Friday, November 29, 2019


Ready for Black Friday?!?!?!

 'What-black-day?' -for those who live across the pond or in a normal county, it's a day here that a majority of people go nuts and run amuck for their Christmas needs and hopefully find them on special price, or they show just plain greed by buying things they don't need. I myself never par take in the madness and often don't even work?!?!?! WHAT?!? Tis true. Even though our store doesn't get crazy, we can't get much done on the floor, so we just take a three day weekend. Besides that, I most times shop local small business when I can. Hope most of you had a lovely Thanksgiving feast?! My family had a good reunion no fighting, griping or not getting along . No... we all drink! I was going to post some Thanksgiving photos, but simply can't handle another "Turkey/Thanksgiving' post at the moment~ my waistline needs a break from the 'thirds I had!!! I told you my aunt was a good cook! No more turkey for now at least. Anywayyy...In honor of the Black Friday, here is one of my favorite women. Carmen Dell'Orefice...a stunning woman who still models and did I mention she is 88!!!! Carmen was a huge supermodel, before supermodel was coined. Just a beautiful woman..strong, vibrant and not afraid to have some fun.
Meanwhile, the Mistress will be off til Tuesday off visiting the ancestral home, and then some friends I haven't seen in an age. I'll return next week after a short have a lovely weekend!!!

What will you be doing this Black Friday?

Wednesday, November 27, 2019


While we live in very unusual times right now with our current state of things... I still enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. My favorite of the year, and it did, and still does have fond memories for me. The crispness of the autumn air, the seasonal decorations, watching of the Thanksgiving parade in Philly, and the wonderful smells that would radiant the home from my father preparing our huge feast of the incoming family. I would often sneak little taste of the turkey and stuffing. My father used a family recipe for his stuffing, made with onion, sage and thyme. I can still smell it to this day if I think about.  Then most of the day would be spent lounging about. While my father and grandmother are passed on, I will always be thankful for them and my memories. Now most of this still rings true, except now either my aunt or sister host the day. My aunt especially is a very good cook, her role model being that of Julia Child, and for that I am thankful. And even in this current state we're in, I am happy for my little Buster, my little abode, my good friends far and wide, my family, and my good health , and for all of you, who stop in many times daily. And for all these things, I AM TRULY GRATEFUL!!!
I hope you all have a Lovely Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


I don't know how many of you were watching RuPaul's Drag Race UK....but Divina De Campo, or as I call her the  big DDC,  nearly won the season...coming in runner up!!! I thought for sure she would have this. I mean her runways and creations were spectacular. But we'll take runner up. I by far enjoyed the UK much more campy and less fishy.

Divina De Campo started drag in 2005, where she hails from Brighthouse, Westchester, who has slowly built a loyal fanbase. I adore Divina's style...nothing like old school drag, with a huge pinch of glamour,huge lashes and a approximate painted face!!! Her style reminded me of my own.  Her drag name is Italian for Divine, who is an inspiration for her. She regularly performs at Kiki in Manchester's Gay Village.  In January 2016, De Campo appeared on The Voice, auditioning with the song "Poor Wandering One" from The Pirates of Penzance. One of the judges being her idol Boy George was on that season  Despite none of the judges turning their chairs for her, George later expressed regret for not picking her. In December 2016, De Campo starred in The Ruby Slippers, a play that explores issues of identity and prejudice in the LGBT community.  In 2017, De Campo was a part of a campaign to support the George House Trust, a charity supporting people living with HIV. De Campo hosted Superbia's Drag Queen Story Time, in which she read stories to young children. Then in August 2019, De Campo was announced as one of the 10 queens to be competing in the first series of RuPaul's Drag Race UK, where Divina won four challenges and finished as the first runner-up.  Divina De Campo is the stage name of Owen Farrow, and is known for his high soprano and 4-octave range, When not touring, recording or filming, Divina enjoys a quiet life with his husband.
Here's a clip preview of her upcoming song. I think we know from this season who will be going on to bigger things. I only hope she does some US appearances.

And her amazing Voice appearance.

Monday, November 25, 2019


This weekend brought about many treats since coming home. It was a drag feast for the eyes. Seems all the queens were coming all at once to the city of brotherly love. Friday night was the brilliant Sasha Velour. Every gay man and gay friendly person should have to see Sasha perform. Simply put, the queen is a genius ,and is doing things I have never seen being done before. Sasha is not only brilliant, but her wardrobe is jaw dropping, lip synchs are tightly done, and he is welcoming and sweet as hell. The things is his show Nightgowns is great, but Smoke and Mirrors is even more theatrical and magical then the prior mention. Not only does Sasha lip synch to some great standards, but his graphic artist background for effects is pheromonal. 
This was part of a number where Sasha's dress that looked like a tree continues to metaphases into a full tree by special effects.

