Friday, March 30, 2018


In this weekly feature, I'll share with you a weekly guest, and you tell me in only three words what come to mind.

In three words...
Audrey Hepburn


Either way, the Lad says he is glad it Friday!!! Another "end" to the week.
Thank goodness. On both counts.

Thursday, March 29, 2018


Did you know years ago, that kids use to get real live baby chicks for Easter???

Sadly I think the trend is coming back as I have seen several signs of late for Easter Chicks for sale.  If one has a farm to raise them fine, but how many poor things die for lack of knowledge how to raise them??? Not to mention sometime their even dyed!!!!Don't get me started.
My mother and her siblings used to get chicks for Easter and once they grew, they took them to a local farm to live. But this story is from my dear mother. It's where one of our family sayings comes from. When my mother was a young woman and started working she took the bus to work. One evening while returning home on the bus, a huge rotund lady got on with a box of Easter chicks for her kids. Later when the driver took a corner, the box slid off her lap, hit the floor, came open and released all the chicks running about all over the bus. Several people and the fat lady were trying to capture them all again. Finally the fat lady was right at the front to get another, when she bent over to pick one up, she left out a huge healthy fart. To which the bus driver replied, " Well, that's right lady, if you can't catch em', shoot em'!" The whole bus broke out in laughter. So around home when someone breaks wind that is what my dear old mother says.

Listen....laugh anyway.Farts are funny. But alas, the poor bus driver was fired two days later because as it tuned out the fat lady was the mayor's mother!!!

And if you must buy Easter chicks for the kiddies buy these instead....

And remember, If you can't catch em, shoot em'!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Just because I wanted to share. Kameron Michaels sent this. Kameron  wore this to the premiere viewing of Rupauls Drag Race last week. All the queens generally wear a ensemble to the viewing show and the meet and greet for fans. I have not seen such a spectacular ensemble since Violet Chachki's crowning gown. Kameron have me gagging!!!!!
Simply Stunning!!!!!
And while were on the subject of green......I got home to tonight to find a lovely surprise from a wonderful and thought friend from out west.....

Friend and fellow blogger the Ravager sent this out of the goodness and thoughtfulness of the dear's heart!!!! A lovely comic Batman collectible of Poison Ivy!!!! I have no comic collectibles to date, and my reputation of  since finding out I share many evil.. and a few good qualities of Poison Ivy, that this is such a cool and thoughtful gift to receive. I have always loved Poison Ivy....and if I didn't have such fear, would even considered swallowing all the poisons and toxins to see if I would become green and save the environment!!!!! But for now, I will rely on my seductive charms, and winding extremities to take care of things. But no denying, she seems to fit right in.

How perfect is she for me?!?!?! Thank you so much RJ for the thoughtful gift...I absolutely love her!!!! Never discount the bonds and friends you meet in blogging. When I started years ago, I would have never thought of texting or emailing bloggers , let alone meet any?! But funny how a community of friends comes from this.

And I truly do mean friends.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Homemade peanut butter eggs are hard to resist at Easter. When I was but a wee one, and my grandmother was sitting me, I can still remember she taking me to church, yeah, there's a visual for you, so she and the other church ladies could start making the hundreds of Easter eggs of peanut butter, coconut and butter crème eggs, to sell which would help supplement the church funds.
At this time of year you find the homemade candies for sale at gas stations, mom and pop shops and the beauty parlor, and of course churches. They often sell for a $1 or more apiece and are individually wrapped in colorful foil wrappers or cellophane bags. Churches, fire halls and other organizations roll them by the thousands as fundraisers. The candy eggs practically sell themselves. If you want to make your own peanut butter or coconut eggs, there are dozens of variations. Some call for cream cheese and butter, others for condensed milk or marshmallow. I can still see and smell the chocolate....and my grandmother walking us in, with her hat and gloves on, to which she would then remove both, and get her apron on....then the other ladies would follow suit and would await directions from my grandmother. This went on for a week!!! And they generally sold out.  My mother and aunt made them also for a couple years, but now my mother goes to a local church to buy them...while my aunt and I make the hot cross buns..another wonderful Easter treat. Should you crave a peanut butter egg...... my grandmother's were to die for.

Margret's Peanut Butter Easter Egg
1/4 cup butter, softened
1/2 pound cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup to 1 cup peanut butter
1 1/2 pounds confectioners' sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
Melting chocolate wafers
Cream together first three ingredients until very soft. Add sugar, salt and vanilla. Shape into eggs or balls and chill. Melt chocolate coating slowly over low heat. Coat eggs or balls. Chill again, and keep in frig.

