Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2

RuPaul's Drag Race was so good in the ratings for Logo, that RuPaul will be back for another season of dragtestants to compete for Super Model of the World. The show will start back on February 2, 2010. While it will be a some time till the queens get to the start line, Mistress Maddie's #1 Fan's contact sent him some pictures of some of the queens who are finalist to be on the show. And here are some of them.

Jennifer Dion Deville from Newport News, VA.

Ginger Sexton from Denver, CO.

Madame LaQueer from Carolina,NS.

Penny Tration from Sydney, Australia.

Hedda Lettuce from New York City.

Blaize from Williamsport, PA.

Mimi Imfurst from New York City.

Barbie Q from Minneapolis, MN.

Jessica Wild from Miami, FL.

Empress Fontaine from Toledo, OH.

Artemis Chase from Portland, OR.

I can not wait for the second season. And I only hope that Lady Bunny will be on as a judge this season. How entertaining would that be? Mistress Maddie's #1 Fan says that these fine divas are major finalist be considered to be dragtestants on the show. There are many more, but these are the ones looking up. From the pictures above, are you feeling any of them? Looks like it could be another stiff competition!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The British Might be Coming

Now, the Mistress isn't getting to excited just yet, but I found out that three of my favorite singers may be coming to Philadelphia. While at work today I was talking to our new assistant whose boyfriend and a friend of his run The Lever Room here in Philadelphia. I have never been there yet, but they have excellent jazz and groove music with dinner. Anywho, this fall they take part in the jazz festival every year. And this year they are in talks to hopefully secure not one, not two, but three British powerhouses for the festival. The Mistress's favorites,the sassy bad girl, Amy Winehouse who was here two years ago, the soft and sultry,Duffy and soulful and plucky Adele! Now whether all this will come to fruition will remain to be seen, but I think I would pass out if I got to see all three at once!

Amy Winehouse singing Valerie. I know she's a wreck, but damn it I love her voice!

Duffy singing Mercy.

And Adele singing Chasing Pavements.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover

Last night instead of going out, I opt to stay in and I'm glad I did. A movie I haven't seen in years was on. The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover was on late on the public channel. Have any of you seen it before. It's been years for me. I had forgotten how graphic it was. It is not for the weak of heart for it is a bit gruesome, but at the same time it is lavish,extravagant and opulent. Here is the jist of the movie.

English gangster Albert Spica has taken over the high class La Hollandais Restaurant, run by French chef Richard Borst. Albert makes nightly appearances with his gang of thugs and hangar-ons, and drags his high class wife Georgina, played by the talented Helen Mirrin along with him. His oafish behavior causes confrontations with the staff, the cook, and other customers. At another table sits the lover, Michael, played by the handsome and ripped Alan Howard. A book sits propped up so he can read while he eats. Then one night he catches the eye of the thief's wife, Georgina, and within seconds are making love passionately in the ladies room. Night after night the charade goes on- the thief acting monstrously, the cook humiliated, the wife and lover with the help of the staff, having sex everywhere from the toilet, the kitchen, the meat room, the refrigerator, anywhere that it is sufficiently uncomfortable. The director Peter Greenway does some wonderful effects here. He gives a tingle to these scenes by using different color schemes for every room, red for the dinning room, white for the ladies room, blue for the patio and also having the color of the character's costumes change as they walk from one room to another. So everything in a scene is one color. Ultimately, Albert learns of the affair, forcing Georgina to hide out at Michael's bookshop. Albert learns finally where the location is and with his right hand man Mitchell played by Tim Roth, storm the bookshop and torture him to death by force feeding him pages from his own books. Georgina discovers the page stuffed body. Overcome by rage, she begs the Cook, Borst, to cook Michael's body, which he eventually complies. Together with all the people Spica wronged, Georgina confronts him and forces him to eat- his favorite pass time. She forces him to eat Michael's body and he starts gagging. She pulls out a gun and shoots him in the head! The end.

A strange movie, but entertaining. Helen Mirrin, as always, pleases.