But my favorite routine was where we thought we saw Sasha get into a box and get sawed in half...only to be revealed it was all hologram!!!!! Then the "magician" turns out to be Sasha!!! Sasha is way beyond many queens out there, and to me is really being drag to a whole new level. Poetic, artistic and brilliant. I highly recommend this show if it comes to your neck of the woods.
After the show with Olive d'Nightlife.
Last night was ugly. Another show, and if you saw, brought about Lady Bunny in the train station on Sunday morning. YIKES! Sunday night it was off to the Filmore for a full on debauchery fest!
This outrageous, traveling stage show has become a staple of the season,with it's magical and hilarious evening filled with holiday performances, many adult themed, of course. I wanted to go to catch up with Bunny, Nina and Roxxxy. But all these queens are something, and I great bunch! I just fell in love with Shuga Cain even more!!! It was much needed debauchery after a long business trip away.
A fun number with Roxxxy and Latrice. Latrice looked amazing...I suspect because her hubby Christopher was traveling with them. Bunny will have him corrupt by the end of this trip.
Roxxxy, who I will forgive, did THAT FUCKING Mariah Carey song. 'llI give it to her...she knew the lyrics better then Mariah!!!!
When does Manilla NOT bring down a house?
Thorgy was up to her usual colorful antics, Her volin number later was amazing.
Of course the piece de la resistance at most of these things is my favorite queen, the foul mouthed, debach filled, booze hound, sex crazed queen Lady Bunny!!!! Is it any wonder I love her? Bunny nor only did her usual Laugh In style routine, but also a version of Vogue that insulted almost every queen..ever...on Drag Race including Ru herself, but later did a story time, with the audience. Twas the Night Before Christmas, of course this was the Bunny version!!!!
Some candid's backstage. Thorgy is really a sweet heart

Roxxxy is waiting and ready to be the next Philadelphia Sports mascot. I hear the Borghese Houseboys Mud Wrestling is looking for a mascot gurl!
And Bunny arranged all this bitches for a group shot.
And my old and new love, Nina and Shuga Cain! Nina is the lovely hostess for every stop of this tour. Quite amazing she is!!!! Considering she will be doing this every night till January and still keep it fresh, funny and smiling. Nina is a lovely soul.And Shuga's energy is contagious.
After the show most of the queens and the crowd hit the gayborhood for drinks...which is where it all went down hill. Today was ugly. Someone threw me under a Mac truck I believe, or under Latrice!!!! Bunny and her damn shots. Thank goodness my friend John drove me home and got me in bed. And the way I see it, Bunny now owes me a half days pay for leaving early!!!!! Bitch.  A Drag Queens Christmas is coming to a city near you hopefully. I know I have readers in Atlanta, San Fran, Chicago, St.Louis and LA. The girls were telling me, they are all on every stop, with exception to Roxxxy. When she is not present, the fill in queen is either Willam, Scarlett Envy or Shea Coulee. The tour dates are here.

If you need holiday cheer, then this is your ticket.


Am I glad it's Monday???? Hell no, NEVER! But my favorite squirrel did give me a chuckle today. Jill the Squirrel.
Jill The Squirrel is a7-year-old Hurricane Isaac rescue. Her human owner found her and they have been inseparable ever since.  Vegetarian, and enjoys naps....whose only fear is the vacuum. But, she loves every Starbucks napkin she meets. Call me nuts. It was a late night and I foresee a half day coming. Here in the States, we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving Day this week!Once again, families, friends and individuals gather or not, & celebrate the true meaning of this Holiday any way they want.  It's always been my favorite holiday, because nothing is expected except just to be thankful. Every year I see things happening to others and I am truly thankful for what I have and my health. My dearly departed grandmother often said if you have your healthy you have everything. Of course I can't lie, my aunt cooks the best dinner ever. My favorite meal of the year. I enjoy the turkey, but it's the only time, like lamb at Easter, I will eat it. Turkeys are such beautiful birds and majestic. Turkeys are actually intelligent and sensitive animals that are highly social. They create lasting social bonds with each other and are very affectionate; rather similar to dogs. Our John Gray has had a pet turkey so he can contest to that.
And of course,  I love me some giblets.
I think this guy has been eating a lot of turkey, He's even getting a fine turkey neck and giblets!!! Happy Giblets, huh, Monday that is.