Friday, July 29, 2022


Yes...later today I'll be off enjoy some frolic and glamping up in the Pocono Mountains at the Woods Campground, with some other members of the clan. I will return next week and should be back to regular posting. That is, if I don't fall from a high cliff, get eaten out up by bears, or get lost and find my way into the tent of handsome campers. But as you can see... no tenting for me.

See next week kids!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022


Some friends think Im nuts to waste my drive of going to P-town, instead of going to my other beach haunt, Rehoboth Beach. But I can be there in 2 hours and go anytime. I think the reason I'm so drawn to Provincetown; is it offers some natural beaches while having a superb town life. The quaintness and vibe of the town reminds me very much of my dear New Hope. So, to me it basically feels like New Hope in a beach locale. Not only the scenery makes it fun and picturesque, but it's the people who make the vibe for me, and much like New Hope, it's the one place where gays are accepted without blinking an eye, it has a huge gay community, many gay-owned business, and everyone, gay or not, all gets along. The one thing I like is you never know who you'll see, or what you'll see and guess what? No one fucking cares. Like in the previous post, if you're into drag queens, then this is the town for you!!! This trip we caught the hilarity of Varla Jean's show as well as Thirsty Burlington's. Thirsty is bring the house down too. No small feat as he has had a time and happily beating cancer. I dare say she was better than ever. Of course we also saw Miss Richfield and her antics all over town on her Vespa. Some of the characters and other sights encountered on this episode....
The Gaslamp Inn. I highly recommend them. The host is very friendly and attentive, and our room was so cute.
Loved this queen's A Starry Night look.
An afternoon soiree at Pearly's. She clearly said casual dress. My clan. I bet you all have a time guessing which is moi? And you can see my vacation dick I brough along.

I promised I'd show you a big cock at attention.
There's always time for a cock-a-tail!!!!

And when I told you, you never what you'll see...

A cute bear couple during Bear Week. Bear one got major princess points from me for wearing heels alone.
The fabulous town legend Thirsty Burlington.

Loves me a library.

Lovely hostess with the hostess. But who was watching the Pearly Gates?!?!
Paige Turner

One night a friend of Pearly's invited us all down to the beach for a camp out of eating and drinking. It was a blast and a wonderful time, just talking, hanging out and hearing the ocean and being under the stars. Never experienced a fire on the beach before. One guy named Timmy Sparkles put on a fun show too.
If you have been to P-town and spent any time there, then you understand all too well how the feeling of leaving is not a nice feeling. It's always hard to get going, and on the road, but I already made some promises to return in late summer or early fall. Now if I could just win the lottery, like a couple million, I'd just live the life of Riley, and drift beaches all day.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022


This vacation happened just in time. It was long overdue after what seemed like years of the pandemic. While I had escaped to P-town during the pandemic, and it was nice, it was just way to quiet. So, it was nice to see Provincetown back into its packed glory again, with regular debauchery and shenanigans. It' just wouldn't be summer without a visit to this little lovely spigot of land with his campy residents, fun filled tea dances, its fabulous drag queens and all the award-winning fudge shops. The Dick Dock was even swinging. Or so I saw heard. My self and the Lad were present along with two others of the clan, for a great trip. Pearly even caught up with us when not working. His new place is so adorable. While it was nice to hit the town and bars most nights, with starting a new job shortly, I really wanted this trip to be more relaxing in the day...and it was. I took my morning coffee in the courtyard of the Gaslight Inn, hit Herring Cove Beach several times from morning till night, and I always enjoy and recommend the whale watch. If it is drag you fancy, then by damned, this is the town for you. I swear every queen, their drag mother and daughter have a show or residency here this summer. But while some drag race queens are there for the summer like Jinx, Mix Cracker, Tina Burner, Ginger Minj, Latrice and Tammie Brown,it the tried-and-true legends you'll see here. Dina Martina, Miss Richfield, Thirsty Burlington, Varla Jean Merman, Edie, who hasn't had a residency there in 20 years or more and is amazing, Randy Roberts, Jackie Beat...and one has to check out Pearl and the girls' at the Illusions Drag Show at the Crown and Anchor. I can definitely see myself retiring at a shore point one day. Just something so much alive, but yet relaxing, and rejuvenating about being by the ocean. I always feel so damn relaxed when I get back and my skin feels so nice and soft while there also. It's either the sand and sea, or the gin, I'm not sure which. Now it is ll about getting myself centered to start a new job next week, and get caught up with blogs, I feel like I have been gone forever, and I have to get laundry done. You know how long that will take with all those square cuts???
Beach cakes!
You knew I find a nice spot to lay au natural. Technically not a nude beach, but we found a nice, secluded spot.
The whale watch is always a must with me. I mean how close can, and will you ever get to these intelligent and majestic creatures? For their size it is truly amazing to watch them swim and breach three and four right in synch together. Some pods of whales were even sprinkled with schools of dolphins. I wondered if maybe my tuna and mackerel scented cologne, Diving Buddy, was attracting them???
On the last night we were having dinner and drinks at the Red Inn, and the view and sky couldn't have been more stunning for out next day send off. One highlight of the trip was seeing Kasha Davis, Raja and Milk at the Boat Slip for tea dance our first weekend. We rolled into town during Bear Week and left in Family Week. Family as in Queens!!! 