And try , just try to eat ONE!

Monday, March 26, 2018


Thank goodness I had the foresight to take Monday off after this weekend. Not much shaking...just time relaxing....
It can't get better than having a Monday off. Well, except maybe this.
Yeah that should do it.
Happy Monday All!

Sunday, March 25, 2018


I know we can all bitch and complain about our jobs. The down side to mine is the early hours and the extremely physical days I have, being on my feet all day and covering lord knows how many miles.Yesterday was one of those days where I really enjoyed the perks of the job. Every year my company has an event called HOT. It is probably the biggest event of the year, which showcases new designers we carry, the latest in fashion and trends, and the newest up and coming designers. The two week event is packed full of events generally. But yesterday was probably the best day to go.
The morning kicked off with delicious drinks, beautiful flowers and a speaking area set up for Anna Wintour, yes....the infamous Anna Wintour.... Editor in Chief of Vogue Magazine and Ken Downing , who is a fashion leader in the industry and has been creative director of various department stores. But Anna, as you may be aware has been a idol to me. Her story is really an amazing one if you ask me. Anna discussed journalism, social media, celebrity style, what the hottest trends right now, how she enjoys color, and how more is more and less is a bore. Afterwards she mingled a bit before being zipped away back to New York surly.
But just seeing her in person was good enough for me. If that wasn't enough for this gay boy, we also had the legendary, businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon of royalty Iris Apfel in the house!
I just adore that woman. Anyone who has the balls to wear what she does, looking fabulous and having fun with fashion, and doesn't let age slow them down is very cool. Iris was at the event to launch her new in store collection we're carrying for a limited time, and was the reason  most of my week was busy. I was the one setting the displays that announced her arrival and goods. Iris and our company worked together for the props and left it to us on the display. I thought it turned out rather nice and very fun....and could see the Mistress but in a few of these numbers. God knows I love me some plumes.
I am tempted to bring home the Iris Apfel cutout when were done with this display!!!!
Also in the house yesterday was Nick Verreos of Project Runway fame who was discussing  the latest beauty trends in eyes, lip and skincare, and  the reputable Philadelphia blogger  Alisa Fredricko who is style director of Dressing Jane.
The cosmetics department  alone was mobbed and I'm sure raked in the doe, as did the store has a whole. Thanks to yours truly, the cocktail company I recommend was on hand serving the drinks, 13th Street Cocktails. Next thing you know, I'll e in PR.
There were also two other unexpected treats. Earlier in the week I got an email from longtime reader Calliope, who is a Regional Director of Clarins, and was slated to be at the event with her National Make up artist Armando. It is always so great to meet a reader of the blog, and she was downright beautiful!!!!!!! We later talked and shared a cock-a-tail or two over at the bar. Calliope with her traveling entourage of make artist. I mean it girl..either of them...give them  my number!!!!! We have also promised to get together again when she comes to Philly. It was so great meeting her. Agnes Goldberg -DeWoofs was also in the house, but alas, never did get to meet up, as poor Agnes didn't think I'd be working. I would have loved to met her.
Later I got a text from the Lad, that his dear father was in the store, so I got to catch up with him. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. And he is just as nuts as his son!
We grabbed a pizza before I departed to come back to the Casa after a very fun and exhausting day. All this beauty, work, and schmoozing can be taxing I tell ya. But came home with tons of goodies. But now since I saw two of my favorite ladies and met ...finally Calliope, yes her real name, how fun a name is that.....I can die a happy gay....preferably in something from the Iris Apfel collection.


The Mistress will be here  shortly.....after a long week and HUGE event yesterday, I need a moment...... only the other gin blossom would understand.

A great event and I can die happy. And last night had a long hot soak to relax me weary body.
You don't drink champagne in the tub?

Well you should.

Friday, March 23, 2018


In this weekly feature, I'll share a weekly guest with you, and you tell me in only three words what come to mind.

In three words...
Eleanor Roosevelt


Is it me or does it seem like Drag Race All Stars 3 is now a distant memory? The All Star shows are entertaining, but I'm always thirsty for the new talent. The Season 10 premiere didn't disappoint, starting with my favorite part of the show.....the best moment.... RuPaul's introduction of superstar guest judge Christina Aguilera as "a queen we all know and love."

