Thursday, October 31, 2019


Happy Hallowe'en ALL!!!!!👻
 It was a late night, and a early morning, so for this day,  on All Hallows, I have to submit a last few seasonal inspired snaps from the weekend at my friend's place with his cats, and in town, my favorite squirrel,  and last night's delight!


by Sheri-Ann O’Shea
Oh! Hallowe’en is  about the grave
Or ghosts or horrors fit to make men rave
It’s about black witches and black cats
Or goats or toads or spider webs or bats
There’s nought in it of skeletons in chains
Or blood or leering heads protruding brains
Or grinning pumpkins lighted from within
Or sound recordings making dreadful din
The moans and groans, the creaking door, the screams
The notion that your nightmares aren’t mere dreams
What sickness is it in us that craves fear?
And what perverse delight holds evil dear?
What view of education and of care
Sends children trick-or-treating every year
These cats!!!! My friend Dan's cats...the perfect Halloween cats, no? 
They really are sweet.
And last night at the party....
Who's ready to fly the friendly skies???

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


It's still a ghoulishly good time for most, but no one can argue that Halloween has lost some of its innocence over the years. I still enjoy it, although the costumes have gotten more elaborate or naughty. I have long told friends I'm glad I grew up when I did to be able to enjoy the magical feeling Halloween always had. Parents are now opting for organized celebrations rather than the traditional night out trick or treating.

It's still the spookiest night of the year. Some say the night derives from evil. Spirits of those who had died throughout the preceding year would come back on All Hallows Eve in search of living bodies to possess. Their only chance at the afterlife. Another account is that it's a celebration of Roman traditions, such as their day to honor Pomona, the Roman Goddess of fruit and trees, which might explain the origin of bobbing for apples on Halloween.
Whatever the story, we enjoy scaring the daylights out of each other for one night a year. The problem now is, things have changed, because of abductions, drunk driving, poisoned or tainted candy and terrorist attacks. There are real concerns for moms and dads today. It's a shame really. I can remember us kids getting excited weeks before, but then we would almost wet ourselves with excitement when we would see those famous boxed costume sets start stocking the shelves. The big decision would be what character would be lucky enough to be selected to wear for the night. And then there was the trouble of trying to keep it quiet from everybody.  And come the night, the town would be filled with kids scurrying the streets, with there Halloween themed bag, or an actual plastic jack o' lantern. Luckily here in town, Halloween is HUGE business, so packed, that many streets in New Hope, Doylestown and Lambertville close down. It's great to see, and we have trick or treat actually on Halloween. Back in the day I did everything from Spiderman,


.it was the chiseled jawline that excited me, and then came the Fairy Princess.

 Yeah, we should have known then.One year I did Casper. We were relieved to see that it was FLAME retardant!!!!
The problem was by the end of the night the crotch would usually give and start ripping down the leg, and the mask would be saved for something or other. Of course when I got older I remember the hot neighbor kid coming over. He asked one year why I was going as a tent?!?! I told him I was a ghost!!!! 

Do you have any costumes you remember the most, or good Halloween memories? Any guesses on what I might be for the Halloween party later tonight?????

How's about a Halloween interlude.....

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Tis the season for some fright and style......

Divina De Campo

Sonique & Chad Michaels

Louisiana Purchase 

Carmen Dioxide

Peaches Christ

Yara Sofia

Magnolia Applebottom

Roxxxy Andrews

Miriam Webster

Delta Work

Maddelynn Hatter

Abbey Roads

Monday, October 28, 2019


As you know, Halloween is among my favorite occasions, and holidays...a very close tie with Thanksgiving... and when my schedule allows, I always love to decorate  the Casa du Borghese in preparation for  Hallows Eve and all the children...all 8 that go trick or treating on All Hallows' Eve to my place. I get more adults as they know I give at little bottles of liquor, mistaken them for juice boxes. How I make this mistake ever year is beyond me. I also  attend the yearly Halloween party in New Hope, and dress up in fun, interesting and crazy costumes. Call me crazy, but decorating for the holidays is fun and always gives the joint a fresh feel, and changes it up, and it's nice to have a seasonal reference as not to bore of the place. Fall has a great feeling. It's pretty, crisp, cool and has a touch of creepiness to it. Our town here gives out scarecrow kits for the kids to assemble and then they placed them all over town, and tied to lamp posts, like the two above. Meanwhile at the Casa the autumn jewels are out.
The front door wreath.
The living room above where some of the blogging and nasty takes place!!!!!One of the fall arrangements I did below.
Who remember these light up figurines? This one was my grandmothers The compote I found at a vintage store for $20 some time ago and filled it with fall finery..
A favorite cocktail table delight!!!!
A little pumpkin tealight from Miss Pumpkin!
I love pumpkins, can you tell? 
 Now whose' s ready for a drink?
Two black cats guard the gin! A gift from the Mother.
You know I love me some apothecary's!!!!!!
Some art in the hallway.
In the boudoir....
I love arranging feathers. Have oodles of them too.
Why yes, the neck pillow does have a parakeet on it.
A dish I use as my catch all for beads and watches. I'm a huge wrist stacker. I like wearing a watch then earing multiple beaded bracelets with them.
The Lad despises that pottery dear head.
Gratuitous and appalled Buster Bolfig shot.
And your gratuitous tour guide the Mistress. I don't know why your shocked, I told you the jewels for autumn were out.