Monday, January 8, 2024


With an impromptu trip to Boston for work, I leave today, and taking the train up...and a blog break to recharge my batteries, the Mistress will return in a few weeks.  If time permits, I will check in with you all, As we know, I love my winter hibernations and lay abouts. Ciao for now! 

Sunday, January 7, 2024


If there are two things to know of your Mistress, I enjoy a good stiff one and a good Happy Hour. Imagine my surprise this holiday season to receive a wonderful parcel in the mail for Christmas from the lovely and thoughtful Tundra Bunny! And boy, does this dame got my number. 

The parcel contained not only a lovely book of cock-a-tails, but a Canadian themed gift of sorts since Tundra resides in the Great North. A Moose themed hockey ornament, currently on the tree, fox print napkins and card, not to mention a not pictured lovely, printed card attached to the wrapped book, to be later framed I enjoyed it so much.  This book is stunning!!! Being a connoisseur of, well, anything wet with ice cubes in a tumbler... and old movies, I am going to enjoy this beautiful book. Of course, the first page I open to was none other than Joan Crawford!!!!!
The book Noir Bar was written and created by Eddie Muller, one of TCM'S leading authorities on film noir, and a cocktail connoisseur, and he takes film buffs and us drinks enthusiast alike on a spirited tour through the "dark city" of film noir in this very stylish book, which pairs carefully curated classic cocktails and modern noir-inspired libations with behind-the-scenes anecdotes and insights on 50 film noir favorites, along with cocktails from those movies and the recipes for making them. The book also features glorious pictures, film noir quotes, dozens of movie stills and movie posters, and stunning cocktail photography.
 Tundra....I'm not sure what I did to receive such a lovely surprise this season...but your gift of friendship and thoughtfulness is most appreciated, and it made my night when I came home that evening. Thank-You again!!! Looks like it is going to be a "warm" winter for me. And as Humphry Bogart said once-" I don't trust any bastard who doesn't drink. People who don't drink are afraid of revealing themselves." I'll drink to that!

Me thinks this calls for some Happy Hour music this weekend evening.

Saturday, January 6, 2024


...has arrived! 

The temps dropped...and we finally got some snow!

The Snow Queen-
She stood there dressed in cold white down
as soft winds swirled around her.
Her angelic face smiled
as she surveyed her wonderland.
Her time had come again
as it did once a year
to cleanse the world white,
making it seem bright
under the pale moon.
She surveyed her kingdom
and with the sweep of her hand,
she watched as the snowflakes fell again.
The smile on her face
grew in its proportions
as the winter winds blew their deepest chill,
and then the Snow Queen knew
her season had last arrived.
The kingdom was hers again
before it came the time
when her sisters of spring, summer and autumn
would once more again
take their place on the throne.

I ventured out into the garden...not quite all asleep...
Now how long will the Snow Queen stick around? 

The magical moment today was surrounding the cardinals. So many! They say when cardinals are seen in your garden it's a sign that someone passed on is thinking of you and with you. Then this happened.
I 'm sure it was my fun Aunt Barbara. I'll never forget this moment.
 Pure joy and trust.

Friday, January 5, 2024


In this feature, I'll share a weekly guest with you all, and you tell me in only three words what comes to mind.

In Three Words...

Ginger Rogers


And strongly endorsed by the Casa du Borghese. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2024



Call me crazy, but I could easily live in hotels. It's one of my favorite parts when on vacation. I know many hate staying away from home, but I love having the room service, food and a bar at your fingertips, and a pool to soak and swim in. Fresh towels and room service if you prefer. I probably should get a job staying in hotel after hotel and do critique and reviews?!?! Chains can be good, but I love a good boutique hotel. While in Portofino we stayed most of the time at the Hotel Splendido. Which did not disappoint. Housed in a 16th century monastery building with fabulous views over the bay. It was definitely a Grande dame of hotels. It had excellent appointed rooms, delicious food and exceptional service.  The Splendido is set in lush, terraced gardens, and the interior was rather uber chic, not to mention a footpath that led down to the pretty quayside with its shops, cafes and restaurants. Matter of facts, we even spent two whole days at the hotel, just relaxing and enjoying the pool and gardens. 

This was our room welcome.
 We also were upgraded once there to the Ava Gardner Room!
On the balcony one day! Me and birds.
I called this guy Mr Frisk. We met him at the hotel and talked with him several times. He was traveling on his own, and the last night for all of us, brought about copious amounts of drinks!
And not far from the hotel was this fabulous lighthouse.
 A little history...The Portofino lighthouse was built on 1917 and consists of a white quadrangular tower, 16 feet high, with balcony and lantern, attached to a two-story white keeper's house. The lantern, painted grey metallic and emits a flash every five seconds in now completely automated. While still a lighthouse the terrace surrounding it also serves as a lounge terrace to enjoys the views, the breeze and a few libations.
And no Cali Boi...that is not me laying on my back casting that shadow.
What a trip. 
I'm ready to go back and live the rest of my life there, if the hotel wouldn't mind a lifelong guest?!?! 

Tuesday, January 2, 2024


 Hope everyone survived the New Year festivities! A good time all around here at the Casa du Borghese. Another one in the books, and another delish Pork and Sauerkraut dinner. Don't worry if you didn't partake... I ate enough to bring us all good luck in the New Year. Of course, the other tradition was the Philadelphia Mummers with their literally, all day and night parade, which didn't disappoint.  It's become a tradition each New Year's Day what with living in Bucks County for those 24 years, and before that my uncle lived in Philly, so we'd see the parade then when I was a wee one. Wouldn't be New Years Day without seeing the parade or hearing, Oh Dem' Golden Slippers. It started in 1901 and is now the longest running folk parade in the US but has ties in one form or another way back to President George Washington who carried out the official custom of New Years Day calls during the seven years he occupied President's House in Philadelphia. It was then that 20-30 Mummers went door to door shooting and shouting and adapting little stories with music. Eventually in the 18th century going pub to pub demanding free ale. But in 1901 is when it became a first official parade, we now see, with its first string band. And while there are women in the Mummers, it still blows my mind that many of these mummers are straight males...longshoremen, doctors, mechanics, craftsmen, contractors, lawyers, electricians and union workers... that they will prance down the city streets in full on theatrical make up, and decked in sequins, plumes, feathers, beads, jewels, and  all things shiny, and very detailed I may add, and put on choreographed dance and string band performances that are nothing short of Broadway production numbers. Not to mention all ages from a year old to some in their 80's, with 3 and 4th generations of families involved.  Long Live the Mummers I say!

 Duffy String Band is always one of my favorites. This year their theme was Where the Wild Things Are. Their Captain Jake Kudrick is only 17 and took over at the age of 11 when his father passed away. I can recall him being on the news when I lived in Bucks County, and in tears talking of his father's passing, so quite amazing to see him still in the reigns and growing up before our eyes.