Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Well dear readers, between work, and a interior design free lance project I have installing at a clients home this week, my visiting and posting, will be very light. I'll most lightly return at weeks end. So in the meantime I'm opening up the lines to all, to ask one question you may have always wanted to ask the Mistress. One question.... and I don't embarrass easily, so no limits. In the past I have done one of these before. You can look at these post, here here and here for past asked questions. I'll then do a post to answer said questions. Have fun ....and I'll return as fast as I can lambchops.

Monday, February 26, 2018


The relationship between mornings and coffee had always been a beautiful one.

Whether it's enjoying one at a little café, Starbucks on the go, or our chosen elixir at home, it does as much to perk things up as a good man in the morning, or a fresh pair of white briefs.  Nothing like the fresh smell of coffee brewing. First thing in the morning, I head the to kitchen before anything, head to the freezer and get the coffee.  I grind my own beans and then use my glass Melita  coffee pot for a nice slow brew...not one of those contraption things for me...I'm old fashioned....coffee is meant to be slow brewed. And then the smell just takes over.....it's one of the everyday treasures I love....and certainly  a must on a Monday, then let the scheming begin.
 Ahhhhhh, that's better... and this song helps too.

Have a Great Monday !!!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2018


The newest Ru girls are ready to bring it to the runway serving you the fiercest season yet. Some you may recognize from our Grande Dame posts,  and others I thought should get on- did!  Who would have thought 10 seasons later we'd still be watching queens in a drag show? It's great that the show is so highly rated, and seeing people embrace the show. One of the queens was only 11 when the show premiered....that's enough to make you feel old!!!! Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race premieres Thursday March 22nd at 8 on VH1.....

AND NOW THE QUEENS for consideration.

Aquarius’s are known to be unpredictable, but Aquaria? Girls, she is that and then some. This high energy, high fashion, high maintenance New York/Philadelphia based queen  is here to become the superstar of season 10. This is the baby..but she is also Sharon Needles' drag daughter and having seen her perform last year....POLISHED AND performance ready. She should place very high in top 5, dare I say either #2 or the winner.

Texas is back in a big way on season 10. Asia O’Hara can do it all. She is an ever changing, drag chameleon that is ready to put in the w-e-r-k that will get her the crown.A formidable competitor on the pageant circuit, Asia won Miss Gay America the first time she entered. Multi-talented Asia has a costuming business on the side designing for color guard teams and ice skaters. I think she will be a top 4.

All the way from Indianapolis, please welcome to the competition, Blair St. Clair! Can season 10 handle this triple threat, old Hollywood inspired queen?Blair plans to sing, dance and act her way across the finish line of the competition. I think she has a great look, but I see a early depart or mid way queen here.

Self-described as dark, glamorous and trashy, Dusty Ray Bottoms defies categorization. I describe Dusty as Acid Betty meets Milk. Look for the punky queen with the signature dotty-faced makeup, to add some fun moments. A Kentucky native who moved to the Big Apple to pursue acting, Dusty channeled his desire to perform into drag.Dusty could go either way, but should be a mid girl, or worst a early departure.

She’s back! Season 9’s Southern belle departed way too soon after injuring her knee, but Eureka o' Hara is back following knee surgery and is still P.H.A.T, pretty hot and tasty... and hungrier than ever to prove herself. I really grew to like her in her season, and I would love to see her win for a big girl, but I still don't see a win here. 

Kalorie Karbdashian Williams' infectious giggle might be the first thing to enter a room, but it’s her gravity-defying ass that catches all eyes as she leaves. This twerk queen proudly flaunts her curvaceous body in a daring, sexy dance performance. This Albuquerque native is a sweet as can be... but not sure about this one. I see a early to first departure for this queen.

This muscle Barbie, Kameron Michaels,  from Nashville is a chameleon queen with a fishy face and a built bod.You’re equally as likely to find this tattooed muscle queen down at the gym pumping iron as you are to find her performing at her local drag bar in Nashville. Deliberately exuding strength and beauty. As much as I'd like to see a win...his lip synchs and dances are strong and on point, but the acting challenges worry me, so I see a top  7 queen here.

Let the mayhem begin!!!!! I have touted this one for some time to make it on the show. Mayhem Miller enters the competition with big expectations as the sister of “Drag Race” alumni like Raven, Morgan McMichaels, Delta and Detox. Mayhem dazzles her WeHo audiences with polish and sass. I see a top queen  here, but not sure top 4. But the name !!!!

