Tuesday, October 31, 2023



As the darkness now draws near

See the cycle of the year,

As the light now goes within,

Let the Hallows dance begin.

A Happy Hallows to you All!

Monday, October 30, 2023


Halloween is my favorite holiday, so you just knew I had a pre-schedule a Monday post. With me being gone abroad, I feel like I'm missing out of the holiday, and since this is pre posted, I will have no idea what kind of Halloween reception we'll get, or if it's even celebrated on the Riveria. But I'm sure I will live. You kids keep up the spirit of the holiday for me...and may things go bump in the night, Bwahahaha haaaaa haaa ha!!!!! 

Tuesday, October 24, 2023


....we're off to the Italian Riveria!!!

Meanwhile, the gin and pep pills have me flying!!!! When we land, this trip around the globe will also start another trip around the globe for me also. Yes, another birthday! I have two pre-scheduled posts, but other than that, see you kids when I return.

Unless I meet a wealthy viscount.



 Before departing to Philadelphia shortly to catch my flight...may I present some departing chuckles!


BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!! This just in!!!


Meanwhile for the GOP who still need evidence of global warming....

Has Madonna and the Kardashians seen this?

While gone I have told Ms. Moorecock to get my Halloween candy ready for the tricks and treaters.

Me... later at the TSA! I only pray. Go on TSA...give it to mama....

And on a serious note, I was tickled to have gotten my mail in vote packet before leaving. I would have been upset had it not gotten here before departure.

Monday, October 23, 2023



Happy Monday All!!!

The weekend was a stressful one. Contactors here to get estimates on new windows for the living room and three more for a remodel of the kitchen. I might add the one was a gorgeous man...and could he fill out a pair of jeans. I do believe the mother even noticed I couldn't take my eyes off his ass. Sweet Baby Jesus. But even more stressful was the selection process of what to take and not take on the impending trip. When not abroad, I tend to over pack in general. But traveling international and paring down is hard for me. So I settle on classics, standbys, and things I know I always look good in. One suitcase is tough. I have two this time. A large and small one.  I can tell you; airport staff get bitchy and their panties in a twist when they see a trolly coming with streamer trunks and hat boxes!!! But I'm good at mix and matching outfits to make more outfits, and inner mixing casual with dressy to get some nice eclectic looks. The deed was done yesterday.  The kid came out in me and even carved two pumpkins. Today, a nice sleep in, and then maybe a toil in the garden...mostly relaxing and viewing more horror movies. The Mother has a reservation for tonight at 1700. She insisted on taking me for my birthday dinner since I'll be just freshly arrived in Portofino on my birthday. Otherwise, I'm all set. Getting worked up about the airport already. But I'll make sure to wear some nice jeans and sexy undies, just in case I hope I get pulled for a strip search by security. I meet MM#1 Fan at the Philly terminal, and while waiting, I will most likely have my traditional two gin and tonics...and two enormous pills to steady me...and then the two pep pills I will take that morning- the pep pills...so you see, I'll be already flying, before take-off.

Here's to a good Monday!

Sunday, October 22, 2023


Just some Reface fun for the Hallowe'en ! Some are so scarily accurate

I've always been a bit horny.

And then there is my lost footage from the House of Haunted Hill with Vincent Price. I'm still bitter about not getting that role.