Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guilty Pleasure- Domaine de Canton

If ever there was a liqueur that captured the palates of mixologists and imbibers alike, it is Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, a bewitching mix of Vietnamese baby ginger and cognac. After being introduced to it on the last vacation, I have been enjoying it ever since. The other night I and my male caller were faced with five cocktails celebrating the virtues of this versatile elixir, as they were having a launch for the beverage. And they had plenty. They must have heard that I was going to be there.

Not only that, we got to experience a bar that was new to us. Did we drink all five? Hell yes. But they were not full cock-a-tails—give me some credit, they were half cock-a-tails! Did we like them all? Hell yes! And we were even blessed with a bonus cock-a-tail from one of our esteemed bartenders of the evening. Did we accept? Hell yes! Did the Mistress loose her wits end? Hell to the yes! I have two bottles of the stuff and I prefer it right over the rocks. And after one or two of these-your buzzed. But I'm a HUGE ginger freak. Love the stuff. These were some of the cock-a-tails I tried that night. All good I might add and perfect for the summer. Tootles!

Spiced Sangria

Pour over ice in a tall thin glass. Garnish with an orange slice.

Ginger Mojito

Prepare as you would a traditional mojito in a collins or high-ball glass. Top with club soda.

French Ginger Martini

Serve in a chilled martini glass.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Need Some Jonathan Alder at the Casa

Well, well,well, it is already hump day this week? As you know the Mistress is now Head Mistress of the Casa du Borghese since the ex moved out over the weekend, so I have already begun getting color selection choices and some new ideas for some furniture and accessories to change the place up and inject some new life around. I am pleased with what I have, but since it is only me here now, and my place, I want to freshen up and powder the place! Little by little I have started to re-arrange the closet and dressers to re- organize things since I have extra place to spread now. The other night I was looking at some sites for accessories and I then remembered Jonathan Alder. Jonathan's company is a design company dedicated to bringing style, craft, joy, and a general feeling of grooviness to your home. And he also happens to be the other half to the entertaining creative director of Barney's, Simon Doonan. Jonathan has some of the best accessories out there if your looking for just the right amount of quirkiness. He also does vases and pitchers really well ,as I have a thing for both! Love the collection above and think once a new side board comes I may do a arrangement like this. How cool are his things? So Groovy!

Water pitcher inspried by Lady Bunny herself! Must have!

Could you resist a darjeeling teapot

Very cool shades of blue!

A touch of white is always a good thing.

Whale pitcher- fabulously kitsch

Stunning color and calming effects in these beautiful glassware vases.

It seems like all of a sudden my interior design is coming back around. Not only my own place, but I was also just approached to do some interior work for a apartment. Well this project should keep me busy from getting in trouble with all the boys! You can check out Johnatan Alder's site by clicking on his name, and if your in Philadelphia check out his shop on 33 North 3rd Street. I know I'll be going soon to check out the wares.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grande Dame

The Fabulous Juanita More!!!!!

Drag queens - is there nothing they can't make a little brighter with their glittering presence? Squeeze a piece of coal hard enough between a perma-smiley tranny's clenched cheeks and out pops cubic zirconium, dripping with sparkling bon mots. Yet not all gender illusionists go straight for ditsy comic gold or its silver-tongued twin, cattiness. Some "perform." Others perform. And here we must pause to tip our feathery fedora to she who reps the platinum standard of awe-inspiring cross-dressing performance: San Francisco's, Miss Juanita More. class-act Juanita dusts off overlooked musical nuggets of the past and gives them their shiny due. Despite punk-rock tribute trends and goth night explosions, Juanita's focus stays primarily, perfectly, on that sublime subcultural slice of sonic history known formerly as "race music" and currently as R&B. Her dazzling production numbers utilize large casts of extras, several acts, and impeccable costumery that pays tribute to everything from Scott Joplin's ragtime to Motown's sizzle. And Juanita is no back burner queen, she has done so much -Miss MORE and her entourage came across a group of elders sitting under umbrellas hiding from the hot June sun. They were drawn to their booth and their stories. In June of 2008 she helped to raise $13,000 benefiting New Leaf’s Outreach to Elders Program. 2007 Juanita MORE! helped to organize a fundraising event that would support the unveiling of the Harvey Milk Sculpture at City Hall. Hundreds of people came to celebrate the sculpture’s unveiling. Juanita worked with the Equality campaign in various capacities including fundraiser and performer in 2004. Working not only on the Board of Directors, but also as the primary fund-raiser, Juanita More has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for TARC through her annual fundraisers, held through out the year. Juanita has been able to do this in part because of her vast contacts and connection in the philanthropic community. The most recent fundraising season benefited greatly from Juanita’s friendship with internationally known designer Marc Jacobs. And she can always be counted on for any charity show to benefit raising money for Aids! Juanita can be seen on Bootycall Wednesday's at the Bar on Castro.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Gin and Tonic

AHHHHH gin and tonic, my refreshingly cool friend. My wonderful and smartass good friend and sister Mame, aka David Dust sent me this. The dear old ,old friend is so funny isn't she?

