Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Flurry of Things

Love this movie. It was on last night and just had to watch it. How can you not love a movie with Vannessa Redgrave, Lauren Bacall, Jacqueline Bissett, Albert Finney and Ingrid Bergman. I have always loved a murder mystery movie, a huge buff, ex specially an Agatha Christie mystery. After this week of being on the run it was a treat to watch this and other movies. The Mistress was a big ole hermit this weekend. The weather was actually very nice, with lots of melting,yea! We love that. But after seeing and dealing with people all week, I just wanted to stay home and have three days of relaxing and vegging out. I did manage to go to the market, but the produce didn't look to good. Their were signs posted there about the lack of and condititons of the produce due to the weather conditions around the country. So a trip to the Whole Foods was in order. I also made a trip to the kitchen shop to get some new paring knifves to shapren my claws. I also decided to order the dvd September Issue.

I can't wait for it to get here. I find Anna Wintour very fascinating and being a visual stylist it will be neat to see all the behind the scene going ons.

While I was out of the blogging last week what did y'all think of the whale attack? We talked about this one day at lunch. I have to say it was awful and I feel sorry for the poor woman and her family, but I'm glad they didn't have the whale destroyed. When we will learn that after all, these are wild animals and are meant to jump hoops and do "tricks" for our amusements. And even though they can be trained, they will always have that switch in the back of their heads that triggers their natural instincts.

I guess the Oscar's are around the corner. I have never been able to watch awards shows. I guess the reason is I don't understand why a committee picks a winner for the best acting, singing etc. Whose to say if their are four actress in a Best Actress category, which one is best? Often times when I have seen movies I have found all their performances to be great. Same with Best movies. I think it just raises the salary of those winners. When I go to see a movie, and a actor or actress has made me laugh, feel anger, cry, get chill bumps from fright, I think they did their job. I just feel their is way to much talent for just one person to win I guess. Lots of pomp and circumstance. After all it's all art.

I was also pleasantly surprised and appalled this week that Boy-Toy and Kailyn got me watching Amazing Race, and that I know who Angelo on Tool Academy is!!!! I was so appalled by Tool Academy I don't know what to do. But I did watch over the weekend Kell on Earth. And I have to admit being a little fascinated and surprised to see a different side to Kelly Cutrone. Kelly Cutrone is a public realations icon and the founder of the public relations, branding and marketing firm People's Revolution, and the show follows the daily going ons that happen their. I found it to be mildly entertaining. Have you seen this show yet? What do you think of it?

Some long hot baths and some cooking was also part of the weekend festitivies. Last night's dinner was really delish and my month watered. Some lobster long over due.

Today was much lounging and relaxing. Now that I'm re-charged I'm ready for another fun filled week! Tootes.

Sunday Brunch

It's time for some overdue Sunday Brunch with some beef and drag! This time it's the hot and hypnotic Parker Hurley and the hilarity of Lady Ta-Ta's! This is what you get when you throw together a great body, big tats, piercings, and one very mischievous smile-Parker Hurley. Parker has had me in a trance for some time. He is currently a model, personal trainer, kick boxer,bartender and a artist.

And the drag....Lady Ta-Ta's! Miss Ta-Ta's is fairly new on the scene in San Francisco and can be scene at Club 8, where she is already making waves at the Wet and Wild parties she host on Saturday nights. She also appears to be a lover of the boys too has seen in these photos taken for the club flier announcing the party. I sooo need to get back out there!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Never Thought I'd See the Day

Yet again, the Philadelphia area is in for another snow blizzard/hurricane the news is calling it, which has started already, and is to go right into tomorrow night. We are suppose to receive 12 to 18 inches yet again. I never thought the Mistress would say this, so please forgive me, oh Great High Priestess of Slutdom, but the Mistress is finally tired of getting so much. It can never be like 2-6 inches anymore. It's always more like 9 and above inches!!! There's no where to go with any more, and there is just no controlling it. I'm am officially tired of too much inches!!! It's exhausting. And no comment from you Cali-Boi! Snow that is y'all. You did know that's what I was talking about? And the real fun starts tomorrow when the real heavy stuff hits with hurricane winds of up to 75 mph! Ah well, I'm home now and back to blogging, but after this week of partying, traveling, seminars and work installations the only thing that looks good right now is my bed! So I'll be back on a regular basis when I'm rested up. I won't be going anywhere, anyhow. Now on to some wine and some sleep! Tootles.