Her performance is wonderful and almost scary, as her character transforms from submissive wife, to daring lover, to a revenge seeker at the end. The movie had Jean-Paul Gaultier design the costumes and Michael Nyman Band wrote the score which is wonderful. When the movie was out in theaters, the MPAA gave Miramax the choice- have a X rating or have it go unrated. They chose no rating because they didn't want it to be in a class with porn movies. It's definitely a interesting movie!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Favorite Meteorologist

Since we started the day here with the Mistress featuring a hot man, here's another. The very handsome Adam Joseph who is our local weatherman on the ABC station here. Last week Action News launched a new local program called FYI Philly, and one of the segments was a upcoming triathlon that Adam Joseph will be participating in. And leave it to the Mistress to find a clip to share with y'all! Adam is just drop dead sexy as hell, and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Feast your eyes what's under that suit! With Adam around and giving the weather it's always sunny in these parts!

From the Candy Shop

Sean Cassidy, I know, the name, has always been a Mistress favorite. Sean hails from Philadelphia where he was an exotic dancer ,and has since moved on to modeling, stripping, acting and fitness training.The first time I saw him peel his clothes off, I do believe I had some church that day! What a body!!! You may also remember Sean on the VH1 show Strip Search and also on Hot or Not. Now, I don't know if this jaw-endowed hottie is dumb or not, but you have to admit with that careless hunkiness,that "was I drunk last night" look is hot. And let's pretend he can't do simple math. That just makes him hotter! All he has to do is lie there and I could read to him, perhaps Eric Arvin's, Kid Christmas Meets Snow globes! Of course that may lead to other things!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chelsea Handler Spoofs The Joisey Housewives

I love me some Chelsea Lately and now I'll be forever indebted to her for spoofing The Real Housewives of New Jersey! Funny as hell! Leave it to Chelsea and Heather Longboobs!

I'm a Lover, Not a Fighter

I'm not one to watch wrestling, or boxing or anything that has to do with fighting, hell who are we kidding, I don't even follow sports at all. But if I had to fight, this might be nice to learn. My co-worker asked me the one day if I ever saw Turkish oil wrestling. So here is a video from the old You Tube. Is it me or is this kinda a turn on? And I swear half way through the one guy is getting turned on!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cities are Like Family

My girl Kailyn sent this to me last week and thought it was sort of cute! What relative is your city? Mine is the Grandma! But a wild Grandma!

New York is the older brother that gets the great grades, makes all the right moves on the basketball court, or the baseball field, and knows everyone. Makes the most money at his awesome jo b. And everyone in the family always wants to visit him.

San Francisco is the beautiful, albeit spoiled rotten younger sister that is sensitive and takes offense at everything and finds a lot of drama in really stupid shit.

Chicago is the redheaded stepchild always trying to keep up with New York and jealous of San Francisco . He talks a lot of smack but he's got a good heart.

Detroit is the down and out uncle that can pop that cap in your ass; bitter that his mother's brother's cousin, Toronto, gets to en jo y free medical care while his entire life gets repossessed and his welfare checks have diminished to practically nothing.

New Orleans is the older sister that's been worked over by the system and once you felt sorry for her, but now you just wonder when she's gonna get her shit together.

Austin is the cousin on your mother's side. The liberal, free thinking, intelligent and fully aware cousin that was born into an entire generation of bigots, assholes and republicans or cowboys.

Philadelphia is the old world grandmother that lives in a dusty house but has lots of cool stories and remembers when New York piddled his diapers.

Dallas is the big overbearing uncle that everyone avoids at parties because he likes to squeeze San Francisco 's ass inappropriately and is always slapping New York on the back, just a little too hard.

Boston is the esteemed eccentric and wealthy aunt that curiously has never been married but seems to know everyone and everyone likes her.

Seattle is the little brother that smokes too much pot and loves to just goof around.

Los Angeles is the beautiful, perfect sister that parties too much and always has that sexy outfit and lots of money to throw around. She always says the wrong thing at the wrong time, but her heart is in the right place, as long as it's some place hot!

Minneapolis is the adopted sister that looks boring and plain from a distance but once you step into her house you see she's totally got her freak on.

Atlanta is the in-the-closet uncle and when you visit his apartment at a party, every single person you meet is an in-the-closet uncle. And even though on your uncle's mother's side there were slaveowners once, you can't help but wonder if her pappy was an in-the-closet uncle.

Columbus has the most family members but nobody gives a crap.

Las Vegas is the seedy 4th cousin that likes to wear too much gold, has greasy hair and sports the latest leisure suits in his tricked out caddy; nobody likes to admit being related to him, but when you do visit him you know it will be something to talk about for years to come, or not.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week

The artistic and queen of comedy Heklina

Heklina is one versatile queen with her looks. Hailing from San Francisco, Heklina has been a queen of performing and comedy for years and is probably one of the top queens to see when in the city by the bay. She is also creator of the now closed legendary Trannyshack that was the spot to see the famous drag shows they once had there. Heklina can still be seen all over San Fran with her antics.