More of the trip later...time to get the sand out of the cracks.
Who's helping???

Sunday, July 24, 2022



Ms. Lynda Carter was and will always be the best Wonder Woman!

Hot in from P-town, and will return soon. My theme for the week. And much like Wonder Woman , All the world will be waiting for us and the power we possess. I'll be in my satin tights and fighting for our rights! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2022


By the time this posts, your Mistress and boys, will have been departed for that lovely little spigot of land and award-winning fudge shops, the land of sun and sea.... Province-town for a long overdue vacation on the cape. I'll return soon with the news of my next chapter of a new job... more drag, some tales of debauchery, and a tale and contest of a pair of pesky Fricken Green Elf Shorts.

Till then....


Monday, July 11, 2022


I just want to throw my hands in the air.  I saw over the weekend a hypothetical race poll for 2024 where Trump leads Biden in a hypothetical race 44-30, with 12% claiming they'd vote 3rd party. For those of you who despise Trump more than anything, yet, scream bloody murder at progressives who fault Joe for urging Joe to do what he campaigned on, would you feel differently if Biden's inaction ushered in Trump's second term? Would you rather lose and then decide it's time for Democrats to go back to the drawing board, or look at the drawing board now, and see that a party that won't deliver may not win in 2024?? It's time to start getting things done me thinks...and as much as I like Biden and Harris, for all the loud talking they did, I'm not seeing deliveries and getting very frustrated. While I do like many progressives and would vote for them...on one hand why shouldn't I? We need to start somewhere getting people in there to do the job of We the People. But on the other hand, since the R's and the D's seem to have a strangle hold on everything I feel as though it's like wasting a vote, which infuriates me beyond belief further. I feel Biden and Harris need to be replaced by much better candidates. So, do we vote for them again, in hope they win and just "hold" the position for hopefully better candidates that will get the job done on so many promises they campaigned on? We are already seeing how that's going considering they have three parts of the government now. 

And even more infuriating is the emails of the D's I got over the weekend alone, asking to make donations. " Folks, we need to dig deep"

Huh, excuse the hell out of me? When I was laid off, not working during the pandemic I gave WAY much more that I should have to Biden, Harris, Klobucar and Mayor Pete. I have also given to Brian Simms, and that got me nowhere when everything blew up in his face in Philly and then the gays started turning their backs on him in Center City.  Don't get me wrong, I love the democrats, and they mean well, but not one more dime. Let's talk about how we have the presidency, House and Senate and still can't get anything done on basis living issues like way more affordable, or universal healthcare, prescriptions, minimal wage, fixing voting rights. We backfired greatly on not stacking the courts, or codifying Roe Vs Wade. What's next Gay Rights?  I'm utterly sick of our milquetoast party. You WANT US TO DO SOMETHING???


From now on, I'm only helping and volunteering for PA only politics.


Today, should be a say something hat day. 

And throw some heels in for good measure I say. And a man.