Friday, February 19, 2010


The Mistress will be boarding a linear jet and heading to the French Rivera for some time....yea I wish! But the Mistress is hitting the road to visit some family and friends for a nice weekend with some debauching and frolic and then next week will be in and out of the store on some trips, and in addition has a ton of things to over see as we are really getting busy at work now with our new shops coming in the store. Next we are are installing our Tori Burch , Nanette Lepore, and Trinia Turk shops with some fabulous trunk shows to follow with a promise of one of the designers coming to our store. So most likely I may not be around much for a week. But if I get a chance I may post if I'm not to exhausted! And I need to look for some nice boots damn it! If we keep getting snow, I don't have anything to walk poor Buster Bolfig in that is water proof! So, I bid you farewell for now. Tootles!

From the Candy Shop

I had a real sweet tooth today so the pick is Matt Schiermeier, born in 1977, in St. Louis, Missouri, and is an American model.Schiermeier started his modeling career in December 2008 and was able to finance his school tuition with his modeling gigs. However, he was truly “discovered” by a photographer a few years later while working out in a gym. Schiermeier's first shoot was with photographers Studio Jenkins & Bodz2die4 showcasing his muscular body. In 2009, Schiermeier got his first taste of international attention when he was featured in underwear/swimsuit ads for Rufskin Denim. He is just hot as hell isn't he? He looks like he will either beat you up or make out with you real rough!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pillow Talk-Luncheon Meat

As you may know, from time to time, the Mistress likes to share with y'all some of my lunch time "round tables" I call them. My little talks we have at lunch. There is usually myself along with the other queen, and six other girls who eat regularly together. And we have some pretty funny conversations, I'm here to say. Four out of five days the topic of sex comes up. And today it somehow ended up on luncheon meat, or as I call it, tubular meat.

Yes, that tubular meat! Somehow we ended up talking about the size of it on men. The one girl, Big Viv, swore gay men had bigger tubular meat as opposed to straight men, and she then she wanted to know what everybodies preference was on size. And it went from there. South. Of course they wanted to know what I though. Lets not open this can of worms. I did tell them I don't really think gay men have bigger units then their straight counter parts. That's just non sense. And if they did have bigger ones, it was only because we are always so damn horny and we are taking care of ourselves more often, if you catch my drift. When it comes to preference I said I didn't really have one, although I'm not the best judge on the subject. The other queen, knowing some of my back story, called me a liar and said your a size queen. Maybe to a point, but purely coincidental. You see in the past my group of friends here always called me a size queen. But it's not like I went out of my way in all my comparative shopping to find ample luncheon meat. It has always found me. I would say 85% of the boyfriends and gentlemen callers I had relations with had a extra bit of luncheon meat, like the big ole Hickory Farms beef stick! Their was one boyfriend I had who was average size, I guess, but I didn't know, since before that they were all endowed. And their was the one who had the slow motor skills, who was a little disappointing. I left that one still hungry. So I told them I guess I would have to prefer men of the larger size since I'm more familiar and skilled with the larger variety. But I also added the it's not the size of it, but the talent that lies with in it!

The outcome had only the two queens and Big Viv prefering the bigger boys and the rest felt more comfortable with the less endowed boys. Now we are all waiting to get called in to human resources! I know we have some size queens around here. What do you make of all this extra tubular meat?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Grande Dame of the Week

A San Francisco stunning gem Katya Smirnoff-Skyy

Katya Smirnoff-Skyy, is one diva who's madcap mezzo-turned Macy's cosmetic counter lady has been enthralling San Francisco audiences for two years with her own unique blend of Opera, Popera, and Broadway standards. Her Act is a combination of musical parody and comedy with strong cabaret sensibilities. Praised for her “rich and moving mezzo voice” (San Francisco BAR) and her “wicked comic timing,” Katya’s shows are not to be missed, and regularly play to sold out houses. Katya is the creation of countertenor and San Francisco native J. Conrad Frank, who received his vocal training at The University of Oregon. Now she plays concert halls, opera stages and the occasional drag bar. She is a dutiful employee of the Macy's, where she sells “the Makeup," fulfilling a life-long dream to beautify the world. If your in San Francisco Katya can be seen regularly at Martuni's Bar on Sundays @ 7:00pm – 8:30pm. Join Miss Smirnoff-Skyy for a night of delectable song and stories. Each month the countess is joined by a fantastic guest star.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Thoughts on "The Ugly Cry"

With The Mistress outdoing herself for yet another VD – the labor-intensive cooking and alcohol-intensive wine conspiring against her – she has retired early, and given yours truly a moment to contemplate one of the most glorious things in reality television. (Plus, since The Mistress hates reality TV…it’s a good time to do this while she isn’t looking. ;)

Namely, the ugly cry. You know the one. Sniveling, snot-filled, maybe a couple jagged breaths…all to the point of feeling sorry – well, not sorry, more like humiliated – FOR the person crying. And especially when they have no legitimate reason to cry!

