Wednesday, June 30, 2021


With Pride month closing in today, it has been a different experience from others. Having talked to many different members of the LGBTQ lately, and hearing views and thoughts, I know more then ever we have to move out of our little clicks and broaden our circles and embrace all. When the Banana Republic queens look down on the freaky clubs kids, or the fem guys,  or the jock queens name call the trans walking in, or a married couple looks down on a slutty singleton, or the couple who is trupled, we have problems.

When the community was developing in the 60's and 70's, we were just glad to have a community. We weren't trying to bash other member of the community. But then and now our trans brothers and sisters were, and still, are not treated well by the more bougie gay men, who kind of took the movement and ran with it, who in reality was started by the trans and drag members. Look, were a tiny community...maybe 10 -12 percent...there's a lot of people that don't like us. I really wish we could stick together. Some days, I feel were at each others throats with the pronouns and this and that, this one is to fem, this one is too freaky, this one is to butch.  It makes me think when I heard of AIDS from older friends of mine... and the tragedy that happened,  and the lives it took from just having a act of sexual expression. but the tragedy brought us together. Even though the lesbians, who weren't as susceptible of catching HIV, stuck right there with us. Yet, I sadly know gay men who won't hang with a lesbian, which I find incredibly sad and mentally limited. I hate to say this, but is there a need for some tragedy to bring us back together? Because sadly we are not together.  I sadly don't see much of a gay movement these days. Yeah there is the HRC but they have been known to endorse many Republicans and seem more like a business. I feel us gays have gotten really, really comfortable, we're rightly scared of a Republican regime, and lets be honest, we fell asleep in the Obama years. If we don't keep making demands we won't get anything. Yes, we got gay marriage, but now that we got that goal,  we need to work on equal rights for us all.  In half the states many of us can be fired for being LGBTQ,  denied housing for being LGBTQ... denied medical attention for being LGBTQ...and now trans can be banned from taking part in sports, and told what bathroom they need to use. Where's the demands? I just don't see the demands, I don't hear people demanding these things loudly. I see the gays running around being politically involved, with #this and # that.  Well I'm sorry,  that is not a legislative agenda. Were too comfortable. Are the ones leading these groups not worried about getting kicked out of their homes because they have money, or they have big power jobs that pay well? We need to care about the less fortunate of the community, and all of us, which is what the trans and drag queens who started the Stonewall riots were saying. So are we going to be  bougie movement or a bold movement for all the LGBTQ.  I say we need to be very bold. Be loud, Be fierce. Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera got this. This quote from Marsha sums it up. "History isn't something you look back at and say it was inevitable, it happens because people make decisions that are sometimes very impulsive and of the moment, but those moments are cumulative realities. You never completely have your rights, one person, until you ALL have your rights." 

Take it from this freak. Love yourself and embrace others. 

And always be yourself. Don't let anyone take that away or your right to be yourself

Embrace your Gay Pride.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021


Yes dears!!!!! It's Pam Demic, back briefly from Indian to shed the sari's and adopt some Gay Pride finery!!!!! A brief stint home will never hurt anyone...and it will give me time to finish my next pamphlet, How to Emerge the Gay Pandemic With Style and Approach Those Glory Holes Safely. I'm not sure entirely which way I changes more quickly then the wind...but she has done and seen it all, including a sordid threesome with Tim Gunn and Lorna Luft,  a gang bang with some the the Dallas Cowboys, and that god awful affair of bondage with Aunt Pitty Pat Graham. I still shutter from memories of that. I tend to think Pam swings to the lavender side of things. I mean you heard her story of her realization of being gay and ironically at the same time, her love of drink....
When I was five years old I discovered singer Peggy Lee on a variety tv show. She was singing,  Is That all There Is.  The haunting fatalistic song had ME HOOKED from the first verse. Peggy assumes a seen it all demeanor as she sings verse after verse about a life filled with tragedy,  and worst of all... disappointment.  When her father takes her to the circus, she describes it with a ironic wink in her tone "the greatest show on earth?" And what's her bored assessment with the spectacle of the circus, of dancing bears, clowns and beautiful ladies in pink tights on high wires?  I had the feeling something was missing, I don't know what.  And what's  her little girl pragmatic answer to that disappointment? Is that all there is to the circus ? If that's all there is, then let's break out the booze and have a ball. WOW!!!! THAT was my kind of little girl!!!!!!!!  And never looked back.
But I firmly believe there is nothing wrong with the LGBTQ. I firmly believe that god made the rainbow so we could catwalk into heaven.
I have always thought if God does hates us, why did he make us all hot or cute? And of course Pam has always been stylish and dressed well. I didn't spend all that time in the closet for nothing.
And I never understood why some think being gay is a disease. If being gay is a disease, lets all call in queer to work. Hello, can't work today, still queer. I read the Bible once. And it contains six admonishments for the gays and 362 admonishment to heteros. That doesn't mean god doesn't love heteros, I think the higher being just thinks they need more supervision.

