Tuesday, July 23, 2024


 Kimberly Gargoyle....

is no longer allowed to read to children.  I mean, that mug alone....


  A day ago, I took the Mother and I, to a state park and she took along the book she was reading The Exorcist. She said it was the most evil book she has ever read. So evil in fact, she couldn't finish it, got up, took it over to the lakes edge, and threw it off the dock and into the lake. I the next day, went and bought another copy, ran the faucet over it but good, and left it in the nightstand drawer beside her bed.

Won't she be surprised!

Im going to hell.

Monday, July 22, 2024



Boy....what a weekend! I had a few stiff ones! I think my mind needs some pretty to look at and grab a mental rest.Right now, Im not opposed to making some sand angels on a beach. Who's game?

Sunday, July 21, 2024


I had the feeling Joe Biden would be dropping out. Deep down I think he knew he wouldn't have the strength for another four years and what would have been surely a bloody election. President Joe Biden had done good, did good things, and returned the Democratic party back to some of its roots.  He almost righted the country back, with exception to a few issues. I'm sure it was not an easy decision to make, but there is no doubt we will go down as one of the most consequential presidents we'd had.

And no making the Party of Rot happy. First, they bitched and griped Biden was staying in with poor health, now that he is dropped out, now their bitching about that because of his poor health. So you can't win with these people, nothing makes them happy, the miserable bitches.

Now...I would love to see a woman hand "the man who shall not be named" his head. He would go ballistic. And remember we all have to VOTE!

But more than any other thing I've heard on why to vote, came from the last paragraph of Liz Cheney's book.

"In the era of Trump, certain members of Congress and other Trump enablers- many of whom carry the Constitution in their pocket, but seem never to have read it-have attempted to hijack this phrase, to claim it gives them authority to subvert the rule of law or overturn the results of elections. They have preyed on the patriotism of millions of Americans. They are working to return to office the man responsible for January 6th. We the people must STOP THEM. We are the only thing that can stop them. US. This is more important than partisan politics. Every one of us- Republican, Democrat, Independant-must work and vote together to ensure that Donald Trump and those who have appeased, enabled and collaborated with him are DEFEATED.

This is the cause of our time."