No one is sure where exactly the ugly cry initiated. But long a staple of Hollywood, both real:

And fictional:

It is one thing that brings forth peals of laughter from The Mistress’s abode. Hell, when Starbooty sniffed her last catnip, we alternated between sobbing uncontrollably and laughing at the snot bubbles coming out of the other one’s nose. Gross? Fine; I digress. But the point is, we certainly loved and missed her, and even with that, recognized just how silly we were being. (Starbooty certainly would have been over it, licking herself and walking away from the hysterical queens.)

Anyhow...we really started talking about this last night, when I was watching Tool Academy 3 (don’t hate, was a great bridge between – ahem – other activities), and we saw Angelo, a Long Island-bred Greek slab of manmeat that makes my teeth sweat:

Unfortunately, Angelo is also susceptible to the ugly cry. Like when he admitted to sleeping with 200+ women. And repeatedly cheating on his girlfriend, a bartender that he dates “because it’s easier“ to find women through her. And still living with his parents during this.

And of course, for Kailyn, the greatest ugly cry in reality television:

So, readers, come and share! When was your ugliest (and admittedly, in hindsight, probably most hilarious) cry?

Boy Toy :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine's Day......with Pillow Talk

I hope everyone out there has a wonderful Valentine's Day! It seems like we just had it not long ago. I don't send out cards anymore since it's not really a big deal, but I do like these cute vintage cards from a site I found. And if you can believe it, the Boy-Toy and I don't have any major plans for the event. We never go to dinner on the day of Valentine's with all the common romantics. We go after the fact and after the crowds in the eateries. This isn't really a special thing thought, as we eat out alot. Later in the week we are going to dinner to one of our favorite places in New Hope, Marsha Browns. I can't wait. Here's the link for my friend Kailyn who loves the menus.

Every year we always try to out-do the other with a surprise of some kind. I have one for him tonight. I'm making one of his favorite deserts. It's called, boys on a platter! Just kidding y'all. But other years I did get creative. I try to change things up. One year I drew him a bath with tons of bubbles and then a nice massage. Another year I made him a romantic dinner and filled the house with flowers and cooked the dinner with just a apron on!!!

Another year he came home to find me tied to a chair and I can't even tell ya how hard that was to do, or where that went! And another time I made him go on a hunt around the house with notes directing him from note to note finally revealing his gift of hockey tickets to a Philadelphia Flyers game. My favorite was one night I lit a row of tea light candles down the hall in a straight line to the boudoir to where he found me, scantily clad, surrounded by more tea light candles in the shape of a heart with me in the middle! Talk about a boobie prize! And it was warm as hell! I'm beginning to think I have a thing for candles and being nude. I'm not always nude ,I swear!

There were also the gifts of flowers and candy, and we have even did weekend get-ways where we have been blind folded, and whisked away! In the past I even considered having "artistic" professional pictures of moi done, but I think I would be a wee bit nervous of someone I don't know. But whatever we do we always have a good time planning and executing our "gifts" What memorable Valentine's Day have you had in the past? Tootles! Have a Happy Valentine's Day y'all.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Paula's Best Dishes-Too Funny

I came across this clip from Paula's Best Dishes early today and found it too funny not to share. I have been laughing so hard, I could not post it without laughing again! I just love Paula and her sense of humor. I have been to the bathroom three times already! Melanie Hutsell from Saturday Night Live fame, and under used in my opinion, joins Paula on her show, and what a hoot it is y'alllll!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Long Live the McQueen

As you may or may not heard, the talented fashion designer Alexander McQueen was found dead yesterday in London. I was so shocked to hear this. All the talent he had. And those fabulous runway shows. Galliano has always been my favorite designer, but Alexander came in second. It's so sad to see the couture designers disappear. And what fabulous couture he did design. As a stylist, I admired his over the top details, ruffles, and bold patterns. Alexander McQueen, who was born on March 16th 1969 was a English fashion designer known for his unconventional designs and shock tactics . McQueen worked as the head designer at Givenchy, another of my favorite design houses, for five years before founding the Alexander McQueen and McQ labels. McQueen's dramatic designs, worn by celebrities including Rihanna, Björk and Lady Gaga, met with critical acclaim and earned him the British Fashion Designer of the Year award on four separate occasions.Alexander McQueen's early runway collections developed his reputation for controversy and shock tactics. McQueen was known for his lavish, unconventional runway shows, such as a recreation of a shipwreck for his spring 2003 collection, spring 2005’s human chess game and his fall 2006 show, Widows of Culloden, which featured a life-sized hologram of supermodel Kate Moss, dressed in yards of rippling fabric. The president of LVMH, Bernard Arnault caused a stir when he instated McQueen as head designer at Givenchy in 1996, succeeding John Galliano. Upon arrival at Givenchy, McQueen insulted the founder by calling him ‘irrelevant’. Thus, his first couture collection with Givenchy was unsuccessful, with even McQueen telling Vogue in October 1997 that the collection was “crap”. McQueen toned down his act at Givenchy, but continued to indulge his rebellious streak, causing controversy in Autumn 1998 with a show which included car-robots spraying paint over white cotton dresses, and double amputee model Aimee Mullins striding down the catwalk on intricately carved wooden legs. McQueen stayed with Givenchy until March 2001, when the contract he said was "constraining his creativity" was ended. McQueen's death was announced on February 11, shortly after he was found dead at his home on Green Street, in London ,where paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. McQueen's death came days before London Fashion Week, although McQueen was not scheduled to show. The Mistress would be honored to where any of these frocks!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

