Saturday, December 31, 2016


Well, here we are again, at the end of another year, and I have only high hopes for next year, and hope we all come through with the state of things. As social, and as much as I love attending parties, New Years Eve is always my time to opt to have a small intimate dinner party for a few very good friends. I usually prepare, what I should be doing now mind you, a platter for all kinds of italian sliced meats and cheeses, various nuts, olives, figs and chilled shrimp, followed by a fillet mignon and crab cake dinner. With accompanying libations all evening. And we will watch balls drop. I mean, watch the ball drop. The delivery has already made....
 Some of my hints for the night....
I usually make the guest dress up, but tonight, have added masks for them!!! I've always wanted to do a mask or wig party! Then on New Years Day, when I get back my facility's, I cook a pork and sauerkraut dinner with all the fixin's and we watch the Mummers Parade here in Philadelphia. The only thing that will be missing is Dagny from San Francisco, who was to attend, but had some changes in plans and will visit in the later winter. Probably a good thing....there's not enough bubbly for the two of us, let alone guest!!! We always end up in a compromising position...... 

The house boys weren't happy.

But while reading some blogs today, I stopped by Mistress MJ's blog the Infomaniac, where I was reminded by our recently deceased, dear gigastar of fashion and life,  Kabuki Zero who was a swell person and  fabulous fashionista,  who was quite something. And ever entertaining. Poor Kabuki passed away over the Christmas holiday, but Kabuki will always be here with some form. But dear Kabuki reminded me as bad as a year can get, there are always bright spots. This year came and went, but for me wasn't all bad.  Here are some things I found great pleasure in.

Running nude in the woods,  my Calvin's.  G&T's, my Trump dart board, jet skiing (even though I can't swim a lick),watching my BBC old comedies, spa dates,lounging with Buster, sleeping in my huge wrought iron canopy bed and pretending I'm Jean Harlow, feeling the sand beneath my feet, hearing the ocean, unwrapping the sparkling Christmas balls, watching the bird arboretum out the window, sport nookie with the Lad, and I always enjoy a passionate kiss from a man. And next year I already have some things to look forward to like a surprise river cruise trip from Warbucks,  and a trip to Buenos Aires, which I have been 
salving for, for some time.And I won't make the same mistakes Eva Peron made. And just the other day, dear old Lady Bunny emailed and announced she is coming to New Hope. That should be a royal mess. So dear Kabuki has taught me, even thought the world may be harsh, it's the small earthly delights that make me happy. And maybe next year will find the Mistress settling with just one man.

Wellllllll, lets not talk crazy just yet.

A Happy New Year to you all!!!!!!

Friday, December 30, 2016


The last Friday post of the year....and none to soon!

Overall, I have no complaints of the year, a few rough patches, but overall had a pretty good year. The holiday went by wonderful with family and friends and how can one bitch over a two day work week? But none the less, I'm glad it's Friday and am gearing up to ring out this year...that is for sure. And speaking of  a happy hour, who else does the holidays and a happy hour more fashionable and over the top than the fabulous Amanda Lepore? What a life, to be paid to just show up at clubs and parties..... She has certainly brightened my holidays on her Instagram........

A modern day Jayne Mansfield I say. Mirrors on the ceiling, a gal after my own heart. And now let us get this Happy Hour started!!!!!!


Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Whitney Houston and George Michael. Both were favorites of mine. And when they came together to do this song If I Told You That, I was beside myself. One of my favorite songs from both of them. Such soul, style and they both looked incredible...and George was the only one I think, to match Whitney in holding his own on stage in her presence. Both gone to early, Hard to believe watching this there gone. Both were born the same year too.

Whitney Houston -August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012 and

George Michael- June 25 1963 – December 25 2016

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Saturday, December 24, 2016


Here we are, almost to Christmas Day. To see all the month posts I did, you'd think Christmas was my favorite holiday, but is actually my second favorite. Although I do love the cold weather for a change. It has been a wonderful season so far. I have been more relaxed this season, must be the cock-a-tails, and work was more calm then usual, must be the hidden flask,  and people have been in actually very pleasant moods, I must be drunk. I have gotten out and seen many people this season, and have spread Christmas cheer all over. Yesterday was a mess though. A dear co-worker of mine, whom I'm close, lost her sister  she was very close, about 5 months ago, so she hasn't been in the mood for the holidays. Well yesterday I took her some of my homemade sandtarts, a fresh greens swag I made her, and a  little gift of candies, and she was so happy and touched that the dam broke and she started crying. Next thing I know, I'm crying because she was just so happy with my little gift, it made me feel good that I made her happy. Christmas was always a special time for them, and we talked about that and both cried again, and then another co worker started crying. Next thing I know we had a group hug. To me that felt like a true meaning of Christmas. But instead of gifts, if we can just be pleasant, accepting, and kind to one another, to all people, isn't that the best gift? 

Well here for your viewing pleasure are some scenes from all around that I snapped over the month. It has been truly a pleasant and happy one and I'm very grateful to that.

Trees is New York....

The Capital Street Duo's Home....

Drinks at the Algonquin Hotel
Manhattan's most celebrated feline at The Algonquin, Matilda the cat and long known as one of the most pet friendly hotels in NYC. She roams freely all around the hotel. It was cute.

Carolers in Elfreth's Alley in Philadelphia. One of the oldest and most historic streets in the country.

The carousal at City Hall
The Santa Cottage in Doylestown for the kiddies.

County Theater.

The huge tree in town in New Hope. And yes, that is indeed a cannon in from of the tree from the Revolutionary War I believe.

Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope

Loved this shot coming across the bridge from Lambertville to New Hope one night from work.

Buster and Lilith looking up for Santa, a month early.

Rittenhouse Square

Penn's Landing Skate Rink

Harrisburg State Capital ....which is spectacular.

Well Strung String Quartet Christmas Concert

Yuletide at the Winterthur Mansion. It was a summer place for the DuPont's

Bryant Park in New York

Me .....wiped out and sipping wine!!!!

I will return close to the New Year , as I'll be away for a couple days with family. I will now take this time to wish you all a peacefulmagical and a very Merry Christmas. I thank each of you for always stopping in, your visits  tickle me so. I hope you all enjoy the holiday. And again this year I will post Christina Perri's,( who is a Buck's County and Philadelphia native) song Something About December, if your missing someone you loss. It is such a beautiful song. Please enjoy.

A Little Ole' Merry๐ŸŽ„Christmas to You All

Friday, December 23, 2016

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!

Or would you prefer a nut roll?

While you decide, here is one of my favorite bands, and hopefully one of yours....the Ray Coniff Singers!!!! It's not Christmas till you hear the Coniff Singers.

See ya Christmas Eve

Thursday, December 22, 2016


If you happen to be at work , or work for home, why not listen to some festive Christmas ditties from some fabulous, stunning queens in the background!!! Hell, but you'll want to watch trust me, so go grab your co-workers and listen..... because these girls busted their asses on these entertaining videos. First up, we have the ever flawless Miss Fame....

with one of the most beautiful, elegant, and sexy versions of Toyland I have heard.

Up next we have the ever comical and the hilarity of Detox, just for our own dear Agnes Goldberg DeWoofs....
with her original....This is How We Jew It! Also starring Vicky Vox,Misty Violet, Mariah Balenciaga, Mayhem Miller, Morgan McMichaels and Sissy Spastik

And finally we have the beautiful, but zany and fun loving Manila Luzon

with her own song of Slay Bells!!!! She cracks me up!