Saturday, May 30, 2009

The "Deselection" Process

Obviously, the economic downturn has touched just about everyone in some way, shape, or form; in many cases, most drastically with the loss of a job or reduction in hours worked. A friend and I were recently talking about the fundamental “unfairness” of being left go by an employer, and the accompanying loss of self-esteem and fear that can come with it.

We noted that in such a cut-throat economy, people would resort to whatever means necessary to keep their job (and by extension, their livelihood, their self-esteem, their status, and potentially, their family) – and the anger that comes with being left go when it’s not your fault.

Ok, bad example.

Not really appropriate, either, as I’m not sure if he works. But then again, the pic is nice and we don’t care.

Seriously, can you believe these people are still employed?( At 25K an episode, no less.) Is “Douchebag” a search category now?

A few days ago, on Facebook, I noticed that even in “Internet-Land” – and even in this crappy economy where more people than ever are in the same boat – there is a slight reluctance to say the words “laid off”. Several friends have the status of “Spending more time with my puppy” or “The next two days will be rough; not sure what I’m going to do” or “Glad I bought that grill set”. One theory that sort of makes sense is that “laid off” still has a negative connotation, and that in an effort to put a best foot forward on a social networking site, people try to emphasize what’s still right. (Sort of a “high school reunion” gameface.)

One friend who works in corporate America has noted that the phrase du jour is “deselected” – as in “Frank survived the deselection process.”

As you may have read, earlier this year, the Mistress hit this bump – and while things have corrected themselves and are fine now, the feelings of initial shock, panic, and uncertainty that everything might not turn out fine, are vividly remembered. Every little shock like this, in each household, across the country, puts a little more doubt in our embedded concept of “The American Dream”. Much of my day is spent in a human services type of role – and so I have a real gnawing feeling that the critics who say this is a “fundamental realignment of the world economy” are absolutely correct. The need for various jobs – and locations of said jobs – and pay scales of said jobs – will and are changing. Further, the role of government – having to do more with less tax revenue, while still attempting to “stimulate” to the degree that it can – is changing as well.

But then again, there’s always this. Discuss amongst yourselves.

The Boy Toy

Friday, May 29, 2009

While the Mistress is Away...

...well, you know how the rest of that goes.

As you've no doubt read, earlier today the Mistress put on her snowshoes and made the trek up Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. The Boy Toy (or yours truly, since you're now reading this...I just realized how obnoxious it sounds to use that moniker on myself) is scheduled to do the same tomorrow, having had some work issues to attend to.

So essentially, I was abandoned. With the dog. And the blog. And a little bit of Jack Daniel's. Ok...a lot of Jack Daniel's.

He's mentioned a few times that I do not blog - not that we don't have much to say. There just doesn't seem to be enough time to say it all. But often we've spoken about what I might blog about if I had one...and so, just for today and tomorrow morning...I do. So let's get to it.

Topic #1: Levi Johnston, Mathematical Symbols version

Plays hockey, plus. Changes diapers, kind of a plus. Halfway decent in a suit, plus. Did not graduate, minus. That whoe MySpace "f-ing redneck" thing, minus. Going on Tyra, division symbol. Ragging on Sarah, call it a draw.

Topic #2: Heather "Longboobs" McDonald

The funniest person on late night television, she's part of the staff of the Chelsea Handler Show on E! Now, Chelsea and the Mistress have quite a bit in, poking fun at people, the allegedly blond hair, and rumors of husband-stealing. But nothing is more offensive and funny than McDonald's impression of Marlee Matlin's whiny character on "The L Word" (the last 45 seconds of this clip). Just plain wrong.

I must say, this has been fun. Discuss amongst yourselves.
-Boy Toy

From the Candy Shop

The sexy and HOT Mike Ruiz !

Mike Ruiz is a New York-based photographer known for his high-impact, surreal brand of celebrity and fashion photography. Mike has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment. He also made his directorial debut with RuPaul's uproarious comedy "Starrbooty" which was a film festival favorite in 2007. And let's face it . Mike is one very hot hunk!!! Look at those arms! And chest! To check out his website, you can go here to Mike Ruiz Photography to check out his gorgeous work!

Travel by Train

Well, the Mistress will be traveling by train, but not with a toilet! Although the outfit will not be far off!!! The Mistress and Boy-Toy are heading to New York City to visit with my good friend and sister Mamie , Kailyn, Beth and a few other familiar faces from the world of blogging for the soon to be famous Drunken Dust Bunny Weekend. I understand their will be trips to museums, the Bronx Zoo, shopping and of coarse the drunken bar crawl starting at Pieces Bar at 9:00PM. Is there any bets on who will fall out first? It sounds to be a fun weekend and I can not wait. I'll be leaving directly after the trunk show at work today. I'm sure I'll have some pics and details next week. And this is the beginning of a busy time for the Mistress. Next week she is involved with all kinds of gay pride festivities here in Philadelphia, and am expecting friends in town for the weekend. The week after that will be a weeks vacation. The week after that we will be due for a camping weekend. Why do I have the feeling this will start a huge drinking period ?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Miss Ginger is Putting Out

...her talent(s) that is! Well, that doesn't sound right either. What the Mistress is trying to say is that Miss Ginger is putting her drag talent and charitable skills to good use to raise money for a good cause. Whew, there we go! Miss
Ginger Grant, philanthropist, performer and a huge Icon of Texas is having her biggest show of the year, and will feature performers from all over the Texas landscape. It is Miss Ginger's Roundup.

