Thursday, December 8, 2022


This week has just spun out of control. I had forgotten that I'd be doing another showroom opening this week down toward Gettysburg, but luckily that will mean another three-day weekend as I'll have Monday off. This week started off with two days in New York. While not doing visual display to the extent I used to, that doesn't change the fact I still need to keep my hands and head in that game and head off to see the infamous windows in NYC. There was a bit of shopping, the clan and myself had a late night in the West Village Monday night, with copious amounts of stiffeners, and caught the drag show of Brita Filta, then milled about Tuesday around the city. I have always enjoyed NYC at Christmas. Nowhere like it, the feeling and glitz if offers. Of course, for newer readers, I always headed to New York at the holidays to view the windows, as I used to do visual display and window for 15 years for Bloomingdales. Some days I do miss it. And one of the most treasured holiday activities in NYC is visiting the famous department stores still left. It's where you will see the most gorgeous, whimsical and festive Christmas windows ever. And no surprise as is tradition on this blog...the most creative and opulent again...Bergdorf Goodman!!!

I don't think Bergdorf's has anything to worry about or the risk of extinction. The store is always bustling. As one of NYC'S most luxurious department stores, Bergdorf's is regarded as the store that is chic, clean, and an exquisite interior, not to mention the most extraordinary and fashionable windows of the season. Unlike other stores which feature animatronic characters, Bergdorf's have no moving parts. But what they lack in motion, they make up for with extravagance. Nearly every part of their windows' is filled to the max with elaborate props, many handmade, and intricately painted background scenes, and such fine little details and surprises that I would guess that most passer-by never even notice. This year the theme was Magic in the Making and paid tribute to artisans of all kinds. Artist, florist, jewelers, fashion designer, architects, musicians, upholsterers...and are depicted with the tool of their trade in the most fabulous ways. My friend on the team said planning and executing begun last February, and takes 8 months, a staff of 100 visuals contribute to the design, production and eventual installation, which takes another four weeks.
The rhinestone dachshund and the sewing machine are two details I bet most won't catch
This whole window is actually installed coming out from the back wall, giving the illusion that you're viewing it from the top-down in. Truly amazing.

If you get to the city, be sure to go to Bergdorf's. You won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022


...Red HOT and WILD!!
Joto Carajota

Abigail B Hills

Morgan McMichaels

Juriji Der Klee


Amanda Lepore

Carmen Farala

Juniper Velvet

Monday, December 5, 2022



I swear, I see some things never change. Where do these weekends go so damn fast?!?! This weekend was a crisp one. One last outdoor clean up and winterizing of the roses followed by a trip to the market and some antiquing, and getting a few of the gifts, the very few, that I need to get. Sunday was spent working outdoors decorating with natural pines, and wreaths, on the three doors, and filling the pots and a few windows boxes with pine and winterberry branches, and pinecones. Turned out rather nice. I love nice natural elements to decorate with. Next week will be the inside. I'll be up and out early, and on my way to NYC for a two-day excursion before this post. Meeting some of the clan, and an ex-co-worker for my yearly trip to see some windows and take in the atmosphere of the city. Some of the trip is also work related, but I'm sure the clan has some fun lined up for me in the village. I'll return sometime mid-week kids!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2022


It's been a while since I had a Usual Suspects. Since being back home to the ancestorial Casa du Borghese, the houseboys aren't the only thing that needed time to get their bearings. The above is one of the geraniums, which I love. This one I bought in two weeks ago from the garden, before the first frost, and I'm going to try to keep it going till spring. I had success last year. It's taken time to get another bird arboretum going again. The windowsills here are just as wide as those at my place in Bucks County, but I haven't tried to place seed on the sills just yet, as I have several feeders out. But the bird variety is getting nice. Again, the trick seems to be a variety of seeds for a variety of birds. Of course, the Mother is in dismay over Bouvier II. Not only Bouvier, but about 5 offspring as well. Some days they are all dashing all over the yard and chasing each around the trees. Comical I find it. I have hidden the peanut bag, so she doesn't know. I hope they will eventually take them from my hand. Yes. I'm nuts.

I really need to keep my better digital camera at the ready. 
My cell phone zoom sucks.

All this and Daddy Warbucks will hit town for the holiday season, so there's that.