Saturday, April 20, 2019


Even if blonds with blue eyes aren’t your thing, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t kick our latest sweet treat out of the birds nest or out of bed. This 6’1″ creature is yummy, yummy, yummy!!!
 Casey Levens is a model-actor based in Miami and has appeared in ads for Abercrombie & Fitch, Eddie Bauer and Mercedes to name a few. He also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from Marietta College where he played on the baseball team. Hey...I don't know a thing about baseball, but I'd be willing to be his catcher...but for now he is our Candy Shop's Easter Bunny!!!!! 

Thursday, April 18, 2019


Well, my dear Tim emailed me several weeks ago, to tell me I know my queens. Seems the dear ole gals have left in almost the order I said they would, at least till Ariel Versace was told to sashay away .I actually had her placed to leave at around 8. He also wanted to know my thoughts or if I would recap...but I don't have the time to recap, as I want to enjoy the show. That said  I do think the season has been very entertaining. And tonight's infamous Snatch Game will be aired which is generally a good time. If my girl Shuga does who I think she might, she may have this in the bag.  This season so far are my thoughts.

My top four have changed slightly. I still think Brooklyn Hytes and Arieka will make the top four. Brooklyn has always been top notch, but she could get knock down a peg with Snatch Game, she isn't famous for her impersonations...but she will be top four. Yvie has shocked the hell out of me, not knowing much about her. Yvie will make top four also. I am still rooting for my Nina. I think it would be nice if she won. She really knows her gay history and she is so positive, represents the community well and a swell queen, her shows really are entertaining. I think she will surprise us but good tonight in the Snatch Game. But I think it will be a toss up in top four. 
If Nina doesn't make top four...then I'm sure it will be either Silky or Plastique. No doubt Plastique is flawless....but could a name be more perfect for her?? She is Plastique with no personality. Sorry girl. Silky pictured below...I have a love hate relationship with. She is a great entertainer and a stunning beauty...but I have to agree with my fellow Philly/Jersey sister Ariel. A little of her goes A LONG WAY. No way in hell could I be backstage with someone like her, with all that cackling, and loud boisterous voice and antics. After an hour when the show ends I'm glad she is gone. Someone needs to stick a sweet roll in the pie hole.

I love my full of life, and her shows are quite something to see. I am a bit confused though why she isn't bringing her notable glam more to the show...but in the next week or two, I sadly think she and Vangie's time will be coming to an end. I was also sorry to see Scarlett leave so soon. Had she made it to tonight's episode, she would have no doubt won with her iconic impersonation with the legendary Yma Sumac.

What have you thought of the season so far?

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


It’s Easter weekend this weekend, and I’ve been busy with final preparations of packing for a four day weekend away. While I won't be at the Casa for Easter you know I do like certain holidays to add touches to the Casa. I think people wonder why I do this, since many don't decorate anymore. I think I do it for several reasons. It is fun to change the décor around, and it gives a reference to the time of year. It always keeps the home fresh from not getting bored by it. One of the things I like to do in spring and for Easter, is add pretty plants and cut flowers to my home’s décor.  Fresh cut flowers bring life to every room, and also make one more happy when indoors I believe. I also include some of what were my grandmothers old Easter decorations. You know I get sentimental. Here's what spring currently looks like in my bijoux apartment.
My side table is adored with white cherry branches and a real birds nest that I found years ago. I have several real nest, and love to decorate with them. A sign of renewal and birth for spring.

Some tulips and ranunculus, my favorite flower of all.
Are there any flowers more happy then daffodils??? We have tons of them around the Casa.
In the kitchen the bar is fully stocked and we find some curly pussy willow in the urn.
The apothecary's are all filled with nest and eggs of all kinds. The beaded eggs are very old vintage ones that were a gift from the Dame. I hung a few on some white witch hazel branches
The rabbit and chick were my grandmothers and always remind me of Easter mornings in my wee years. I stuck the rabbit in another little nest.
How about these word cue cards on the fridge. Of course the Lads mind always head dirty!!! A vintage shop find.
My boudoir is my haven away from the world, and I could just as easily hibernate there all winter. I do believe I could be a professional lounger. Sometimes I think it is too comfy!!! One will see my trademark peacock feathers...a sign of Hera. I'll have you know all the eyes watch over everything.

Another mixture of Daffodils  on the night table.
My one last lone orchid still blooming.
Sunday, I made another batch of Hot Crossed buns before the jig is up.

Not Hot Crossed Buns. 
Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

Now about a glass of wine for the evening?
Do you decorate for Easter or bring fresh flowers in the house for spring?

Monday, April 15, 2019


Easter is just around the corner. 

Easter, the greatest holiday in the Christian calendar, we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many think that Christmas is the most important day in the calendar, but from the earliest days of the Church, Easter has been considered the central 'feast'... but since I'm not very religious, to me Easter always means the beginning of new life as Mother Earth comes alive again, sunny skies, and all the lovely new color and blooms and babies of the season. It's a beautiful time of the year. And I do enjoy a good hard boiled egg! And who doesn't enjoy a grand millinery?
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