Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve Debachery........

Ready for a stiff one? Well come on in!

The Mistress a couple years ago opted to stay in for New Years Eve, to have a more intimate evening. But let's be honest,I got older,drinking and driving ain't as popular as it use to be, I am afraid that my alcohol induced memory lapses could extend into full blown Alzheimer's, plus I have to put my glasses on to see who is groping me, and who wants all the noise? So tonight I have 6 friends over for a dinner, including Anita Moorecock and Mistress Maddie's #1Fan, beginning with a huge appetizer platter with Italian meats, shrimp, figs, olives,and cheese selection, followed by Fillet Mignon and Crab Cakes. After that, the champagne will flow endlessly the rest of the night. Followed by some guest dressed in their finery,bow ties, corks popped, champagne swilled, drunken toasts, air kisses, asses grabbed, drunken text messaging, some pec grabbing, a shower of peacock feathers, strobe lights,candle light, hazing the Lad, spinning the bottle, gorging on food,dancing in place,gossipping, strip teases, some sexy shimmies, and some wanton behaviors!

And in my little pied de terre, New Year Day should be fun with 6  hung over gay guys trying to use one bathroom.........

I'm sure we will find a way around it. Of course the next day will be another dinner.... of Pork and Sauerkraut, with all the sides, for good luck, good health and wealth. And then there is the watching of the Mummer's Parade, and lounging about all day.
So I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years, and I thank each and everyone of you for stopping by to stop in for a visit during the year! You all tickle me so. Best wishes to you all for the New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Guilty Pleasures for the New Year

Well, it looks as if another year is about to end, and that means the Mistress is deciding what to wear for receiving guest tomorrow for my New Years Eve dinner. I do think a bow tie will be in order of course, one of my guilty pleasures, but here is another I am considering..........

How swank is that!!!! I'm so in love with that hat!!!! And don't under estimate me. Those who know me, know I would so wear this! Maybe next year though, as I have no swan, and I hadn't alerted the guest to a hat and mask party,damn. But I thinking I am in love with this look for the evening......

I just love this look, fitted, chic and fun, not to serious, and bow ties are so fun for a New Years Eve. I have most of these pieces right now in the closet. Meanwhile this weekend,the weather outside was frightful....another snowfall has come.....

But the weather inside was quite delightful........

Some of my guilty pleasures, my favorite pomegranate candle from Henri Bendel, some warm Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, and a weekend of watching Downton Abbey, which was a gift I received this Christmas. I tell you this, if the mischievous footman Thomas would like to be mine since he is under appreciated in Downton, I'd be more than happy for him to be my first footmen, and then I would love to have some tea with the Dowager Countess. A perfect relaxing weekend to wrap the new year, at least till guest arrive tomorrow.

Hidden Treasure Found.......

....while at the ancestral home for the holiday, the Mother and I were searching in the storage area of the basement for something or other, and came across these. They are called 33's and some still have on the plastic sleeve in the cover. There were four huge boxes of them and these were the first four I pulled out.

At a glance, there was also some Henry Mancini, Percy Faith,Julie London, and loads of lounge and jazz greats, not to mention some Saddler and Young. Now I just need one of those things to play them on. And a nice neat libation!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Sparkle and Shine of Judith Leiber

Are you familiar with the stunning little sparkling minaudieres, from Judith Leiber? Talk about works of art! When shopping for Christmas in King of Prussia, I was in Neiman Marcus where they have quite the line of Judith Leibers and you know shine and sparkle will distract me!

How perfect for the stunning piece if your going out on New Years Eve?????

Judith Leiber who was born in 1921 in Budapest,Hungary is a designer of stunning luxury handbags, and was the first woman to join the handbag-makers guild in Budapest. A Jew, she escaped the Holocaust of World War II to the safety of the Swiss house when her father was able to obtain a Swiss schutzpass, a document that gave the bearer safe passage. She is raised cultured to the arts, opera, and beautiful handbags, that her family collected. Later Judith decides to join the Hungarian Handbag Guild as an apprentice and masters the whole craft, designing a luxury handbag from start to finish, becoming the first female artisan in the guild.

