Friday, October 31, 2008

Fountain of Youth

Boy,what a week this was. I'm am wiped out. This week at work we started to install our Christmas trim,but not the major elements just yet. So between work and just getting things done here at the house,there was a lot going on. So tomorrow the Mistress is going to the day spa to use her gift certificate that she received from the Boy-Toy.She is going to try to find the fountain of youth.

I usually would sleep till about 11 or so tomorrow,but the Mistress has to be up early and at the spa by 10AM. I have been there before and know what to expect. The first thing I'm having done is a Tyasso body wrap which is a mud treatment,followed by a 1 and a half hour deep tissue massage hopefully performed by the hot Brazilian who did me before, I mean, did it before. After that I have a Essential facial scheduled.

Next up is a manicure and a pedicure with a deep foot massage. I will probably be there for around five hours and am I ever looking forward to it. The Mistress will be all rejuvenated and feeling years younger. At least I will look good for Saturday nights festivities!

From the Candy Shop.....


Adam Joseph is the eye candy this week and he is a local hottie. Adam is on our ABC Channel 6 news as the weekday evening and weekend meteorologist. He arrived in Philly in 2005. The first time we saw him,I don't' think I ever saw someone that hot giving the weather before on any news channel. And we tune in just to see him! He moved here from the Charleston-Huntington area of West Virginia, where he worked as the evening weather feature reporter. Adam is originally from Boston,where he received his Bachelor of Sciences Degree. Adam is also strongly committed to making a difference in the community and is heavily involved with the Hospice and the American Cancer Society. He also enjoys weight lifting, running, swimming, biking and triathlons. He has now competed in six triathlons and plans on competing in at least three every summer. If for some reason he pulls a muscle,I will be more than happy to help him rub it out!!

Here is the cutie at work. In the summer months ,Adam does all his Friday weather reports from Ocean City Maryland and Rehoboth Beach. Here is one installment from this past summer. I love anchor woman Monica Malpass's comment toward the end of the video. I believe she was getting turned on!

Halloween Trick

Check it Out!

If any of you snitches are in New York City ,check it out. Max Mayfield and Samsara are out of this world and spin excellent tunes!

Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Update: Phillies Win!

Well,the curse is broken,if there was one! THE PHILLIES HAVE WON!YIIPPPEEEEEE! The game ended and then the partying started.
The partying has already started in the streets after the game ,the first sets of fireworks went off. The streets of Philly are gridlocked with not cars, but people! And outside our house is people banging on pot and pans,party horns,car horns and people screaming!

I understand their is a big fireworks display planned and a parade. Now I'm going to bed. I have a feeling this is going to be a huge weekend in Philadelphia!

Some Random Thoughts

Is it just me or is this weather wacky as hell? Over the weekend and Monday it was beautiful,Tuesday it was just cold ,rainy and then it freakin snowed!!! This is fall isn't it? Then last night the wind started,and ended up taking four trees down around the grounds here. Today it was just rain ,but cold and damp. Now I hear by the end of the week it is going back up to the 60's!
After arriving at work today I found out that two makeover shows are going to be filmed in our little ole store. One is this Friday,and for the love of God can't remember the name of it, and the other is How to Look Good Naked in November. How exciting will that be. Maybe Carson will have the Mistress help assist with the makeover before taking high tea at noon! I'm looking forward to both of these tapings.

Tonight here in Philadelphia,the Phillies are playing for the world series. Monday night the whole city was on the edge of their seats only to have the game suspend on the count of rain,for God's sake. I don't really follow sports,but it would be exciting to see them win this. A Philadelphia team hasn't won a title in I think, 30 years. There is supposedly a curse. The Ben Franklin curse states that years ago no buildings were to be built any higher then City Hall where Ben Franklin sits above.If there is one built higher no sports teams will ever win a national title. Well that went out the window years ago,of coarse buildings got built higher, and no sport team as won a title since. So if the Phillies win this they will be the first sport team in Philadelphia in 30 years to win a title.
And then there's Halloween. What kind of candy to serve and will the costume be done!?!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Grande Dame of the Week.....


Peaches Christ is a underground phenomenon. Peaches is a drag queen, emcee, film maker, and actor who resides in San Francisco. Peaches is very well known as the host for the popular Midnight Mass in San Francisco. Midnight Mass is a popular midnight movie event that she started in 1996. The elaborate pre-show stage productions, guest stars, and drag spectacles continue to draw a sell-out crowd. Peaches is also co-producer of the San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival,which showcases talented and overlooked Bay Area film makers. Peaches continues to appear on the widely successful Trannyshack stage where she got her start in 1996.

