Monday, May 25, 2020


Happy Memorial Day to you All

I can remember my dearly departed grandmother always referring to this day as Decoration Day.  The practice of decorating soldiers’ graves with flowers is an ancient custom. Soldiers’ graves were decorated in the U.S. before, during, and after the Civil War. In 1868, General John A. Logan proclaimed a national and annual observation of “Decoration Day” on May 30. The holiday was changed to include all service men and women after World War I. It became known as Memorial Day over Decoration Day after World War II. My father and both grandfathers were all in the service, and along with them,  let's keep all the service men and woman in our memories, not to mention out new hero's and service people in these new times.
And a bear sighting near Fanny Chapman Park in Doylestown! Very close by...less then 10 minutes. No doubt looking for the Casa du Borghese. Good thing I have about five jars of honey.

Saturday, May 23, 2020


Weekend what is that?!?
 None the less, the Mistress got ready for the weekend. My good friend invited me and my good friend and sister Mamie, aka, David Dust, for a weekend of glamping up in the Pocono's. It will be just the three of us, and thankfully none of us has been out around others,  but will still be safe with precautions. This is bound to be one of my looks for the weekend. It will be one of the lowest key weekends at the Woods,  with most of it's amenities closed. We plan to just sit on the site , drink, regale stories, and enjoy a campfire or two. Nothing like the smell of a campfire. I left Friday morning and I'll be returning Sunday.
And I heard a bear was spotted!!!!!!!
Happy Weekend to All

Friday, May 22, 2020


You know what to do. Each week, I'll share with you a weekly guest and you tell me in only three words what comes to mind.

In three words...
Michael Moore

Thursday, May 21, 2020


It seems Rupauls Drag Race just won't stop this summer... with the current season still airing, a celebrity edition which ran, and now,  another all stars season is getting ready to air, which I don't really watch, RuPaul's Drag Race is about to go international once again, as the show's latest spin-off series gets ready to air. Here's a glimpse at the new judge and the introduction of its new Queens. Canada's Drag Race sees RuPaul's Drag Race season 11 runner-up Brooke Lynn Hytes as the main judge on the panel alongside American Horror Story actor Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and supermodel Stacey McKenzie – and the judges are already promising great things from the new series. While RuPaul won't be on or lending a hand in this series, hence why his name isn't on it, has given the new panel his blessing. Nothing has been done like this before in Canada to date  and there are no big goals like RuPaul's Drag Race in Canada for drag queens, unless you moved to the States and uproot your whole life. Now there's something for queens in Canada to strive for, and motivation is so important. I was really excited for two queens I know who got on this show too, Lemon and Anastarzia  Anaquway. I am also famialir with BOA...Bitch on Arrival. She is a trip! Im gonna make sure Steven gets on the second season. I will get him ready and I've already deemed him Carmen Geddit.
Enough chatter.... speaking of those Canadian Queens, here's a first look at all of the new contestants who'll be vying to take home the crown during the first-ever Canadian series
Monochromatic, polished and elevated.

She will put on a 4'inch block heel and she'll high kick and cartwheel.

Majestic, polished and unapologetic.

Young, spontaneous, and unfiltered.

Classic , imaginative and ambitious

I always said she was sour, sickening and stunning.

Bodacious, bizarre and intoxicating.

trickery, extravagant and a chameleon

Confidence, strong and dominate

Sexy, silly and flirtatious

Unpredictable, regal and infectious

Ring the alarm, and bring the heat , this one.

The series is set to premiere on July 2 on Crave in Canada, while international viewers will be able to watch the competition unfold on WOW Presents Plus.


Wednesday, May 20, 2020


I have to say it was great and did my psyche a world of good when I went to the ancestral home to visit my mother, get outdoors,  and potter around in her garden and get the beds in order. She has a crew of two guys who do the brunt work of mowing, trimming,  and doing the bushes, so this was all fun for me. In addition to getting her bird feeders and bird baths situated, all her annuals were delivered from Ashcombe's Nursey. I also set up a potted herb garden for her to keep her from running out to get fresh herbs all the time. I took care of the roses too. Her lavender ice looks spectacular already.
Other flowers....
She said the herbs have grown already.

Meanwhile back at the Casa, Monday I went up the road to get more eggs. My neighbor,Elaina, always tells me she will bring eggs to me, but I assure her,  it's good for me to get out,  and I love seeing her place and the horses anyhow. It's a nice walk and good for me is to get out and exercise.  I asked her if I could take some pictures,  and she was tickled. So I took her two loaves of bread I made, since she won't charge me a fair price for two dozen eggs. It is always a good, happy feeling being there, and the fresh eggs are SO GOOD!
Her shaggy haired Highlands are always pretty friendly. Aren't they so cute? The girls in the coop always crack me up.
I have no idea what kind of chickens they all are, but they can be quite comical to watch.
To be honest, another reason I like going is to see,  and sneak apple slices to her two horses, Autumn and Fiona. She tells me, when they hear my voice now,  they come out to see where I'm at. They know every time I come, I bring apples or carrots. I'm slick like that.

The pretty loveliness of the girls and one I really appreciate.
Today found me at the ASPCA for my first volunteer day to walk dogs and help with cleaning kitty crates, and a tour of the faculty. What fun that was. Once back, I completed and filled out my absentee ballot, and off to mail tomorrow. Get those ballots and vote!!!
For not working, I've had a nice full week so far.
 At least this week. Feels good too. 

Now I'm off to make a homemade pizza with all the fixins.


* Hat tip to our field correspondent, Mahogany Empress for this gem.*

Tuesday, May 19, 2020


I'm enjoying the last of the afternoon sun rays currently, while enjoying a cold beer. I got up and did my morning ritual...up at 9:30, had a nice breakfast,  a walk with Buster, and did some house cleaning.  I think it's important to be flexible in these times. Things can get a bit boring in quarantine so I try to switch things up. I'm not one to sit and watch tv all day. So I changed my daily ritual today. I pushed my exercising to the afternoon today. I then did some blogging and then made some lists, another cake,  and made some decisions today on some work that will be done around here. Home Depot is about to get a lot of business. Buster is around here somewhere, he was a bit moody today, I guess I said something to him, I don't know what it was that upset him. So.... now here we are again for another, and hopefully not last, installment of your Happy Moments....things that make us happy in the day. This is the last of the pictures, can you believe it?  I want to truly thank everyone for their support and submission for these posts, it keeps me  afloat and interested in life. It's been a pleasure featuring them. I know you guys all enjoyed them too. If your inclined keep them coming to I will keep a file for new ones coming in. I hope you all enjoy rest of the beautiful day. 

Some flowers in the Roser Park District.

It's Bev Bitch
Making others laugh makes me happy.

Aunt Acid
Calloway and Oscar. 
Oscar is happy looking out to morning. He does this every morning.

Agnes Goldberg-DeWoofs


Cello Josh 
The cleaning of the grand chandelier in Version Hall makes me happy. I stopped in the other day for some music....I don't know, this just made me happy.

A ghost town just east of Death Valley named Carrera.
Happy thoughts are these lemons beginning to form on this lemon tree.
Rainy day down by the tracks.
Shots of the Golden Hills.

Mistress Maddie's #1 Fan

William DeWoofs
First Pimm's of the season.




Scarlett Dailey

Midnight Magpie


Cap Chasen
the McGuire Sisters


Hedda Lettuce


The Uptown Boys
A walk around town with Artie and Alden

Ursula of Opera

I found Buster. 
Have you've seen a more moody face?
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