Monday, September 30, 2019


I have to admit, it was rather nice to sleep in and have a nice quite day to myself. I hadn't had one in ages My friend the engineer was here for the weekend,  and he departed in the afternoon yesterday. After a rather large gin and tonic, I took a lovely snooze for a couple hours, ate din din, watched some boob tube and then went to bed,  and didn't arise till after 9 this morning. I decided to take the train into Philly last minute, and flutter, notice I said flutter, not fluffer… for a change- and headed over to the Natural History Museum to take in the Butterfly exhibit. I was in the mood for butterflies today. 
It sits on the top floor on the building and is like a tropical oasis in the city and features a lush, tropical garden filled with colorful plants and a multitude of live butterflies from Central and South America, East Africa, and Southeast Asia. Perfect day since it was a tad overcast. It had been awhile since there last and the thing is it always changes... every day even. The exhibit will usually have between 60 to 150 butterflies and 20 to 40 different species on any given day. The shameful part I learned today is that the poor  butterflies generally live for one to two weeks, and they receive new butterflies from around the world each week. What’s here one week probably won't be the same as what was there last week. Such a shame to live a fat tubular thing so long and only live a beautiful butterfly for such a short time, don't you agree?
This yellow one below I  was told was probably getting ready to buy the farm. The caretaker inform me when they get a tattered look they are just about to die.
When I got home to the Casa du Borghese, I just happened to see this beauty in the ivy bed on one of the zinna! I don't know if it was a stow away, they do check everybody, or it if was one last surprise kiss for me from summer queen.

The noise in the background that sounds like a dog, is actually the fox in the woods calling to others. They were ever rascally last night.


My current mood this Monday.

I'm off today!!!!!!!! And that was indeed the dance when I remembered I had off. Whatever will I get into?
Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 29, 2019


First Bouvier the squirrel went nuts on Saturday, and then this came from my ex with Buster. He seems to be going nuts now......

But I hear he is now recovered from the theatrics and lounging on their new Oilers area rug in the Oilered themed sportsroom . I guess Buster Bolfig is partial to Canadian football teams. Or err, I menant the sport with that wooden stick and plastic rould thiny on ice.

Saturday, September 28, 2019


Have I got a sweet treat today! While lounging about on the beach this summer, I came across this hunk in one of those gay rag magazines and stopped me from drinking my refreshing gin and tonic!!! Meet Mario Hervas!

One of the top fitness competitors from Spain, it seems Mario is admired for his strongly sculpted physique and alluring looks, With his seductive expressions, he has been able to flourish his charm on the cover of serval magazines. Seems he also flaunts his supreme body, going shitless and in shorts, but gosh his is absolutely beautiful! His budging muscles,  and well groomed appearance make him some stunning eye candy don't you agree? He is almost 30 and from Spain, a trainer, model, sports competitor and lifestyle coach. I also understand he wear a US size 12 shoe, So there's that.  Mario also states his hobbies as swimming, traveling, cooking, and fashion. Boy could we be more perfect together?!?!?! He's also an automotive enthusiast and enjoys racing in his leisure time, and he is married. But I don't want to get married, I only want to rub and grind some parts of my body against his abs for a night, just one night!!!! Is that too much to ask?


This morning while waiting for breakfast, I saw Bouvier outside. I don't know what got in to him. Oh my god, he was going nuts.  He dug a hole, and was stalking and rolling in it, then would roll over the ground. Too much hazelnut? Did he get in some queens GHB? Oh look there he goes again!!! And I didn't even get the back flips in he did. This looks entertaining, and maybe we should roll around on the ground more often too to have fun. But this has me worried since Bouvier in my main connection to the world squirrel population for my world invasion on DC. Oh look another roll......

Friday, September 27, 2019


In this weekly feature, I'll share with you all a guest, and you tell me in only three words what comes to mind.

In three words...
Placido Domingio

Thursday, September 26, 2019


Well, the Mistress had his last glamping weekend up at the lovely Woods Campground last weekend, and it was so fun I didn't want to see it end. It also marked me for knowing that summer is now indeed over, which like buddy Steven, makes me a bit sad. But I see it as now we have the beauties of  autumn to look forward too and Halloween, my favorite holiday. This weekend was another take on lights, called Festival Of Lights and sort of a fun way to herald in fall. The weather sure didn't feel like autumn though...twas rather warm in the mountains for late September. Most of the time was spent poolside, along with a few hikes, walk abouts, and tons of drinking. Again. Yikes. 

Here are some lovely sites on some of my walks this time.
6:45am sunrise over the mountain
The guys in this van were a hoot, total 70's hippies. It was fun to smoke some weed with them and relax.
I tired my hand at some rock sculptures on our site.
The nightly community bonfire. That thing was huge!
The lights and lasers from the 90's party.

