Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hallow's Eve Soiree

Happy Hallow's Eve!!!!
And welcome to the Casa du Borghese for a night of haunting good fun. Don't you look simply fabulous darling! 
Please let my attendants, the twins show you in.....
The Mistress of the Casa will be down shortly..... she fluffing....
but Miss Moorecock is taking bets in the billiards.....
So welcome all to the Casa du Borghese for our haunting and sinful Hallow's Eve Soiree. We please ask that you stay in the common areas, and not wander from the main rooms, as there are some strange and scary creatures in the remote areas of the Casa. We will have bobbing for apples so dip in!
The dinning room is set......
and for dessert we offer you some.....
and of course.....
Now pick your poison, the bar is open all night......alright now lets gather for the judging of the houseboys for Halloween . Who do we think has the best costume for the evening........ if you vote for them, I take no responsibly for how they thank you.
Mardi Gras Skeleton?
Mario Bros?
Devil Child?
Robin Hood?
Men in Black?
Ninja Turtles?
Prince Charming?
Lets us know who you vote for and after the contest don't miss the Halloween number the boys have put together for our Glow Paint Dance in the ballroom....... now don't over heat honey's

Water and sponges handed out upon exit...........Thanks for dropping in dear ones ....... now watch those ghouls! And
Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What Ghouls Are Made Of

Deep in the middle of the quaint town of Lambertville something honorific emerges every mid October. Brings people from far and wide to see the spectacle. It's almost like another world, a crazy world, like a Tim Burton crazy world, but the residents just love it. And as you know I love me some tradition, so every October I always feature my favorite ghouls of Lambertville......brace yourselves darlings.........
Yes, the ghouls of North Union Street are back, but aren't they sweet looking???? The Mistress of this house is a art teacher at the local elementary school. She makes these characters from twigs, tree branches, and paper mache.........
After the creatures are created, she gives each even more personality with a paint job, and it's own wardrobe. There are odd human creatures, monsters, and half human/half animal creatures. Why so much white? At night there is black light on them, so they have an eerie glow........
While I was snapping away, this friendly cat popped out. After so pets, she made herself right at home on the dead on the coffin. She was quite content and was asleep when I left!
Every year she generally creates one or two new ones, and the displays have gotten so big, she even has some at other houses on the same street. I can only imagine how much fun tricks or treats tomorrow night at her house must be!!!!! But how cool is this?????
And while your here y'all I hope you'll join me tomorrow night for my Annual Hallow's Eve Party right here on this blog at the Casa du Borghese with the Mistress, Miss Moorecock and the houseboys for a sinfully good time. So come one , come all!!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Autumn at the Casa du Borghese

 Well Greetings to you all! I hope my mug didn't scare you?!?!?
As you know, I do love to change things up from season to season, it makes the seasons more fun and entertaining, so I thought I'd share what the Casa looks like currently, so come on in and see what Autumn has brought about in the terms of decorating, and what's currently cookin! ......... as you can see from the above,  the cashmere sweaters have gotten broke into!
Can you tell that I like candles and the holidays???? And those peacock feathers come in handy with foreplay!

You didn't really expect a bird in the cage did you? More like a rocking elephant.
I'm still waiting for that egg to hatch....
 Buster Bolfig. In the sun, yet again.
Dinner for tonight? Ingredients for Crème of Cauliflower soup.
 Lets take a look across the kitchen to the bar. Did someone say they wanted a cock-a-tail?
Adorning the top are a vintage light up, a real pumpkin, some of my favorite platters and teapots, dried hygendra  and a Eat Me cheese box. Like the wooden pig? He's adorable. Now pick your poison......
Miniature apothecary jars with acorns....
The other apothecary jars....with Matilda of course.
Moving on to the boudoir.......
This lamp creeps out a lot of my tricks friends... It was a great vintage find.
As does the ceramic deer head... another oddity....
You would never know the Mistress is ever late would you?
My suitors love when they hearing all the ticking and tocking. yeah right, like they can hear it! Here's Buster trying to hide..... 
My ever faithful gargoyle cat outside on the window sill, keeping a watchful eye over the grounds and evil spirits.....
 Well, that concludes this tour, I hope you enjoyed. Thank goodness I hid my unmentionables. now shall we all go enjoy a cock-a-tail? And where are the houseboys do you suppose?