Saturday, June 30, 2012

Au Revoir, Till Next We Meet!

Well....... it 's that time agan, for the Mistress to leave her faithful Casa du Borghese and head to my favorite destination .....the beach!!!!! My busy work time is now really over till early it's all fun in the sun. But first I'll be entertaining my good friends, the Capital Street Duo, the Dame Courtney and her handsome Husband, who arrived today.........

throught the weekend! She does tend to travel with a few things! Time will be spent in New Hope shopping, antiquing, some cock-a-tailing, dinner at Marsha Brown's and, men watching, of course! The temps currently are close to 100, so it may require my fan. Then I'll have a day to myself to really get packed and head to my favorite spot, Rehoboth Beach on Tuesday. The Lad and I will be there for 2 weeks! After getting all loose ends wrapped up for the summer, I'm really going to enjoy this is much needed.


So I'll be on a hitus, that will be hit or miss this summer. But I'll check in on your blogs when I get a chance! My houseboys will still be here to mind the place, so if you drop in, they will be more than happy to play host and entertain you for a while!!!!!

See y'all in two weeks!!!Tootles!

Friday, June 29, 2012

From the Candy Shop.......

This visit to the Candy Shop finds us with quite the sweet a Gianduja,which is is the name given to a European style of chocolate made from chocolate and nut paste!!!!! Abel Albonetti is an impressive physique fitness model and is a mere 24 years old. When he was a teen, there was great  potential,then a lot of work.... and then breath taking... I wonder if this eye popping candy would like his place at the Casa? Where ever shall I use him?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Most Fabulous Book Ever!!!!!!!!!!

Calling all drag queens and lovers of drag......finally...a coffee table book!!!!! I'm very excited about this.....d.r.a.g. is a 160-page 28x28cm Coffee Table Book collection of top drag stars captured by some of the best fashion and celebrity photographers, and is a celebration of the beauty and diversity of drag. It features top performers from all over, and the book is also raising money for independent film production. The book is stunning as hell, with favorites I'm sure you'll recognize and some new ones you won't!! The queens also represents a good cross section of famed queens to little known queens. The book was the creation, and also compiled by the talented and handsome Christopher Logan, along with Austin Young, Dusty Cunningham and other photographers. The book will hit at the end of JUNE, and currently is available through AMAZON.COM and other online booksellers. Mine has been on pre-order since two mouths ago!!!!!! If you do drag, or are one of our huge fans, THIS is the drag book to have!!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WHAT! Octomom's Boy-Toy

Octomom, Nadya Suleman has been keeping herself quite busy lately. She ripped a page from the Mistress's book, and has herself a new boy toy to fill in any extra time she may have.....feast your eyes upon........

His name is Frankie Gageda also known as Frankie G. and according to sources, the two met at church. That raises a few question marks for me. 1- Does this slob of a mother have proper church clothing? 2- After pushing out eight piglets, how does she have ANY FREE TIME? 3- He is 23. They met in church. Was she his Sunday school teacher? 4- He is way hot, she is not. Does he HAVE eyesight? 5- does she know he is gay....I guessing. 6- Does anyone think if he is straight, will he continue to be when he sees the porn she did? 7- After eight kids, would he even want to glimpse "down there"? When you come out Frankie....look up the Mistress, she'll show you a lady!

DONE with the Moose

The other day I was unaware about the latest Abercrombie and Fitch PR disaster, when I read the story over at Wonder Man's blog, Maybe it's Just Me. The gist of the story is that a guy named Benjamine Bowers who worked at an Abercrombie & Fitch store last year is claiming that the store referred him to a modelling agent who asked him to strip down and masturbate so that he could take more “relaxed” photos. Brian Hilburn, the A&F photographer convinced Benjamine that he needed to display a relaxed look for his modeling portfolio, and the best way of achieving that look was to masturbate in front of the camera, so the photo could capture his expression immediately after orgasm, And for good measure, Hilburn allegedly told him the drill was to do the whole thing in the buff. In addition, Bowers claims Hillburn then wiped out his own jumbles and they were comparing size?????? Ok!

The sexy model is now suing Abercrombie and Fitch and the photographer, Brian Hilburn for $1 million. I’m interested to see how this turns out and if A&F will be held responsible for any of it. What are your thoughts on this lawsuit?

And I don't see how Bowers will be awarded anything. First off, if someone told me to that, and I whipped out my goods that quick, it is because I enjoy doing it. Bowers , from the stories, doesn't sound like he had to have an arm twisted, to put on what I'm sure, was a stunning show! I think maybe he should call Chi-Chi Larue, she is always seeking new talent! Meanwhile this photographer really should just be fired from the company if A&F wanted to save any of their deeply tarnished image. I can't see him being sued for that much money. But again, maybe he could call Chi-Chi Larue. She may be in need of a good director!!! It's a win win!

