Friday, July 30, 2021


 In this weekly feature, Ill share a guest with you all, and you tell me in only three words what come to mind.

In Three Words...

Madame CJ Walker



You think I would have enough to do lately. After being off a year and half for the pandemic and then going right into the through's of freelance projects and a new job,  would be enough. Well before the pandemic, when I was still off I had been to Mother's on several occasions where we have slowly been rebuilding some of the gardens to what it looked like when my father was still alive. He loved gardening. While being in Harrisburg on weeks with my good friend at his shop, I'm continuing to potter around in the garden, which is sort of nice,  since I don't have one.  And don't ask what the hell some of these things are, I have no idea what I'm doing as I told Madame Arcati...but everything seems to be doing well.... miraculously. Though the heat is taking a toll lately. The above garden in done, with the help of the big Greek neighbor my mother has next door.  Mission accomplished! These are some of the shots since June. Me in a garden...oh dear. Take a look....

In June, after a four year wait, the Blueberry bush finally yielded berries!!!!! It was very exciting. And a challenge to keep the robins and catbirds from swiping to many. It was nice to be able to just go out and get them. But don't worry, I'm not about to start farming.

No idea. but my father loved these. These were transplanted from another area, where we filled in with grass.

Mountain mint. Smells heavenly.

This critter was fluttering about. At first I though it was a hummingbird or a really huge bee, but turns out it's a Clearwing Hummingbird Moth...larger and more colorful and very soft looking to other moths. I also understand their the only moth to be out in the daylight and use the fluttering of wings like a hummingbird, and pollinate. It was so pretty and fast. Never saw one before this. He was pollinating like crazy.

I couldn't be more happy with the fuchsia. This is the first year we had one survive this long...but the heat may be taking a toll.

A coneflower

My mothers' hydrangeas are going insane this summer as are the zinnias. This is just one bush! At one point we must have had a vase in each room, my friend actually bought a bunch to sell in his shop, and we gave a big bunch to the neighbors on either side of us. 

The heat even seems to be getting to Bugs. Look at the fur ball resting a spell, behind the shed.
A beautiful mustard and ketchup rose. This was one of the newest ones this year. the roses are loving this summer.
Because of the heat and humidity this summer mushrooms seem to be popping up over night it seems. And they are everywhere.
I loved the details in this shot. I guess I never really noticed the delicate details on the underside of the mushroom head.

This stunning black and white moth I came across in the shed. It was huge. Never seen one like this.

And just yesterday caught this beauty in the garden at the butterfly bush and the red plant thingy. They do seem to be attracting butterflies, and lucky I had my phone ready.

And I guess since we have finally introduced so much color, more then we have had in previous years, and several groupings of potted gardens as well, we were overjoyed to finally see the return of a hummingbird!!!! It was so nice. I don't think my mother has seen one since I lived home back in my school days in the 90's. Its been great seeing a whole little habitat coming to fruition I must say. The hummingbird seems pretty friendly too. We can get pretty close, and he doesn't seem fazed.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021


I smell a few ignorant bitches!!!!The richest guy in history whose disgusting company Amazon often pays absolutely no taxes, and whose employees are scared to take bathroom breaks, or request a day off, because god forbid, that interfere with their quotas- this is the guy our media treats as a hero, giving him nearly as much time in one day,  then on the climate crisis in 2020. Most are swimming in income inequality before the pandemic. Now COVID made everything worse and not only republicans but democrats gave Benos millions to play in space.  I don't think we should be wasting such valuable money in space till we get out more important issues here on earth fixed first. The three billionaires combined could give half there fortunes to correct many issues in this country and still be millionaires, instead of having a pissing contest and comparing who has the biggest dick almost measuring 4".

I'm only sorry the craft didn't get sucked in a black hole and never find it's way back.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021


All Arise for the newest crowned queen.....
Carmen Farala 

of Drag Race Espana

Yes she did! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by just how entertaining this season was, right behind the second season of the UK. It was camp and raw drag like it should being backstage at a drag show. And Supremme de Luxe and the judges were completely charming, more than any other season I've seen. These queens were creative as hell and very talented, and bought things to the stage we have yet see on a season. But again, no doubt the right queen won, Carmen Farala!!! She is a lady! Ever since I saw her creations made with Ikea bags I was down with this queen. And she breaks some molds. She said in a funny confessional one of the things she dislikes the most is a drag queen who is vulgar. Carmen had a good track record, winning four top challenges and never had to lip-sync. She had some of the most talented sewing skills in the franchise and they often amazed and impressed the judges. Carmen has had a 12 year career as a drag queen, but has performed very few times in clubs. Upon entering the werkroom all she had to offer really was her confidence, her beauty and those mean sewing skills. Her first contact with drag was in Sevilla before heading to Madid with only 400 euros to her name, and perused the drag beauty pageants mostly. It's very inspiring to learn that Carmen made a life and career with such low resources.  Before the show she had never seen the US version, and was only familiar with RuPaul very little. Carmen didn't view much of the show fearing seeing too many other queens might make her lose her own essence. So I find it amazing from what little drag she came from, she held her own. And with her sewing skills taught to him by his grandmother paid off. If you did watch, we learned she can perform and bring down a number when she performed with the other top two. And can we talk about just how damned handsome he is as his male self?!?!

Monday, July 26, 2021


I enjoyed Sex and the City when it was on...but the idea of it having to keep going in lousy movies is old. The ship has sailed honey. And how do you carry on without Samantha Jones played by the fabulous Kim Catrall? Well, a couple solutions were submitted, but the studio realized two of the replacements were dead, which still,  even dead, would make this shite on a cold skillet, even better.
Divine...would be Divine!
Alas...Bunny had just to busy a schedule and upcoming trips to Iceland and Europe on the books so they settled on....

That's right, Pam Demic!
 But I had a clause built in to have leave time since the pandemic seems to be rekindling. I also made it mandatory in my contract to have a all out cat fight scene with Sarah Jessica Parker of Dynasty proportions, where I get a few good slaps in on her horse face, before shoving a ball gag in her trap to shut her the hell up. I'm not worried about the other I said to Anita Moorecock, this is a one woman show!


Today, for some reason, I'm in a green mood.While not my favorite color, I do enjoy it. Most prominently found in nature, the color green embodies rich foliage, lush greenery and vast landscapes. This earthly hue is commonly associated with Mother Earth, which is why it's thought to be calming and ubiquitous. Offering relaxation, green often soothes with it's gentle and peaceful undertones. It's also a natural healer. When on the face of goods, green makes consumers feel safe and hopeful. Regarded as a kind and caring color, green doesn't enjoy ruffling feathers. Instead the color maintains order. Mayhem and green don't mesh well, which is why this warmhearted color assumes the role of peacemaker. Anger diminishes when the color green is present. I highly like using green in interiors, but I like it mostly in objects and furnishings. I'm not a fan of green on walls. If green is on the walls, one must be carful with the shade as it can cast awful coloring on to our skin, which is one reason it's the worst color for a bathroom, especially when women and men apply make up. I think for today, I may grab my green square cuts and lay out at the lake, in all the lush greenery and listen to the water roll in from the lake.