Friday, February 25, 2011

To Connecticut I Go

Well my little loves, the Mistress is taking a petite break and I'll be back sometime mid week, next week. The Mistress has been invited to go up north till Monday, to Connecticut with "the Lad" to visit his eccentric Uncle. The Lad you may recall is who I was with last weekend. We are going to be in the New Haven area and I hear there is much to be seen! This new single life sure is moving quick! SO I'm all packed and can sit back and relax in style, while the Lad does the driving. Should be a interesting trip with someone new! Wish me luck on this one y'all! And I understand the uncle likes to enjoy stiffeners before dinner every night. I just hope he means cock-a-tails! Now, I must rest a little before the Lad gets here. I'll need my energy!!! Have a good weekend everybody and be back soon! Tootles!

From the Candy Shop

Sexy, hot, and sultry....Zeb Ringle!

Once you take a look at his ridiculously deadly body, you’ll agree he’s got a license to kill. I had to give you some candy before I leave! Zeb Ringle is a stunningly sexy stud hailing from Cottonwood, Arizona. He currently resides in Los Angeles, where he works as a fashion model. With his classic features, sparkling blue eyes, pouty lips, spectacular pecs, washboard abs, and the willingness to touch himself, it’s easy to see why he’s in-demand. So in demand, I guess that's why he hasn't got back to me yet!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Champagne In the Afternoon

Now don't go and start worrying that the Mistress is drinking in the afternoon. But I did par take of several glass of the bubbly this afternoon and enjoyed a lovely thirsty Thursday buzz! Ya see this time of year the Mistress goes to many fashion launches, trend previews with our company and so forth. Well today the Mistress was at the Polo Ralph Lauren Shop in Philly with our stores Regional Merchandise Coordinator who goes as a company employee of Ralph Lauren. She invited me because 1-she didn't have a date to take, and 2- she thought I would be entertaining! I told Cind, if there is one thing the Mistress knows it's her way around a beautiful showroom with champagne!!! I have been to this location many a time but hadn't seen it since the reno two years ago. And it was just beautiful! I have always love Ralph Lauren's stores and showrooms because even though it is store, it also feels like a home at the same time, and they in most cases just reek of good taste and elegance. And the showroom in Philly at the Belleview Hotel is a stunning extravaganza! The mannequins are also very life like posed around the rooms , and their merchandising is so well done and very tight, crisp, and tidy. I also learned that when your in a store or showroom the props and furnishings he uses can be purchased. One of the clerks said they have a inventory catalog with all the items in that store, so they can order you any prop or display accessory you might like. They get lots of request apparently.

How stunning is this bedroom??? I could so sleep in here and never want to leave! This style is right up the Mistress's alley.

These three I believe thought I was nuts! And I do believe this "sweater bar" had every color the avid Polo connoisseur would want! Ain't it pretty! And Harold, the center guy was insistent I should try on a couple sweaters, but I think he just wanted to get the Mistress in a fitting room to check out the goods!

I love a strong haberdashery statement!

And how would the day be complete without a piece of eye candy!

The Dj for the event. Lets just say he knew I was interested mmmmmmk! So all and all it was a lovely way to spend a afternoon and we got a lovely goodie bag. Except they forgot to put the Dj in there. Oh well. And on the way to the car I snapped this picture of the beautiful Bendel window they had. Is that dress made of moss not incredible? And how cute is the poodle? I love my job! Tootles!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Grande Dame of the Week

From Dayton, Ohio......India Ferrah!

India has been intrigued and involved in the art of female impersonation since the age of 12!For many years, India has worked hard to obtain the desire, the drive & the attitude to further herself as a female impersonator. She put all her efforts into her illusion, such as, designing & making her own costumes, gowns, mixing her own music, doing her own hair & make-up, as well as helping other entertainers. India was also the fourth diva to exit RuPaul's Drag race, and says she is proud of herself for always keeping it classy and professional. Since leaving Drag Race, India has been traveling non-stop. She really loves getting around the country, meeting new people and sharing her act and giving a lending hand to many a charity.
India can be seen regularly in Dayton, Ohio at Club Masque. For other dates and city locations check her out at India Ferrah.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Day with Miss Havisham

You might not be aware, I have a deep-seated attraction to fashion eccentrics. Oh, your shocked!?! Eccentrics in general. Seriously, give me a woman in a neck ruff made of peacock plumage, or who dances the tango in a public park wearing nothing but her bedroom plumes any day! One of the great eccentrics of English literature is Dickens’s Miss Havisham, a woman who was spurned at the altar and from that day on, stopped the clocks in her house at twenty to nine, left her wedding feast to rot and never wore anything but her wedding dress ever again. Her character has always been the strangest style icon to me – I have never fully understood why I am so aesthetically interested in her character. But nonetheless. Here are some ways the Mistress channels Miss Havisham in everyday life. Without, of course, going haggard and mad like the woman herself.

