Thursday, June 30, 2022


For fucks sake. Biden is nominating an anti-Abortion lawyer to become a Federal Judge...because of course he can. The Biden administration is playing pro-choice in the streets and spinless in the sheets when it comes to women's rights and somehow Mitch McConnell is somehow behind all of it. Less than a week after the Supreme Court gave women across America the go fuck yourself finger, with the repeal of Roe vs Wade, Biden is slated to nominate a Republican anti-abortion lawyer to a lifetime appointment as a federal judge in Kentucky in an alleged deal struck with Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell. The prospective nominee, conservative republican lawyer Chad Meredith. This isn't sitting well with some dems or myself, who has never been 100% sold on Biden. And this doesn't help. Would I like to believe that the democrats would add more seats to the house and gain some in the senate in 2024 and do the right thing by women and on so many other issues? Sure. But this is not going to be the way to do it, just as Nancy Pelosi isn't helping by supporting anti-choice and pro- gun candidates. I realize things can't change overnight, but would it hurt to lend support and backing to more progressive candidates? And if Biden thinks that by doing this as a "deal" with McConnell intended to placate McConnell, who will supposedly pledge to not stall further federal nominations by the Biden White House, then he is a bigger fool to trust McConnell.

MEANWHILE... the hearings...

Joan showed up...they're all screwed.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022


"Don't you darling me darling!"

How can we have Pride Month without mention of Crystal LaBeija. She was so fabulous. So delicious. So catty and witty and didn't take shit from anyone. When I first saw the documentary, The Queen, I was drawn to her immediately, so much so, when I started doing drag, I almost considered the name Madeline LaBeija. Crystal was a proud Black trans woman, a drag mother and a pageant girl. She was myth, legend and over the top fabulous. And she was a force to be reckoned with. Crystal almost single handedly created the lifestyle and action of drag queens today... The attitude, the cattiness and the act of the "reading". She was sharp, and could read someone like a description for a set of steak knives honey. In addition to paving the way for house culture, and ballroom, she was the first to create a "house" in ballroom, House of LaBeija.

She was sharp witted, could cut to the chase and rebelled against the drag pageant system in her now iconic moment in drag history that paved the way for House Culture. Crystal was only one of a very few black queens awarded Queen of the Ball title at usually all white organized Drag Balls. Many were told to even lighten their skin. She knew her own worth. When she walked off the stage one fateful evening in 1967, she was protesting what she believed to be a rigged contest in favor of a white, blond queen, and the fireworks went off. Many think the contest was rigged for a queen Harlow to win, who coincidently had been dating Grace Kelly's brother...a Philly scandal.

In fact, after her explosive blow up.... a gay classic really...and should be mandatory gay viewing, that experience led her to organize her own ball for black queens. This move changed everything, and gay culture. House and Ball was officially born. Each drag house consisted of either a Father or a Mother, and they were the bosses of the house and looked after their drag children, taking them in off the street for a safe haven, and teaching them dance, fashion, and make-up techniques and preparing them for ball. These house Crytsal created and other were not just about everything fabulous but were also safe havens for runways and displaced LGBT youth who had either been discarded by their families or were living on the streets for any number of reasons. They provided a bed, shelter, and a support system of friends and belonging. Crystal LaBeija was one of the most iconic moments in drag, changing the whole lifestyle and the nuisances we know today, that I can tell you, some queens have no idea. Crystal also paved the way for not only house culture, but voguing, Paris is Burning and the TV series, Pose. But the most important thing she did was create the development of Ballroom and drag culture was forever changed...and the tradition of Houses has transcended beyond drag into modern LGBTQ culture still today. In my opinion Crystal and her drag daughter Pepper were two of the most influential drag icons to heavily influence drag and LGBT activist who fought to keep drag alive. 

And here is the scene from the Queen of her epic blow up. If your so inclined here is The Queen. documentary.

Happy Pride🏳‍🌈

Tuesday, June 28, 2022


 Gladys Bentley, one of the original and iconic gender bending performers and singer of the early 1900's. It's important to note that although Bentley was billed as a "male impersonator" in the 1920's, there's every possibility that she would have identified as trans or non-binary had those terms existed at the time. But since they didn't she chose the term male most times. Bentley's early life was spent in Philadelphia before settling in NYC where she added to her already packed repertoire as entertainer and pianist, during the Harlem Renaissance. Her career skyrocket, one of the few drag kings to do so, with her appearances at Harry Hanberry's Clam House, as not only a female and black performer, but a open lesbian, performing as a male.  Talk about shattering may barriers! How's that for brave and ballsy? She often headlined in the early 30's at Harlem's Ubangi Club and at the legendary Jewel Box Revue where she was often backed up by the infamous chorus line of drag queens at each venue. She always dressed in men's clothes played piano and sang her own material , often raunchy lyrics to popular tunes of the day, in a deep, growling voice while flirting with women in the audience. Bentley was among one of the first to live open and publicly  as a open lesbian. What a role model she would become.

