Tuesday, August 16, 2022


What happens when you have two small balls in your hand?

A republican's man's undivided attention!

Did I tell you that the other day I was walking down the street and I punched a white guy? Yes. I was arrested for assault. And when I got out, I had a skuttle and punched a black guy. Then I got arrested for impersonating a police officer!

 I was thinking, maybe we should stop calling the planet Earth. And start calling it unborn baby. Then maybe the republicans would want to save it. Ah Huh!

Do you know what the difference between stress, tension and panic in a republican male is?

Well, stress is when the wife is pregnant, tension is when the mistress is pregnant, and panic is when they're both pregnant at the same time! Yep, I said it.

Meanwhile I was talking to some former altar boys the other day. They said to me Mistress, eating broccoli as a child is like anal sex. If your forced to have it as a child, you don't want it as an adult.

You know they say penis size is related to shoe size. It got me to thinking being fucked by a clown could be very terrifying. 

And thinking of Joe Manchin the other day, it got me to thinking why they don't solve more murders in West Virgina. I guess it's because all the DNA is identical and there are no dental records.

Do you know what you call a republican man with half a brain?


Do you know what a woke liberals favorite drink is?


Don't take it personally...I make fun of everyone.

The other night my banana said to my vibrator, why are you shaking? He's going to eat me.

And finally, I went into a Starbucks the other day...

Don't worry, Im here all week kids.



Blu Hydrangea, Vanessa Van Cartier, Jinkx Monsoon, Bianco del Rio, Jaida Essence Hall, Raja, Violet Chachki, Angela Nang, Luz Violet, Leona Winter.

2nd- Envy Peru, Carmen Farala, Monet X-Change, Yvie Oddie, Sasha Velour Bob the Drag Queen, Aquaria, Symone, Shea Coulee, Natalia Pliacam.

3rd - Crystal Versace, Willow Pill, Kylie Sonique Love, Kita Mean

Back Row- Lawernce Chaney, Electra Bonic, The Vivenne, Chad Michaels, Trinity the Tuck, BeBe Zahara, Alaska Thunderfuck, Trixie Mattel, Priyanka and Icesis.

And our newest Queens...

Jinkx Monsoon- The Queen of all Queens!!!!

And of course...Paloma Hugo Bardin crowned Drag Race France.

All arise.

Monday, August 15, 2022



Over the years, being on the seaside has changed somewhat for me. I was invited this coming weekend to my friends Doug and his partner's home, who used to live in New Hope, but moved to Delaware close to Rehoboth Beach, about two years ago. Doug is the one who did my life portraits for an art show some time ago. It got me to thinking about how the beach experience has changed. While I mostly experience Rehoboth Beach and P-Town now, they are completely different feeling from a regular ole seaside locale from my youth. Currently it's about relaxing on the beach, enjoying cock-a-tails, and enjoy the many, many sights of nearly naked, or yes naked men!!! But I remember well my youth visits to the beach. The smell of the air, the amusements rides, the skee ball (I could play for hours) and pigging out on the boardwalk pizza... and who doesn't love the seaside floss and French fries? I can remember my grandmother and I went every year to Ocean City Maryland, and she always took me to the carousel for a ride or two. And the candy floss always came back to the hotel with us. Since I go to mostly gay destination beaches now, many of these things don't exit there, but rest assure next week when I head to Slaughter Beach, a very natural, nature beach,  I'm getting my host to take me into Rehoboth to enjoy the amusements again, play the skee ball, and get an extra-large order of Thrasher Fries, the best... and maybe even candy floss or taffy. As gay as Rehoboth can be, it's nice to know they have kept the traditional seaside pleasures going strong. These kids these days don't know what their missing. Either way, I hope to be riding something this weekend! Do you have fond beach memories?

Sunday, August 14, 2022


I tell you, when I got into blogging years ago, I never knew or expected the connections one would make. Over the years I have met many, set up email conversations, and text some, maybe even a clandestine or two. I have some of the best blogging friends who touch me so...and not always in the way you're thinking! Months ago, I had won Ms  Scarlet's part of the Fricking Green Elf Shorts Competition. More on that coming up soon. But as the winner, she sent me some of her handiwork. You see, Ms. Scarlet is a very talented and accomplished Calligrapher. Is that a word? I have always thought her work was fun. Not only does she incorporate her calligraphy skills, into stationery and art, but uses multi- media material such as various papers, vintage pictures, maps, little quips, I don't know what all, but then makes a collage of it all. Well, when I received my letter from her, I was so amazed by it, I knew I wanted it out to be displayed. This week, I finally found some frames to keep them safe!!!

I hated to blur out the address, but you know the paparazzi can be relentless trying to find the new location of the Casa du Borghese. And I adore Scarlet even more because she was crazy enough to even included the Mistress Borghese in it!!!!

I don't know if Ms. Scarlet purposely found this map with Chalfont on it or it was complete coincidence, but when I recently moved from Bucks County, my fair hamlet I resided in was Chalfont, and was named so by William Penn, after his wife's town in England. Now this was so cool. I can't thank Ms. Scarlet enough for this lovely treasure and the time it took to create it. I tressure stuff like this. You should check out Ms.Scarlet here.

Then this week my ever-faithful friend the Duchess Deedles really tickled my funny bone. And boy...does she know her Mistress!!!! She fore warned me to be on the lookout for a housewarming gift. And did it warm my house.... and cockles.

Glass tumblers with recipes for hang- overa recipes, and Gin based cock-a-tails, with the recipes right on the side of the glasses. It may shock some to know, I had not owned these yet. Now I have more cock-a-tails to try!!!! They are so cool, and one will be broken in tonight when I do a salmon and corn on the cob on the grill.  But the bottom of the glasses really gave me a chuckle!!!!

Thats what style takes like?  Could Deedles be implying I have style by drinking gin? I knew someone around here had good taste! Deedles, you have no idea how they made my day on Monday. Bottoms up indeed!

A huge thank -you too you both for your thoughtfulness. I have the best of friends and readers. Even if they do try to swipe my houseboys.