Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Day with Royal Hats!

Well, the Mistress isn't quite back yet as I'm enjoying my time off and getting ready to go to my day spa appointment! What a week of pleasure. It was to rain today, but I think we all got a gift of sunshine on the Royal Wedding Day of Prince William and Kate Middleton. OF COURSE, YOU KNEW THE MISTRESS WOULD BE FRONT AND CENTER! I just HAD watch. I thought the whole event was fairy book, while still being modern day style. But if you know the Mistress, you know she loves herself a lovely chapeau! And it seems like every other lady went with a chapeau. It seems Philip Treacy, one of England top milliners reined supreme. Here were the dames who the Mistress though WORE that hat!


The grandmother of the groom – and England's reigning monarch – looked very happy and glowing, and shows her sunny side in an all-yellow design by her personal assistant Angela Kelly.


The groom's royal cousins make for a dashing duo in their Philip Treacy hats. Eugenie sets off her bold blue floral Vivienne Westwood suit with an equally electric hat with feathers and flowers, while Beatrice accents her red locks with a sculptural blush topper to match her Valentino coat. Very chic and avant garde for the Royal family.


The stepmother of the groom complements her Anna Valentine champagne dress and two-tone coat with an airy Philip Treacy hat, one of up to 100 he's made for guests at the ceremony and parties.


The younger sister of Prince Charles blooms in a purple topper with netting and a large flower, matching her floral coat and violet dress


The mother of the bride adds something blue in her sky blue silk dress and matching passementerie coat, paired with a matching hat by Berkshire based milliner Jane Corbett.


The next royal to get married stands out in an intricate black Philip Treacy hat, paired with a periwinkle look by Paul Costelloe


The stylish socialite makes quite a striking photo as she entered Westminster Abbey. Palmer-Tomkinson is a vision in blue, topping her Deborah Milner off-the-shoulder dress and matching Nicholas Kirkwood shoes with a rosette-topped fascinator by Philip Treacy.


The fixture on international best-dressed lists proves her fashion mettle with a pewter Philip Treacy hat with sprays of roses. Chic and elegant.


Accompanying her husband Prince Michael of Kent, the royal family member adds a swath of teal organza to her white hat. Is she not regal?


The wife of the heir to the Belgian throne is terrific in teal, including her structured Philip Treacy hat.


Accompanying her husband, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, the Spanish beauty adds a touch of flair to her black netted suit with a spray of red roses. How sharp!!!


The expectant star,singer, designer matches a swingy navy dress from her own collection to a dramatic floral Philip Treacy fascinator. Her VERY SEXY and handsome husband is by her side in a traditional top hat, also from Treacy. Victoria, you better keep a eye on that man of yours from the Mistress's wiles!


The Spanish princess is a vision in pink, down to her tulle-topped hat. She looks just so adorable.


Prince Edward's wife stayed neutral in a beige dress and coat with a rosette spray from Jane Taylor perched on the side of her blonde hair.


Born Sophie Winkleman, the daughter-in-law of the Duke and Duchess of Kent, is in the navy in her diamond-patterned suit and sculpted straw hat with festive twirls.

Well, I just had to share what I love most about the day of the wedding, besides the handsome couple of course. Any excuse to wear a great chapeau is a good day to me! Now back to my day. I'll be back soon! Tootles!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Taking a Powder,So Long!

