Sunday, July 23, 2017


Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.
I just can not seem to get regular posting going here, and still getting caught up with blog reading. It was another week of not getting caught up as the Lad went back home after glamping....then Daddy Warbucks showed up for one of his infamous last minute visits...for the week!!!! So, you can imagine I was at the Raven for most of the week with him. My newest autobiography also released as seen above. And what a steal at 35 cents!!!! 

So who's up for a good shot?

I've been meaning to share this gem all week. I mentioned last weekend I was at the Woods Campground for some events at their very festive Christmas In July Weekend. You can see the post here. One of the highlights was a themed shot tour. Different sites hosted flavored shots. Once all shot takers were present and had shot in hand, we would sing one carol verse then take the shot and move to the next site. I recall maybe like 15 or 16 sites in total. That's a lot of shots right after one another. And after having cold Land Sharks all day. Well toward the end of the tour, one site had Andrew Christian underwear videos playing on a big screen while the shots were passed out. Some of these bitches really get creative. But none the less the delight on the faces.....

How cool is that!!!!!!!!!! It was a creamy vanilla vodka shot in a penis! It was just like another Saturday night. Except I was taking it in front of 200 other people! When we got the shot the syringe was out like this....

One was to turn the syringe and then push inwards and slurp that tasty cream. Well, mind you, after so many shots, I was a bit confused. A cute guy next to me explained I had to twist then push...but I pushed so hard, the damn shot came out, going all over him on the chest and shoulder and some poor bears beard in front of him!!!!! It was definitely a crowd pleaser and got a roar of laughter. And I was able to still get the last of the remnants to my lips from the shot. And you can imagine the joking then went on at this site and the rest of the night. I even had a few requests for private shows for god's sake. And so realistic the shot is...

veins and all....

Stand back...she's gonna blow!!!!
Now I have to figure out is how they refill. Something is seriously wrong with us. But GOOD TIMES!

And on a side note the 12 Days of Christmas Drag Show and the Caroling Shot Tour, was for a charity to raise money, and a toy drive for kids in the city with very little. The show brought in over two hundred toys and a little over $6,000 in donations and tips. Not bad for a bunch of broads.

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Since we are in the throws of summer it's always a good thing to know some beach safety. The ever fabulous Miss Richfield 1981 is here to tell us all about avoiding shark attacks. Who wants to be shark bait right? I myself never worry about them though. If a shark bit me,it would be hung over for a week! But here are her wonderful, helpful tips, all while in fabulous beach finery.

This has been a Casa du Borghese PSA. We thank Miss Richfield for her ever faithful good sense and tips.

Friday, July 21, 2017


In this weekly feature, I'll share a picture of a weekly guest and you tell me in only three words what come to mind.

In three words.....
Debbie Harry

And hell, since she's already here and were in the throws of summer, let's let the legend kick off the weekend for us with  a summer classic for me.......

Thursday, July 20, 2017


One day of our wonderful trip, we decided to not see any major sights, but just walk around and take an easy day. Read that as we were hung over from a night of sinful debauchery. We stayed in the Palermo district and went to the Bosques de Palermo, which is an urban park of about 989 acres located in the neighborhood of Palermo in Buenos Aires. Located between Libertador and Figueroa Alcorta Avenues, it is known for its groves, landscapes, lakes, rose gardens, and a great place to people watch. Even though it was only about 67 degrees, it sure beat being in a park here in the winter, where's it's frigid and barren. Yet another reason to move there.

 Designed by urbanist Jordán Czeslaw Wysocki and architect Julio Dormal, the park was inaugurated on November 11, 1875. The dramatic economic growth of Buenos Aires afterwards helped to lead to its transfer to the municipal domain in 1888, whereby French Argentine urbanist Carlos Thays was commissioned to expand and further beautify the park, between 1892 and 1912. Thays designed the Zoological Gardens, the Botanical Gardens. The Buenos Aires Zoo was a 45-acre (18-ha) zoo founded in 1888 by the Mayor Antonio Crespo. The Zoo contained 89 species of mammals, 49 species of reptile,s and 175 species of birds, with a total of over 2,500 different animals. The institution's goals were to conserve species, produce research, and to educate the public. The zoo we understand closed to the public in 2016, but some of the smaller animals are sprinkled again on part of the grounds.

I wondered if Dog's Mother knew Tar and Abby stepped out?
This picture cracked me up. Much of a ham you think?

Our mode of transport most days.

Galileo Galilei planetarium is also located here and was built, in 1966.
Its Modernist architecture is distinctive in the city—a sphere supported by three arches. A popular field trip destination for the city's schoolchildren I assume, where the planets and other astronomical phenomena are projected on the dome, inside. Also on the grounds is a Japanese garden.

The area of Palermo was another great people watching place and a excellent place for eateries. And cool picture opportunities.
Excellent food and sangria!
Meanwhile, I am still going through withdrawals from the trip as you can understand why.

Next  post....  MM #1 Fan and I completely nude in bed.

Just kidding, just wanted to see if you were paying attention.!!!!


If you know or are aware of Lady Bunny, you know she is plum crazy. Recently she was back in London again with her Tran-Jester show which is a complete scream. This was sent just to show how crazy she is. Apparently road work came to a complete halt.

And notice the Give way sign behind her. The people's faces are priceless too. New Yorkers are used to seeing Bunny in eye popping day looks, but Londoners we probably like what in hell? Gotta love Bunny.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


 I know, Uruguay – who goes there?  That’s what I thought when MM#1 Fan said we were going there of a day trip. There are only so many day trips out of Buenos Aires worth exploring and Colonia came highly recommended so we bought  ferry tickets on Colonia Express and explored this cute little seaside town.
The whole town of Colonia del Sacramento is compact and walkable.  You can also rent a car or a buggy for the day, but  its cobblestoned streets are best explored on foot. Since we went in winter time Colonia felt like a sleepy town, even though the temps and winter aren't like ours – not only were the only locals we saw the shop owners, but we kept running into the same people over and over again. But I could totally picture Colonia being the quaintest little town in the summer with its the cobblestone streets, Portuguese influence, colorful shops, and the abundance of trees and florals that blanket the buildings and line the streets in the right season. One of our waitress said it just burst with color in the spring and summer.  Once there we first had a  relaxing  sip  of cafe con leche at one of the cafes. The rest of the day was spent admiring the architecture, the little old world cafes and looked at the handsome mens.With the oldest streets in Uruguay, dating back to the early 1680’s, the town gives a much different feel than that of the lively neighbor to the West.Above all, you get to peacefully enjoy the historic atmosphere of the streets, which can transport you back to a time from centuries ago. So much different then here in America. I also noticed a lot of dogs lounging about unlike the cats in the cemetery in Buenos Aires. Not to mention they seemed to have a lot of vintage even had a tree growing out of it.
Take a trek on up the Lighthouse steps for about $2.50 in our dollars for some beautiful views of the town.
 A short distance  from the city will allow you to check out an old ,and Uruguay’s only, bullfighting ring, which was abandoned only 2 years after being constructed  when Uruguay banned bullfighting back in 1912. Olay!
The perfect way to finish the day is by having dinner and drinks in the quaint eateries. Enjoy your drinks and  dinner in full relaxation mode. We had the best empanadas I ever had, and they served the red wine in jam like glasses.
Take in the fresh air & quiet atmosphere, do some people watching, and watch the sun close out the day before heading back to the ferry

So glad we went, who knew I'd be in two countries this trip?
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