Friday, November 30, 2018


Hope most of you had a lovely Thanksgiving feast?! My family had a good holiday,no fight!
Perhaps everyone has all grown-up, or perhaps it was all the spirits? All jokes aside, I really have a extremely liberal, and laid back family..and that I am thankful for! It was also nice having a 5 day weekend, and this time of year no doubt. I understand our store had a huge weekend, and in a retail climate that is taking companies left and right, we're actually showing growth. This year our company started a new incentive, when our store meets their sales goal, everyone no matter their position in the store gets a bonus. This year we have gotten three and looks like we're going to finish our year with the last one for the year too, which each season, adds a nice chuck of pocket change. This is very unheard of in retail these days. Another reason to be grateful. Upon getting back, I and the team headed to New York City to take in the seasonal finery of other retailers and a couple of other pit stops for some folic. I'll be sharing those soon, but in the meantime I had to contend with these things over the holiday first.
Yes, Buster and my mother's dog Lilith were reunited.
Squirrel alert!!!!!
Buster and Sophie...under the aunt foot cooking! Kitchen dogs.
There was a lot of this....
And this!!!!!!!!!
And here is my aunt's bible.
And upon getting home, my dear mother left this for me on my dresser. 
A picture of me from 2nd grade at a Thanksgiving school event. Apparently even then I liked wearing head dresses. And if I recall correctly, the girl sitting next to me sounded like Marcy from the Peanuts. So there was that.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thursday, November 22, 2018


comments closed...just wanted to wish you a wonderful day.

A Happy Thanksgiving to you All!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Here in the States, we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving Day tomorrow! Once again, families will gather & celebrate the true meaning of  this Holiday. ~Yup, excessive food & the sometimes awkward family reunion?!  Seriously though, it's the perfect time to express our gratitude's… From the blessings we have all received thus far; loved ones, health 
& much-much more I'm sure! ...AND of course having  the loveliest table setting & glorious food won't be bad at all! This is the one meal, I look forward to all year. If I could make a scratch and sniff sticker for you all to smell my aunt's cooking...I would!  I will have thirds possibly.I will have to work it all off somehow.

For several decades in Hollywood, the large studios such as MGM, Paramount, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox and RKO had actors and actresses under contract. In addition to starring in a certain number of films each year, they also sat for countless photo sessions to help their own careers as well as the studio. During the major holidays (New Years, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas) the actresses often posed like pin-up girls with seasonal props.

The news today said that the average person consumes about 4500 calories on Thanksgiving Day! errr...who's counting right?! I do know I won't be in any short shorts anytime soon after eating this meal! I'm heading to my ancestral home for the holidays...and am going to enjoy some time off, as our work at the store is done. I'll be NO WHERE near stores..... I also have a trip to New York after Thanksgiving, so  I am going to sign off, but did not want to do so without Giving THANKs* to all of you dear fellow bloggers & loyal  readers! Sharing my thoughts & inspirations & my random-silliness?' has certainly been so much MORE FUN! I'll return in or around a week.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


While my Mistress was out working, I got up and lounged in the bed, which I know I'm not to be on...but what he doesn't know, won't kill him. Now this is the life.

And I'm so proud of my Mistress. He was included in a book of poems!
Hurry and get your copy in the bargain bin while supplies last.

Monday, November 19, 2018


Talk about two seasons coming together! This was the front courtyard last Friday after our first snow storm!!! Let's hope no more now till January!!!!

Well everyone, some lovely~ peaceful & calming photos before the calm towards this coming Thanksgiving Day. Is everyone ready for the day? Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. Just getting together for family and friends, a good meal and drinks with no expectations of gift giving. I can already smell my aunt's dinner. She grew up on Julia Child. Watched her faithfully, has her books, and watched her show when they ran. To say my aunt is a good cook would be an understatement. And she makes everything from scratch, if she can make it, she doesn't buy it. I think she's been my role model when it comes to cooking for myself. But, if I ever had a pet turkey like some of these dames...I think I'd have to give up turkey!  There is other bird after all.


.....what are you looking at?
It's just another day at work....getting the girls ready for the holidays.

Sunday, November 18, 2018


Once autumn hits, and the apples picking comes in, those delicious, juicy apples from the hundreds of trees to the market , I start thinking about making cider. There’s something so gratifyingly simple about this good, old-fashioned cider. And to say I love cider would be a understatement. I stop at the farmers market to get it once a week, and go through two to three quarts a week. Historically, cider was very important to early Americans. One in every 10-farms in New England operated its own cider mill by the time of the American Revolution. And, President John Adams drank cider every morning because he believed it promoted wellness. Maybe so - Adams lived to 90, making him one of the top longest living US presidents. Often in the autumn in the evening I like to make a Mulled cider of my own recipe, with these ingredients.
I use half quart of cider, a teaspoon each of clove, and ground Valencia orange rind. And two cinnamon sticks
A tablespoon of allspice and a tablespoon of fresh ground nutmeg. I then toss it in a pan loose with the apple cider.
After it comes to a boil, I let it simmer for around half an hour on a low heat
Once simmered, I used my gravy measuring separator that has a strainer on top to catch the spices.
Once that's done, back into the pan and then I add in some ginger liqueur. In my opinion, no household should go without a bottle of Domaine de Canton, a French ginger liqueur. It's around $40 a bottle, but so worth it. It has multiple cock-a-tail uses, great on the rocks as a night cap, and is excellent over vanilla ice cream. Stick with me kids, I'm full of cock-a-tail tricks. Anywho, I use a cup of the liqueur to the cider.  
And voila'… mulled cider!!!!! Nothing more fall tasting on a crisp night. I have one or 6 after my walks with Buster in the evening, and when it's boiling and simmering, it scents the whole house which smells so wonderful!
And I sleep like a baby.
Cheers lambchops🍸 


If you have been in the blogland long or have been to the swell infamous parties at the Informanaic, then surely you have met the fabulous and entertaining Mr.Peenee!??!? While reading blogs this morning, Mr Peenee resides in San Francisco, and has been told by the news everybody should  be wearing masks now to protect breathing. He, who reeks of fine and exquisite taste,  told him I suggested this look
Not only would Mr Peenee looked fabulous on the street, but it's also functional when the house boys call. And I bet he also knows all the words to a song. We wish our West Coast Friends well in this smoke filled time.

Saturday, November 17, 2018


This week dears I have got a two for one treat. You may have one, but I would have to probably declare you mentally insane. These two men are just to scrumptious, plain and simple. Both get my kitty purring. Handsome. Hot. Smoking hot. Sharp dressers, talented and great sense of humor. I am fans of both. This week I was finally able to catch them in A Man From U.N.C.L.E. They being sexy as hell Henry Cavill and equally stunning Armie Hammer. OH MY GOSH.

Henry Cavill…

Armie Hammer.
If your fans of both of them this movie is very enjoyable. The movie had a elegant feel to it, great fashion on the cast as you know I love, but the chemistry between these two men was great. Their comedic banter to each other was fun to watch. And sexy.But the two of them together. HOT DAMN! And I hear a encore is coming.

After seeing the movie, the next night I had a lovely dream. No joke. It was Henry, Armie and myself in a very hot room. Dim lighting, lots of rope and a jar of hazelnut Nutella. It all conspired to make for a evening of enchantment. I woke up in almost complete sweat. Ahhh but the memories.