Monday, December 31, 2018


Here we are at the end of yet another year. 

I hope that 2018 has treated you as well as you deserve, I feel blessed and happy to look back on many joys in my own life. Sure... I screwed up more than a few times, but I think the good and bad combined just continue to make and mold us to become stronger, and wiser people. Will continue to count each blessings...big or small- a blessing is a blessing after all! Just the other night, like one of my favorite blogger friends, JP, I was in bed, in the buff, sweating, my heart racing, and my body twitching. To some of your dismay, I wasn't doing what your thinking. I was thinking about how did I get here, and I begin wondering what will life be like in a couple years? Every so often I think of this and get a panic attack.  For example when I was young and extremely close to my grandmother, I always wondered how life would go on without her, or how would I cope with special friends not there, or when I came out of my long-term relationship, how would I cope and muddle through. And would I meet someone again? The same thing happened again the other night. Thoughts of coming changes, friends leaving, and god forbid, any passings in the family. Over the years you slowly lose contact with people and friends, and people do tend to pass on. Tis life. But then it occurred to me, I'm still here and a survivor, and I always come through safe and in tact. Where will I be in a couple years? Will I be settled down and married? Will all my friends and family be here? Who knows what time has in store, but I can take comfort in knowing I will survive. I have also learned no more of the family recipe of eggnog before bed.
You may be confused by my selections of photos. The New Year and January, always get me in the mood for snow. It always feels fresh, clean, and blankets a calmness over the land...a great way to start the New I challenge the Snow Queen to perhaps arrange some white stuff. 

In closing year 2018… I'd like to thank you all for all your kind supports, by commenting, writing, and sharing . We have really built together a place to enjoy some visual delights, support, encouragement, and a place of shelter from the more common mundane things we have to face daily which are not always so positive, upbeat or fun. What a joy...having special blogs that I can visit when I desperately need a dose of inspiration and so likewise hoping my blog is not only a place to visit but also to learn about queens, people and things that energizes and inspires you. I simply hope that you would join me as we enter the year 2019 together... chin up, stomach in, tits/chest out and smile!!!  I truly thank you all for stopping in when you can and again delighted for all my new readers too. I have three friends for a intimate dinner tonight per from your Mistress.....
CHEERS everybody, 
and Let's Start the New Year Right!

Sunday, December 30, 2018


I must admit, that having off the holiday week is a rare and thankful treat this year. The luxury retailer I work for decided that our holiday trim will stay up to New Years, so it gives us the option to take off if we wish. I had a lovely time home with family, before moving on to make other visits. One found me at my friend's Preston's in New York. I met up with Mistress Maddie's #1 Fan before hand to have drinks first. At the swanky Beekman.
For decades the decaying  stunner sat boarded up or uninhabited, awaiting its next act while remaining a source of local intrigue. Fashion insiders helped put the building back on the map when Proenza Schouler unveiled its spring 2013 collection in the atrium. Now, finally, the edifice is open to all and it debuted as the Beekman, with 285 rooms plus two turret suites. A sensitive renovation has revived the neglected beauty while maintaining its patina. It is jaw dropping for sure. I was absolutely in love with the Bar Room, with it's bookcases and the portrait of Edgar Allen Poe, who I once understand worked at the location for a short time. When you visit, take in the skyward view from the lobby bar. WOW! And the cock-a-tails and jazz were fist rate.

Then it was off to Preston's party who had it at Indochine, a place I had always wanted to try. If you live in New York or over 40 you have probably been to Indochine,  considering that this place has in business for nearly three decades. And somehow despite its age, this restaurant has managed to stay relevant, at least amongst a certain crowd - the arty, camp and fashion crowd. A visit to Indochine on any given night is pretty much like walking into a cartoon rendering of a fashion blogger’s wet dream. It’s a funky, dated room full of very stylish people doing lots of things. other than eating it's French-Vietnamese  menu, many of whom are famous in their industry. Almost all are completely unrecognizable to say someone in a conservative business field. For what it is, I happen to like Indochine a lot. This is one of those places where you simply know what you’re going to get, every single time
The scene is more interesting than the somewhat average Pan-Asian food, but eating the city’s best spicy shrimp probably isn’t why you came here in the first place. If it is, you’re doing it wrong. Indochine is the place you come for a big group outing, especially of the birthday dinner variety. If you’re looking for a restaurant that can serve a table of ten equal parts food and vodka soda in high volume, this is your spot. I did spot some questionable persons though while there....
Like these three! Sherry Vine, Penny Arcade and the legendary Joey Arias What a holiday treat. Sherry will be there with Amanda Lepore for New Year's Eve. That sure to be a eye popping show. And to my surprise some of you may remember Prince Charming I dated a few years back. Well he was there and what a surprise. The Lad didn't know so it was a secret.
And ten points goes to anyone who can tell me why this wallpaper looks so damn familiar???? Come on queens.

