Saturday, December 31, 2022


Hello everyone!!!!! 

It's almost that time. We're just getting my balls situated for the night now.

Ready or not, the New Year is finally almost here! I'm signing off a bit early to get ready for the night, shirt and bow tie is ready.... dinner out with a few friends and then a small intimate cock-a-tail party and overnight stay with the Capital Street Duo. I'm sure the Dame will love my contribution to the night....

I have to get ready, and also get my dinner prepared for New Year Day dinner with family. Yes, I will be cooking my Pork and sauerkraut dinner as usual. I wanted the very traditional Auld Lang Syne for this post or What Are You Doing New Year's Eve, both lovely songs, but I will opt for the vintage and fun song from the 1976 Rankin Bass animated cartoon Rudolph's Shining New Year! My wish for everybody for 2023!

As always, I thank each and every one of my blog readers and followers a wonderful holiday season. You have no idea how your comments and daily visits tickle me so, and I'm so happy to have such a zany bunch of fun-loving, and like-minded people visit such as yourselves. I love ya all! 

Have a WONDERful 2023 and HAPPY nEW Year Everyone!!!


Friday, December 30, 2022


In this weekly feature, I'll share a weekly guest with you all and you tell me in only three words, what come to mind. The last one for the old year!

In Three Words...

Vivienne Westwood 

April 8, 1941- December 29, 2022


I'd be remiss if I didn't pay tribute to an awesome man and friend. It was a tough year losing a second aunt, and then one of my favorite cousins in the same year, and then two months ago lose a dear friend. I met Doug Langway up in the Pocono Mountains at the Woods Campground through my good friend Wayne, who I generally stay with. We quickly connected, A very unlikely alliance some might say. An ex- twink, and drag queen, on way to Otter and a huge, hairy bear!!! But we had some very deep, if not drunken talks around the campfire, and he gave me sage advice many a time. Doug was an enthusiastic character, in all things, a whirlwind of color. From the moment he entered a scene, he was quick to share about his latest passions- food, work, stories and ideas. He was lavish in his hugs, kisses and compliments, and created a warm presence where even strangers felt like friends. Doug was quick witted, carefree and a lot mischievous. He'd regale of his days in the NYC club scene, knowing most of the drag queens and club kids on the scene, and canon-balls into the Woods pool, and on more than one occasion, known to take a rickshaw ride through NYC when he'd had to many. He was always flirting with anyone, but his heart belonged to his dear hubby from down under Joseph, who is also just as sweet . Doug had actually proposed to Joseph over his tablet. Joseph was in Australia, and Doug in Time Sqaure. Once they connected online, Doug, with a few hundred people behind him asked Joseph to be his husband on one of the biggest screens in the square!! I post it on the blog once. Doug never did anything small.

Doug with friend Roger

And it seems no matter where I go, Doug was a titan in the Bear community, as I have not met a bear yet that doesn't seem to know him. He, with his friend Roger, were very incremental in throwing open the doors of the bear community and showing a whole other side to this part of the LGBT subculture. Doug actually went on to write, and eventually direct the Bear City series of films that have become iconic to practically the whole bear community, finally giving them their due. These movies showcased the lives of USA bear pretty perfectly. One of the films was even filmed at the Woods and he had Kathy Najimy in two of them. 

Doug, with hubby Joseph. Joseph is also a knitter and knitted that sweater!

And was a real bear!!!!! Trained for the movie , of course.

Before the movies, Doug always had a passion for the creative arts, and led him to found SharpLeft, a creative agency serving the likes of Diane Von Furstenberg, Patron, Josh Cellers, Sky Vodka and many others. After 20 some years of successful business, in 2018 Doug became the president and CEO, and it's where the studio part came into the business. That same year was when he married his hubby Joseph, the love of his life. They spent much time enjoying a new home they bought and were doing a full reno on their new home in Wilton Manors, FL, and the rest of the late spring and summer, glamping in the Woods in the Pocono Mountains. Doug will always be best known for his work as the writer and director of the Bear City series of movies though, I suspect, where they garnered many a Best Picture at movies festivals worldwide. But I feel lucky and honored to have seen other sides of him, and really got to known him. There will be a huge hole left at the Woods next summer, and I wonder still who will do the cannon balls?