Well my little loves, the Mistress has just been so busy with work lately. Two weeks ago I accepted a new position with my company, where I am involved with the visual display of the store and styling, but now I'm also over seeing most of the merchandising and the team. My new title is Visual Stylist/Ready-to -Wear Coordinator. And has it been busy as hell.But their is light at the end of the tunnel as the Mistress is taking off again for some R&R. Starting tomorrow I'm heading back to the ancestral home to visit family for the Easter dinner and visit with friends and a night of frolic with one of my suitors,J. I'm off for the week, and have scheduled a day at the spa, a date with the Russian and a beach trip with the Lad! I'm really looking forward to some nice rest, cock-a-tails and men! I hope you all have a good time with Easter egg hunts, even if they are gin soaked jello shot eggs! I can't imagine their is such a thing! So enjoy the beautiful spring holiday! I'll return after my powder some time in a week, I'll be thinking of y'all! And before I go I had to share these pictures from a trip to the city at the Louis Vuitton Boutique! Just how creative and whimsical are these??? Looooove them so! Tootles.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grande Dame of the Week

Have you been looking for a spot-on impersonation of Madonna or Liza Minnelli? Look no further than Blake’s in Atlanta on Sunday and Monday nights. A seamstress by day and a female impersonator by night, Gigi Monroe is one dude who definitely looks like a lady. And he performs like the best of them and Gigi is going on five years of being a drag extraordinaire. Not only does Gigi perform, but she sews her own costumes and the costumes for other performers. Gigi also just launched a costume line on eBay called "Gigi Designs" Her act? Well, Gigi does a little bit of everything, but is currently into celebrity impersonations. She just finished a five year run with her last show in Lake Tahoe. Gigi is a classic showgirl at heart, so se definitely loves the big feather headdresses with the back pieces. Gigi can be seen at Blake’s on the Park in Atlanta every Sunday at 9 p.m. and every Monday at 11 p.m. It’s definitely a lot of fun! Take my word dearies! And there is some cute boys there too.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Old School Ditty- A Little Bit of Ecstasy

The Mistress just came across this old school ditty from back in the day and can remember dancing to this and performing it for the men she was trying to seduce. Maybe I should will try it on the Russian! This brought back some memories.

Now That's a Head Dress!

Happy Monday everyone! Here we are again. Over the weekend the Mistress read in the local paper that three Crowned Pigeons were sighted just outside Doylestown walking on a street sidewalk. How neat since they are not indigenous to this area. Andno answer asto why they are so far off course. And these are the much fancier cousin to the common New York City, city chicken.This elegant bird is also known as the Common Crowned Pigeon or Blue Crowned Pigeon. Indonesia people call it Dara Mahkota. It is a large, blue-grey pigeon with blue lacy crests over the head and dark blue mask feathers around its eyes. Both sexes are almost similar, but males are often larger than females. So beautiful! Along with its close and very similar looking relatives the Victoria Crowned Pigeon and the Southern Crowned Pigeon; it is one of the largest and is considered one of the most beautiful members of the pigeon family. The Western Crowned Pigeon is found in the lowland rain forests of Papua, Indonesia. Since it’s one of scarce species critters, I hope that we, human kind, can maintain these birds for many years to come!

I think the Mistress should have a piece made like this for her to wear on her head for Monday mornings. That should liven things up! Tootles!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Buster Bolfig Phone Home

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Captured this picture while looking all over the house today for Buster Bolfig Borghese. Turns out he was on the bed buried in the pillows and he almost blended in. Sort of reminded me of ET when he was hiding from Gertie in the closet amongst the stuffed animals.

Some Rest and Relaxation and Gin

The Mistress must apologize for being so absent the latter half of this week, but work was physically kicking my shapely ass! Between work and many extra errands after work this week, I have not had much time to blog or read blogs, but this weekend I have taken time for myself for some R & R! It's bad when you have to take time from boys, touring, and drinking! Yes, I made up my mind this weekend that this is for me, since I hadn't had a weekend since Mid February for just me with no plans. So I told the Lad, the Russian, who was working anyway, J and Mr. M that I was staying home and Anita made sure to keep the schedule clear. So I plan on getting lots of rest and sleep, and of course, some cock-a-tails! May even watch Black Swan and get caught up reading what I missed on the blogs.I can't wait to sleep. It's one of my favorites things in the world to do. It's even better with a big sets of pecs under your head. Of course, a king size bed with drapes that close the whole way around helps too! So this will be the first weekend without any male company I wonder if I can make a whole, long, rainy, weekend, all 58 hours of the weekend, without a anything to do weekend and without a man? I guess we will see! Did I mention no men? Tootles!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

