Saturday, January 31, 2009

Downturn hits Philadelphia

Over the last year we have all seen and heard all the rumblings of the economy. Most of us tightened the belts over the holidays and jobs have been lost due to companies scaling back. It seems to the Mistress that since December it has gotten worst. More and more stories keep surfacing about friends and their family members losing jobs and we are seeing more of this around these parts.

The economic climate in Pennsylvania so far is in the middle of the road for the country. Were not the worst, but it's not the best either. But,it seems that the last two weeks the economic downturn has finally it the Philadelphia area with many warehouse companies and factories scaling down on hours or closing and more and more stores closing. There are adds in the papers for sign holders like this.

These two workers stand with going out of business sale signs in front of Linens and Things that are now closed. And last week more companies announced closings like Williams- Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Home Depot and Expo Design Center. Shopping centers , a category that includes strip malls and lifestyle centers are doing worst than expected, reporting vacancy rates of 9.4-10.5 percent. Larger enclosed malls are doing better with vacancy rates of about 3.9 percent. Stores and company closings have come as the US economic downturn forces retailers to scale back expansions plans, close under performers,or file for bankruptcy protection. Other stores and companies are still making it, but are cutting back on hours of operation. The Mistress felt the economy last week as her hours got cut back. She is just over joyed to have a job though as she loves her work. But many others aren't so lucky. Some got cut altogether. Other friends from all over loss their full and part time jobs. I wish them all the luck in the world. The Mistress had her advisers tell her she will have to cut back on the luxuries.

Ball gowns

Estate jewels

Fur wraps

Entertaining hot Brazilians

When the Mistress first heard of the cuts she was relieved she only had hours cut. Many others lost jobs all together and are having a very hard time finding work. My heart goes out to all those who lost their jobs. Just keep thinking positive. Things will get better. Hang in there. Things always get worst before they get better. But I must admit, I already miss the Brazilian house boy!

Friday, January 30, 2009

From the Candy Shop


The Mistress could go on and on about David Beckham and what he's accomplished and his famous man jumblies, but we would be here all night. David is a English football midfielder, has done some part time modeling for a little designer named Armani, is married to former Spice Girl Victoria "Posh" Adams and is considered one of the most stylish men in the world. And this bitch thinks he is just the hottest thing since the sun was created! Enough said!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's Peel that Denim

Since it's so damn cold out and the Mistress loves some HOT men and loves them in a old pair of jeans, we might as well keep the hotness coming. Since Byran Thomas also won Mate of the Year, I'm in the mood for more hot guys. You can never get enough can you?

Mate of the Year

I pleased to tell you all that fellow Philadelphian and Hunky blogger, Bryan Thomas has found out he won the coveted title of DNA Magazine's Mate of the Year! Congratulations Byran! Those good looks and hard work paid off. Not only Mate of the year , but also the Sexist Man Alive in one year! You can all rest assure I'm getting a copy of the issue! And be sure to stop by Byran's blog sometime. Just click on the title of his blog in my blog list. Below is also a video by the famous Fred on the Net he shot of the contestants for Mate of the year. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

He's Only 253

Today was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's birthday! He would be 253 years old today. The Mistress loves herself some classical music, in particular Mozart. And you all though I just loved deep house music! See I'm just full of surprises. No, the Mistress loves to listen to classical music or some good jazz while in traffic to work or while cooking. Today, it was all about classical. While I don't know the titles of all the works, I do know it sounds just beautiful and I find it very relaxing. Even at a young age, I always enjoyed listening to my cousin play his violin. He and his wife now play with the Chattanooga Symphony. I have seen them play several times before they moved away. Anywho,today the Philadelphia Pubic Radio station here all day played Mozart's works. Mozart was born January 27 1756 and was a prolific and influential composer of the Classical era. Mozart showed prodigious ability from a early age. He started composing from the age of five and performed before European royalty all before the age of twenty. Here are some fun facts. Did you know?

*Mozart was engaged by the age of seventeen.

