Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Here we are at the end of another Pride month.  

We must remember everyday is a day of pride, and to be proud, and not ashamed about who we are,  for us...this month is only extra whipped cream on top to enjoy with extra festivities. I had got emails and a comment or two about the Casa's tradition of my usual pride post, and didn't know I would do it again. But my dear Steven, reminded us to enjoy our dose of Skittles on his latest post. Steven has been having a time of it lately, and I wonder if every year he purposely is playing the woo's me, doe eyed boy, to get me to post this yet again?!?!?! Surely not?!? But I do enjoy him so. I have gotten to know him alot, and we email back and forth. I  have been surprised by what we have in common, and I even questioned if we could have been brothers from different mothers or the same mother as twins. We are both mama boys, like nature and animals, and gardening,  share almost the same birthday by days, and I don't think I'm much younger than him. Were both Scorpios, so don't piss us off. Both named Steven, both gay and like to bake. Someone even suggested we start our own reality lifestyle show called The Steven's. So I feel as though I like to watch over him and protect him for some reason. It hurts when people you like and care for are hurting. So yet again I will post this in his honor and hope these Skittles will brighten his day!!!!!!

in closing....Happy Pride Month to you All!!!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2020


  Provincetown was definitely a different experience this summer. Having not been called back to work yet, Pearly Gates asked if I wanted to spend some time up in this lovely little spigot of land. Normally Ptown, is one of the countries most popular gay hot spots. Like everywhere else, the town has been hit hard with the pandemic, with many bars cancelling shows, and drag residencies, and most of the towns events and theme weeks are gone or have been cancelled. Dine in didn't even start till right before I got there. I was leery about going at first, but Pearly, who was going complete do lally, said the town's tourist where down by huge numbers. Besides that, the dear's house is on the end of one of the streets, in a quiet location, and access to the beach. We'd stay at the Pearly's house most of the time, cook, kiki, dance and just act nuts. I thought what the hell, It may even give me time to work on my next covid-19 pamphlet. I was pleasantly surprised and shocked, to see just how quiet the town was. This was also the first time I'd been without the whole clan...so the hijinks were to a minimum. But I was sooooooo relaxed and need the beach time desperately. Nothing like the beach can tame and relax me....the sounds and smell alone.
If I'm not worrying about getting devoured by the bears at The Woods,
 it's the sharks here!!!!!

One afternoon we even saw some wolves on the beach. One even swiped a woman's Croc. See,  I told you no one likes those damn ugly things.
One afternoon, Pearly was very appalled with yours truly as I was trying to get a seamen report from a passing vessel. I have no idea why, I thought my hat was rather on point for boating and rather sea worthy.

One of the biggest jelly fish I ever did see after a storm one night. At first, I thought it was one of Bianca Del Rio's wigs.

The below shot was the most packed I personally saw it while there.
We were in town most days, veiled of course, for a walk to get excercise, to get take out, and to visit their award winning fudge shops. I even bought me some of my favorite summer candies, Divinity. We had one dinner out, and it was quite comfortable and no worries. I was very relived. This was a place called Strangers and Saints.
The Dogs Mother would be proud even the gnomes were protected.

I grilled for us one night...London Broils and grilled romaine.
This town is so quaint, beautiful small homes, pretty gardens and always something of interests to see, like the mural of this garage doors.
It was a most lovely and relaxing trip. If it stays quiet and the pandemic stays at bay here in the Northeast, I may take a return trip later this summer, since our Rehoboth Beach weekends have all been cancelled.  I got word just today their beaches are closing down again with huge spikes with the virus. Forget it. With Ptown , I will sacrifice the 8 hour drive and stay even longer. It's like the end of the world. What better place to be?

It's the beach.


It's out!!!!! 
My new memoir hits the shelves today, and bound to be a bestseller.
During this pandemic we know my other alter ego, Pam Demic, is also quite the handful. Of course Aunt Pittypat, aka Lady G, and Matt Gaetz didn't want this released. It's been a tooth and nail battle. Their much to afraid of my kiss and tell in this new book. Just a little tidbit....Matt's Gaetz's "son" was bought and paid for right from the very estate of the Casa du Borghese. He was one of my stable of houseboys. You people wouldn't believe the gull of many of these republicians that message me for a supply of men. And my talents to craft the perfect glory hole in restrooms in DC. And I wont' discuss here the threesomes that Aunt Pittypat likes to have, but between us girls, she's fond of the poppers. And feathers. But I had to put an end to that when she refused to take them off the chicken first. If they think this flu will be tough, just wait till Pam Demic is done.

Thank sweet mother of Pearl for my rubber gloves.

Reserve yours today before it hits the gas station check outs. Of cousre buy now and it comes with a pair of rubber gloves and a veil.

Sunday, June 28, 2020



What would have been the offical Pride festivities in most cities this weekend, this year may not have been done in the traditional manner, but celebrate we did anyhow. I have been viewing the Pride Inside with Lady Bunny and other fabulous queens yesterday and today. It's hard to keep good bitches down I say. Last year this time I was dancing my ass off in New York City on the piers, after they saw record crowds for the 50th Stonewall anniversary parade and festival. We then headed to a very crowded Stonewall Inn for drinks, where we incidentally saw Pete and Chasten Buttigieg. That will be a surreal moment for sure to have so much converge all at once. How things change in one year huh? But blogger buddies Anne Marie and Upton had me swirling and twirling since being back, and I joke not...I have been dancing in boy shorts all day it seems.... so I thought I'd showcase my own favorite songs for Pride. And we can't forget the queens hunties!!!!!!! Now get up and shake that ass y'all!!!!!!

Lola LaCroix

Sister Roma-Life

Scarlett Envy

London Adore

Sister Roma-Healing

Peaches Christ

Miss Lady Fingers

Sister Roma-Sunlight

Bob, The Drag Queen


Sister Roma-Nature

Coco de Mere

Jaylene Thyme

Sister Roma-Harmony

Shea Coulee'

Candy Heals

Sister Roma-Spirit

Brita Filter


And from the back woods of  North Carolina…..
Heidi N Closet!!!!

Giving us a big ole cheers for Pride!!!!!!
Now... git on up and move that ass!!!!!!!!