy a house here in Bucks County, since he used show up all the time, and he loves his time here in New Hope. But between his dismay of US politics with 45, and all politicians in general, and the pandemic, it didn't happen. He has already stated he wont move back to the US, after selling his properties. But I love and adore Bucks, which is located immediately northeast of downtown Philly. It is also one of the original counties created by colonial proprietor William Penn in 1680, named after the county, Buckinghamshire, where he lived in England. Our county is renowned for it's natural, countryside scenery, colonial history, and it's local produce, and arts colonies. And much of central and upper Bucks is land persevered, meaning no more housing developments and unused strip malls. And much re-purposing. It very unusual to see any chain of any kind , especially in Central Bucks over and into NJ near Lambertville. One most drive to Warrington or Montgomery Co, for those things. But I was driving to the ASPCA today and saw my house for Warbucks sold! God damn him! A steal too at only $2.3 mill! Which trust me, is a steal in this area. The home sits on a little over 11 acres,. When I moved here, it was still a working farm, with milking cows, and chickens. The first owners re-purposed the whole barn and it was spectacular. I told snooze you lose. I could have stayed in it,  keeping it up, while you all visited, till he would come to visit. But I guess he's happy in my little pied de terre, on his arrivals. I love the warmth and exquisite hallmarks that make this home so cool and and evoke a sense of rustic and provincial style. These picture are from the realtor that listed it, after the owners had already moved.