And here is a video of Heklina on a local tv spot talking about the annual Trannyshack pagent that is still is running till this day. The video also features some footage from on e of the current shows.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Paris Hilton's New BFF- I Think NOT!

OH.MY.GOD! I don't think the Mistress was ever so appalled in her life! I'm not sure whether she is more appalled by the skank asshat herself Paris Hilton, or the Boy-Toy for watching her ass! I choose the first choice, since he is the love of my life, but this is the only pass he gets! I just saw Paris Hilton's My New BFF and all I can say is what a bunch of colossal failures and skanks! This whole show is like a damn train wreak! And why anyone would want to watch this mess of a show is beyond me. I don't know if I should feel sorry for the asshat-testants or Paris. When I first saw Paris on this deathly painful episode, I was so appalled, I dropped a perfectly refreshing gin and tonic right out of my hands. How old is the skank again? I tell you, she is a insult to every delicacy of my nature! Paris who is suppose to be a socialite, and I do use the term extremely lightly, is running around like a 15 year old Hello Kitty spokes model with a damn tiaria on her wind tunnel of a head. And that voice is enough to make the Mistress drink even more. So I did. And you know what? It didn't get any better or funny the more drunk I got! And the things she puts them through to be her slave. It's like making cirrus poodles jump threw hoops. I don't know where they found such desperate whores to be on the show, running around with their whats gone sours showing for the whole world to see. But of coarse that's what Paris wants apparently. No accounting for taste here. On the next show she has the asshat-testants tear into a giant cupcake for I guess a food fight, and then for kicks she hoses them down with water. WTF IS THIS ABOUT? Anywho, on this same show she has all the kiss-assers entertain her friend who is getting married , and they are to make all his wishes come true. But then after the party,Paris finds out two of the sluts got down and dirty with her friend, and she acts all shocked by their behavior, and they both get the ax from her. Excuse me, but does Miss Rode Hard and Put Away Wet remember hanging with best friend and fellow loser Lindsay Lohan? And what about the hideous,train wreck, breeding video the succubus made with that poor sucker,and then "accidentally" leaked to the press? She is the last one who should be throwing stones at glass houses! And even worse was when one one of the rest stop looking hookers made a comment about being on the show. "This experience will be the best thing to happen to all of us the rest of our lives." Dear, if you think that,you really don't have high expectations do you? In all fairness, the only two who need to take the Mistress's advice is the gay kid Stephen, and one of the girls, I think Amanda, and RUN little ones! Get out now before it's too late! And it gets worse. The house their in looks like the Malibu Barbie House, plus it looks like Strawberry Shortcake threw up all over it! And at the judging, Paris has this hair-do that at first looks like Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy, (she could only be so lucky to look like that, the poor child.) But it turns out it is a bow made of hair.

How old are we again? Just look at her in the picture above! Feel free to print, cut, and then place on a dart board for some family fun! The only people to get away with wearing this should be drag queens. And God forbid she talk right. She abbreviates lots of words like she is texting. Don't get me started on that one. I'm exhausted with this rant. I'm on the verge of collapse. So enough about this waste of semen. I now need to go get another gin and tonic to calm myself. And hey Paris if you see this-TTYN darlin' !

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Eric Arvin's Subsurdity

I don't know if y'all remember, but a two weeks ago I did a post where I received Eric Arvin's book Subsurdity- Vignettes from Jasper Lane. I'm happy to report I finally got the book read. Every night I wanted to start to read it, something came up, but when I did start to read it, it was done in five days! And I'm happy to report I LOVED IT! Eric Arvin is a very talented and skillful writer who kept the story moving. I met the handsome devil through our blogs. Eric's blog, Daventry Blue is where we met in the blogosphere and I have been back pretty much daily. That is where I learned of him being a author. Eric is definitely an author to be on the lookout for. The story is full of talented writing, and it is witty, with lots of humor sprinkled throughout the story. It is highly entertaining, a light read and it will keep you reading. I haven't enjoyed a book so much since I read Last Summer by Michael Ford Thomas. Every night I meant to read a chapter or two, then I just couldn't put the book down! And I love that the set ups are not drawn out. The Mistress has a short attention span. Unless their are men present or flashy objects it's hard to hold my attention!

