Saturday, June 29, 2024


While Pride goes yearlong...this finds us at the end of Pride Month! While away in NYC for the Pride festivities, here in my stead and back by popular demand from Upton none other than PAM DEMIC!!!!!

There now are we all lit???? 

Happy Pride Everybody!!!!! 

Another dance party to the past, present and future LGBTQ! Stand Together! Stand United! And another party in memory of our dear ally and friend, Anne Marie. So as she would say, Sing like no one is listening.... Dance like nobody's watching!!! Get those cha-cha heels on, grab your favorite houseboy and down a strong cock-a- tail and let's get this party started!!!!

Happy Gay Pride๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆ

Friday, June 28, 2024


In this weekly post, I'll share a guest with you all each week and you tell me in only three words what come to mind.

In Three Words...

Aleahia Brevard

*I'm away this weekend partaking in the Gay Pride Festivities 
 in NYC with the Clan. But be sure to stop back, with your cha-cha heels, and hang out with the houseboys and special guest for the ending of Pride Month, with the Saturday Night Pride Party๐Ÿณ‍๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿณ‍๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿณ‍๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿณ‍๐ŸŒˆ


With Pride Month in full swing and coming to an end soon, I often wonder where we would be without drag queens in the LGBTQ Community, a centuries old art and one that has become a preferred target in the current culture warfare. I'd be remiss if I didn't share what queens and performers have put this art form on the map. From a formerly enslaved person, to drag kings, to the political and outspoken to the queens of Drag Race. Here is Part 2 of this post series. Part 1 can be seen here.  Long live the talent, variety and legacy of drag queens everywhere.

Charles Pierce was one of the most famous drag queens and female impersonators of the latter 20th century, having achieved a level of renown and recognition and adored by the general public that only a handful of drag performers ever managed before Divine or RuPaul came along.  Of course he did go on to a legendary career, and the first to make an art of impersonating the famous, including Bette Davis, Swanson, Crawford, Hepburn, Channing and Mae West, which were biting, hilarious and always on point and witty.

 Although, she predated the modern usage of the term "drag" Princess Seraphina is widely regarded as the first English drag queen. The female persona of 18th century Englishman John Cooper, Princess Serphina dared to roam the streets of London when homosexuality was a capital offense. She was reportedly as familiar to her neighbors as she was to the regulars of the underground bars and clubs known as molly houses, which hosted a thriving gay subculture.

It wasn't till out of the army and living in Portland, Oregan in the late 60's, that Walter Willard better known as Darcelle XV, came out and became a drag queen. Always entrepreneurial, Darcelle opened her own showplace, which went on to be the longest running drag show on the west coast, where Darcelle was present for just about every night. Darcelle's Showplace was even added to the National Register of Historic Places for its significance in the LGBT history. She was also noted for raising millions for the LGBT and its numerous charities and causes. While Darcelle is no longer with us, she performed well into her early 90's and was crowned the world's longest and oldest working drag performer.

Gladys Bentley was a singer, piano player and entertainer who performed in the 1920 and 30's in the era that came to be known as the Harlem Renaissance. Bently was known for her top hat, tailored white suits, and risquรฉ lyrics. During her heyday, she did not conceal her sexuality, but celebrated it, flirting with women in the crowd, and appeared in full male drag in performances. She became one of the best-known Black entertainers of the time, and later moved from Harlem to San Fracisco, where she owned and performed at Mona's 440 Clun, the first lesbian bar in the city.

If Dolly Parton, Lady Bunny and Twiggy had a baby Trixie Mattel would be it. Since winning a season of Drag Race All Stars, Trixie has cemented herself in the drag Hall of Fame. With exception to RuPaul, Trixie is another queen who has gone full throttle in business, in drag, with Pod Casts with fellow queen Katya, co-hosting Queens of the Universe, performing and touring with her music, writing a bestseller, dj-ing, releasing a make-up line and opening a very popular motel, Trixie Motel which has blown up. 

William Dorsey Swann, who was born into slavery, went on to make history as the first self-identified drag queen and the first American activist to lead a queer resistance group. Swann was charged for running a brothel, but what he was actually running at the time were drag balls. Swann had been arrested for female impersonation many times, and would get quickly convicted and sentenced, once for 10 months. Swann requested a pardon from President Grover Cleveland, and , while the request was denied, it was reportedly the first time an American used legal and political action to fight for the right of LGBT people to gather.

Storme DeLarverie was present and part of the Stonewall uprising, and was considered a protector of New York's LGBTQ community, working security and watching over Greenwich Village's gay bars and streets, right up till her death in 2014. In the 1950s Storme presided over the legendary Jewel Bow Revue- the era's only racially integrated drag troupe, as the mistress of ceremonies and the lone male impersonator. Her disregard for gender norms and lifelong activism also inspired many a documentaries

Dame Edna Everage, the drag persona of the late Australian comedian Barry Humphries, was best known for her lilac bouffant and bedazzled cart eyeglasses, her love of gladiolas, and of course her signature loud voice. The bawdy, bourgeois housewife came to prominence in the late 1960s UK and went on to become a regular fixture on stages and tv for decades later to come. Dame Edna also went on the become the longest running character for one person to do in an act.