 She was excellent on there too. I have always been a huge fan of her and her voice. So I ate that right up.
Now this post will be more of my observations, than a recap....I don't know I'll have the time to do a weekly recap, but I'd love to hear what y'all think too. Overall, I think this is going to be a entertaining season with so many popular queens out there currently. 
Eureka seemed well on her way to the finale last season but worries she'll now be cut if she doesn't step up every single week. Her fears seem legitimate, given the queens who sashay into the workroom this season, but I think she will do pretty well. I already love the energy she adds to the workroom, and she's much more polished already since her season. Her  dime store ensemble was adorable.
Lets face it...there is going to be a throw down between the box of Miz Cracker and the Age of Aquaria. Both highly stylized queens. I have seen them both, but never sensed any rivalry, but I do believe it's been a touchy subject on their style being so close together. Both cast for good tv viewing perhaps? Both will go far in the season, but Miz is just a twisted funny bitch. One's sides alway hurt when she's around. I adore Aquaria, but the few times I met her, didn't pick up on much of a warm personality...sorry girl. But she is fierce! Miz Cracker's look in the drag on a dime was chic and edgy, sold completely by her emotive runway performance. I'm loving Cracker more and more. But...there was the similar make up style as Aquaria's.....Ohhhhhh gurl.......

So nice to see Mayhem Miller up in the house at long last!!! I have been touting for her to get on in some time.Mayhem Miller comes with a serious drag pedigree, and I thought she did very well last night. I mean any queen who can turn out a cartwheel in a floor-length gown, is just sickening. Mayhem has a heart of gold and a wonderful personality. I have always said she has a great drag name.

In my original recap, I didn't know much about Monique. I feel she will do pretty well though, not a win, but should do well. She was a scream I thought. Her jokes and one liners had me cracking up. She should keep the girls sides splitting. I think I'm going to enjoy watching her.
If people are looking for Kameron Michaels to be loud and very interactive, it won't happen. Kameron is a sweet heart I've gotten to know on Instagram...but he is one that will keep to himself and is on the quite side. I don't see the win, but I think he will fly in under the radar far enough before being taken out. There is no denying he is hot as a boy and downright flawless in drag for being so built. Kameron has some very stunning numbers I have seen him in, and if he whips these out.... look out. He did come across just a bit laid back though, but this "muscle queen" Kameron stands out because the other queens are so thirsty once he's out of drag.

In person and on paper Blair St. Clair is the it drag queen. A Broadway queen. I want to like her so bad, but I still think she will only get midway. I can't put my finger on it, but there is something that bugs me about her. If I figure it out I'll get back to you.

Kalorie Karbdashian Williams is a twerking plus-size queen. I actually liked her infectious laugh and personality....and her face is flawlessly painted...but I still say she'll be top 3 gone girl. Kalorie is covered in fake money for the drag on a dime challenge -- but doesn't take it to the bank. But I thought she lip synch was tight.
The plucky Vanessa Vanjie Mateo. I said she would probably be in the first two gone. That being said, I did enjoy her personality more than I thought I would, and found her to actually be funny.I was fully prepared for Vanessa to slay this, given her drag family. But Kalorie quickly pulls out ahead, twerking and werking it out. Vanessa looks uncomfortable and nervous, which results in a half-baked performance. No bam! Just blah.

Get ready, hennies. This season seems like it could be a lot of fun. To see my original post with predictions you can read that here. What do you guys think? And remember...

Thursday, March 22, 2018


Eureka started out as a small country child in the heart of East Tennessee. 

Standing 6’4 and that’s without heels, ya'll, Eureka represents for all the big girls as the PLUS SIZE drag super models of the  world!  Her passion has led her to compete on 9 national stages before the age of 26.  One of Eureka’s goals is to give bigger people around the world the confidence to go out and live their dreams. With her live action, plus size, fun-loving, Barbie-style, high energy, nothing-but-smiles spirit, working or simply being in the company of Eureka is a roller coaster of uplifting confidence and discovery of self joy. Eureka quickly moved to a loved member of the community all across the country as she continuously records and debutes her battles and successes through social media. Eureka's passion for elephants is a reflection of how she percieves herself and wants to see the world!  She regards them as a representation of size-positivity, kindness, and family.  One thing I like most about Eureka's style is her wigs. Gurl can do a excellent piled style. The higher the hair the closer to God! Good luck to her on drag race this season.
My favorite Eureka clip.