And what a good cause it is. The Roundup is benefiting Legacy Community Health Services. They empower their clients to lead better lives by providing premium, compassionate health care services, and are committed to serving a diverse community including those persons who have traditionally faced problems accessing health care (among many other services). Miss Ginger is putting together one hell of a show. And for all the money raised, Miss Ginger will "roundup" to the nearest thousand. So the Mistress thought if any of us, our readers, and our admirers have any loose change lying around why not take it to a change machine, get the cash, and send it to Miss Ginger to help such a worthy cause. Some of the coins in your couch can really add up! Miss Ginger's Roundup will be held on June 7th at 3:00PM at Brazos River Bottom in Houston. So if you live in or near Houston go support this hard working diva and her crew. Donations can be sent to Miss Ginger's Roundup, c/o Sonna Alton, Legacy Community Health Services, 1116 Jackson Avenue, Houston Texas 77006. Lets all give anything to help out our girl Miss G! And be sure to check out her entertaining blog The Fabulous Blog of Miss Ginger Grant for more details. Have a wonderful show girl!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week

The Rock and Roll Diva- Sherry Vine!

Sherry Vine has been a New York fixture on the club scene sine the 90's and is also one of the Mistress's favorite divas to see. And she has also become quite the powerhouse on the scene. You may also remember Sherry for her appearance on Project Runway as one of the models durning the drag queen challenge. Maybe we will see Ms.Vine on the upcoming trip for the weekend.

Priscilla- The Musical

I can't believe I didn't know this was now a musical in England. And doing very well. Back in March the new musical, Priscilla-Queen of the Desert, opened in London. If you've seen the Oscar winning movie The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert you'll know the heart warming story of three drag queen friends who hop aboard a battered bus and take their show to the middle of the Australian outback. My new assistant at work saw it when they were abroad and said it was phenomenal. Very well done. If it does well I can't help but wonder if it will come to America,, or if some producer on Broadway will do their own version? I imagine it is very entertaining. And aren't the costumes fantastic!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Hunks

Happy Memorial Day to all of you. Y'all know what that means. We can now wear white jeans, enjoy the beach, and bring on the half naked men!!!! Hot man season is finally here.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pull Prissy Pull

The Mistress knew this morning she shouldn't have had those pancakes AND blueberry muffin. And a tea dance to get to! Oh dear.

Memorial Day Greetings

Happy Memorial Day from the Mistress! I hope all are having a good time and enjoying this beautiful weather. So far this weekend the Mistress used Saturday to get some odds and ends done around the abode and then went to market to get some fresh fruit and veggies and the provisions I needed to make potato salad, baked beans, and good old chocolate cupcakes for a picnic on Monday. Buster Borghese thought he would be cute on his routine walk yesterday afternoon. Ya see, when we get to the park we ran like hell in the field. Well while running, he decides he will cut in front of me. I go flying and fall to the ground and the little mongrel keeps running! At first I panicked, but then I just yelled his name and he came running back to me. Whew! Anywho, the rest of the weekend will be relaxing. Today we are headed to The Nevermore Hotel in New Hope, the big gay hang out for the annual Tea Dance for a few cock-a-tails, dancing and drag show. The place is quite beautiful, and it is indoors and outdoors around the pool. It generally gets packed!

At night it looks really cool when they light the whole place up and illuminate the joint.

And in those little dark spots at night there will be all those naughty boys doing there thing. Thanks God the Mistress doesn't par take of such things. Being the respectable woman she is, she will cup a few good feels and then tell them "Why I never!" It's hard to keep these men at bay, but someones got to do it! Tootles.

Diamonds Are A Gurl's Best Friend

Well in at least this country. The jeweler Cartier is celebrating 100 years in America this month. Cartier is really 150 years old but came to the US fifty years after being founded. At work as a stylist, I get all kinds of magazines and publications in which I saw Cartier is celebrating their anniversary. The picture above is there flagship in New York which I have visited before to just look! The place is quite amazing. Cartier was founded in 1847 by Louis Cartier, the jewelry house in the 19th century earned a reputation as one of Paris's preeminent jewelers, furnishing baubles to aristocrats. Cartier was one of the first jewelers to use platinum in jewelry.Cartier also was the first to introduce the first jewelery bracelet-watches for women, introduced the tank watch, and was the first to create jewelery using animal motifs. Cartier is the jeweler who sold Marie Antoinette's earrings and the Hope diamond before they ended up in the Smithsonian Institution. The jeweler eventually came to America in 1909 where Cartier's grandson, Pierre Cartier bought a mansion on Fifth Avenue. The mansion was then owned by Morton Plant, who decided to sell it to Pierre for $100 and a double-strand pearl necklace valued at $1 million. It wasn't long before the Astors, Vanderbilts and Morgans were pushing open the doors there.Since then Cartier's line expanded to leather goods, perfumes, handbags and all kinds of couture jewelry ranging from $2,000- $10 million for certain pieces.

Marilyn Monroe was decked out in Cartier diamonds for Gentlemen Prefer Blonds.

And like every year at the Oscars, many movie stars are oftened "loaned" pieces from the vast vintage collection that Cartier has to offer. If I'm a real good Mistress maybe the Boy-Toy will take me to our little Cartier boutique here to get my little piece of history.

Friday, May 22, 2009

From the Candy Shop

Xzivx is a very handsome ,hot man isn't he? I know he gets the Mistress hot and bothered! Xzivx is originally from Israel and is currently a professional dancer. I know he can give me a private dance anytime! Is he not filling out those shorts above?