Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Supremme de Luxe is the stage name of Daniel Blesa, and it better known as Spain's legendary drag queen, what RuPaul is to the US, and is known in the country for being a singer, actor, hostess, and it all has ultimately landed her as the main host of RuPaul's Drag Race Espana. Supremme might not be as fishy and as polished as the trend here in the US for the most "real looking woman", but she is stunning old school drag, and to me that's what  I love. Supremme went looking for a name that was gender-neutral,  and that also paid tribute to Diana Ross & the Supremes, not to mention all the fashion that comes with the 60' and 70's, which inspired her. Her trajectory started in December of 1997 in Madrid, after declaring herself as a conscientious objector from military service, and found in the world of cabaret, like so many other queens, a new source of income. Since then. Supremme has been traveling all across Spain working on television, films, theater, radio, and hosting drag events. She is known for one of the few Spanish artist that appear almost daily in some form of venue. Since 2013 she has been hosting the same successful party, Work Rita, and has single handily renewed the Madrid drag scene which almost went extinct. And if you have been watching Drag Race Espana, Supremme has established herself very quickly as " Not RuPaul" and I mean that as a compliment. She's smooth, more social with the queens, personable, quick on her feet, yet warm. On a side note the show in general , I've been very impressed with  the judges who are quite possibly the most sophisticated and articulate panel any season of Drag Race has ever seen. I hear it's been so successful another season is already in the works. Perhaps Brooklyn Hytes and the judges on Drag Race Canada should watch and see how it's done. Yeah, I went there. Long live Supremme!!!!!!

With just being back from the weekend and the Lad now departed, and yes, there was LOTS of catch up sex, once I catch my breath Ill pop around to visit. Boy was he in excellent shape Hunties!


 Meanwhile at the Casa,.......

 a chess game is in play with the Lad...

Friday, June 11, 2021


Yes dears....it's time for the Mistress to start my summer glamping. For you newer readers... this is not camping, oh no...this is glamping darling, with costume changes, wonderful outdoor cooking, skimpy square cuts, or running around naked,  staying in cabins , huge trailers, and campers, air streams, electric, plumbing, and proper afternoon and evening cock-a-tails!!!! In addition to my season kicking off, it's also the reunion of the Lad and myself after not seeing each other since January of 2020...needless to say we will be... and may have already,  had some conjugal time!! Yes hunty...the damn has finally broken, the seal cracked, flooding the lands!!!! My skins appearance has already improved! Not only will this be a fun filled visit to the lovely Woods Campground, to see friends from far and wide again... but their theme this weekend is Gay Pride and I'm taking a stab as DJ at spinning tunes for a two hour set with one of their djs!!!! This should be very intresting. The music I understand for the day is piped in to the Woods' own radio station, where we spin poolside, on the upper deck. I'll be back sometime next week after the Lad departs, unless I'm in traction, had heart failure due to sex, was abducted by bears,  or had to many gin and tonics and fell from the upper deck. 

See ya next week! And here will be my first song of my set. But then it's all dance. Just had to start out nasty.

Thursday, June 10, 2021