• Buy old white satin Victorian bodices from eBay that are falling apart. The silk might be shattering, or they might be yellowed with age. Cut off the sleeves or wear them open to reveal a camisole underneath.
• Wear only one shoe!
• Flit around your house in a white lace dress.
• Let your hair grow long and wild and tangled.
• Don piles and piles of old, bejeweled necklaces. Attach cameo pins to the necklaces. The look is excessive and luxe while also being tarnished and in a state of decay.
• Wear a white lace scarf to allude to her torn and ageing veils.
• Invite someone over for tea and cake – but demolish the cake before they arrive, and serve it to them in a pile of icing and crumbs!

But my favorite is Cuaron’s 1998 version of Great Expectations and involves a different kind of Miss Havisham, renamed Ms. Dinsmoor and portrayed by the brilliant late Anne Bancroft. In the 1998 adaptation, Dinsmoor may trade in her wedding dress for forest green caftans, but remains as insane as ever. To channel the extravagant Ms Dinsmoor you need to:

• First and foremost: Develop a penchant for the colour green.

• Keep a green parrot in a giant cage.

• Dance to “Besame Mucho” in a green caftan, wearing false eyelashes and your hair styled in a short bob. Don’t forget to emphatically say “chicka boom, chicka boom boom” as you dance! Also, make sure you have martini nearby.

• Wear a green kimono and a green headscarf and lounge around listening to records.• Wear long strings of pearls and smoke cigarettes (or chocolate cigarettes!) in a long cigarette holder.

• Learn to apply heavy black sixties eye makeup – smoky eyeshadow, false eyelashes and a cat’s eye applied using liquid eyeliner should do it.

So go head, what are you waitung for, do it. It is so fun to do and it relieves so much stress! And after those Martini's you feel so good. Tootles!


Well, well,well, funny how the weekend passes quickly isn't? I had the option to take the day off but didn't take it. Hmmmmmmm. what was I thinking dear ones. I did have a great weekend though as I entertained The Lad and Prince Charming who came to visit the Mistress, So I decided we would start with lunch at Tria in Philadelphia and then head to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It was so warm we just had to do a little walking tour first before heading to Tria. I had been at Tria before and they have a excellent wine list. The three of us ordered the five glass wine tasting and all of us ordered a "small" cheese and meat selection platter.

Tria relentlessly seeks out the best products both locally and from around the world and I dig their flavor. Their ever-changing fermentation menus are complemented by a cafe menu served from opening to late night. Don't know the difference between Cabernet and Carmignano? Don't worry. Their friendly, knowledgeable staff will help guide you through a memorable wine, cheese and beer experience. I often like hanging out their in the summer and sample wines while men watching! I have also looked into their fermentation classes they have. Next it was off to the Philadelphia Art Museum to view the European Collections wing. I managed one picture of the fabulous rooms settings before I was to have my camera taken from me, so I snapped some of the architecture of the common places in the museum. But the European rooms are all authentic and have been resembled here in this wing. Just Stunning.


Then it was time for dinner and we tried a new place Chifa


Chifa is aiming for something more sophisticated than the average Chinese dive, serving refined interpretations of Peruvian Chinese dishes in elegant surroundings. Of course the quality of ingredients, service and setting count for something, so it's not unexpected that prices will be higher. But as with most modern takes on traditional cuisines, the Mistress often wonders if the extra cost is worth it. In this case-yes!

I started with an order of Anticuchos which consisted of a skewer of Adobo Pork Belly, Cilantro Chicken, and Ginger Shrimp. Although the pork and chicken portions are pretty tiny, the cubes of meat were less than an inch on a side, they were intensely flavorful. The pork belly in particular was a favorite, but the four tiny cubes disappeared too quickly. The shrimp were tasty as well.