Moving on...with Help From Ivanka Trump

I can't believe it's Monday already! The weekend flew by, and what a mixed bag of emotions over the weekend. For the Mistress's readers out there, you will recall the Mistress and the Boy-Toy called it quits after over tens years together when the love affair ended back in October. It was a positive thing, and we are still really good friends, more like family now. But he was still living at the Casa du Borghese since then. Alot has changed. The Boy-Toy left his job in politics and now works at a pr firm in downtown Philly and found a lovely apartment in the gayborhood near the antique district. So this weekend he moved out with the help of the Mistress, her house boys, and our good DC friend Patty Passaround. And of course Ivanka Trump. Not her per say, but from her shipment boxes I got from the store. I'm such a queen!!! Friday was spent packing, one thing the Mistress can do well! She got all his belongings packed while he and Patty were at the new place painting the walls with a first coat. Saturday was the move in the heat. And I didn't know till we got down in town that he was on the fourth floor of a townhouse!!! Did I mention I packed the boxes heavy? And there were four flights of stairs? And narrow halls? I thought oh shit! And we got a work out that's all I'll say. It wasn't a pretty picture of our wet shirts. We should have entered a wet tee shirt contest at one of the gay bars down there!!! It was a bit odd to see the boxes in the living room. Closure at last. Now we can move on to our new chapters. The Mistress meanwhile is now the head Mistress at the Casa and Patty asked when the turn style would be installed. She thinks she is soooo funny.

Since the Boy-Toy doesn't have his furniture yet, she gave up her favorite vintage Adirondack beach chair so he would at least have somewhere to sit. I also gave him the tables from the living room and a assortment of accessories to decorate with. Of course it being so hot, the Mistress broke in the chair first to take a break with a beer or two!

After what seemed like forever, we finally got everything up the damn stairs, and we also finished painting his bedroom, while Patty got his ceiling fan installed which will help cool that top floor apartment. Here is the view just outside of the Boy-Toys window.

Just down at the end of the block is this antique shop with these beautiful glass vases in the window. Hmmmmmmmmmm, these may be nice looking at the Casa, just perfect on the bedroom dresser.

After we were done moving we went and grabbed dinner and headed back to the Casa for showers and then went out to unwind in New Hope at the Raven resort. We must have been insane. The Mistress hit a wall around 1:30 which is rare for the Mistress to hang a evening up so early, and was looking at the back of her eyelids by 2! Even thought the Mistress has been "seeing" a couple men since the October split up, and her and the Boy-Toy are still good friends, it now feels like closure finally with all loose ends now tied up, and we can both move on with our lives. I think it will be alittle odd to come home to a quiet place and not see the Boy-Toy after all these years, but I'm sure the house boys will brighten my time. And the Casa is a little empty looking in parts. Reminds me of Mame Dennis's Beekmans Place after things got repossessed from the bank when she took a hit from the stock crash. Now the Mistress is already starting the re-decorating plans of the Casa du Borghese and starting this new chapter!!!!! Tootles!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meanwhile at the Casa du Borghese.....

......the Mistress slept most of the day from a rough weekend......and cock-a-tails!

Friday, June 24, 2011

From the Candy Shop

Hot model Bo Roberts was spotted by a photographer during a cage fighting match. Luckily for us, Bo agreed to doing a shoot with the photographer which led to series of very hot pictures. After Bo’s move to Florida in January, he began receiving a lot of attention from the modelling world, and it’s not hard to see why!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Day with The Veterinarian

Buster- "I don't like that look one bit. Why do I have the feeling I'm getting the short end of the stick" And you know Buster Bolfig Borghese was right. He had a appointment today with the veterinarian to have his teeth cleaned by a special process to remove plaque build up. Buster is a mutt, and is half beagle, half dachshund. From his last visit, the vet said he noticed major amounts of plaque build up on his teeth and said some breeds have a problem with this more than others and the beagle breed is one of them. So I gave a special brush to clean Buster's teeth with every night. Yes, the Mistress or the ex brush the DOG'S TEETH every night. Unlike humans, dogs plaque can carry germs or bacteria down to their organs and can cause problems over time. We never have problems doing this as Buster will let you do any ting to him... so long as he is getting attention!!!! And this morning he knew something was up. He loves going to the vet, but after being put out and the after effects, he may not want to go back. When we got home he was so funny to watch. He was whining and would just stand looking at me feeling dizzy. And he doesn't have his motor skills fully back yet. Buster asked how the Mistress stands this feeling all the time.

Here he is after getting in the door not knowing what to do and looking puzzled.

Eyes getting heavy.