 After such frivolity. it was back to Bucks County Friday to meet up with friend Peter who had his visiting nephew with him. I'm not much for kids but was he a cutie and so well behaved. We took in Fonthill Castle here in Doylestown.
Built between 1908-1912, Fonthill was the home of Henry Chapman Mercer. Archaeologist, anthropologist, ceramist, scholar and antiquarian, Mercer built Fonthill both as his home and as a showplace for his collection of tiles and prints.
Of course drinks after.
Now that's what the holidays are to me. Spending time with family and friends and enjoying the company, food, and other earthly delights. The only gifts I received were my usual stocking my mother does for me every year, my favorite part. A very nice surprise from Daddy Warbucks, which I will reveal in good time, and a naughty gift from the Lad. I also indulged in a gift to myself of a tan wool pea coat from a Amsterdam company called Scotch and Soda.  Fits like a glove. And speaking of gifts, my little Poison Ivy figure that the lovely, but deadly Ravager sent me must be good luck. Because my poinsettias are still alive.
Now, this weekend, I have been taking it easy and getting ready for a small intimate dinner with the Lad, Peter and others for New Years Eve and enjoying the last days off.

Saturday, December 29, 2018


At the's the 1979 World Disco finals!

- who's your fav dancer? What a hoot!!! I could never disco....not with all this hair.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018


The tree outside my mother's door.

A Merry Christmas and Yuletide to you all!!!!
From me, Buster, and the Usual Suspects!
And as tradition, my only favorite new Christmas song, Something About December from Bucks County native Christina Perri and her brother. The words are so true. I hope some find comfort in the words.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2018


I'm so glad you have all enjoyed this weekends posts. I am really into the spirit of things. After my half day of work, which will mostly be our holiday party, I'll be departing for the ole ancestral home for a week before returning to have a quite New Years Eve back in Bucks County. Christmas Eve is actually my favorite part of Christmas. My aunt will cook a dinner of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding followed by her famous egg nog that I shared with you all. Then me and the mother will go home, polish off more egg nog, and watch A Christmas Carol by candlelight. The whole day is rather peaceful. Just like my favorite thing at Longwood Gardens.
 While on my visit a week ago, I came across Longwood’s three treehouses which were built in 2008. It took four months to build them using mostly reclaimed materials from the grounds. The structures are supported by a pin foundation system, which leaves surrounding tree limbs and roots unharmed. My favorite of the three is the Canopy Treehouse. 

But the real treat was the Wildlife Birdhouse tree. It was another of the outstanding sights this year... a “tree” made of 200 handmade birdhouses from fallen cedar, redwood and oak trees, and were all made by the volunteers of Longwood, and will then be donated to local schools. Each birdhouse was also illuminated at night. The other real trees were adored with all kind of natural elements for the birds to feed on, not to mention tons of squirrels.
I spent the better part of an hour just bird watching. A volunteer there was watching also. At one point he said a blue wren had landed on the back of my jacket!!!! It was quite something. It was a calm and peaceful moment, that lasted an age.
So after that, I'm off for a week, but not before I wish you all a very peaceful and happy Christmas, and know that I truly enjoy everyone for stopping by. I hope your holiday is a good one and the way you want to spend it. I leave you with my grandmothers favorite song, and it reminds me of her, a way of remembering her at this time.

πŸŽ„Merry Christmas EveryoneπŸŽ„