Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Does anyone know what day it is? The pictures are still coming in. I have been enjoying the online drag shows, as they natural lift my spirits. Amazing what these queens are doing from home. I caught one of the many Trinity the Tuck shows. Her first one alone brought in over $4,000, in which she choose to donate all the money to less well known queens with no income coming in. I just hope someone wakes up Bunny when it's show time!!!! The bar will be open that night!!!! Here's to more of your Happy.....

Miss Honey Potts

Walks along the New Hope canal.

The Dame. My friend from Harrisburg 
I hope she is seeing some goods news in that thing.

Miriam Webster
Hennessy and Hendrick.

Duchess Deedles
Camping makes me happy.
Balder half in uniform.


The empty streets in Philly are making me happy.

My cat Ash.
Cooking on the grill is making me real happy.

Hedda Lettuce 
Little Lupe

The Mistress 
Watching Trinity tearing it up made me joyous!

William De-Woofs
Agnes and I came up with the Mistress-tini! And on a lace napkin yet.

Justin and Nick 
Being together is being happy.

Hat tip to Nick who is braving it as he works in the medical field and will be back in the hospital soon. Thank you to all our medical, health, and public place servants!!!!!

Christian P
Walks around the Roser Park Historic District always brighten my mood these days.

How do I get one of those Mistress-tini's you two?!?!?!?!

Monday, March 30, 2020


So today I got this from the Mother. To be fair she just got the phone a couple weeks ago. I figure she isn't texting right, or she was in the sauce. After all , her little apple used to be famous for drunk texting.
Bless her heart.


Good blog friend and fellow Gin Blossom, Jon,  shared this on his most excellent spot in the blogsphere. Our curator of everything camp at...Give em' The Old Razzle Dazzle, why yes,  the dear does have two blogs, you didn't know?.  He shared this, and what better way to start the week then with Maria Von Trapp singing a lovely PSA with us all to share and pass on.
No word on whether the  Baroness Von Schraeder will have her own song.

Hat tip and clink of the glass to Jon for this PSA and a good chuckle.

Sunday, March 29, 2020


Hope everyone is hanging in there being safe and cozily quarantined!!! It's been a busy weekend, watching online drag shows, supporting my fellow queens, and catching up with phone calls to friends far and wide. And I was beyond tickled with an email from Tio Walter this morning. It has been great to spend so much time in underwear and randomly napping and dancing around the house. It's also been great receiving pictures each day in the old email!!!! Keep those Happy pictures coming at mistressborghese@yahoo.com, with whatever makes you happy in your day, y'all seem to like it too. What a nice community we have.


Cap Chasen
My "painting" keeps me happy in these times.


The most clear I've ever seen LA from this point.


The Mistress Borghese

Boy Morgan

Kayden Sunshine
 Being in nature always make me happy.

Anne Marie
Seeing my friends like Duchess Deedles, where my art, always makes me happy

Midnight Magpie
Lady Fingers
My happy corner!

Joan was overly happy to find ass wipes.


Mistress Maddie's #1 Fan
This bitch! Run across these, from that show night three years ago. Gave me a good laugh the other day of our Mistress. I think they said your out of gin.

Agnes Goldberg- DeWoofs

Duchess Deedles
My dogs make me happy!


….at the Casa du Borghese
*lets us pray*

Saturday, March 28, 2020


I get that you might need a bit of a distraction from the doom and gloom today, but I think I have just the sweet, smooth, candy to divert your gaze. I know he did mine. After sufficient sampling FOR HOURS AND HOURS... I have concluded he was tasty enough to put in my Candy Shop!

His name is Fabio Teles and he is a Brand Ambassador for various companies, in addition to some modeling, and what a surprise....hails from Brazil...doesn't  he just melt in your mouth? Me and my South American men. Hey! I can't help they are so god damned sexy with exotic personalities!!! He’s a very handsome and buff young Lad who has a lot of chest bulge to show off , a weakness for me and that handsome face. But for me, I find it sexy as hell if a man can clean up and wear clothing well, and I love a good head of hair to run my hands through!!!!If this doesn’t have you planning ahead to the Candy shop for some good take out this weekend,  I don’t know what will.


Get one, or several tickets to support your favorite queens, or a queen who is donating to another queen in need. Show your love and support. Over 60 queens, in addition to Amanda Lepore, Candis Cayne, the Boulet Brothers, and several LGBT artist....Nina West's first show was a trip!!!! 
Tickets for these fabulous queens at Stageit.

Friday, March 27, 2020


So far this self quarantine, hasn't been too bad. 
Me in quarantine.....

of course  when he gin runs out in three months...
I shudder at the thought already.

It's Happy Hour Bitches


Your pictures are really making my day, I don't know about y'all? I get excited to go to the laptop and check anymore. Keep them coming at mistressborghese.com...and I'll post as I'm receiving, so if you didn't see your yet, don't panic. Seems we definitely like out pets huh?

Travel Penguin
The grand adventure that is life, and seeing sheep.
Cello Josh

Agnes Goldberg-DeWoofs
Table settings and morning coffee make me happy.

William DeWoofs
Tweety Capone
My two happy things, coffee and vodka!

Pearly Gates
This right here ALWAYS makes me happy-this view.

Consuelo Roca Jones
Carlos and I the day we met
*Editors note. These two may be in the Candy Shop one day!!!

A empty Sunset Blvd. Very happy.

My bedroom is my happy haven.


 Norma Lee Drunk
Our back patio here in DC and firepit make us happy at days end.

The Lad
My favorite picture and side to the Mistress make me more than happy. 
*Editors note. I didn't want to use this, but my social director threatened to do a whole post otherwise.

Celia's birthday! My number one happy being.