Thursday, August 31, 2017


The Mistress and company are still out trekking around. Had lovely time in P-town running around in a square cut....returned briefly to see Jackie Beat and Sherry Vine for a show in New Hope, had a lovely 3 hour gin infused lunch with the ever entertaining Anne Marie... who was making me swill more gin then ever......then it was off to Rehoboth Beach for a few days..... where I did find myself in a pinch......

Now where getting ready to head from beach side, to the wood side, for another impromptu glamping appearance. We be back after Labor Day.... where I will need a vacation to re-coup from vacation!!!  Have a fabulous long Labor Day Weekend!

Now.... how's bout a lovely little ass shaking tea dance favorite.....

Thursday, August 17, 2017


While we are gone, A Day with the Mistress Borghese will turn over to 10 years!!!!  So join us to celebrate🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

Who would have thought all these years later people would still care what a gay guy, ex-drag queen, gin guzzling, man connoisseur, obsessed with sex, who travels, and tells dirty stories, and on occasional flashes you with undies shots would still give a shit!!!!  It had been tens years ago that my good friend and sister Mame, aka David Dust, got me to finally start a blog. She said you are nuts, and have many interests, and do things constantly. So I did, and while I still feature much men and drag, I have expanded to other subjects , sex, dating, holidays, occasional politico talk and visiting my neighborhood bitches. Amazing. You've been with me for two lay offs, travels, passing of pets, many, many ,many stories of men and dating, and a break up of a long term relationship. When I do ever stop, I think it will be neat to come back in my old age and read what interested me, and re read post and the funny comments, and it also acts as a moments diary for me as well.  And boy, have I had a lot of head, Huh.... headers I meant.
Some interesting things I researched. I've had 3,045 posts with 2,637,675 page views. That's a lot of smut readers! My blog trade look has always been a black background with my main color of pink. And the top 10 search words were 1-Adam Rodriguez, 2-Scary pumpkins, 3-Mistress Borghese,4-Sharon Needles, 5-Lady Bunny, 6-Alyssa Edwards, 7- Paloma Picasso, 8-naked Mistress Borghese, 9-Marco Dapper, 10-hot naked men.
Boy have we talked drag. 519 post of drag queens, with Lady Bunny at 55, Miss Richfield 1981 at 37, and Aunt Barbara at 26. Grande Dame of the Week came in at 183. And hunks? 363 posts with 194 visits to the Candy Shop. That's a lot of mens. We have seen 84 posts on food, 129 travel excursions, 119 posts on Philadelphia, 88 Buster Bolfig Borghese appearances, and lots of sex talk.

Most of my current readers have joined me in my fourth or fifth year and are still here!!! But I still have a many here since the beginning, like Coco de Mere, Bob, Mark in Delaware, Mahogany Empress, Pearly Gates, Dagny, The Dog's Mother, Cali-Boi. Mark, Dagny, David Dust and Dan were my very first commenters.
My staple posts still get comments, but my newest post, a simple concept that seems to be popular is-In Three Words. Of course my houseboys draw a lot of attention, as do my Late Night With... posts. You enjoy Silly Symphonies when I post them and Have You Met My Neighbors? And you still seems to like my Monday bitch posts, my travel posts and Stop the Car rants. But to date here were my top ten read posts. While I'm away, feel free to click on one if you missed it.

Never thought I would still be blogging all these years later.... but I truly THANK -YOU each for stopping by ...and making me chuckle with your comments. It's amazing how long some of you have been stopping in, even meeting some of you.... and I am truly tickled. And I look forward to new friends too. Even though online, it feels like a little family. Love and peace to you all.....see you soon. 

What was your favorite header????

And here to help cebabarte more is the fabulous Tallulah Bankhead.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Yes dear ones...the Mistress is now off...yet again, with MM#1 Fan and other friends for a three part vacation. By time this posts we should be half way there. It will first be off to Provincetown for a split week trip for the fabulous Carnival Week and then into the next week, then it's off to the Woods Campground for our last appearance for the summer, then a three day stay in Rehoboth Beach. In betwixt all that, I will be off to see the entertaining Sherry Vine and Jackie Beat, who will coming to the Raven, meeting up with Pearly Gates in P-Town, and our fearless Warrior Queen, the one and only gin guzzling Anne- Marie for a afternoon lunch. All this while I try to look elegant in my water ski show from above!

So I will bid you adieu and return to regular blogging in September. When time permits I will try to pop round to you all. But we have a special post set for tomorrow......

Stay tuned and tootles!!!!

Taking us out, a good summer time classic travel song...some B'52'S.And love the early RuPaul.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Public Service Announcements #67
With summer still here , we all continue to enjoy those grills and cook out's. Just make sure to use the grill safety. Unlike this guy, I recommend using oven mits to protect the hands from burns. But he is using a safe distance from the grill. protecting those buns.

Public Service Announcement #93
People are amazed I have never took a spill in the shower. I never use those stick decals or mats. I highly recommend using a shower rod for safety and balance. One you can really grip hold of.
These have been our summer PSA'S. Enjoy and be in good health.

And in a Public Announcement the Mistress received a call from Warner Brothers Studio right before Argentina. Seems they now want Crawford back at her old post again....yes..... read that as I'm going back to the same company once more as Lead Visual Display Stylist. I got word on the second meeting right after getting back from Buenos Aries, on the spot they offered me my package. 