If You Had To .......

The Mistress and the Boy-Toy will often play the "What If You Had To" game while in bed some nights before going to sleep. It is always interesting to see what questions we will ask each other, and then hear the answers. We word it like this. If you had to, which would you choose? So I thought I would throw some out there. Now don't feel the need to answer all or any, but of course if you want to answer all be my guest.Be interesting to see some answers. If you had to, which would you chose? I answered mine with a star.

1- Free tickets to see Queen Latifah in a jazz club*, or Jennifer Hudson in concert?
2-Wake up in the body of Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie*?
3-Wake up in the body of Ashton Kutcher* or Brad Pitt?
4-overdress*, or under dress everyday?
5-Eat, for a whole week this item only, chocolate chip cookies, or chocolate ice cream*?
6-Nigthmares for a year, or real haunting for a year*?
7-Sleep with George W Bush, or Ann Coulter*? As I shutter to even ask.
8-Go on Price is Right*, or Jeopardy?
9-sleep with Jay Leno, or David Letterman*?
10-Hang with drag queen RuPaul*, or Varla Jean Merman?
11-Have a beach house in the Hampton's, or a beautiful bungalow in Spain*?
12-Be a Smurf*, or a Peanuts character?
13-Direct or porn, or star in one*?
14-Spend a day with Paris Hilton*, or Rachael Zoe? I shutter again to think of poor Bob.
15-Spend a week with Martha Stewart*, or Oprah Winfrey?
16-If you couldn't live in America any longer, if you had to, would you live in South America* or Europe?
17-Have a sex change* or end your life?
18-change your beauty*, or be thinner?
19-Sleep with Mel Gibson, or Tom Cruise*?
20-Go up in a hot air balloon*,or sky dive?
21-to give up the ability to ever hear music again, or the ability to ever read again*?
22-Be a land animal*,or a sea animal?
23-live a year with Lady Gaga*, or Madonna?
24-to have breathtaking beauty for the rest of your life, but spend a year in jail*, or be just plain looking and never be in jail?
25- be snowed in a cabin for two long weeks with Star Jones*,or Debbie Matenopoulos

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grande Dame of the Week

The blond diva from Europe Amanda Lear.

Amanda Lear is a French singer, lyricist, composer, painter, TV presenter, actress and novelist. Amanda began her career as a fashion model in the mid 1960s and was also the muse of Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. She first came to the public's attention as the fetish clad model on the cover of Roxy Music's album For Your Pleasure in 1973. She was a multimillion selling Disco Queen in the mid 1970s to the early 1980s in Europe, Scandinavia, and other parts of the world with hits such as "Queen of Chinatown", "Follow Me", and Fashion Pack. Lear has recorded 15 studio albums, released 60 singles and sold 15 million albums and 25–30 million singles worldwide. With her status as one of Europe's leading gay icons, Amanda Lear has been a strong advocate of LGBT rights in mainland Europe ever since the 1980s. She has regularly performed at Gay Pride festivals held in France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands and Greece and has appeared on TV shows like Follement Gay and Pink TV. In 1996 Lear was one of the French celebrities to have a cameo role in the drama-comedy movie L'Amour Est À Réinventer: Dix Histories D'Amour Au Temps Du SIDA (translated: Love Reinvented: Ten Love Stories In The Age of AIDS), produced to promote awareness about HIV and AIDS and she has taken part in several charity projects to raise funds for AIDS research, such as the annual Life Ball fashion gala in Vienna. Since the 1990s her time has been divided between music, television, writing and movies as well as pursuing her career as a painter. Currently she lives in Saint-Étienne-du-Grès near Avignon in the south of France.

I just love this video by Amanda. It is sort of has a 80's, early 90's look, but it's fun, and who doesn't love to see some dancing hot eye candy! You go girl!