Monday, June 27, 2022



Amazing picture above courtesy of Preston. Amazing and thank you cutie! This weekend found me in New York City for Pride, after a three-year absence because of the pandemic. The last one for me was the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall, which was a blow out of an epic event. Which was good to tide us over not knowing then that would be the last because of the plaque. And after last week's SCOTUS bombshell, it put me in a right pissy and angry mood. I'm sure my blood pressure was through the roof, and I was seriously coming close to not even attending festivities. But with that abortion decision, I knew deep down now is not the time to forgo a Pride Festival or Parade. We must not let our guard down and make them think these Prides are not worth our time. We may have a battle and I'll be ready to rumble and join a riot if I must and show all politicians we are not to be trifled with. I did promise my clan I would make the Mistress come for a Friday appearance. I also would have felt bad had my man friend Charles went up by himself too. It was a blast!!!!! I have to admit it was the first time I ever did drag in the Village. I could swear I could almost hear Marsha whispering. I'm here to tell ya, the queens were out in full force...packed streets and the best part? Planned Parenthood and pro-abortion groups were bumped to the beginning of the parade and opened it!!!! It was great to see them and the LBGT join forces. A friend of mine also caught the Madonna concert...and said bitch delivered it! Some scenes from the Pride weekend....


Adored this motley crew awaiting to gain access to their float. 

I also went to Rockefeller Center, which I generally avoid, but must admit...loved all the gay pride flags flapping in the breeze.


Not to know I got me some thirst traps. Literally.

Our clan's bartender, Greg, at Pieces Bar. WOOF!

And these two, well.... one was kind of enough to let me act out my stalking and take his picture. The guy above even was a good sport and let me squeeze his legs. I said legs. And then this thirst trap...
 Saturday night was my night to play and have fun. I'm glad I went for the reasons I stated, and it was good to be around friends and others to get me out of my angry funk. Though today was exhausting** 

And of course, this was happening*... 

So, there was that.

*makes mental note to never contour again. Christ, my nose looks like LaToya Jackson. Although I still might be tied to a stake.

** read that as I was hung and had a very long lie in and lounge today.

Friday, June 24, 2022


Get the wire hangers ready women.

I'm soooo over this fucking country. Do as they may... there will always be a way to get an abortion, they will never end it. Just a shame a woman can't make up her own mind and do it safely.






The Sunlight




Bob the Drag Queen

Thursday, June 23, 2022


We may have thought that the Compton Cafeteria Riots and the Stonewall Riots and numerous bath houses were the last of the huge police driven raids, but they weren't. The Pussy Palace Raid occurred on September 14,2000, when Toronto police raided a lesbian bathhouse known as the "Pussy Palace" during the "2000 Pussies" event. Two undercover female police officers attended and investigated the event prior to the raid. Five plainclothes male officers then entered and searched the club, including private rooms. There were around 350 women in attendance at the time, many of whom were nude or semi-clad. While no charges were laid that night, but weeks later, two volunteers were charged with Liquor License Act violations. The charges were dismissed by the Ontario Court Justice in 2002 stating the search was carried out in an unreasonable manner. The Women's Bathhouse Committee filed a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission in 2001 which was settled with Toronto Police Services Board in 2004. As part of the settlement the Toronto Police Service were required to enhance their efforts to recruit gay officers and adopt a "gender-sensitive" policy. For many the raid was frightfully similar to the Toronto Bathhouse Raids of 1981, also called Operation Soap, in which over 250 were arrested. The community was so outraged after the Pussy Palace raid, that two weeks after that raid, hundreds of the community showed up and protested back called Pussies Bite Back.  They also raised over $10,000 in only 10 minutes to pay for the court case fees. The criminal charges were eventually dropped against the organizers of the Pussy event, and they won a $350 thousand settlement, which they in turn donated to LGBT charities. So tonight, raise your glass to the Pussy Palace.

Happy Pride🌈



Wednesday, June 22, 2022


 It seems the drag queens always get the crowning glory of media coverage and shows of their own. I'm only surprised that much more of the LGBTQ doesn't embrace the Drag King more. I mean, when was the last time you heard someone say, "Oh, we're going to a drag king show tonight."? I also don't personally know many people who could name drag kings like they could drag queens, with exception to Landon Cider and the fabulous and incomparable, mister showbiz himself, Murray Hill. So, this is my list of drag kings to know and start with, and the ones I feel are challenging gender perspectives. And shows of hilarity.

