Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!


Hope your having a great Thanksgiving getting stuffed!!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Par for the Course

When I told a co-worker I'd be going home for Thanksgiving, they said  I was nuts for traveling for just two days time just to head back to support the store for the weekend! I really can't complain since I won't be there on Black Friday with all those cray cray's!!!!
And for that I'm thankful.
But I really do love traditions and wouldn't want it any other way, and it really is my favorite meal of the year! So I'm heading to the Aunt and Uncles for the holiday meal.
 Nice plates!!!! I have a set to take as a hostess gift for the Aunt, she will love them!!! We do tend to dress for dinner and this year I'm thinking of this look for the day, and I have all of the pieces. I just hope no buttons go flying.........
Mother and I always have watched the parade every year. We sit and watch it and talk. It's a great parade, but how cool are these old vintage balloons from yester year?
 Since my mother is in very good health and in her early 60's, I do still enjoy our time together and it is something I am truly thankful for. 
Then we head to my Aunt and Uncles, where she pays close attention to every detail. I love it, with all the good smells, and her cooking is out of this world. Then she hauls the bird out of the oven.......
If my aunt were a doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So once again, our families will gather to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday, that's right, excessive gobbling and some awkward family dinners, but thank God mine gets along swimmingly! But it really is a good time to express our gratitude's, our health, loved ones, and so much more. And of course we can't forget the loveliness of the table setting and for all the glorious food!!!! 
And for all the food and my family, and these memories I will always be thankful.
On the news I heard the average person will consume about 4500 calories! Yikes! But who's keeping track right?!? That's what the gym and my boys will help me with after the holiday...blushing... After the meal and the great clean up, I'll be then thankful for a book and the sofa, but it won't be long till.......
It really is all par for the course though, and wouldn't have it any other way. I'll be leaving the Casa and will return next week after another work  trip, but didn't want to sign off with giving gratitude and giving THANKS to all my friends, my fellow bloggers and loyal readers, for visiting me and leaving comments. It really does tickle me so and in all the right places!
Happy Thanksgiving to You All!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Grande Dame

Vita Opulence has a fabulosophy on life in and out of DRAG!  Vita is a stunning queen who can be seen in the West Virginia, Virginia and Washington DC scene. She reaches to the far cornerstones of her illusion creating a character that is not only dark and mysterious but EVER CHANGING! You will never know what to expect with Vita and she will keep you guessing every time she comes onto the stage .From the beautiful gowns and bobbles she wears to the nakedness that confuses you, the craziness that disrupts all of your perceptions, VITA IS DRAG at it's finest moments. VITA IS THE DEAL! Vita is truly OPULENCE!

Cooking....with Flair

I don't know what set it off, maybe Thanksgiving, but do you remember the Frigidaire Flair stove? When I was younger I remember when my grandmother had one.... in which she prepared our Thanksgiving was a sad day for her to replace it. It had such style, and well, flair!!!!! She was the only one I remember having one.

People say that Samantha Stevens had one in Bewitched. While this model had many imitators – for some reason, the Frigidaire Flair seems to be everyone’s favorite. And look at how great the Danish Modern orange looks with the pink… and the gold in this ad… and are those popovers in the oven on the left? And I love the detail on the oven doors!

The Frigidaire Flair was introduced in 1962 when Frigidaire was a subsidiary of General Motors. The electric burners roll in and out of the appliance on a surface that functions like a drawer. When they're not in use, they just slide out of view. The double ovens ,one's a full-size and the other's a Dutch oven sit right at counter height. The oven doors lift up instead of swinging out. Aside from its unconventional looks, the design of the Flair makes a whole lot of sense and I can imagine that cooking on one is comfortable and efficient.

This is an ad from 1962. Frigidaire promised the Flair was The happiest thing that ever happened to cooking... OR YOU! Cooking appliances made today tend not to last for 40 years, or have the neat character they once had. But by the same token, people don't take care of appliances they way they once did either.
Oh dear I would love to have one now. I told you before I was born in the wrong time.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Mood Enhancer

Trust that glamorous British dress designer Betty Jackson to produce such a handsome son. I present to you an especially handsome man named Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who is a very hot British actor with a wealth of experience in television and film. In late October, he started to appear in the epic new television adaptation of the iconic horror story "Dracula" for NBC.

 After being inspired to take up acting by watching his mum’s best friend Jennifer Saunders on the Absolutely Fabulous set, 21-year-old Oliver became a star himself as the ardent young gamekeeper Philip in BBC’s Lark Rise to Candleford – the cast of which was led by Jennifer’s Ab Fab co-star Julia Sawalha and comedy partner Dawn French. My local PBS has started airing the reruns of Lark Rise, have you seen it? It's a great show. 

Thus far in his career, Oliver has starred in some of the best-loved television dramas in the U.K. In his first major television role, as said above, he played lead character Philip White on the BBC's period drama "Lark Rise to Candleford," an adaptation of Flora Thompson's autobiographical novel. Following this, he was accepted into the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute and relocated to New York to continue his studies as an actor.

I have known of him for some time, but Lark Rise and Dracula are my first tastes of him. Dracula is pretty good, not as addictive as American Horror Story, but it is pretty well done. It is starting to grab my attention, but most of it is due to Oliver, ohhhhhhh my! If he could be my next husband, maybe this minx would settle down!!!! He could definitely keep me warm at night. And if Dracula doesn't work out, maybe Downton Abbey could find a place for him in the manor house!!!! I know when he's on screen my mood enhances!!!!

Monday Moments

Happy Monday Everybody!!!!
Do I seem to have a little more pizazz in my voice today? Your right...
I'm off today and only work for two days this week!!! Plus it's TURKEY WEEK!!!! I'll be heading to see family for Thanksgiving, where my aunt prepares quite the feast. She is one of two people I know who can follow a Julia Child recipe...her idol I suppose! I hate to eat such a majestic bird, but I only really enjoy it once a year plus any left overs. And please make sure your turkey if possible is from a reputable turkey farm, where they are raised with love and care.