Wednesday, March 30, 2022


This past weekend found me again in Philadelphia for out-of-town friends, with a walk about the city, and grab some small bites and cock-a-tails all over town. It was nice to be able to get back down into town again and we made a pit stop at the old Wanamaker's Department Store, now Macy's. We timed it just right as the daily noon organ concert started back up again from the pandemic. To my surprise my ex-boss from Bloomingdales was there, it was great seeing him... and we met up with him as he is now the visual managing director for the store, and we got a wonderful behind the scenes tour of the store. Some parts of the old store have been closed off for years, like the Egyptian Room, the Crystal Tearoom and the Greek Hall. But the legend of the store has always been its world famous, building shaking organ.

Wanamaker's houses the world's largest fully functioning pipe organ, based on weight, number of ranks and playing pipes. When John Wanamaker first purchased the organ, it had been languishing in storage when it's creator, the LA Art Organ Company went bankrupt. Wanamaker bought it and it took 13 freight cars to transport it to Philadelphia as the store's crown jewel. The organ weights in total 287 tons, has 32,000 pipes, some so big, an elephant could fit in them, and some so small like a flute. The organ consists of six manuals with an array of stops and controls that command the organ. It features 88 ranks of string pipes built to Wanamaker's specifications. The organ is famed for its orchestra-like sound, coming from pipes that are voiced softer the usual allowing an unusually rich build up because of the massing of pipe-tone families. It's amazing to see it's pipes which are in an attic room of sorts, but also soar stories behind the organ. Between the pipes and bells, they are snaked all over several floors. It first played on June 22 1911 at the exact moment when British King George V was crowned. It also featured later that year when US President William Howard Taft dedicated the store. The artistic obligation entailed by the creation of this instrument has always been honored, with two curators employed in it's constant and scrupulous care, which leads to the state of one of the best maintained organs in the world. The Grand Court never tires, and is mind blowing that this is just a "department store" 

The famous eagle is also a work of art itself, which weights over 2 tons and required a special support beam under the floor.  John Wanamaker certain like to keep things small and understated I must say.

From a monumental beginning in 1904, the organ continues to amaze and delight listeners and shopper- daily, and in special show concerts year around- for visitors from all over the world. And in this clip, the late Virgil Fox, who was like the Liberace of the organ, was one of the most fun organists to play the organ. Much like Virgil, I enjoy the organ and must have played some big organs in a previous life.


If the Golden Girls had hired Madonna's photoshop person...

Tuesday, March 29, 2022



Joto Carajota

Ariel Rec

Estrella Extravaganza



Vendita Von Dash

Drag Sethlas

Diamante Merybrown

Samantha Ballentine

Juriji Derr Klee

Marisa Prisa


Our new queens from all around Spain, for Drag Race Espana season 2, along with the stunning host, and one of my favorite obsessions, Supremme de Luxe.

Monday, March 28, 2022


Another busy weekend. It also felt more like winter again instead of spring. Another weekend with friends in Philadelphia, before heading back up the turnpike again. Today, a day to myself to relax and luxuriate. Read that as veg out and relax before going back to work tomorrow. Did I watch the Oscars? Nope, never do. But I did see some of the arrivals and thought that Uma Thurman and Marlee Matlin looked to be my favorite for best dressed. Otherwise looked to be the year of the titty!!!!! The girls were out all over the place! Keith Urban and Shawn Mendes looked sexy as hell in their tux, as did Simu Liu in his red suit. Elliot Page looked adorable. I also think Chris Rock came across tasteless as always after the crack he made of Jada Pickett Smith, and I also saw a clip of the Gaga and Minnelli presentation... did we really need to put Liza Minnelli through that????? Loved the 60 Years of Bond, when I flipped in, but how could you not include the music of Dame Shirley Bassey who has done more Bond themes than any other artist? While I didn't see the movie, I was very tickled to hear that Jessica Chastain won, I just adore her. Otherwise, I think I saw about 20 minutes of the show here and there. Now on to my coffee.....

Friday, March 25, 2022


 Poison Ivy. 

I was bored the other day waiting for workmen to show up and got on ReFace. How did it not occur to me to ever reface with my alter ego? Somedays I wonder if we could be the one and the same. Robzilla will love this. I hope I didn't give away my secret to luring the men in.

Beware, some men will tell you I come on like a rose,
 you can look but you better not touch, she's poison ivy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022


It wasn't till during the pandemic that I first became familiar with Jaimie Hutton AKA NATRASHA. It was a great time to discover queens from all over doing shows virtually. Jaime is from New Zealand where she performs in and around the Auckland area and can be seen singing, high N-R-G dancing, modern pop and some older classics, all mixed up with some soft flirtish comedy. She can turn from an elegant chanteuse in one act and a punk rock bitch in the next. And when not hogging the limelight, this queen loves a bit of audience participation and is not afraid of a challenge, SO BEWARE ! Jaimie can be sweet and foul mouthed, a crude queen with a singing voice of an angel. This is an act where she doesn't always lip synch kids. Jaime grew up in a Catholicism family, before being introduced to the drag scene in 2017. It wasn't till the pandemic and online venues were in full swing that Jaimie Hutton really took off, and has since gotten weekly gigs in clubs all over Auckland from her online show, and is involved in a number of charity campaigns particularly geared around HIV awareness. Not bad for carving a career and launching a drag act out of the pandemic. Thank heavens something good came out of the pandemic!