Thursday, September 29, 2016


While I got back from the Pocono's glamping and had a wonderful was cold as hell there at night. But I did manage to keep warm with Blaine, my newest houseboy. Not sure of his house skills yet, but does he really need any??? 

Friday, September 23, 2016


You may find this hard to believe, but the Mistress still has vacation hours to use by end of October. Sooooo my little love bugs, it's been so hectic of late, the Mistress is off for a long glamping weekend in the Pocono Mountains again for one last romp at The Woods Campground. It's to be a stunning weekend. The staff has the car loaded, so I and the Lad are off before he returns back to Cleveland . We hope to get some more quantity time in at my friends camper..........
I hope you all have a chance to get out in what is going to be a fabulous autumn weekend!!! And if your at the woods and the campers a rockin, don't come aknockin'.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


So, last night, like it hasn't already been crazy for me, was the Raven Resort's Annual End of season Pool Show. It's usually a very comically drag show. I didn't get home till almost midnight, where I proceeded to go right to bed. About 1am my phone rings, and it's my good friends the Lesbiantyrins from New York. They were at the Standard, still having a party hardy. I answer. Yes Kate, what is it? Were here hanging with this fabulous drag queen Amanda Lepore, have you heard of her? Why yes darling, I have. first off dear, she is a transexual and not a drag queen, but still a queen. She is only like club royalty, a fashion icon, and big time scenester. I absolutely adore her. Give her a kiss for me! Well they proceed to tell her I'm a admirer. Next thing I know Amanda is on the phone. I'd know her voice anywhere. For the next 40 minutes we discussed clubs of yester year, Lady Bunny, fashion, or lack of these days, the go go boy bar scene as we both like to support the arts, and South America and its men, where she gave me some lovely tips on how to handle the men on my trip there next summer. We then said our good bye. Totally cool. Who cares it was almost two in the morning and I had to be up at 4:30am.
Welcome to my life.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Last night I was out and about with the clan for a Monday night dinner, where one of the guys asked " What ever happen to Mr. McIntyre you were seeing?"For those of you who don't know, he was a guy a was dating about two years ago. He was very sweet and a landscaper. Yeah....nice body too, I think. So I told the friend it didn't work out because Landscaper said I was to vivacious in bed!!!! Well! Anyho, said friend replied he seemed so nice, its a shame it didn't work out, I thought for sure you'd be his cup of tea. With a swig of gin, I sat down the old fashioned, and replied," Dear, I'd rather be someone's shot of whiskey before someone's up of tea.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Oh dear. I will be with you momentarily. Ever since being back, its been one thing after another, and work has been busy as hell already. This job thing is starting to interfere with my travel and social life!!!! This weekend, I have the Capital Street Duo, my good friends from Harrisburg in for a New Hope visit for the weekend. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing here, or what were doing here, or what this place is about. But I'm determined to have fun!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016


It seems like I was gone for a very long time! And I will tell you, packing and unpacking can get taxing. But mention beach and I'm there!!! I reckon before I exist life, I will most definitely be living at a beach point, most likely Rehoboth Beach. I have some time till I can retire, but Rehoboth reminds me most of New Hope. It's a big ole melting pot of all walks of life and people, a huge gay destination, and everybody is so open and friendly with a sense of community. My vacation started with my very good friends, the Capital Street Duo in Rehoboth, and then I came back to the Casa to meet the Lad where we joined other of the clan in Provincetown, another of my favorite little spigots of land. So this beach bum had a fabulous time, but it's always so hard to leave the beach. It's like trying to get a bottle gin out of my hands!!! Some of the snaps from both places....
Rehoboth Beach-
One thing about Rehoboth other then the opening photo I took at sunset, and one I'm most proud of, is the wonderful architecture of the beach homes near Poodle Beach, the gay beach. Some probably too large, but love the feel of them.  The beach itself is full of natural beauty and beauties too, wink!
Some of the wonderful homes....
This house above I have always loved. That silo type roof thing can actually slide open at the touch of a button to have an open air staircase!!!!!
Some mounds and depressions......What a view!
Loved the patio at the house this year...
One the other side of the coin, what's not to love about Provincetown? The weather was beautiful, but HOT, the quaint feel of the town, the natural beaches, the famous tea dances and campy patrons, the award winning fudge, and the infamous hot men and hot times at night!!!!! You may not know, but Provincetown in 1620, was the first landing spot of the Mayflower Pilgrims, who sheltered there before moving on to Plymouth. It thrived as one of the largest seafaring ports and had a larger whaling and fishing business then even Boston. Over time the fleet and fishing business left to larger ports and the town then turned to tourism, but reborn as an artistic and bohemian hub, and eventfully became possibly the friendliness gay and lesbian spot of Earth.
We even had an authentic seafood bake one night...YUMMY!
The fabulous sites and shops on Commercial StreetGreat place to grab a cock-a-tail and people watch.....
Or grab a slice of the infamous Spiritus Pizza...
Or award winning fudge!!!!
Lovely view from the house.....
Then there were the characters...
The fabulous Hat Sisters

Our bar tender Thad most nights.ME OHHHH MY!
Dear friend and reader Pearly Gates being bit by a suitor!!!
Hedda Lettuce giving me the finger!
Fudge and queens!!!!!! Now that's how one rides a bike.

I do believe clan member Michael was saying he loves the bears?
Must really tell Miss Richfield how to get over fears of  putting in those tips.
The disgusting view of Preston sunning on a impromptu beach visit. I knew I should have did my laundry that day. I do recall it being hard to see much else at that moment.
Now after such wonderful trips, good times with good friends and the sight and sound of the ocean, can you see why it's hard to leave the beach? I'm ready to live under the boardwalk at this point. I did manage to good a nice tan though.
This was the day I got back! GRATITIOUS VIEW!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2016


The Lady Chablis, the transgender performer who became an unlikely celebrity for her role in the 1994 best-seller "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," died today in Savannah. Chablis insisted on playing herself in 1997's "Midnight" movie directed by Clint Eastwood. Her birth name was Benjamin Edward Knox, but she legally changed it to The Lady Chablis around the time of the "Midnight" movie, and was even quoted as saying there'd be no movie, if she couldn't play herself. And Chablis, one of the southern staples, could  dance, lip sync, and emcee... her mother got the name Chablis off a wine bottle! It's a wonder my name wasn't Hendrick!!! She was a breakout star, no doubt about it. Her pure honesty she gave people, she didn't hold her tongue. She told you what she thought.
"If I catch any of you bitches near him, honey, I want you to know, you're gonna have to deal with the Lady Chablis, the Doll, the Grand Empress, and my mother fuckin ice pick. So keep your hands off that one,okay?"
'It's like my mom always used to say, Two tears in the bucket, mother fuck it."
'You better grow some nails honey, because if he's a gynecologist, he's mine."
'Yes, I'm a bitch and proud of it."
"Either he got some good ole stuff, girl, or you're horny as hell."
The Lady Chablis
March 11, 1957-September 8, 2016
Hat tip to Kailyne and Coco de Mere