In 1947 she meets the love of her life Gerson Leiber, who is also a aspiring artist. Gerson's artistry and business drive are the force to have Judith create her own line of luxury accessories and they set sale for Brooklyn New York.

Neiman Marcus commissions Judith's employer Nettle Rosenstein,creator of the fist little black dress, to design a dress for First Lady Mame Eisenhower's Inauguration Ball outfit, and a handbag designed by Leiber, who bags would go on to graced the arms of nearly every First Lady on inauguration day from Mamie Eisenhower to Laura Bush. Her name may not be as recognizable as Louis Vuitton and Giorgio Armani, but her bags have been staples of fashion and pop culture for decades. Her distinctive creations are a regular presence at A-List red carpet events, appear in movies and television shows.

In 1966 she and her husband decide to open their own shops and create her own line. They open their first office and showroom on Madison Avenue, to sell Judith's eponymous line of impeccable handbags made in skins of, karung, alligator and lizard. Later in 1966, the designers iconic minaudiere is created by a beautiful mistake. Judith orders the mini metal handbags known as minaudieres from Italy, and they arrive dented. Not wanting them to go to waste, she starts to cover them with Austrian crystals Gerson had purchased. The outcome is a radiant work of art. The crystal minaudiere revolutionizes the world of luxury handbags, and put Judith on the map for as a artist of stunning handbags.

In 1998 Judith Leiber retires, with Gerson, after leaving her mark in the fashion industry. Judith has since embarked on various projects, including the creation of the Judith Leiber Museum and Gardens in East Hampton, along with supporting her various philanthropic efforts that are dear to her heart.

This woman is just amazing! Now at 90 she is still going strong. Now which one to get, they all are so incredible. But I must save first as most of these run from $1,500 to probably around $6,000! That's alot of Hendricks my friends! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

From the Candy Shop

Well, well, well, looks like this will be the last visit to the Candy Shop for 2012, so we may as well go out with a sweet bang! The beautiful and addictive confection this week is the very bad for our diets, Lukas Ridgeston, a decadent, rich and very smooth Slovak actor in gay erotic movies and model in Bel Ami gay erotic magazines and books . Ridgeston received a university degree in architecture in June 1999. One of Ridgeston's other interests is his Mini Coopers. Among the characteristics for which he is known are startling sweet and seductive blue eyes, which have been described as "wolf-like", and the copious quantity of cream produced during his, well, we'll leave that to the imagination. I can't help but wonder if he carries a big Toblerone, like the unique milk chocolate bar, including nougat, almonds and honey with a distinctive lonnnnnnng shape? I'm willing to find out, those eyes had me at hello********

Thursday, December 27, 2012

It Was White After All

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday! The Mistress got back yesterday and is happy to report had a wonderful time off. And was pleasantly surprised with a white Christmas Eve. Just enough to make it all look like a winter wonderland, including my scarf.....

Before heading to dinner at the Aunt and Uncle's place, where we would feast on Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, I always go for a walk with Buster and my Mother's dog, Lady. There is just something about a calm, quiet, walk on Christmas Eve, where everything for some reason seems right with the world. Even Buster enjoys the snow,  though he may need some walking goggles.

And how pretty and crystal like do the trees look?
Before heading back to the ancestral home, and after the dark set in I captured these pictures looking up into the woods, while the snow fell, with my flash. How cool and haunting all at once..........

The walk was quiet beautiful, but bitterly cold, one where it was hard to warm up again.

Later that night, and after the Aunt and Uncle's wonderful dinner it was time for their family recipe of the "special eggnog" laced with much Cognac. And that was what warmed me up ......finally... and more cups followed suit with the nog we got sent home with, back at the Mother's house with a peaceful view of her vase decked with holly!

It was another memorable Christmas Eve.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012