Wednesday, November 30, 2016


It seems things around here are finally getting back to normal, and I'm getting time to play and get caught up with my blog reading and making my rounds. We had been short a team member, and heading into the holidays IS NOT a good time to be short one. On top of that, our Creative Director was also wanting me to assist with photo shots for our company's Instagram. I must admit, it was fun, but meant twice weekly trips to New York City. Of course Ms.Moorecock suggested I get me an Instagram. I was like huh, no. So of course, she created one for me and posts my pictures on there for me. Hell, it is what I pay her for besides social directing my train wreaks!!!! Even though today is the last day of November, to me, the autumn is officially ended. When December rolls in, and with the Christmas season, it just feels more winter to me. But I had photos of my fall season I never got around to posting......and what a beautiful fall it was!

Fonthill Castle in Doylestown

Iron Hill Covered Bridge, one of 6 in Bucks County. This one is right up the road from the Casa.
Lake Galena at Peace Valley Park, about 5 minutes from the Casa. Makes for a nice run in the least till it gets too cold.
The very large maple outside my windows, turns brilliant red and orange, always cast this very cool hue over the living room. This is also after all the painting and over hauls were done this summer. I had the walls done over in a light beige suede finish.

Candle light by night most nights. Some nights you'd think I was having a séance. Upwards of 20 candles lit...besides myself.

This past summer the boudoir got completely overhauled. It went from dark chocolate walls and earth tones, to this dark Newport Blue with accents of navy and creams.
Buster Bolfig Borghese seemed to approve of the new boudoir.

The Mother's Ridgeback Lilith.........keeping watch on Buster.

Woods at the property edge. The fox are usually seen here.

Random street in Doylestown

Sitting a spell in deeeeeeep leaves in my Jack's

Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia

The seasonal apothecaries.

My usual suspects visited all autumn and now the junco's have returned. I'm getting eaten out of house and home again.
Redheaded Woodpecker

A Nuthatch

Tufted Titmouse

Bonnie and Clyde.

My birthday saw the return of my autumn/winter cock-a-tail....the Expresso Martini at the Lambertville House. YUMMMMMMMM

One weekend at Daddy Warbucks. I just had to kick up my gams!

So long was nice having you.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


If there is one thing a's looking at pictures of queens, and here is another segment from the gallery......
A Rose Is But a Rose- Alyssa Edwards

Head of Eden- Miriam Webster

Day at The Opera- Heklina

Birds Of A Feather- Nina Flowers & Kim Chi

Got Milk?- Amanda Lepore

What Are You Looking At?- Pandora Mystery

Marvels Next Villainess?-- Maddelynn Hatter

Dream Girl- Mayhem Miller

Head of Many Colors- Yet to be used Mistress wigs!

Monday, November 28, 2016


I can't believe another weekend has flown by. And here it is Monday again.....

Upon getting back from the holiday, I attended a great concert yesterday at the Kimmel Center to hear a lovely Beethoven and Mozart  concert which was a phenomenal way for the weekend to end. Upon getting home last night I caught a glimpse of my three fox out playing in the courtyard, chasing each other. They are loving this colder weather. They sure are beautiful animals and so wily. You know, if they could be pets, I'd have at least four in bed with me to keep me warm!!!! So how about some warm and fuzzy this Monday........

Saturday, November 26, 2016


When I left for the Thanksgiving holiday, I had left a lovely dinner for the houseboys.....and some lovely new woolen socks....which they loved by the looks of the photo they sent.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