Friday night was the 70's party and that was a blast. These guys host it every year on site 52, so it's known as Studio 52, get it?!? They go all out. The party was packed with party goers, a open bar was in place, a snack bar, disco balls, some lovely costumes, a ton of glow sticks and of course dancing to good ole disco. Hard to believe at times this is all out in the wildness, miles from anything. It was a blast and I danced my ass off, although in the morning, my legs were killing me from dancing with heels on rocks.

Saturday night was the 90's party complete with a huge white bubble house to dance in which was very cool. The site also included huge video screens which party goers could play video games, a couple beer kegs, shots, and loads of near naked men. Of course some of the 90's fashions were entertaining to see too.  If you watch the video you may even spot your Mistress in partial drag doing her EnVogue to Free Your Mind!!!! Complete with heels and fur chubby. Right behind me were my body guards, Olin with the heavy stubble, and the baby faced Kyle. Truth be told, they''d throw the Mistress over if anyone offered them drinks!!! Or sex.

It was another good season of glamping, being one with nature, meeting new friends, and making memories, enjoying nature and hikes,  not to mention tanning my bare fanny at times. Ah summer, why did you have to leave already???

Wednesday, September 25, 2019


In my opinion, Amanda Lepore is much under appreciated. I'm sure at some point you've heard of her, or at least of seen her photo on the interwebs or a magazine. I have long adored her, even as a young gayling, I remember seeing her, and I assumed she was just a drag queen. She is also one of the reasons I wanted to do drag. She made me realize just how much I loved woman's fashion and all the glamour. Anyone involved in fashion, the club scene, or music has probably seen or met Amanda. When I found out she was actually a transsexual, if blew my mind. I didn't even know it was possible. What I respect the most, is that she never once hid the fact she was a transsexual, but flaunted it in a time when there was not much known about the process or even talk of trans people. That's ballsy you ask me. Yet I feel she is over looked for being a trailblazer and a hero. And she had it tough. She grew up in New Jersey to a chemical engineer father, and a mother who was a housewife but suffered from severe schizophrenia, and who spent most of her time in mental institutions. Ever since she could remember she felt like a girl, and thought her parents were crazy dressing her like a boy.  I her early teens she beginning making costumes for a transgender friend in exchange for female hormones.  She parents ended up withdrawing her from school and getting her a private tutor, and then to a psychologist, who helped her obtain a prescription to begin female hormone therapy.  When things soured with her parents, she eventually met and married a male bookshop owner, who again wasn't the best influence, but her father in law saw to it that she got a reassignment surgery at 19, and then left her husband to head to New York. 
 It's wasn't easy for her there at first either.  She tried to establish herself as a nighttime figure, including being a member of New York City's Club kids, she supported herself by working in a nail salon, and a part time dominatrix, and later a cosmetics girl at the infamous, but now defuncted Patricia Fields.  After meeting some time later photographer David LaChapelle, at the Bowery Bar one night, everything changed and she became a muse for him on several projects. You could say her career took off. Clubs noticed, and soon she was getting paid and still does, to just show up.
I think she is amazing. While her appearance may be very extreme and exaggerated to some, and her glamour over the top, and no one can work a pair of pasties on their ta's ta's like her, one must have respect for her. Not only did she brave and buck back against society with being trans, she supported herself and made a name for herself. I think she is actually a good business woman you ask me. Oh sure, she gets paid to show up just like Kim Kardashian to things, but the difference is Amanda has talent. Her modeling work is incredible,  she can work a room and a runway like no one's business, and she has a entertaining cabaret act where she sings and does simple burlesque. She's been a muse not only for LaChapelle, but several times for Cazwell,  and lately for Suki Waterhouse.  I also have to respect her for keeping her roots. She started in the club scene with Ru and Gaga when they were all club kids. But unlike the prior two, Amanda, just like James St James, Richie Rich, Lady Bunny Kyle Farmery and Linda Simpson, she kept,  and  still in deep to the club scene, which I think is cool. She has had songs, cosmetics endorsements,  and a photo book deal called Doll Parts. Hell, I wish I got paid just to show up at clubs!!!! 
And on top of all that, she is a real sweet heart. I have met her three times, twice at Susanne  Bartsche events and once right here in New Hope for her cabaret show. She is not stand off at all and will talk with anyone, and I must say she also has some of the most eye-popping day looks I've seen
Amanda Lepore should not be discounted....she is a brave soul and to me, she is just pure magic.  Here is her latest gig getting steamy with Suki Waterhouse, and also one of my favorite Amanda camp videos.
And is she not lucky to be all over the hot and hunky Steven Delher???