The story is roughly about a cul-du sac that seems to be perfect. The neighborhood centers around Melinda Gold,a young mother who desires a position in the neighborhood, and her son Patrick who may or may not be gay. Cassie Bloom, my favorite character, who is the grande dame of the neighborhood. Cassie ,along with her transsexual housemate Vera, have a secret of their own regarding Cassie's missing husband and son. Rick, who just moved into the cul-du-sac, falls for the ex-Army man, James. Terrence, Rick's best friend, has found out he has a son from a one night stand. Then the perfect couple, Steve and Sandy, who hit a rough patch when Steve loses his job, forces Steve to find a new job in the porn industry. What the neat thing is, is that all the stories interlock with each other. If you like reading, you must check it out. The Mistress has also found out you can now go to Eric's blog to purchase some other works he has written, which is where I'm heading later, as well we all should. The hunky author will even autograph the books for you. Thanks Eric for such a wonderful story that I thoroughly enjoyed. I can't wait for the sequel already! Now the Mistress is tell'in y'all to head to Daventry Blue to make some purchases and say "Hi" to Eric!

Provincetown Tour with Miss Richfield 1981

As you all know I'm a huge fan of Miss Richfield 1981, who hails from Richfield, Minnesota, where butter is a spice and gravy is a beverage! Here she is in a clip from a Travel Channel show I just saw. And if you ever go to Provincetown make sure if you see her coming clear the street kids, she rides that scooter, and rides it fast! Miss Richfield and her scooter are nearly fixtures in the town where Miss Richfield has been entertaining for years now. Look her up to see show times if you get to P-Town, you won't be disappointed!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Seven Deadly Sins

Another quiz for Kailyn.I came across this while surfing the net one night and found it interesting.Geographers from Kansas State University map the spatial distribution of the seven deadly sins in the United States. These types of maps are always kind of iffy as they get data from various sources gathered with different methods and usually use some kind of research-defined metric. But still it's interesting though. The areas in red are the highest concentrated area for that sin and the blue areas are the lowest. I found it interesting the south seemed to be the most sinful for most of the seven sins. I thought for sure the north would have been. Greed was most visible in the Northeast corridor, Florida and most of California. It wouldn't matter much where the Mistress lived, she already has a seat in hell reserved for her, as Mistress of the Underworld, but she took this niffy little quiz to see which sin done her in. Turns out it was Lust! Big, huge shock there!!! What sin will condemm you to the underworld? And what sin is big in your area?

From the Candy Shop

Brazilian hunk Fernando Bacalow!

Here's the Mistress's latest South American hottie Fernando Bacalow. Fernando was born in January 1983 in Osasco, San Paulo. Some may recognize this sexy man as a contestant from season 7 of Big Brother Brazil. Now a days he is working on that sexy tan line and has also been doing some modeling. I soooooooo need to get to Brazil! Tootles!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Naked Chocolate Cafe

This post is for Kailyn and Joy who love themselves some chocolate! Over the gay pride weekend I mentioned in a post about a lovely little chocolatier the Mistress fell upon. It is a lovely little place. Think chocolate lounge, a good alternative to coffee shops or bars, a different place to meet and cozy up to a cup of chocolate coffee or savour a decadent chocolate pastry. Naked Chocolate Cafe is a family venture founded by Tom Block and his sweet daughter. After opening their doors in 2006, Philadelphia, Center City has experienced outstanding service and tasty treats since. The success of their signature chocolates and confections has yielded them two more location in the city. This is the one we went into.

It really is something to see if you get to Philadelphia. Everything they make is made in their store kitchen. And boy, when you walk in, the therapeutic aromas of chocolate just hits you. The Naked Chocolate Cafe serves fine chocolates, all kinds of chocolate desserts,confections, coffee and teas, frozen chocolate drinks and drinking chocolates. When we were their they also had a three piece classical group playing some number for the patrons. I found out they usually have live jazz and classical bands perform weekly. And you damn well know this hussy came home with a full take out bag of goodies! So, Kailyn and Joy if you ever make it to Philly look me up and the Mistress will take you for some fine mouth watering confections. Tootles!

And if you want too see more click on the link above. It will take you to their site and click on the Naked-logy tab to see the video that Gaby put togther. Yummy!