*He only lived to be 35 years old?

*Mozart was nearly bankrupt when he died? He was buried in a unmarked grave.

*He was originally buried in a pauper's grave, but his final resting spot was never recorded by history.

*Mozart wrote about 600 pieces of work in his lifetime.

*Legend has it that at the age of 2, he identified a pig's squeal as a G sharp.

*Between the ages of 8 and 19 he had composed 33 symphonies.

*At the age of five he was considered an accomplished pianist.

*While on tour, the Empress Maria asked Mozart to play the palace. When they were introduced he climbed upon her lap and kissed her.

This is the Mistress's favorite symphony. I'm sure you will recognise it. Happy Birthday Mozart!

Grande Dame of the Week

Hilarious queen- MIMI IMFURST

Mimi Imfurst is a drag performer and actress who is from the great city of New York. Mimi, I have to say is funny as hell. If you ever have a chance to catch her, please do! Ms.Imfurst has such a great style and look. I just love her big hair. Mimi has a weekly show you can catch every Monday with fellow queen Eve Starr. Together they host Psycho Babble. The two get along like Donnie and Marie Osmond except gayer,if you can believe that. Mimi does it all: sings, dances, eats marshmallows and creates a general chaos of laughter among a mixed audience. Mimi can be seen every Monday at Therapy Bar. What a trip she is. And how can you not be a fan of hers. She too is a fan and worshipper of The Hat!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Glammy's?

No,not the Grammy's, the Glammy's! For the past 10 years The Annual Glammy Awards ceremony celebrates the Best in NYC's nightlife talent. The evening is filled with go-go dancers drag queens, pornstars, and all the regulars characthers of the nightlife. The nominnes are voted on by the artists, promoters,bar managers and onwers,DJ'S, go-go dancers,hosts,etc. This year they were held at Splash Bar in December. And by the pictures it looks like it was a blast and very fashionable!! Here are some of the pictures!

Entertainer of the Year- the beautiful Candis Cayne

Best Dance Performer- Sahara Davenport

Best Comedy Performer- Bianca Del Rio

Best Hostess of Shows-Peppermint

Best Dressed- Acid Betty

My favorite queen got Best Blogger-Lady Bunny

Best Go-Go Dancer- Mike Dreydon

Here's a little video about the Glammy's!
<a href="" target="_blank">More Logo Video</a>
Gay TV and video from

Friday, January 23, 2009

Aretha Franklin and The Hat

I haven't had time to post yet about Ms. Aretha Franklin and the hat yet. I know my good sister and friend Mamie is in love with the Hat and now stalking it. But I received a email from a friend asking what I thought of her at the inauguration. The Mistress has to say she thought Ms Franklin look very well put together. It was very stately looking and was a very good selection for her being a fuller figured gal, and lets face it she isn't exactly a style icon. The outfit was the perfect choice for the day. A lovely shade of winter grey and it suited her complexion nicely. And the Mistress LOVED the hat. The Mistress loves a good chapeau for any occasion. And I feel Aretha picked up a nice one. She got it I understand from a little millinery in her town of Detroit.The hat was big, but it fit her frame wonderfully.I thought this was a huge upgrade for Ms Franklin! Lets face it she has looked worse!

From the Candy Shop.....

The hot and adorable DJ Scotty Thompson

Scotty Thompson who in just one year attained residencies at clubs in New York and Washington DC has already expanded his horizons to become a well known DJ. He has played venues like Miami White Party, Fire Island Pines, Provincetown's Crown and Anchor and many more. In 2007 he added International to his title by appearing in Paris,Montreal,Singapore, Malaysia,and Tel-Aviv. Scotty was born and raised in New York and has managed to break out of the over-populated pack of party DJs with his unique blend of diverse, old school, cutting edge sounds and exciting beats. He evens spins in a speedo at times to feel free! Saturday this hunk will be playing at Pure right here in Philadelphia. I know he will make the Mistress's feet move.

And here is a promo video of some of Scotty's music.