Friday, August 29, 2008

From The Candyshop....

Rusty Joiner! I have always found Rusty cute,adorable and HOT all at the same time,wrapped up like one Christmas gift pack.Why I haven't received him yet I'm unsure. I would definitely"receive"him. I'm such a pig! Anywho,Rusty is a all American boy from the south and became a model. His big break was with the now defunct company,Structure,where he was what else,their spokes model for their underwear line. Since then,he went on to model with various fashion companies,filmed a couple of fitness videos,and a couple of feature films. Unfortunately,not that kind,but we can always hope.Enjoy these pictures of the sumptuous,hot and tasty Rusty. Doesn't he just melt in your mouth?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wiped Out!

I have to admit,when you have been off for eleven days it's hard as hell to get back in the groove. But today is the last day of work. I'll be off four more days now for the Labor Day weekend. As a visual stylist for Bloomingdale's we create all the visual aspects of the job, and have been very busy putting out all the fall finery! Luckily, my hours are only from 7 till 3:30,so my ass will be out the door quick today!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Grande Dame of the Week

I don't know about her clothes,but her hair looks fierce! Actually,her clothes are fierce also.My Grand Dame of the Week is the fabulous Amanda Lepore. Miss Lepore has been New York City's "it" girl since the early 1990's and involved heavy with the club scene. I have always thought she was just so beautiful and campy. Alright,her lips might be a little big. She sings her owns songs,has club acts,has been the model for the fashion company,Heatherette and has been in various movies. Aside from modeling,Amanda has mastered her self styling. Her looks are elegant, old Hollywood bombshell glamour puss. She to me is alot like Madonna,that she can pull off so many looks. She just visited New Hope here and her act is incredible! I also recall seeing her once in the city where she brought down the house. She will also be seen in the upcoming movie Another Gay Sequel-Gays Gone Wild due out in September! I'll be the first in line in Philly to see this extraordinary diva. To see more of Amanda you can visit her web site,

Top Design Hunk Preston Lee-Part 2

Hey ya'll! Yesterday I featured a tall glass of water. The hot,handsome and hunky Preston Lee,a contestant on the Bravo show,Top Design. Not only is he a piece of work himself,but so is his interior design work. His interiors are very classy and chic with many posh elements. Here are some samples of his beatitful work from his portfolio.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Sister!!

Happy Birthday going out to my long,long,long time friend and sister!I have known my sister Mamie,or better known to some as David Dust,for about 15 years now. She is the one that got me watching all these reality shows. After reading his blog of the recaps,and laughing my ass off,I just had to start tuning in to see these shows. And boy,have we had some good times! From drunken road trips,to all you can eat buffets,to trips to New York for Bunny sightings,I have enjoyed every minute. It has been wonderful knowing you girl-you bring such laughter and comic relief and special friendship to my life and love ya for it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! In your honor I give you beef and drag!


Design Hunk

Top Design on the Bravo network is slated to start on September 3rd,and I can't wait. After seeing the previews for the show and seeing this hunky man, I had to find out who he was. So I went to their web site to find him on the Top Design info page.He is one hot, hot, hot guy. I also went to his web site he has on his company,Preston Lee Designs,and not only is he very hot and handsome,but is very talented. His work is very chic and modern and uses muted colors. Having a interior design background myself,I find his work very sleek and interesting. Now, if only I could just get him to come to my house and give me a hand with some designing here!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekend Fun

After all this trying to figure out this blog stuff,I admit it is addictive. But my little ole' pea brain is taxed. So, ya'll have a great weekend. We are heading to the Pocono's to hang out with friends and have a cock-a-tail or two or sixteen!Tootles!

Beatuiful Day!

All this week I and the boytoy have been on vacation and have just taken it easy doing what the hell comes along. We usually plan a trip,but this year didn't. So this time we did various "day trips". The weather has been just completely gorgeous. Nice blue skies,temperatures in the mid 80's low humidity,and a nice cool wind. So a couple of days this week we went to Peace Valley lake to sunbath and just relax. When we normally go up there we take our six mile walk around the lake. We do this every other day. It's very good exercise with the paths being flat,hilly,and uneven in some places,but it truly is very beautiful up there and it is only 5 minutes from our abode. So we thought we would just relax up there a couple of days reading,sleeping,and discussing the men of the world, I meant, affairs of the world. One of our days up there we were joined by a special guest-a blue heron!And it came pretty damn close! I have been told by some the big birds have always found me, but this is ridiculous! It was very cool to see though, and there always wildlife to be seen.

From the Candy Shop ......

Anybody that knows me knows I looovveess me some HOT men! So starting this week,once a week I'll feature some of the eyecandy that tickles my...well fancy!From the Candyshop this week is the Ginch Gonch boys,Benjamin Bradley and his real life boyfriend Ethan Renyolds,who are the hot spokesmodels for the sexy underwear company,Ginch Gonch. I would love to be be-tix these two hot boys! Are you listening boys?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Miss,Richfield 1981!!

Mrs.Richfield is another of the drag queens I adore.She has been around for some time and is just funny as hell!I have seen her a couple of times here and in Rehoboth Beach!If you get a chance you should check out her videos on the old you tube where she sings and dances.She even sings her own songs and doesn't move her lips to others music!And I just love all her vintage looks.You go Mrs.Richfield!!


While the boytoy and I were sitting here last night getting everything fixed up so-so and fall in to watch Project Runway,I was a little disappointed knowing my favorite drag queen woundn't be present.Don't get me wrong now ya'll,it was pretty dam entertaining and they are all funny as hell,but Lady Bunny has always been special.You see,ever since my first trip to New York to visit my lovely sister Mamie,I have loved her.Who couldn't love that humor and BIG hair!That night we went to Palludium and she was there with us waiting to get in the restroom.The hot guy in front of us wasn't paying attention that the line moved and she said "Honey,the line just moved,don't make me get out my branding iron!I just lost it.All these years later I still follow her around when she visits clubs near us.I have met her several times and she is just funny as hell,and her blog is equally as funny.Long live The Lady Bunny!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hello All!!

Hello all-and welcome to A Day with the Mistress Borghese! I have always enjoyed reading blogs so I thought maybe trying this thing for a ride.I'm not sure yet how long this thing will go as I worry about finding the time to post daily.We'll see how it goes.My name sake, Mistress Borghese came from my alter ego who makes a yearly appearance at Halloween.We take the holiday very serious here.I have been in a relationship now for 8 years with the boytoy I was introduced to all those years ago,and transplanted myself to be here in Philadelphia with him. Well, were actually outside Philly in a town called Dolyestown. The gay little burg of New Hope is just a skip up the road.I'm from Harrisburg PA where I met the boytoy,who is in politics. I have dreams of becoming the first lady of Pennsylvannia some day! I currently work as a visual stylist and display artist at a well known department store which I LOVE! My school background and degree is in interior design. At night I work as a male stripper. Just kidding ,it's been years since I did that. Just kidding again. Anywho,my sister over at David Dust has a very nice blog,who got me thinking about starting one,so we will see how this thing works and if this computer idiot can figure all this fancy shit out! Tootles for now!

Marco Dapper

Welcome to my first ever post of fun that is in the life of The Mistress Borghese!To launch this blog is
my all time favorite hunk of the Mistress's Marco Dapper!It was love at first site when I veiwed Eating Out 2!Especially the art class scene!It sent my heart a flutter,and I think I passed out a few times!Feel free to comment on this wonderful example of hottness!