Wednesday, March 31, 2021


It's probably been now over a year since I stepped foot anywhere other then a dinner or two, last summer, on a deck along the river of a restaurant, or just to get provisions at the farmers market and grocery store. I have had no desire to go shopping at other stores at all, like boutiques or malls. I think to a point , well, I know, I have developed a minor case of PTSD. I think I would have a panic attack in  a store now if I find it getting near crowded. So when  a friend contacted me about paying me to stage his antique booth and that of another,  upon recommendation,  I accepted with trepidation. But this was nice pay to be made quite easily, and in my wheelhouse. So I said yes. Only after did we tell me the antique center was only open by appointment, so it's not like the general public can just walk in...and only then have to be buzzed in to control the number of people. Luckily the place covers four floors too. 

I can't express how refreshing that was, and it felt nice to get out and do something different, and I miss working with what I love doing. So last week I went, and of course took pictures. 
My friend had a ton of new items and furnishings and has not been able to get in. I asked if I could even paint the one wall, when I viewed the space originally. Which was a big yes. I think if you can make a space look like an actual room and not just a booth with dropped treasure in a space, it will bring more people into it and generate interest. It helped to that this friend is on the main floor, where all the real high end antiques and such are. And when you get down to's all about the accessorizing.
Although he was holding out on me with these cock cock-a-tail glasses. You doesn't need glasses with cocks on them? The other space was a wreck, but I too emptied the space and started from scratch.
I was pleased with the results. This took just about all day, especially the wall hangings.
My friend Angela that runs this booth had this neat piece of a wrought iron pedestal with a gear wheel? on top it ? She said it's been there for about two years. So you know me? Always have the libations on the mind. So I turned it into a entertaining piece and suggested using it for a bar. Turned out pretty cool I thought.

She phoned just today to tell me the damn thing sold. Some hipster guy loved it and bought it, and even took the bar set on top. Again, you really do have to suggest things. Most people can't visualize things for multi- purpose, or for other uses. She had these in the booth. Aren't they adorable?
Another barware set. 
And how cool are these chairs for a retro kitchen?
I was most pleased by how both booth spaces turned out. I was in my hayday .

After I was done, I took a spin around to have a look see around the joint. This huge credenza breakfront could be yours for the asking price of  $250,000
I came across these fun bottle holders for a bar. Never seen anything like them before. I don't think my bottles would fit in these. But they could be cute just sitting on a bar for conversation pieces.

This gave me a chuckle. But who wants Reagan Paper Dolls? And I don't think Nancy ever had titties that full and firm looking. Nor did I ever see her smile.

Totally FELL IN LOVE with this side chair. it was only $89. 
I was so thinking of calling and telling the front desk to hold it for me. But Ill wait and go back, If it's still there then it's meant to be. Believe or not, it was actually damn comfortable and hit the back and shoulder just right. 

And how about this most unusual item?
Yes honey. When people traveled to Eastern Europe in the 19th century, people traveled prepared. These are vampire hunting kits allegedly sold to 19th century travelers, and contain much of what you would expect: a wooden stake, Bible, crucifix, pistol with lead bullets, gunpower, garlic, and glass vials that held various concoctions to ward off vampires. Or as I called it... a GQP hunting kit.
I did however fall for this mirror and couldn't pass it up for the whopping asking price of $12. I think I'll work it into my wall collage of mirrors in the living room.
However, till I decide,  it sits with the two pieces of art my friend did of me and then gifted to me, when the exhibit closed. I'm just not sure yet where I want to hang them. Though, I'm not opposed to this composition currently.
On another front, one of the two freelance design projects is a go. My fee was accepted and it will be a full, down to the bare walls of a kitchen and dinning room remodel. So there's that.


....But far from it.

I had almost given up hope. But low, Garbage is back, probably one of my favorite music groups, right along with Goldfrapp. How's that for a pairing? So different right?  I was overjoyed when I heard Garbage were going to emerge, with No Gods No Masters, for it's been it's 2016's excellent Strange Little Birds. And leave it to this outspoken and talented to group, to be right in step, and on cue with the current times. And yet, somehow they seem to capture the words in my head...but express them far better.

There lead single "The Men Who Rule the World" is a new protest song for the times currently, a song about the injustices of capitalism, racism and sexism and misogyny around the world. I'll be here for this album. They have yet do anything I don't own.

And I just adore Shirley Manson, that unique, distinctive voice, rebellious attitude, and forthright style... with many messages. She was quoted in a interview  with MXDWN ."This is our seventh record, the significant numerology of which affected the DNA of it's contents: the seven virtues. the seven sorrows, and the seven deadly sins. It was our way of trying to make sense of how fucking nuts the world is and the astounding chaos we find ourselves in. It's the record we felt that we had to make at this time."  She even talked about the fanbase. "We'll take anybody, we're not fussy. We don't discriminate between any age. I think it's always flattering when you can speak to a new generation. At the same time, there's something really beautiful to age yourself, and age with a audience- there's something extraordinary about that because you've lived literally through the same lifetime. You've seen the same things and been affected by the same stories."

And she's right. We have, we see the same things, and are going through the same things... so you'd think it would be tying us all together and unite us, instead of dividing us. Thank goodness Garbage is back. And right on point.

And nothing wrong with some vintage Garbage, Stupid Girl, which at one time was my theme song, and a song I had in my drag routine.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021


 I highly doubt Ill ever turn in my fuck me pumps.


