Thursday, May 19, 2022


 I present our current Ode to Amsterdam and the flower stands.

They have been a popular hit.

And inside is just blooms upon blooms. How can flowers not make anyone happy?

Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Bunny Galore, the Queen of the cult movies! No one really knows how old aging drag queen Bunny Galore is, but rumors abound that she was the first Neolithic pinup. This fun UK queen is the brainchild of actor Martin Ramsdin and has been hosting Bunny Galore's  Movie Nightmares on the Sky Channel, which is now in it's 6th season. In addition she also hosts the New UK Drag Queen Talk Show , Loosely Baked on You Tube, the drag answer to Loose Women. Bunny  has appeared and hosted events at Horror Con, Tulley Farms, SciFi London, Bram Stoker's Film Festival and the London Horror Film  Festival. Her comedy soap opera, Pantry Manor also appears weekly on  Roku. Since 2007 Bunny has appeared in the West End revue show , The Wam Bam Club at the Cafe de Paris hosted by herself and Lady Alex which also went on tour in 2017 -18. Bunny is also a huge pantomime favorite appearing in the countries biggest pantomime over the last few years at Birmingham Hippodrome. Bunny considers herself a  drag queen cougar and a Halloween mascot. And how do you not love the look of her as the wife, who finds out her husband is dead look? I caught her show here once years ago with Hope Springs. The two were a complete hoot. Just adore her old time drag style, as you guessed. No need for flawless looks, the hilarity speaks for itself. Queens like this are what drew me to drag in the first place.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Good news for fellow drag sister and friend Nina West. She has her first children's book due out on October 25, my birthday no less. Just let someone find something wrong with this book to have it banned, and Ill slap someone with a rubber glove. I'm so happy for her, but comes as no surprise, as Nina was one of the first drag queens to have the near perfect and rated extra "G" story times, and one fun filled with a drag queen. She definitely set the standard for the story time,  and even had a successful virtual story time for children during the pandemic. The colorful 32 page book with illustrations by Hayden Evans is a dream come true for Nina. The book can be pre-ordered at Barnes & Noble.

 "In this heartfelt and joyous story, little Nina embarks in a boisterous day of exploration, a colorful day where she sets out to find, kind. With a backpack full of her favorite things, Nina guides readers through the neighborhood of all different types to identify kindness in the wild. Along the way she shines a light on the importance of loving yourself as well as others no matter how different, revealing that sharing your unique form of kindness- the you kind of kind" Im sure the book will be as bubbly as she is.

And speaking of Nina...this happened Mother's Day weekend...

I treated the Mother to the touring Broadway production of  Hairspray with none other than Nina West as Edna Turnblad, when the production came to Hershey for a week. If the production comes to your neck of the woods I urge you to go see it. It is top notch and Nina kills it as Edna Turnblad. She wil just lovvvvve this photo. I may have had a couple drinks.

Monday, May 16, 2022


 What a day. In these times it's like shooting fish in a barrel. I was talking to a sort of friend who is republican, and he said Mexicans send their rapist and criminals to the United States. But where do Americans send theirs? I relied- to the Supreme Court!

Later I had a Christian at the door begging for money. know me...

And how true about this abortion thing?

And this!!! I would love to ask this!

I asked another republican acquaintance if they knew the difference between seeing
 a Republican on the road and an animal on the road. I told them you'd see skid marks to stop in front of the animal.

Here's Aunt Pitty Pat having a good night on Grindr, finding out there is a power top within 900 feet.
 I also worry just how and where the corn cob is going? Evidently, she is not a good power bottom yet.

But I and Jesus do have one thing in common....

My conservative late father wouldn't find me funny. He gave me a hard time right up till the end, I swear. He even had the gull to tell me I wasn't technological savy. I told him that wasn't true. I did after all unplug his life support to charge my cell phone.

HA! Could you even imagine!

I saw the dump was back in the news again about writing a book, and Junior was ranting about it on Instagram. I DM him and said it must be a joke. Does your father know how to even write? But I do think the trumps have an interesting family tree. It must be a cactus.

Because everyone on it is a prick.

And be glad I don't fly a plane. This would sooooo be me.


This weekend the travel bug was biting. I highly doubt there will be any big travel abroad this summer or year yet except for my usual beach escapes to P-town and Rehoboth Beach, and when we do travel, I think myself and MM#1 Fan are going to Narobi first. I've bumped Budapest back till a springtime visit of 2023 to the dismay of Warbucks. Since we're talking Africa, we have thought of Morocco now also. You may have guessed; I seem to like not the common places to travel. I also have a good friend Airazekia who is from Morocco who highly recommends the trip , though she is partial, lol. Morocco looks to be an unforgettable country for it's unique experience and a place for great memories. It's a north African country with stunning scenery, fascinating history and lots of culture, vibrant color, tasteful cuisine, those incredible tile works, and all those amazing spices. Not to mention filled with snow capped mountains, barren deserts, maze-like medinas, and brightly colored souks, and relaxing beaches. France, Spain and Africa have all had an influence on this country. My friend said you can get lost in their narrow alleyways of ancient medinas designed to confuse potential invaders. And when you think of Morocco, you probably think of vast deserts and a very hot climate, But if you draw a line from Northen Morocco to the US, you'll find that it is at a similar latitude to Washington DC a region that experiences very cold and often snowy winters, and Morocco is no different. And lets not forget camels. I love camels and have ridden a few. And the men. I'm no sure what their like, but I have yet meet one I didn't like. Let's travel....

Sunday, May 15, 2022


I will admit,  I know I'm risking this Candy Shop becoming a sweet tooth oasis for the delicacies of the South American persuasion. And cards on the table, I am completely hopeless and defenseless when it come to the allure, beauty, hotness and mischievous of the men of South America. I came across Miguel Angel in a magazine recently and I was off to Instagram. And he just melted in my mouth. When you also find these guys and they reply and DM to you I think that's even better that they interact with followers. So as I saw he was from Columbia I knew I was in trouble. I was sucked right in with those wet dark eyes, that body, those little pecs, In love with his legs, I'm a leg man....and his huge "personality"... isn't he just gorgeous? I think he needs to be doing underwear and swimsuit modeling shoots for sure, it takes a hunky and sexy man and one , as we can see, seems he could more then fill out the product to boost sales. Or he could just say screw it and give me the boost. You can check out his twitter here... My Dirty Angel...indeed.

It's his naughty little peek-a-boo selfie's that get me.