From the Candy Shop

Well this week's eye candy is very special because Marco Dapper is my next husband, he just doesn't know it yet! As you know Marco IS THE ONLY MAN FOR ME! My favorite hunk. The Mistress could wipe out all 84 other candy shop guys and my houseboys for this GOD! Ok, I have to admit that I kinda think actor/model Marco Dapper embodies the very definition of male perfection. I mean no kidding right? I have eyes and a trusty gauge, AND not just in my pants, that pretty much lets me know when I'm feasting my eyes upon somebody pretty special. Now this guy, my lovelies, is pretty darn special. Luckily for us this Hayward, California native decided to ditch his UPS job and went into modeling and acting, which eventually led him to be cast in the gay themed Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds, a film that has forever immortalized his gorgeous face, his flawless body and not least but, his perfect full frontal circumcised package. I've tirelessly watched the classroom scene in that film a thousand times .No joke. And is the dear guy hung too! He even has the extra potatoes that hang low if you like those with your meat! You have to admit, he is pretty stunning.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bringing In The Sun

The last two days has let much time for the Mistress to play or blog as I have been busy at work with the next spring installations for the all white coming trend in clothing. And just so tired of this rain and dark skies, although the sun finally came out today. This morning before going to work I clipped some daffodils for the inside to brighten it up. I figured if the sun won't come out, I'll bring it in! And they are so cheery aren't they? Now I'm turning in for the night.More on the flower project soon!!!

Blunt Message

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grande Dame of the Week

This week the Mistress brings you yet another of the Puerto Rican divas,Felix Chevremont, who just so happens to be close diva friends with Nina Flowers and Yara Sofia. The three of them have had many shows together at the Krash Nightclub, and their act is becoming extremely popular! Felix can always be counted on for a good ole charity show anytime. Felix is also known for her stunning image and her very high energy shows. Felix is also the one putting all the shows together and choreographing the dance routines for the numbers. She squeezes all this in around being a AIDS activist and a charity worker.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Snippets of Reality

Now anyone that knows the Mistress know I can't stand reality tv. Drag Race and Project Runway are about it. I did watch The Housewives of New Jersey though, and I'm giving Miami Housewives a spin too. But lately instead of getting "real stars" in the store were getting bombed with reality ones! Today low and behold, in walks Kim Granatell from the New Joisey Housewives. And I have to say she looks amazing in person.

I have to say she was better looking in person than on the show. And very personable it seemed. And not granny hooker at all! More like the picture above. If you don't recall her on housewives you may recall this seen with her ex-friend Danielle Staub. And the huge, now historic fight that took place. You may also remember a while back I had the honor to wait on Danielle and she loved the Mistress's selection of wears I chose for her. Not at all crazy, well, maybe a little.

Last week we were all treated to Jerseylicious hair stylist Tracy. She loves to wear every possible trend at once, and I believe I may have even said to tone it back, which went over like a fart in church! She is just like on the show!!!!

Tracy DiMarco, with her triple-teased tresses and high-flying insults, the one you probably hate on Jerserylicious. I know you will be shocked, but not the warmest person. And the look was 10 pounds of flour in a 5 pound bag! But overall, she was pretty. Just cut back on the self tanner girlfriend!

Kelly Bensimon was also in the store. I didn't watch New York housewives every show, but I knew who this was. And she was more thin than I expected and a major airhead! Girlfriend needs to eat a little cheese and bread in that diet.

And finally I was told that Nick Jonas was in the store by all the girls going bat shit crazy when they saw him. I knew the name but wouldn't have known him as I don't really follow 5 year old boy bands. But I have to admit now that he is older and richer, he didn't look so bad!!!!! I wonder who will be next in for a visit?