I remember back in the day when I stared doing drag, and then well into the 90's and early 2000's if you were a club queen or a pageant queen,  and were serious about drag and in the know, you had a Coco Vega gown or more,  and at least one wig created by the late great Chris March. I never had the latter, but did have two gowns by Coco, and they were often hand beaded and sequined gowns. I would swear the royal blue floor length I had weighed at least 20lbs!!! And Coco is still around, in Las Vegas now, and is still huge on the pageant circuit. But these days, if your a campy club queen and preforming,  then one covets a Florence D' Lee original. And trust me, you have seen his work hunty. Bryce Turegon, also known as Florence D'Lee is a fun loving, dom top bear, ex- drag queen himself, and has worked as a designer for many of the queens from Drag Race and in New York City, not to mention an accomplished theatrical costume designer.  This season's Tina Burner, had just about every look created by Florence, and a couple of Rose's as well, in addition to disqualified queen Sherry Pie from last season.

Of course the gay community jumped all over him, at least the mean fans of RPDR, for not deleting pictures of Sherry from his Instagram when all the shit hit the fan. But even though he too did not condone Pie's behavior, I agreed with him to not delete the pictures. And why? What he designed for her was some of his most creative and over the top, detailed works. Many too complained about the show not editing her further back, but I think if your on the inner would have also been a punch in the face to Florence. I know I was looking at his work by then, and not that cow.

Florence had been involved with theatre from an early age.By high school he knew he had a flair for costume designing, and ultimately got his BFA in theatrical costume design, and shortly after moved to NYC. But left to not designing anything for shows, but more of a "sewing technician", he ended up walking away for a different career path. At that time he'd been moonlighting as a drag queen, and turned it into a full time job. Being a huge bear at 6'8" and built like a linebacker, he had no choice but too design his own costumes. It was then, a lot of plus size queens took notice to his finery, and started commissioning him for custom garments. Fast forward to years later and he left the preforming to run his own full time design company, creating for drag queens and nightlife scenesters.

Stephanie's Child- Rose', Lagoona Blue, Just Jan


Since then,  he's been constantly booked with queens. I'm sure it's never a dull moment. Two of his most favorite creations were not of his muses but for the promo look and finale gown for Scarlett Envy on Drag Race.

From T-B Ariel Versace, Blair St Clair, Selma Nilla

The Sherry Pie disaster seemed to follow him, but died down quickly, now the LGBT has been a huge support of him and his work. When he had spoke passionately about designing some of Sherry's looks, thankfully people finally understood where he was coming from. I agreed with him, that the RPDR community can get vicious. He had asked that viewers didn't shred and tear down every aspect of Sherry on the show, because so much of what we see is coming from designers and artists, wig designers and jewelers. Most viewers don't realize it takes a village to get these bitches on the show. And with his comment of that,  he is absolutely right. The queens don't bring their old everyday drag anymore, like the early days. This past season was so nice seeing so many creations on Tina and Rose'

Scarlet Envy

Of course like many of us, Florence felt the crunch of the pandemic too, with queens not doing shows, clubs and productions shut down. Thank goodness for drag race and queens at least needing creations for the show, right?  But the pandemic and summer throw curveballs at him... and he suffered back in June, when he was rushed to the hospital with Cauda Equine Syndrome. He suffered major damage to his spinal cord,  causing numbness from the waist down confining him to a wheelchair, temporally. After that stint,  he had to do rehabilitation on regaining his strength. It also put a major stress on him financially, but luckily with friends and queens, they set up a Go Fund Me, which outdid the goal they had set, since he needed  medical equipment that would help him with his daily life, pay rent, house supplies, hospital bills, and work studio modifications. When he had got home, Tina Burner was getting ready to leave for the show's filming... and they still had to finish the 15 small feat, but between them both, they found every seamstress they knew, before she set off.  While his work load is no where near back to normal yet...he has to even turn down business with his strength not back fully yet... is doing much better and feeling the love! 

He says down the road he's hoping to show his own collection when and if fashion week ever returns, where he'd love to show the world a fully realized collection from the talented and creative force of Florence D' Lee.

Monday, March 29, 2021


I have always been a fan of Sheena Easton. Today while doing things around the Casa du Borghese, I broke out one of my little gems I hadn't listened to for some time, Sheena Easton's No Strings. But paused after the first song, no...I needed to listen to this once I settled for the evening with a cocktail. It's pure heaven. In 93, Sheena Easton took a detour from the R&B, Prince flavored music, and in 94 performed a superb standards album. It  was  huge departure from her regular fare. Easton's voice was never more clear and this stellar set truly allowed the singer to shine, and she wraps her pipes around some timeless tunes. I don't think many even knew of this album. But when it hit, it was met with extreme critical acclaim by not only Jazz critics, but jazz performers as well. The end result was a beautiful and powerful album...and she should be extremely proud of making this change.

How about a nice early spring interlude.... grab a cock-a-tail and hit play.


This week a nice Easter spring poem to start this week. One of the best time of the year...for everything is coming to life all over.

There is no time like Spring,
When life’s alive in everything,
Before new nestlings sing,
Before cleft swallows speed their journey back
Along the trackless track –
God guides their wing,
He spreads their table that they nothing lack, –
Before the daisy grows a common flower
Before the sun has power
To scorch the world up in his noontide hour…
-Christina Rossetti