Sunday, December 31, 2023


EEECK!!...I fond farewell to long....

Farewell to a glittering holiday season. A ugly world at times. Horrendously ugly is more like it. Hopefully next year will be more cheerful for everyone everywhere. That's a huge HOPE. let's step & ring in the New Year with a better attitude and outlook. Good bye 2023! And step into something festive for the night. I'll be wearing my tradition tux ensembles but minus the jacket in leu of a more shimming jacket...and enjoy a nice intimate dinner with a group of friends downtown for a nice New Year Eve dinner and then drinks back at their home. Tomorrow... the Mummers and my pork and sauerkraut dinner is on tap.

I hope that 2023 has treated you as well as you deserve. I feel very thankful for the year I had and look back on many joys as well as my many rants. But we must remember the good with the bad only mold us to become stronger and wiser people. Count each blessing...big or small. Cheers to that.
In closing the year 2023...I'd like to thank you all for you kind words, kind supports, by commenting, writing your blogs, and or stopping in, commenting and sharing views, laughs and serious moments. We have really built a nice little online community, a place to enjoy man meat, stories, visual delights, tunes, supports, discuss various topics, and general daily non-sense, and I enjoy creating a place to escape the news, well most days. Even emails and DM'S with some of you. It all tickles me. We have created a shelter from the more common mundane things we have to face daily which may not always be positive or jolly. But having blogs to visit is a desperately needed dose of laughs, turn-ons, and inspiration, and so likewise, I hope my gin joint is not only a place to visit but I also hope it makes you chuckle and gives an escape. So thank you dear friends!

May we all enjoy a more Happy , Healthy and Peaceful New Year. And here's to yet more debauchery...mustn't forget that now shall we???

๐ŸŽ‡Happy New Years Eve✨


 My year in review as told Karen Walker style....

I gave a good ear this year to the politicians, the media and corporate bullshit.

I never, ever once, did not look forward to a Friday.

I learned McCarthy and Santos got kicked to the curb.

Loved my flexible for me.

Met up with Lumbersexual and a couple of other gents this year.

Still appalled by the continuing train wreck of Crocs.

Ran into Representative Marsha Blackburn in a restaurant.

Was able to get back to giving out treats for the halloweener's.

Finally got back to traveling, even though the flight drinks were disappointing.

Got caught up with Daddy Warbucks.

And I got coal again from Santa.

Saturday, December 30, 2023


What with the last opening of the Candy Shop for the year, we may as well go whole hog and out with a bang I say. This is better than any Pfeffernusse cookies or  Niederegger marzipan classic candy...this hunk is more like a foot long German bratwurst!!! While all I know is that his name is Tom and he hails from Germany, works a normal 9-5 day job, but is also a part time model and it is apparent he is not in the least bit shy to show off his kibbles, bits, and other delectably lick-able assets. I can see he offers all I need, handsome face, deep blue brooding eyes, great legs, all three of them, and I great chest to lay my weary head on at night. And with winter here, and hopefully getting colder, he's great to keep me warm at any means necessary. Devour him children!!!! Take it all in....

Friday, December 29, 2023


 Another fun batches of Refaces! I still can't get over how accurate the faces are. And boy if I can get chesticles like this, maybe I should work out more!!!! The result in the green Lycra, result 3, nailed my face and my own actual hair style.

Then there are my dance moves.... Notice the big box.

Then there was my clean-cut, old family money days, when I was innocent once.
Sigh, to have this results luxurious, wavy hair......ahh...

These three were eerily accurate with the face. I'd probably hook up and take myself to bed and do me! But it's this ski chalet result that gets me! I so need that whole orange ensemble with coat! But it's the one with the tan knit hat, and fur lapel coat that really could be me just filmed. That WAS like looking in the mirror, and I have the coat already.
Anyone want to hit the slopes with me???



Back in the day. Back in the day. Don't you remember when people said back in the day? I never did do anything too tragic. I did drink though. I remember drinking heavy in the drag days. Boy, Back in the day did they like their drags drunk on stage during a show. They feed you with liquor, get some laughs and then leave you after the show, and then it's all downhill from here. That's what I want to pass on to the future generation of queens. Don't let them feed you with booze. Cause it catches up when you least expect it. I mean there you are, on the A train in NYC, fucked up out of your mind. Next thing you know, there you are, you're playing the bag pipes completely naked. And you don't even play the bag pipes, you don't even know where you got the bag pipes from. And that's when you know you've gone too far... yet again. 

๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถAnd here I am Toooooooooday!!!!!๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต

Thursday, December 28, 2023



Pattaya Hart

Venus Kunt

Ginger Johnston

The  Dominink

Sapphira Cristal


Killer Queen

Jinkx Monsoon & Ben DeLa Creme

Didi Delicious

Dina Martina

Ella Vaday

The Villbergs

Monday, December 25, 2023


As is tradition of the most perfect, comforting, and beautiful Christmas songs. The song never ceases to move me... from Bucks County native Christina Perri.
 To all of us everywhere... A Merry Christmas to us all my dears.