I just don't understand how this company is still around with all their bad press and the lack of treating employees with care and respect. On the heels of the scandal in their Milan outpost,the one where employees were forced to do push-ups and squats, this is yet another PR nightmare for Abercrombie & Fitch. The retailer has been accused in the past of everything from forcing employees to buy and wear its products to racial, religious and physical disability discrimination. I even had friends who worked there in the past treated badly for things they were eating, and one was even told to color her hair back to it's real color!!!! Good Gawd get a grip. I used to shop the clothier up to two years ago. I loved their basic polo as I'm a smaller guy and their athletic fitted small polo fit me like a glove and were of good quality. But I just couldn't patronize a business who use so much sex, and don't get me wrong, I enjoy alot of sex, but between that and the treatment of their workers, I just couldn't anymore. All I know is that David T. Abercrombie and Ezra H. Fitch, the original Abercrombie & Fitch  founders, who sold elite out fittings of sporting and excursion goods, and particularly noted for its expensive shotguns, fishing rods, and tents, must be rolling in their graves. But at least the company is  apparently still popping tents!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Grande Dame

Tiffany Arieagus is a drag legend in Florida and is one super nice queen,  and unbelievably professional.Tiffany Arieagus, who born in Alabama, began her career performing at Pensacola's Red Garter in the early Seventies. She toured the state and much of the world. With over some 30 years experience she has more than 40 titles under her skirt, including Miss Continental USA and Miss Universe. She called it quits in South Beach in the late 1990s and moved to Fort Lauderdale. Adora Miami brought her out of retirement at the recent memorial tribute to South Beach diva Sexcilia, who died in January. At the final Noche Latina she sealed the deal with powerful singing and a silver cocktail dress that wouldn't quit. Now 50, Miss Tiffany Arieagus makes rare appearances on the nightclub circuit. She spends most of her time working as an HIV case manager for Center One as well as helping raise funds for the Kiwanis, the American Cancer Society, and various HIV-related organizations.

The No Tell, Motel.....A Summer Treat

Happy Monday everybody!!!!! The Mistress had a most excellent weekend and has some extra stride in her walk today!!!! For a Monday? Anywho...... with all the pool festivities going on, it got me to thinking of the roadside motels, you know, the ones that used to be chic in an odd way, with a groovy decor theme and had memorable architecture and design? There was a time it was cool to say in them, swim in the pools and look cute with that little boofont up do and cat eye glasses. Makes me want to be Sharon Stone's character out of Casino when she ran away from her husband and ended up in a swank roadside palace. The Mistress would not be well received in one of these places. The wives would, for sure, know of the tangle web I would be weaving to snag her hubby!!!! I'm sure some of these place might still exist from the retro groovy years of yester year,but around these parts they are now mostly the " no tell motels" used for the seedy to rent for the hour, or the night, if one wants to risk bed bugs! I'm sure some still do exist through historical preservation, but probably not many. And the new ones? Let's face, they don't quite have the charm these dames did. Grab your cock-a-tail....lets look......

Sahara Hotel,Phoenix,AZ

The Ascot Luxury Motel, Atlantic City,NJ

Coronet Motel-Palo Alto ,CA

The Ramada Inns- El Paso,TX

Anchor Village Resort- Branson,MO

Stardust Motel- Desert Hot Springs, CA

These places all have the feeling of scenes from a cheap 70's porn don't they? If some of these rooms could talk.....if their even still there! Tootles!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Out By the Casa's Cabana............

........the Mistress and staff are poolside, where most of the houseboys are enjoying some fun in the sun! The house boys, the Gardner's, Driver, Cook and Accountant, and my new twins, are all here! Can't you just hear Where the Boys Are playing in the back, whilst sipping Mojitos? The sound of laughter, splashing, and a wet towel slap? It really is a WONDER anything gets done around here....... and Ming Crystal, my astrologer you may remember, looks very apprehensive....

Hope your all enjoying the weekend sugar plums!!! I'll be going to the Raven Resort later to attend and frolic at my first Tea Dance of the summer with the boys! Tootles!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Buster Bolfig ......The Country Mouse

This is Buster Bolfig Borghese doing his best impression of the lion statues at the New York City Public Library!!!! Uncanny talent huh? Well my little country mouse left to go back to being a city mouse for a while now with the ex- boytoy. If you recall, we share custody of the cuteness! Which works out as the Mistress shortly will be out of the Casa for vacationing the next two months. This also means when the Lad isn't here, or Buster, the queens size bed gets even bigger!!!! But I'm a HUGE bed hog anyhow! What did Buster do today after he pulled down my bath towels from the racks to make a nest? I don't know why he likes damp towels. When one gets out of the shower, he is there waiting, crazy with excitement and won't rest till he has contact with said wet towel. Am I missing something? Today Buster did his usual............

Buster is a sweet pup and very well behaved, most times. But little Buster Bolfig has never had the proper high brow etiquette to walk next to his Mistress instead of four blocks ahead!!!!!

After chasing a chipmunk down a hole,,,it was then four leaf clover searching I think

He is not to sure on crossing this stream...although he is an exceptional swimmer! He is also famous for chasing the houseboys out of the pool!

Time for a wooded photo-op!

Buster smelling the flowers. And he does. But he is leery currently. He got stung on the nose once whilst sniffing away........Thank God no run ins with a skunk yet

After his dinner, it is usually his Bourbon and Pearls time with his favorite Blogger. He has got to see what his God Fashionista, Tabitha is wearing, or where she is off jet setting to!!!!Some days, I believe if his paws would let him work the typepad, he'd book a flight and hop it across the pond to live with her!!!!


Out cold.............

And yes Tabs, his feet smell of corn chips!!!!!