Saturday, January 26, 2013

Meanwhile..... sign of the Mistress yet. Rumors are flying she is over looking a city with a picturesque view... high on a hill, where palm trees sway.......

She says she will return soon, but will be entertaining one more week away. But who knows where the ginger liqueur haze will take her next.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Who Knew?

Miss Moorecock here! I must say it's been very quiet without the Mistress here. Yesterday a package arrived with skincare products. Who knew the Mistress had her own line of skincare out there.........
the Mistress's Luxury Knee Oinment????
Head to Toe Tonic?
I understand if one doesn't care for Champagne scent, gin is also available.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Casa's Neighbor

..... Anitia Moorecock here, the Mistress's Social Director. Jules Eastburn stopped by, while of course the no good trollop, the Mistress of the place, is away.

She stopped in to collect some funds for a local charity, all the while giving un-approving looks of my lovely outfit and  houseboys around here. She is mean as nails I say. I even heard when her mother died, she was right in there, fightin over quilts ,doilies, and furnishings. Can you believe that? And one of the sisters, she hadn't spoke to in over twenty years, wanted to donate some of the land to the church, but she interfered because she didn't want the church to have it, she says she didn't like the pastor....he wore Bermuda shorts on his days off.
 Mean I tell you.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Mistress Departs.....In my Absences....

Well, it's that time for the Mistress to leave the Casa for a small absences again, as I have weekend plans coming up, a Duncan Sheik lounge night to go to, end of quarter work related crap to wrap up, and a small get- a- away trip planned, so I'll be back in a few. In the meantime, should you need anything, please drop a line, I'm sure Miss Moorecock will be floating about, but I'm sure my houseboys will be very busy maintaining the Casa, where as you know , only the highest standards prevail!!! Tootles!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Around the Pied de Terre

It's been a week since the holiday finery came down, and it is usually an all day process. And after all is packed away, and then deep cleaned, the place feels so much better and refreshed, although I do miss the glitter of the holidays just a bit. But then that's why I end up spray glittering the Lad!!! As you will see I can't stand vases, clocks, or mirrors! And the Mother even gave me two gorgeous tapestry pillows with peacocks on them. I do love myself some......never mind.

My weakness for wooden animals and hand molded pottery.......

My love for sea shells...collected in Rehoboth......

What's left of the tree, redesigned and thinned out.......

The Dame Courtney for Christmas gave me a beautiful collection of vintage bow ties, as she knows I love to wear them. So, I mixed some up with rolled ties in a bell jar, and some others in a shadow bow and mixed in with some photos of the Lad, family and friends.

Of course warm puppies always make at home warmer no? Buster is here with the Mother's dog Lady, and my Aunt's corgi, Lizabeth.

As much as the place looks empty now after the holiday finery came down, it's nice to have the place all re-arranged and back to normal.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Now....for Your Fashion Consideration......

oh, the suits, the peplums, the hats and gloves, the heels, the 1940's style... we love to see it all at the Casa du Borghese...........

oh... and how we miss John Galliano. It has been alas, a famine of fashion.

From the Candy Shop

Vigorously fan our heated brows and fetch the smelling salts, cause one of my favorite sweet things is getting all up in our faces, and we may just faint from bliss overload! The addictive pixie stick is the delicious David Gandy, you know , the handsome hunk form those Dolce and Gabana commercials? David is just so handsome, and so strong, have you noticed in the commercial  the play of his musical, MUSICAL! I settled with him in a minute. I have had four divorces, dare I risk a fifth?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Hot Bartender From Sale..........

On the chest of my bartender in Sale
 were tattoed all the prices of ale.
And, on his behind, for the sake of the blind,
there was the same list in braille.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Grande Dame

For those of you that have never heard of Erica Andrews, take my word for it when I say you’ve been missing out on a whole lotta tranny! Erica Andrews is from Mexico originally, but has become a staple of the San Antonio drag circuit for years! She’s gone on to win Miss USofA and Universal ShowQueen (amongst countless others!), she’s been featured in a Maroon 5 and two JLO videos, she’s a specialty makeup artist for the Maury Povich show and has captured audiences from coast to coast with her regular appearances both nationally and internationally. Erica has accomplished more in her short time as an entertainer than most people do in their entire life!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rebel Wilson

Over the weekend, since all the hoopla is over, and calm around here, I finally had the chance to start catching up on movie viewing. I was pleasantly surprised by the film, Pitch Perfect. But mostly wanted to see it for the hilarity of  Rebel Wilson,  who is down right funny as hell. But the movie itself was also better then I though. Pitch Perfect is a 2012 musical comedy film directed by Jason Moore. The musical comedy features an ensemble cast consisting of Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp and Brittany Snow. The plot follows an all girl college a cappella group, The Barden Bellas, as they compete against another a cappella group from their college to win Nationals, and who are reeling from a humiliating loss at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, the group struggles to find new members the next year. The film is based on Mickey Rapkin's non-fiction novel Pitch Perfect. I didn't except to like the movie much since I can't stand Glee, I have seen maybe a half hour of it at most. Why I liked this movie so much , I have no idea. Maybe it was the pitch of vulgarity, or seeing the abdominal muscles of Freddie Stroma!!! This was a feel good movie with great singing talent, surprisingly, but I do believe Rebel Wilson, my new comedy crush du jour, was a huge reason I enjoyed this movie. She was completely hilarious! Rebel is an Australian actress, writer, and stand-up comedian. She began appearing as Toula in the SBS comedy series Pizza from 2003 and made several appearances in the sketch comedy series The Wedge. Since then she has been seen in a slew of movies here in the states.

Though Wilson is a fresh face for us American audiences, she's no stranger to performing. A writer, actress and stand up comic in her native Australia, she began on stage and appeared in more than a dozen TV shows before heading to Hollywood to break into movies. "Bridesmaids" was her first stateside job. Basically, the week `Bridesmaids' came out, she was booked up for the rest of the year, Wilson said during a recent interview. Originally a law student, Wilson chose to pursue performing after having a malaria-induced dream in which she saw herself accepting an Academy Award.

If you have a chance to see the movie.*** watch it***, it is quite funny,  with excellent tunes, but Rebel steals the movie with her comedic timing and some good one liners. I also think she would give Saturday Night Live some huge ratings as a host sometime. The feel good final scene from the movie.......