And people still talk about the gay agenda. What gay agenda? When was the last time a gay person knocked on a door asking if the household would like to hear the goods news of Elton John?

And isn't it something when many are more people are comfortable with seeing two men holding guns, then holding hands?

You got to love the family too right? I love when the Demic's always say "Oh your gay", how did that happen. To which I reply , Well in the family tree, I was in the fruit section.

But my school days were always different. When most kids were dissecting frogs, I was opening flys.

The next time you hear a person say, “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” reply with “It’s homo sapiens not hetero sapiens,” and fly into the night. Would you look at the time, I have to fly, but remember...there is nothing wrong with being a fruit loop in a world of Cheerios. Happy Pride to all and stay out of trouble, for you never know where Pam Demic will show up.

Sunday, June 27, 2021


Happy Gay Pride Weekend🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈

I was tickled everyone loved my attempt last weekend with posting my song list when I was up at the Woods Campground with attempting to DJ. So here is the second part of the set I picked. We certainly can't have a Pride Weekend without a Tea Dance, so again, the gates are open at the Casa du Borghese...with no doubt,  our dear Anne Marie over looking us all from Fabulon... making sure were misbehaving and dancing!!!! This picks up where Stephanie Mills left let's getting dancing and sweating and.....


Friday, June 25, 2021


 In this weekly feature, I'll share a weekly guest with you all, and you tell me in only three words what comes to mind. 

In three words... 

Marc Chagall


All arise for the newest Crowned Queen.... Kita Mean!!!!

Kita Mean is a 34 year old queen and hails from Aukland New Zealand, where she has been a drag staple for years, co-hosts and judges House of Drag with fellow queen Anita Wigl'it,  and co owns a gay cabaret club with Anita called Caluzzi Cabaret. This year however Kita made the cut and landed herself on the first ever season of Drag Race Down Under...and then went on, and won,  the crown last week.. no small feat,  after competing with the likes of Australian heavy hitters, and drag legends, Art Simone and Karen From Finance, who were runners up to Kita! A much deserved win and the right winner in my opinion. It's about time Ru welcomed another zany comedy queen, with that old school drag vibe... along with the likes of Jinkx Monsoon and Trixie Mattel. And that name? When she adopted her cat, it was put on ketamine. She thought it would be funny to name her new cat "Ketamine", which when she started doing drag, was asked once on the spot, what her name was, and she thought quickly , because she didn't have a drag name at the time,  and out popped Kita Mean, and it stuck. Kita is also not afraid to voice opinions. Since the season wrapped, some industry insiders and fans alike have started calling for RuPaul and Michelle to "kindly step aside, retire and let other people judge", savagely claiming they both have "lost any joy" in critiquing the drag queen contestants. But Kita doesn't see it, and has voiced such loudly. Many argued should she have won? Many thought, when I was reading reviews,  that Kita's proportions were all wrong, and her massive boob plate was distracting. And that there was always a constant disconnect with the clowny make up, her wigs and the sexy body-ody-ody. I disagree. Kita is what drag really is too me. A queen does not have to follow the "new and improved drag contour and lace front" method that more and more drag queens in the US are adopting.. And yet another reason I love the international shows better. That shit is just not important to these true caliber of drag queens. No matter what style of costume, you can bet Kita will always go for comedy drag in her make up styling. Her win is absolutely deserved, as she was the only queen who continued to improve throughout the competition, nor bring any problematic history that might taint the show. If you want the fishy and cookie cutter recipe... then keep watching the US version. I'll stick with Kita!!!!