On this day of thanks, don't fret and ponder what you don't have, but be happy, thankful, and grateful for what you DO have.
I truly wish you all a very
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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Probably because its mostly about being with friends and family, with no gifts. Just a time to be thankful what what we have and the people in our lives. The dinner is a wonderful extra treat. My aunt cooks the best turkey dinner I have ever had. Truly mouth watering. But many people eat other bird like duck, guinea fowl, and pheasant. Hell some even eat pizza or sushi! But as you guessed, i can get behind a holiday about bird!!! Well, I sat down with old Tom Turkey who gave me some fun talk of turkey. AND HERE I thought I knew my birds! Did you know the official bird of the holiday has many juicy secrets?
They sport beards!!!!!!! The hairlike bristles that grow from the chest of males are actually specialized feathers. Scientists think they could serve as a sensory function.
Researchers have found the wishbone dates back more than 150 million years to a group of meat eating dinosaurs, like T-Rex. It also serves as a reminder that birds evolved from dinosaurs.
Turkeys sleep in trees. With turkeys being so big and heavy, you'd think they'd stick to the ground. But in fact, they prefer to perch and sleep atop tree branches. They also let out soft yelps upon waking to make sure the rest of the flock is okay after a night.
Female turkeys don't gobble.
Turkeys make you sleepy. They contain tryptophan, an amino acid, to make serotonin, that helps to regulate sleep.
Ben Franklin ADORED turkeys. As a matter of fact he wanted it to be the official US bird. He stated in a letter to his daughter " For my own part, I wish the bald eagle had not been chosen; he is a bird of bad moral character."
Wild turkeys do, in fact, fly, at least for short bursts of speed of up to 55mph.
They have periscope vision.
Turkeys blush. When their ill,agitated, frightened or excited, their exposed skin can change colors.
Turkeys have stones in their stomachs. A part of the stomach called the gizzard, contains tiny stones the bird has swallowed when pecing.
So as you can see, there is more to these majestic birds than meets the eye. Luckily I only par take of turkey at Thanksgiving. Since ill be leaving shortly for a couple days away, I'll take this time to wish you all a great and hopefully peaceful holiday. I'm truly grateful for all .

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


One thing about the Mistress, I love some good jokes. And when it comes to telling jokes, no one is safe. I think its why I love the comedy of my idol, the fabulous Lady Bunny and the hilarity of Lisa Lampanelli. Friends know , no one will be safe when I get started. So with so many targets lately, its like shooting fish in a barrel. Leave it to Lady Bunny who regaled this....
Now that Trump has won President, he has been to the White House for brieifing. While there he was visited by three dead presidents. Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. Not one to miss an opportunity, he thought he'd ask each one how to be the best President ever. George Washington appeared first, and told Trump to never tell a lie. Well, to late for the Trump said. Next, Jefferson appeared and said Trump, listen to the people of your country. Trump said screw that, I'll do what I want. Next comes along good ole Abe Lincoln. Trump asked the same question how to be the best president ever, and Lincoln replied GO TO THE THEATRE!
Moving on....Now lets face it, Trump has given much to have fun with. Do you know what Trump says when he can't find his Viagra?
This erection is rigged!
Do you know what Trumps biggest dilemma will be now that he is president?
Finding a cabinet position for that thing on his head.
What is the difference between Reagan and Trump?
Alzheimers will give Trump a higher IQ.
what do you call a movie about Trump, Bannon and Priebus?
The League of Extraordinary Idiots
What's the difference between a sewage plant and Trump?
Nothing. There both full of shit.
Did you know Melania Trump is not keen on being the first lady?
For starters, it means moving into a smaller house.
Why does Trump love the poorly educated?
Because they know their ABC's. Anybody But Clinton.
Speaking of Hillary, did you hear she didn't let any of her campaign staffers excerise during the election season? She was afraid they'd feel the Bern. But she was busy enough making sure Bill was behaving. I had heard she prefers dogs to Bill. At least the dog chases its own tail
And how about Trump giving all these position and transition committee titles to a bunch of loud mouths. Christie is being considered maybe pass the transition title. How do you describe Christie Jello with a belt? Christie is not a bad man, but if you happen upon him in a elevator, by god, you better be going down. If his stomach growls, you better have a chair and a whip ready. I hear for fun, he likes to go downtown to department stores and burn out all the escalators. Have you ever seen him at the beach in swim trunks? He looks like a bear in a jock strap.
And how about this Reinze Priebus. Is it just me, or when he speaks, does it sound like a pack of nails having a super intense orgy down a chalk board? Just the name Reinze Priebus......sounds like the Sith Lord in the next Star Wars movie.
Then there's Bannon. I had heard Steve Bannon has already advised Trump to tear out Michelle Obama's garden and replace it with an Easy Bake Jew Oven. To all who said give Trump a chance, he has named Bannon Chief Fascist, oops I mean Chief Strategist. I say fuck that.
And hasn't Ann Coulter been quite. I hear she is working on a new calendar. Its called, Where Erections Go to Die. But Ann can be sharp sometimes. I used to think of her like a knife. But then again, a knife has a point!
And I too can be a good sport and can joke about my self. Just the other day I was filling out a application and where it said "sign here" I wrote Scorpio. I was shopping for a new suit the other day and I said to the clerk, " I'd like to see something cheap in a suit." He said the mirror is to your right! Do you know what a gin bottle and the Mistress have in common? Eventually they both bottom out. And finally in closing the Mistress and Thanksgiving do have things in common. With both, your pants will be open at some point, you'll get a plump juicy piece of meat, and you'll most likely go home full.