Wednesday, December 28, 2022


Did you all hear about poor Agnes?
And speaking of foul..

I saw this at the other day and wondering if it was our dear Deb's. We all know how her royal highness can get.

Meanwhile this man is boarding an airplane one day, and to his delight, he gets to sit next to a really hot sexy lady. He notices she's reading a book on sexual statistics and he asks her about it, he said that looks like an awfully interesting book? She said oh it is. She said the book goes on to say how American Indian men have the longest penises, and polish men have the thickest. She then says, Oh by the way,my name is Jill what's yours? He replies, Mateo Wisniewski!

A couple of months ago when I was opening up our York location I ran across this place that was closed permanently. To my dismay. I'm only guessing that was a fun place, and contrary to popular belief not where I get my house boys, or learned to control my gag reflex.

Over the weekend did you hear about the terrible news? A bus of 10 Catholic priests wrecked and they were all unfortunately killed. When they got to heaven and at the Pearly Gates, St Pete's was there waiting for them and in his scowlingly voice he said to them, If any of you priests molested or diddled with a child, just turn around, pack up and go the other way. So nine of them turned around and left. And as they were leaving St Pete shouted, Get back here and take this deaf bastard with you!

And you all know what the difference between Governor Abbott and an ice cream truck is?

There is none. They've both been around a long time, are cold-hearted and on wheels.

Oh well... let me get off of here and get back to work. It's laundry day today.


Now don't get me wrong, I adore RuPaul, but hennies, of late Supremme de Luxe and Priscilla have been my favorite hosts of Drag Race. With the ending of the second season of Drag Race Italia coming just a few weeks ago, can we just discuss how freakin gorgeous and stunning Priscilla is? The surprising part is just how handsome and butch he is as a man. I was in awe of his drag style and the ensembles Priscilla donned were off the hook!!! Priscilla has now been named one of the three permanent judges of Drag Race Italia, but who is she? Few probably know it, but Priscilla is the legendary drag queen of Jackie O resort of Mykonos, an historic place frequented by many VIP'S, where she has been entertaining the masses for several years. In 2007 after winning Miss Drag Queen Campania, she participated and triumphed... and at Miss Drag Queen Italy, and won. Since then, Priscilla has been doing drag shows and shows for charities ever since. So, no surprise the "RuPaul" of Italy was chosen to host the Italian version. I remember once watching one of Priscilla's live feeds on Instagram where he said he is actually very quiet and shy when out of drag, but when Priscilla shows up. watch out. While as a male he is very introverted, Priscilla is explosive, anxious and tends to excess of hysteria before a show. And I will say, it is surprising to be on Instagram and actually get back replies from both Pricsilla and Surpremme de Luxe.  I love it...very personal. RuPaul is still the head Supreme, but in my book, they are right on her heels, nipping, while still holding on to their local roots and being more 'room mother" to their girls. But Pricsilla? Drop. Dead. Gorge!!!!

Monday, December 26, 2022



All the company and family are now gone, the last two left two hours ago...all that's left is Warbucks, who's in from Budapest... who will leave tomorrow to Philly to visit friends before returning back here for the New Years. A nice, quiet and calm moment. With cordials. Current mood:

Saturday, December 24, 2022


May peace dwell with you

may prosperity huddle near.

May family and friends gather together without heartache or tear.

There is a star shinning

in the night sky...just there.

It is for you to wish upon to keep your safe from care.

May everything you need

be yours to have and proclaim

 as you're due: just close your eyes

and ask it to the winter queen, 

Merry Christmas to you, dear friends,

Let your season be a blessed one, 

filled with love, happiness and cheer.

A calm Christmas Eve. I have our dinners for today and tomorrow planned. Tonight, a simple Crab Imperial, and for tomorrow Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding and trimmings. Just family, friends, good food, and copious holidays spirits. The flowers were done by the Dame and picked up today for the table. 

 I finish with my grandmother's favorite carol, Christmas Eve in My Hometown. It brings her here with us on this day.

Wish you all a Happy Christmas Eve and a Merry Yuletide!