Adam All

Adam All leans heavily on the "geek chic" influences. A sharp suit in pink or a bowtie in lime green with Ray Ban style glasses to match. The accessories as well as sequins and glitter are essential. Adam can charm and alarm with equal appeal, l but is not the sharpest tool in the box. Adam spent his former life working as a decorator and carpenter on male dominated building sites and his character is developed from observation and combined with his own thoughts on masculinity. Adam likes to perform, even when inappropriate, one can tell he likes to explore gender dynamics. Kingspirations  for Adam are Vesta Tilly, Storme De Larverie and Landon Cider.

Chiyo Gomes

Chiyo is transgender identifying as non-binary, but falling under the trans umbrella and identifies heavily with the acronym QTPOC. He uses the scene to blur gender lines and as a coping mechanism for gender dysphoria. Chiyo is punk trash and doesn't care about looking pretty boy or well groomed. He doesn't care about being controversial. He can strut on stage in nothing but boxers henny, 9-inch platform boots and a tee or BDSM gear and look out kids.

Sammy Silver

Sammy identifies as a trans non-binary bear cub. He can flirt in between being non-binary and being a trans man. Gender is fluid and his gender identity he feels is constantly changing everyday. And Sammy's style? He is a stocky, furry bear cub. He'll rock a snapback, floral shirt, jeans and silver shoes. Or sometimes a top hat, a smart jacket and spats. Sammy is sassy, sexy and surreal. He loves dancing and throwing himself all over a stage. If he doesn't leave the stage in a heaping pile of sweat, he feels he hasn't done his job properly. He is a mixed bag. He is a Vlogger, has a You Tube full of sketches, comic rants, and just a few of his own original silly songs.

Romeo de la Cruz

Romeo never felt his gender since birth, and has shifted between gender identities. So non-binary and gender-fluid work best  for him. As a performer he says that you notice when you are the only one in a venue as you prepare for your act to "fit in". While drag has always been inclusive from the days of Gladys Bentley, Romeo says he's honored by the support love and motivation from the community. Romeo is a style blender for sure. He moves from smart and suited to typical gaming nerd to BDSM master. Different looks, but no matter what, he's always trying to get the kit off. If he can't strip out of it, it isn't worth it. I know just how he feels!!!! And Romeo is and always will be a danceoholic. Think Magic Mike meets Paris is Burning. Romeo wants to bring vogue ballroom into the king world, but intensify the sexual appeal across all genders and sexualities. His tag line- Love yourself for who you are rather than what others wish to see.

Lets remember, that the drag world is much bigger then just the glamazons of the drag queen world. Why not switch things up this Pride and go to see a Drag King Show if you can, at a lesbian bar. I have had some of my best nights hanging with the goils!!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022


Corette Scott King was always there to reminds us that racism and homophobia are inextricably linked. She was a lifelong political activist, whose advocacy ranged from the Black Freedom Movement to the anti-Vietnam War movement, even did much for queer liberation. In 1983, King advocated for the political visibility of the National Coalition of Black Gays, and the National Gay Task Force. As the HIV/AIDS epidemic escalated, she hosted regular events to keep the public educated, and she spoke at the DNC in support of AIDS legislation, at a time when neither party was really doing much on legislation then. King remained very vocal in her work until the end of her life. She was very loudly against the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and supported the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and the anti-hate crime legislation. In 2004 she even called then President Bush's proposed same sex marriage ban " a form of gay bashing." I personally adored the woman.

Happy Pride🌈


I think during Pride is a good time to get on the same page and learn to accept all. Inti is one queen who I think doesn't get the coverage they deserve and didn't get a fair shake on their season of competition. But Inti is my kind of queen. She has the over-the-top huge elegance and yet has a new perspective on makeup...not caked on by the pound, and at times, if any... and it's very rare one sees Inti in a wig. Her style is drop dead. Inti is only a 21-year-old, non-binary Bolivian performer, by way of Sevilla, Spain, and landed on Drag Race Espana. Their drag character was born in 2018, when they were inspired by RuPaul's show, and playing with makeup, they created Inti to participate in a show for local drag queens, singers and artist. Inti chooses to feature much of their roots in their drag style, while yet bringing the old school glam and club kid. Inti is just an extension of their personality, a more creative and challenging way of showing off, using their own body and face as a canvas to paint what they feel and think. But Inti identifies as non-binary, and that fooled with them of their season, as they broke down many times where they explained it was due to their body dysphoria as a trans person. Inti says it's hard to accept their look, and their body, and sometimes doesn't see themselves in the mirror. But Inti is working through it. I personally think Inti was way beyond the show. Their style, concepts and vision are far above what the show puts out. Besides... Inti is also a very active member of the Spanish Ballroom Scene where they compete in the runaway I say WERK, WERK IT GURL!!!! WERK IT... OWN IT....Yes Honey, bring all that mug to the runway kitty gurl.