This NYC comedy queen comes from Drag royalty. The daughter of Bob The Drag Queen, but is much more polished then Bob, Miz Cracker’s wit will slay the competition and she’ll look good doing it. Pretty and witty, Miz Cracker captures you with her beauty and then surprises you with the belly laughs. Having seen her several times, I hope to see a top 3 here.  I dare say I'm team Cracker for the should win, but probably won't!!!

Monet  X Change blurs the lines between comedy performance and New York City grit. A degree in opera performance means she’s the singer of the season, while her bright, colorful street style ensures that all the judges’ eyes will be on her. She will also be the lip syncher to not go up against. She could place top 4 as well.

This creative, well-rounded queen from Kansas City, knows how to do hair and makeup, dance and make an entrance. A devoted Christian, Monique Heart enters the competition hungrier than most to win and with a promise to live up to her moniker as the “Heart of Season 10.” 

Hailing from Chicago’s South Side, The Vixen combines elements of political art and protest into her performances. This vocal woke queen brings both activism and fire to the stage — and is not about to take on her competition lying down. But is this the place for that?

Get these cookies, baby! “Drag Race” Season 3 and “All Stars” Season 1 star Alexis Mateo’s drag daughter, Miss Vannnnnnjie...or Vanessa Vanjie Mateo brings electricity to the stage with her high-energy dance performances and winning personality. But will that be enough for a win? I see a early departed.

Originally hailing from China, Yuhua  Hamasaki moved to Manhattan’s Chinatown when she was 7. She is futuristic, fiery and a fierce bombshell. Now a sickening seamstress by day and a hard-working queen by night, Yuhua regularly sews gowns for New York royalty like Peppermint. She could be the dark horse to watch for.

Get to know the queens...

Go ahead henny's... who do you like, and what's your guess for a win? This is quite an assemblage of queens, I'll say that.

Saturday, February 24, 2018


Never let it be said this Candy Shop is not diverse. This week I have a rare and a special sweet confection that will not be everyone's cup of tea, sort of like sugar coated ginger, but you know the Mistress is very easily swayed by a pretty face and taunt assets. I became aquatinted with this one on instagram and became friendly commenters with each other. Meet Kameron Michaels y'all! He hails from Nashville. And a very artsy model and a major gym bunny who also enjoys a little ink. But that face, those eyes and that facial stubble.........

Kameron also just happens to be the premiere drag queen of Tennessee and will be seen on RuPauls Drag Race starting on March 22.
He may just be the cutest and most muscular guy yet to have appeared. 

Friday, February 23, 2018


In this weekly feature, I'll share a weekly guest with you, and you tell me in three words, what come to mind.

In three words....
Marie Antoinette
And just four years after her birth...our birthday boy today, George Frederic Handel, died. He would have been  today 333 years young. Here to herald the weekend in is a favorite of mine, in honor of Handel, and to the regal and sophistication of the Queen.


Laganja Estranja

Cherry Pie

Kameron Michaels

Beverly Lately

Dina Martina

Coco De Mere

Eureka O Hara

Sugar Love

Miz Cracker

Stephanie Michaels

Thursday, February 22, 2018


The head of the powerful National Rifle Association, the four eyed, pipsquek in bad cheap suits, Wayne LaPierre has broken his silence more than a week after the Florida school shooting with a vituperative attack on gun control advocates, accusing them of exploiting the tragedy to push their agenda. First of all if he calls an agenda saving lives, then this asshole really does have shit for brains.
“They care more about control, and more of it. Their goal is to eliminate the second amendment and our firearms freedoms so they can eradicate all individual freedoms... They hate the NRA, they hate the second amendment, they hate individual freedom.”
Excuse me for my mouth, but this stupid, ignorant fucker  needs to go sit down and keep his mouth shut from digging a hole any deeper. Is this idiot serious??? I guess human life means nothing to this callous dick. For all he knows, he could  fall  victim of his own doing if some whacko opens fire one night where he and his family could be.
LaPierre’s name was initially kept off the agenda at the annual CPAC to protect him from media scrutiny, and at a recent townhall on CNN. The NRA often prefers to stay out of the spotlight in the wake of a major shooting.
Yeah, they want to stay out of the media spotlight for a reason...because they know there is a serious issue, their in the wrong knowing we need stronger and deeper regulations, they have blood on their hands of the dead, and their just a bunch of pompous fucks who need a gun to feel powerful and big.
Go to hell.