Upon two separate meetings, wheeling and dealing, and talking money etc, the Mistress will be reporting back to the old stomping grounds in early September with my benefits kicking back in within a month, more money as when I left, and I was able to keep some of my vacation time, since I wasn't gone but not quite three months. The best part- it's in the Philly area, less then 14 miles from the no lonnnnnnnnng commute anymore, although I still use driver....he is rather fetching. My friend in HR couldn't believe I got more $$$. But I says to her, darling, we're all whores, we're just haggling about the price. So your Mistress does have some smarts at times. Now I can enjoy the rest of summer through Labor Day . The best part was I didn't even plan on looking for a new job since I had trips booked, so this landed right in my lap. Now I can enjoy and relax the peace.


When the Mistress is away from traveling,  I miss some stories on the news. But with that looney bastard in the White House, one needs to tune it out. But it just keeps getting more crazy and reality show like I have to pinch myself. At this point it reminds me of the Jerry Springer Show. I warn you now...I had a few laps in the gin pool when I composed this and am firing off on all cylinders. I'm about to be very un-ladylike.

White-Supremacist-KKK-Neo-Nazi, and antifacist rallyQuite appalling what happened. I don't know what in the hell is wrong with these people, and this country is getting as bad as a damn war zone. I guess this is what happens to trash that didn't fit into society. And the damn antifa group. Just saw video of an antifa moron hitting the Dodge Challenger with a baseball bat, WHICH CAUSED the driver to then hit the gas and run over people. Antifa aren't here to fight fascists. THEY ARE the fucking fascists. This country is seriously going to hell since that loser from the reality show became President. I hate to be mean, but will be just drop dead now and do everyone a favor? He's old and looks like a fucking fright to begin with. He's an asshole who likes all the in fighting and violence and allows it to continue....he has to be bit nuts. In connection with the riots, it took the bastard  three days to do what should have come fast and easy. And now he has found himself with ever fewer allies after his botched handling of the Charlottesville violence. Soon he'll be lucky if anyone gives him toilet paper to wipe his ass. Maybe Pence would. I'm sure he sucks off Trump everynight after he finds it first.

Now I'm reading headlines about Steve Bannon possibly being the next one gone. A better question would be who the fuck cares? I say fire the fat slobby bastard  and while he leaves, take that fucking HARPIE Kellyanne with him! Trump seems to not keep anyone long, so I'm sure that twat's day is coming.

Then I read that the trump bitch Ivanka would be leading the U.S. at an upcoming summit taking place in southern India. Greeeeat. Make us more a laughing stock to the world. She needs to sit her ass down, go back to New York and await her hubby's arrest, with other members of her family one day, and design,cough,more cheap crappy shoes made in China.

In all my life, I have never seen such a shit show come out of DC and the White House and still nothing has been accomplished. Except for fighting, bickering, firings, chaos. He must thinks this is his old terrible reality show. But his fan base still have there head up their ass to even see it, which proves these idiots deserve him. The only one I don't mind is Melania. Beautiful.... but probably doesn't have the best of eye sight. Has she seen that bastard she married??? I hear rumblings already she will probably leave him once out of office. I say Melania, why wait.....take the pre-nup and ran like hell from the damn fat fuck your married to. I'm sure she can find another millionaire to marry with a 2" cock. I hear Tom Cruise is still looking tootes.

Sigh..... Just like Tallulah Bankhead says.
"Thank God for alcohol.  If make these bastards more tolerable."

Monday, August 14, 2017


Well, the Mistress is back at the Casa du Borghese, and happy to report the weekend at the Woods Campground was another rousing success. The weather was nice,the place packed, boys everywhere, and yet again the Mistress and her Aqua-Net@ and gin, didn't get to close to the nightly bonfire. Otherwise it would been like Shelia Matthews Allen in the elevator from the Towering Inferno. God, I love the movie. But I digress. Illuminations at the Woods is one of my favorite summer time events. To start with, there are about close to 5,000 luminaries bags that line the pathways. The people who have permanent sites there and the "weekenders" all do themes, candles, torches, lights, and lasers to layer on to the candlelight. It ranges from the simple to the elaborate of set ups. Some sites even invite you in for desserts, or you know everyone is good and lit! This year, I was joined by the Lad, who'd never been, and a faithful reader of my blog Cooper, who was very smooth and entertaining, and might I add, is quite handsome, with legs that could crack a walnut, and an ass you could bounce a roll of quarters off of. Oh dear, where was I? Oh yes......some recap of the weekend.....

Just for Anne -Marie....
When you have queens who are creative, technology savvy, and have time on their hands....I understand this took five hours of threading.
Simple but elegant....

The mistress even donned jewels!
Under the Sea....spectacular...

A drag friend of mine Gloria Hole had her own drag mini golf set up, you know for a hole in one.
One site had a variation of the Plinko game from the Price is Right...Drinko. One would drop two disk down through the pegs. When the disk lands, you do a shot of the libation and a mixer it lands on. Your's truly got caught up in the fun and tried. What did I get? Vodka and bacon juice. Yeah.
I love me a VW bus! And the two guys are adorable hippies. I played the tambourine there one night. Or sometime.
And of course the Lad just had to capture a afternoon dip into the lake one day. And Cooper said if I blurred the face, I could post it. I hope you ate first, Cooper and my bare ass is coming... I told y'all he had nice legs...among other things. And I'll leave that there.

Now were all back to the Casa tonight before Cooper leaves tomorrow, and we head to P-town to meet up with Pearly Gates on Wednesday. Cooper was going to get a room before departure, but what kind of hostess would I be, so I invited him to say with us.  Service is much more legendary at the Casa anyway. We took Cooper over to The Raven today then showed him the town some. Then Ms.Moorecock tells me there is 8 guys at the door waiting for me. I says, I'm exhausted...send one home.

A huge thank you yet again to the Woods Campground for putting up with my ass, our hosts, and to Cooper for coming so far to meet again. Not to worry, my heart is as pure as the driven slush.