Barbecue ribs were my dinner choice and were very good, and I quickly got over the disorienting lack of any bones in most of them. They had a very nice smoky undertone, with a sweet-sticky sauce, studded with crunchy soy nuts.

After a lovely dinner the boys were off to their hotel and the Mistress went home to tend to Buster Bolfig, take a power nap, and hop the train back in town for the cock-a-tails to commence. We bar hopped for two hours, and ultimately ended up dancing the drunken night away at Voyager. After we slumber at the hotel, where I laid with the Lad, and then left for home in the am, hung over! Talk about a walk of shame. And the front desk boy gave me a look knowing damn well I was in the suite with two other guys. I haven't felt this dirty in years, and it felt nice! Now y'all, I won't beat around the bush. Since becoming a single minx, the Lad and I have had some hot romantic liaisons several times. He is very cute, and young, which has it's advantages- playfulness,endurance and stamina! And did I say stamina???? YES stamina he has. Anywho, Prince Charming also has asked me out just on dates, and he reminds me sort of like a blond surfer. While we have not done the dirty, their is something intriguing about him. We can talk and do others things, but I'm not sure nookie is a high requiriment, but he is fun. Now mind ya I'm not looking for any commitments or long term husband here, but I do enjoy the company of both of them. But I wonder which is better. To have lots of sex without a relationship, or a relationship without sex? I think I'll go with with the flow.....for now. Tootles!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Casa du Borghese

Just another Sunday here at the Casa du Borhgese. The Mistress is a tad bit hung this 1:45pm, which means nothing to me! And the usual characters are wondering about....

The Mother of the Mistress...enjoying her brunch!

Astrological Adviser-Ming Crystal

The Houseboy

The Chamber Maid

Anitia Moorecock-The Social Director


Even Gaga stops by with her Hello Kitty dress on!

These people aren't really here....or are they???????

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Answer Me This

Sugarplums, The Mistress is a curious creature by nature and just adores parlor games! So every so often, the Mistress will ask for recommendations on a certain topic, with the hope that you will suggest a personal favorite which you feel compelled to share. Simply post the title,or artist, depending on the subject, no other commentary is required or requested. My hope is that, if all goes well, a marvelous list will be the result, from which we can all benefit. So while the Mistress is getting ready to depart for some fun tonight with her handsome suitors, our first topic will be.... FILM! Please name ONE movie that you would like to share with all who come visit the Mistress's abode. It can be a popular or obscure movie. It can be a G, PG,PG13,R OR TRIPLE X for all I care. Please don't write an essay or review, just a film title. The Mistress knows your recommendation will be fabulous, otherwise you wouldn't be here! One more thing: The Mistress loves to hear from those she hasn't yet so leave a comment. Come play and entertain the Mistress!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cock-a-tail Time!!!


Can y'all believe it is the weekend already? Well the Mistress is plenty glad the weekend is here and ready to par take of the low 70's weather we are having here in Philadelphia. And you better believe I'm taking full advantage of the warm temps to get out of the house! This weekend I have " the Lad" and" Prince Charming" coming to Philadelphia for a little weekend fun. They will be here tomorrow and want the Mistress to take them on a day with the Mistress which means we will go to the art museum, probably some shopping and then will have a lovely dinner and then bar hop! Throw in some dancing and it will be a ugly morning Sunday, I'm sure. I will have my hands full as the Lad is the one who had me over for lunch on Valentines Day. I'll spend the whole weekend fighting off advances. He is just a randy thing, I tell ya! Who am I kidding? I won't put up a fight to much, I can't. I have these urges! So, I'm looking forward to the weekend and getting out. Any major plans for y'all? And check this out. Gay Carrington, the most glamorous out-of-work mannequin actress on YouTube, now has her own "micro audio blog," where she offers little observations and stories. No big commitment, just the way I like it. Sort of genius and very creepy at the same time. What do you think of this clip? Anywho, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend , make love and wear a smile!!! I know I will be! Tootles!

From the Candy Shop

It's Friday!!! And time for the Candy Shop!!This week I found these interesting shots.Despite the gorgeous millinery work I find it extremely hard to concentrate on the hats themselves. These creative photos are the work of Giuliano Bekor, along with Isaac Weber and models Carter C., Oren, Ryan L., Nick Lacy and Cody Saintgnue for these hot photos. You know these are two my favorite things- chapeaus and men!!!