I love me a little peaches and creme!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Footballers for Beth

I was over at Blind as a Bat, the blog who belongs to the Empress Beth,who was talking about football in a post today. Beth was very excited that their team had won. Now, I'm not a football fan, but I can have my arm twisted to watch some hot men play with some balls though. I had these pictures ,so I thought I would use them in this post for Beth's love of football. Enjoy them tootes and I hope your team keeps winning! And if any of these hotties are playing in a field near you-I coming for a visit!! I'll bring the cider.

Halloween Pumpkins

Today on the way home I stopped at the market and got a pumpkin to light for the week and for the kids when they come by on Halloween Trick or Treat night. I found these creative ways to carve or use pumpkins in a more creative way. I'll see how I do. I really like the first two pictures.

These two are very creative. A glow in the dark paint was applied.

These pumpkins I saw on Martha Stewart's Living. She made the pumpkins look like owls. Maybe next year I'll try one of these.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Brunch

In the mood for Sunday Brunch? Here is some beef and drag for you to enjoy. The beef is Olli Brilliantly.Olli is a fairly new up and coming model I'm sure we will see more of in the future.

And drag...Adora Miami. Adora is originally from Havana and transplanted herself to Miami where she has been taking it by storm ever since!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Birthday Song!

This is my Birthday song getting me pumped for the night! Mary J Blige's, Just Fine!

Mistress turns.....on Birthday

Yes,it's true the Mistress is now in her last years of her thirties. Today is my birthday and there will probably be some dancing tonight, although it is raining sluts and whores outside right now and the wind is awful. So,I not sure yet if we will venture out with friends tonight are not. The Mistress doesn't want to muss up her coif. Anywho yesterday,the Boy-Toy called and said I should be ready when he got home, because we were going to dinner. So the Mistress pulled herself together and looked fabulous when complete. When the Boy-Toy got home he got ready and said next weekend was the big gift. A full day at Essentials Day Spa for the full works! I'm already looking forward to that. I hope that little papi that gave me that massage before is still there. Anywho,we left for dinner and ended up in New Hope. New Hope is a little town here in Bucks County that gets a huge gay following. It's rich in history and filled with all kinds of lounges, art galleries, restaurants, gift shops,and witch craft shops. It's like a Twin Peaks kinda of town filled with all kinds of characters. There is also all kinds of ghost tours this time of year as many of the places are supposedly haunted. We have been meaning to take the tour. So, we get down there and park. The Mistress assumes we are eating in New Hope somewhere, but then finds out we are eating in Lambertville in New Jersey! The Boy-Toy made this bitch walk to a different state to eat her birthday dinner! Oh,well it wasn't that bad. It was actually a beautiful night and we could see some sights along the way,plus I now knew where he was taking me for dinner. My favorite place for dinner,Lily's on the Canal!

Lily's on the Canal has always been one of my favorite places to dine. When we arrived the place was packed! And we were happy to see some new items on the menu. After what seemed like a week we made the hard choice what to have. Everything they serve is out of this world. We started with a bottle of wine. The Boy-Toy started with a Poached egg salad and the got the Grilled T-bone with hand whipped potatoes topped with a saute of apple wood bacon and sweet onions that were accented with a creamy horseradish sauce. Yours truly started with a large bowl of Spiced Pumpkin soup which was mouth watering, and then the Chicken Prosciutto pan seared chicken breast topped with melted provolone and prosciutto served in a sun dried tomato cream sauce over a huge pile of eggplant fries! It was a very nice dinner and the atomsphere there is incredible. It is two stories of dining space with a central open kitchen in the middle of the place. So no matter where you are sitting ,everyone has a view of the chiefs in the kitchen making the dinners. On another wall there is a beautiful waterfall that is two stories high made of pewter leaves that was handmade by a local artisan. Upon entering they also have a small bakery that smells incredible. And the music is a combo of dance and lounge. The staff just rounds out the pleasant experience that you will have there. After finishing our dinners,we passed on dessert and opted for a liquid dessert over at another place,The Lambertville House.

The Lambertville House is a boutique hotel thats been there like- forever. We have been there many times with family and friends. Why do we go? They make the best EVER espresso martinis I have had. Dawn ,who is the bartender there makes them so good you can't have just one. And they taste so good in the fall and they just warm you up. They contain I believe, vodka, Bailey's Irish Creme, Godivia Liqueur, Tia Maria, Frangelico, Expresso and then Dawn rims the glass with cinnamon. They are delish! After making small talk and three drinks later,we headed back to the car.On the way back we saw these characters having drinks on the deck of one of the other eateries!

I just had to snap a picture of them. We continued our walk and I have to tell you we were stuffed from all the rich food and spirits. I thought the walk back would do us good and then we came to the bridge and I said to the Boy-Toy that I hoped the bridge would hold us.

After arriving home,we watched some scary movies and ....then,well I'll leave that part out! So the lovely fall weather,a beautiful dinner and three martinis and one Boy-Toy all conspired to make a evening of enchantment!