Monday, August 20, 2018


…..but not because of anything's just the Monday blues as usual. How bad can it will only be a two day work week. This weekend was a lovely time at the Woods Campground, more later, but I brought back these lovely sunflowers from a field...they did brighten the Monday morning....
Speaking of No Tears Left to Cry... we may also need a peppy ditty today.I'm by no means a huge fan of Ariana Grande, but I will say this may be the only song by her I like, and if you think I would knock her out to get that dress she wears in the hallway, you'd be correct.

Thursday, August 16, 2018


Yes dear ones....the Mistress is heading up to the Pocono Mountains for the weekend to dear friend Winfred's campsite at the lovely, if not scenic Woods Campground with renowned views and then some.... for the weekend for some fun and frolic. It's glamping...don't knock it till you try it.   

Where the bears are friendly...….
And the boys, like Eddie Cibrian here are randy....
I'll be back next week..... briefly, before heading out for another whirlwind... to Provonce- town, a brief stint in Rehoboth, and finally off to Costa Rica.....

See ya Monday!


Meanwhile stopped at the grocery to pick up a few things, and came across this in the cleaning aisle...
Oh my...CLEAN UP ...AISLE 14!!! 
Have you ever left the store with more then you intended!?!?!
Oh dear.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


It's Lola LeCroix bitches.

Lola LeCroix IS ONE FIRECE queen to see if your in Pennsylvania. Lola is a drag quee, entertainer, hostess and promoter from the city of champions - Pittsburgh, Pa.  LeCroix is known for her over the top,high energy shows, quick wit, and hosting skills along with her ultra glamorous looks and bubbling personality. Lola currently promotes and hosts the largest show in the Pittsburgh area called VAIN. The VAIN stage has hosted many of the hottest names in LGBT entertainment from VH1's RuPaul's Drag Race. LeCroix has also hosted VAIN in Cleveland, Ohio and Denver, Colorado.  Having performed all over the globe over the last 8 years, Lola LeCroix is certainly no stranger to the entertainment business as one of the top drag performers in the state and her style will have you gagging, not to mention what an adorable guy he is!!! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Let's all wish a very Happy Birthday to my drag role model and favorite queen Lady Bunny!!!!!

We're not sure who the dear old cow paid off, or blew, but she was born today in 1962!?!


Monday, August 13, 2018


I know it's Monday, but get your mind out of the gutters so soon!

 I could only sit still so long, before I thought of going on a walk about in New Hope as the weather got nice and sunny. In New Hope, you never know where one may end up. On the main street into New Hope,  is a great statuary place that is owned by the once mayor of town. I haven't been in a while. Last time in I bought a huge wrought iron fence piece to be re-purposed as a head board for a clients bed. A crafty queen I can be. I decided to take a peek and see what was in there currently. Some pretty interesting things These penguins above immediately reminded me of our dear Travel Penguin.

I love these pineapples...One of these would be great in a kitchen.
I love gargoyles. I have a small one from here on my bedroom window sill outside to ward of evil spirits. It seems to work.
How very Zen...…..
I later found myself across the bridge at a favorite place to enjoy a gin and tonic, The Boat House. I love the place. It's hidden, quiet and off the beaten path from tourist. Irenea the hostess was there and looking at my pictures I took, and we discussed some of the pieces.
"Oh Hermes. quite a mischievous one." she said. Surely she didn't mean me when she gave me a odd look.

Me, not to be confused with Hermes. 
I feel more butch in a ball cap then then a winged hat.
Happy Monday All!

Sunday, August 12, 2018


After last weekend and the many festivities, I was happy to have a weekend to myself before the next vacation sets in. I spent about three hours sunning my body on a rotisserie at the Raven, before the weather decided I'd had enough, so it was back to the Casa to relax. The rest I have spent back in my Disney princess mode baking, dancing and watching all the woodland creatures. I baked some blueberry turnovers yesterday from the pints of blueberries I got from market...yielded 6 large ones...turn overs that is!!! One left, I sure hope I can wear those square cuts after this. ho's helping me work those off? So how about some gratuitous bird shots?

The yellow finches are going nuts with food in this weather lately. I may have to start a Go Fund me to feed these birds!!!!

The Nuthatch is always a clown of a bird.

One of my favorites of summer are Grey Catbirds.
Catbirds do indeed make a 'meow' that sounds impressively like an unhappy cat, but they can also mimic other birds and animals in their impressive song repertoire, much like their Mockingbird and Thrasher relatives. Their usual song of long lovely tunes are my favorite though. Catbirds are considered omnivores, but they eat varied and diverse things as cheese, bread, milk, mushrooms, fried fish, and peanuts.  Fruit and berries constitute some of their favorite foods and are a sure way to attract them.Grey Catbirds have strong mothering instincts after they are born, and have been known to adopt and take care of the babies of other types of birds that have been orphaned. I also find they are very "people curious". They have landed on the sill to feed before I even get the screen back in and I'm standing there in the opened window.

I'm up to six blue Jays now...the babies all grown.

Menacing looking right?

Little House Sparrow

Mother woodpecker feeding her young. She has two that visit the sill still

The doves cooing is usually what I wake to in the mornings.
Compilating life no doubt
 If you look close enough, one can spy Bouvier taking an afternoon snooze on a branch. This was after his morning offering. 
And this is either his mate or a baby..not sure. I don't recalling seeing any illicit activity in the tree!

After all these years, when I open the door in the morning, Bouvier hears the noise, runs down the tree and take the nuts from me and eats them, or will forge them in the ground for later. It's cute. And I'm very particular who I share my nuts with.
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