Even though Dorien Corey's mummy showed up years later, and I mean a literal mummy, that had been found in her closet, after her death from AIDS, was found, an abusive lover, she shot and killed and kept hidden for 25 years in a box in her closet...she still gets a place in drag history. Dorien was one of the great Harlem Ball Queens and the Mother of the House of Corey and was famous for taking in strays and homeless and giving them roofs over their heads and placing them in the various "houses.". Dorian's ballroom talent and reputation earned her spots in the Queen and Paris is Burning, she was ball room.

Brazilian drag queen Pabllo Vittar did not become famous by accident. After posting dozens of videos on You Tube and singing at clubs and bars for several years, and not getting noticed, she got her break when she sung Whitney's Houston's I Have Nothing, and it went viral, after singing it on local television, hitting the high notes with apparent ease. Since then, she has collaborated with Fergie, Diplo and Charlie XCX, and in 2018, she became the first drag queen to be nominated for a Latin Grammy ( or any Grammy for that matter). She boasts more the 15 million followers on Instagram, more than any other drag queen, including RuPaul. She shows no sign of stopping.

Happy Gay Pride๐Ÿณ‍๐ŸŒˆ

Thursday, June 27, 2024


I have always enjoyed and found John Duff fun, full of life, and just a bit hot!!! Yes, I'd take a roll with that. An American singer and singer writer, originally from Maryland, and is becoming a huge gay icon in the company... Duff came to prominence on social media and rose to greater prominence following the release of several viral hit singles, Girly, Rich and Hokie Pokie. And while not technically labeled as gay per say, Duff describes his sexuality as a complex journey of discovery. He's at peace with not being labeled gay, straight or bi or even asexual. He's just living and thinks as living in boxes is stupid. While he has been with more men and had a long-term relationship with actor Rafael de la Fuente, he is still attracted to woman as well Bullied heavily from the age of 8 for being perceived as gay, he is not changing his ways. And that is why the LGBTQ exists. We welcome all, in all its forms. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2024


I myself being a gay man, will never understand why gay men have issues with other parts of the community. While trans women are accepted to a point, I will never understand the two separate gates so to speak for the gay men and lesbians. I can recall when I came out in Harrisburg and the clan would go to the local big dance club Stallions. It was four floors, and generally the top floor was reserved for the lesbians, and the queens nick named it, "the fish aquarium." The gay men would generally get their panties in a twist if and when some of the lesbsytrians would up down to the main floor and wanted to dance. WHAT? Were we not all in the same group on minority and being hated upon and discriminated against? I never did and still don't understand it. Even to the dismay of some of my friends, I often hung out in lesbian bars. Some of my best most drunken nights would be hanging with butches and bull dykes, and lipsticks. We'd even go head-to-head with shots!!! Talk about good times. Hell, I can remember once when my ex, the Boy Toy, who some of you may recall and myself were in Rehoboth once and we were the only two gay boys hanging with the gals in the Frog Pond. Alas, they did drink him under the table as he was but a pup still. He hit the deck. Even in New Hope, I always adored a woman named Liz. A larger, masculine butch, with a loud boisterous voice, and almost always had on a button downed dress shirt, sleeves flipped, khakis, a cigar, and one foot always up on he bar stool rung, while in conversation, while I sat crossed legged. She was a hoot. And when she patted you on the back, she sent one into the next week. She would always harass Warbucks and I. "You two are so cute together. Dating or just fucking?" No.... call me crazy, but I love the lesbsytrians. And the only way we all win is as one. Lighten up gay boys!! Don't hate just because they are more man than you. And our fun playgrounds are for all of us, why segregate? That was soooo yesterday.

Now....a musical interlude with KD Lang

Happy Gay Pride๐Ÿณ‍๐ŸŒˆ


If I learned one thing from this beach gaunt, it's that I now know when I retire, I AM retiring to a shore point. The beach is by far my favorite place to be. So rejuvenating. It can be fun and fast paced or as slow and peaceful as one wants it to be.  The Capital Street Duo, friend Garrett, and I were off to Rehoboth Beach for five glorious days...and good days to be there as summer heat was and is here. But being on the beach with its breeze was lovely feeling and the sea, very refreshing. A perfect time to be there. I dare say I got very nicely bronzed. Rehoboth is another lovely beach locale...I dare say a perfect combination of P-town and New Hope put together, with a slight chic feel to it. Much fun was had, we found ourselves on the beach daily, ate, drank, shopped, ate, drank, caught up with drag pals, drank, much relaxing with more drinks. Our Guest House was very charming, very attentive and welcoming staff with a lovely rooftop deck and lower patio, outdoor showers, and nice, charming rooms, and gardens in the courtyard. By time we left I think we met everyone in the B&B, and I might have had a clandestine with one that I met at the tea dance! We've already booked while there, a return trip in October. Now it's back to work today. How bad can it be??? A three-day work week, and yet another next week for the Fourth holiday. Some sights to muddle through of the guest house and seaside....

Betty Whitecastle at Deigo's Hide-a-Away
Daniel striking a pose beach tea dance trick cuddle buddy 
Garett giving almost a half moon. Who's to complain?
NO...I didn't take Bouvier with me. 
This squirrel was a supporter of Pride, apparently.
These two!!!! That's another story.
Rehoboth Grande Dame, Magnolia Applebottom
Another guest at the B&B, from Ohio. He was quite something girls! He hung out with Edmund and I  late with cocktails one night. And I'll leave that there.
Look at this beach nibble.
With sunsets like this, how could one not want to live along the sea???