Here is the poor thing trying to stay awake, but wants to sleep. He can barley hold his head up!

Now he is just hiding on the bed, not happy, and doesn't want anything to do with anyone. I think he has retired for the evening. And he still looks so cute.

From the Desk of Cali-Boi

The Mistress will be the first to admit that I'm not the most savvy on the computer and I mostly use it for blogging and reading blogs,payments and the sort of thing. I'm terrible at checking my email and I'm not sure why, but I really should check it more. One of my first readers Cali-Boi, who lives in West Hollywood and whom I haven't done yet, I mean, met yet, but have the feeling he is a hand full, sent me a lovely picture of him and his friends from the White Party. I only recently opened his email while on vacation and he thought I could use the picture in some sort of Mistress kind of post. They were there supporting and giving exposure, or were they exposing? a club called The Abbey. After seeing the picture, hell with a witty post.

I believe Mr Cali-Boi is on the left in the navy blue trunks with the sunglasses on. Honey you send me more pictures, and you'll find yourself in the Mistress's Candy Shop!!!!! And a big Thank -You for reading for so long and a nice wet kiss to you!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let's Travel on the Danube Express

If there is one thing the Mistress loves it's to travel. And while plane travel is the fastest way there, I have always found train travel to be the most glamorous way to do it. I have always loved train rides and for some reason train travel comes off as mysterious for some reason, damn those AMC movies! Even short rides like when I go into New York City are fun. Longer trips are also nice, and the Mistress always gets excited if their is a lounge car. Ohhhhh, tell me there is a lounge car!!!! So it should come as no surprise on my bucket list is a ride on the Danube Express someday. Lets travel shall we?

You can begin your journey in Budapest, Istanbul or Warsaw - whichever you prefer for your journey across Europe.Train holidays to Europe aboard the Danube Express offer a return to the classic glamour of rail travel, with all the comforts of home available while you’re voyaging across Europe. Their deluxe sleeping cars feature two comfortable lower beds which convert to armchairs during the day, large picture windows, a full length wardrobe, air-conditioning and en suite shower/WC with constant hot water. the suite also has wood panelled walls complemented by coordinated fabrics and brass fittings.The only thing to worry me is if the Mistress has a traveling companion. And there is only the twin size beds. Oh well, I'll make do!!! But how luxurious are these suites?

A final touch, your Sleeping Car attendant is on hand to bring early morning tea or coffee and perhaps later, a glass of wine. During dinner each evening, he transforms your living room into a cosy bedroom. One of the highlights of a journey on the Danube Express is the experience, ever rarer in today’s world, of dining well on a train in good company. In the elegant, yet unpretentious restaurant cars, the atmosphere is comfortable and informal. The friendly, efficient waiting staff serves all meals in a single sitting, allowing you time to relax, unhurried, to enjoy the sense of occasion. Tempting dishes and regional specialities with a Central European theme are prepared and cooked by the experienced chefs using fresh local ingredients. Menus are compiled with care to ensure they appeal to all tastes and special dietary needs can also be accommodate. The style and service onboard are second to none. Experience delicious regional cuisine in the Restaurant car, a fusion of excellent food and stunning vistas. Relax in the warm and friendly atmosphere of the Lounge car and enjoy a drink with fellow travellers on your holidays by train, or simply listen to a favourite tune from the pianist.

In the evening, this social hub comes alive as people meet for pre-dinner drinks and later, the party continues as the resident pianist plays your favourite songs. A member of staff is always on hand to assist and the bar stays open until the wee hours, my kinda place!!!!

So Agatha Christie, no? I am soooooo ready to do this. Anyone want to come along? But I get the top bunk! You can contact Danube Express at if you would like further information on possible itineraries,costs, or to book the Mistress a trip as a gift! Tootles!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Grande Dame

From across the pond in London is where this week's Grande Dame hails and it's none other than Jodie Harsh! Jodie Harsh, the London icon in hot-pink lipstick, is without a doubt the most striking DJ and queen to hit the Capital this Millennium, and is undoubtedly the reining Queen supreme over international nightlife. Jodie Harsh’s unique look is a culmination of the world’s hottest designers, and London’s freshest new talent. Adorned with garments from Pugh to Prada, she is at fashion’s frontline and spotted at Fashion’s front rows across town. Jodie advocates emerging designers and was crowned the ultimate queen of style when she walked the runway in the Emma Bell show during London Fashion Week. Circus, Harsh’s Friday club night, has become legendary, with former guest DJ’s including Ladyhawke, Kissy Sellout, Roisin Murphy, Friendly Fires and Amy Winehouse Jodie is Party girl, DJ. club promoter, and fashion muse. She has begun remixing for a multitude of musical artists and has recently been working closely with acclaimed producer William Orbit. You can also see Jodie's smouldering video, Room Serivce:Use It, from yesterday's post. Jodie Harsh has become the Real Queen of England!