Wednesday, December 31, 2014


You do know the Mistress got an early start right....shocked, aren't we???
   Let's slip into something more fabulous shall we!!!!!
Tonight, I'll be hosting my intimate annual New Years Eve dinner of fillet mignon, lobster tail and ginger side cars, proceeded by a huge platter of Italian meats, shrimp, olives, cheeses, figs, fresh bruschetta with crostini. Then bottomless champagne will flow..... I always make the guest dress, after all, no one seems to dress up for anything anymore, tisk, tisk. To curses with sweat attire, sneakers and causal crap. It's all about dress shirts and bow ties tonight, where the boys will be boys.... with the backside slaps, wanton behaviors, eye flirting, etc etc......
And to undo a bow tie is even sexier!!!!!
Resolutions!?! Me? Never make them. I feel if I need to work on something, or make changes... no time like the present, why wait till the new year? So I have none, except to maybe cut back on meeting guys, with 3 currently, I still can't settle and get rid of this randy feeling.... and maybe this will be the year the Lad will make a honest man of me!!!!! No more Samantha Jones. Oh...lets not get crazy!!!!! And I'm never one to make those resolutions about fitness or dieting , drinking or eating. You know my favorite motto,

 I hope that 2014 has treated you as well as you deserve, I feel blessed and happy to look back on many joys and treats I had this year in my own life. Sure... I screwed up more than a few times, but I think the good and bad combined just continue to make and mold us to become stronger, and wiser people. Will continue to count each blessings...big or small- a blessing is a blessing after all! Cheers to that!
In closing year 2014… I'd like to thank you all for all your kind support, by commenting, writing, and sharing . We have really built together a place to enjoy some visual delights, support, encouragement, and a place of shelter from the more common mundane things we have to face daily which are not always so positive, upbeat or fun. What a joy...having special blogs that I can visit when I desperately need a dose of inspiration, laughs, some naughties, and some good news bits. And so likewise hoping the Mistress Borghese is not only a place to visit, but one that energizes and inspires you with visual delights and my nonsense. So chins up, stomach in, breasts/chest out!!! 2015 is coming, old father time is tired, and baby new year is waiting in the wings.....

 now...I must get ready for my close up and make sure the houseboys are ready for the night.....
Now how about some real visual delight... sure to put you in the New Year's mood for a swank, chic, elegant old time........
HAPPY NEW YEAR to each of you !!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


During the holiday season my town always comes alive. The beautiful homes along the streets will usually stay decorated till the New Year. Front doors in particular always fascinate me. Some have just doors, while others have columns, or narrow windows around the door, or in some cases ornate paneling. To me the front door alone gives the personality to the masters of the house, not to mention the way it's decorated. Here were some of my favorites in town this year, from the simple to the elegant, all of which I loved for some reason or other.
Fruit at the front door is always welcoming.......
My front door is a dark tan with wood branch wreath, with treatment of red and birds!!! Yikes! What does your door say about you???

Monday, December 29, 2014


A good time was had by all over the Christmas holiday at the ancestral home. We had our traditional Christmas Eve buffet, our Christmas Day Roast Beef dinner with Yorkshire Pudding, with my famous Cosmopolitans that flowed all day!!!!! We long ago stopped exchanging gifts with the family as a whole, we would rather give handmade baked goods, eat and be merry together, besides, we pretty much get what we want during the year anyhow. Oh sure  my Mother and I get each other something as do my Aunt and Uncle. But this year they left me speechless. My Mother surprised me with a ring my father wore. Rather handsome. It was a complete surprise. The ring in question was from his mother's side, there were 10 made for the males in the family, to be passed down. My half brother has one, as well as a cousin of mine and now the one I inherited.........
 Not sure where the rest are or who has them. The ring, is a sapphire with my dad's mother's family crest engraved into it. The crest has a shield with laurels branches on either side, with a stag coming out from behind. It matches a framed crest we also have. I adore the ring and it means the world to have it. Will I wear it? If I decide too, I must have a clasp in back as it may side off my finger... I have long fingers.  But it is incredibly cool.
Then my Aunt surprised me with a platter that was my great, great, grandparents. She has had it for years when she inherited it from her aunt, my great aunt. Now... it is rather beautiful even though I'm far from religious. But it is an honor to have such family history.
And then it went south. My mother received this gem from her niece who lives in Michigan. And she is known for her sense of humor..... Man in a Barrel......
And then she figured out the barrel slid up and off........
We all laughed till we peed, and then we all laughed some more. And my mother was just dumb founded and embarrassed. I mean, it's been 20 some years since she saw penis, I think. But she was really appalled when I bent it down, and let it spring, where it bounced several times before stopping, getting even further laughs. She just shook her head and said "That's my son."
Awwwww good times
I had texted this to Anne Marie, because we know how inappropriate she can get, and that's why we love the girl!!!


Yikes, Did I just say that?!?!? Please. Even though it's to be a two day work week, I still can't get up. If we were to just pop up out of bed, we'd sleep in toasters!!!!!! What a lovely Christmas I had.... much relaxing and lounging about with family. Now the Mistress is in the throws of my putting finishing touches on my intimate New Years Eve dinner soiree,  and New Year's Dinner. There's just a all around good feeling about New Years Eve. Anything with jollity and glitter and excuse to dress up......I'm there!!!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014


A pre post of sorts till I arrive home, but had to take a moment to honor two great Dames as they both turn 80. Dame Maggie Smith, today, and Dame Judi Dench, who turned 80 on December 9th. Judi Dench and Maggie Smith first shared a dressing room almost 60 years ago and their friendship has spanned the decades ever since ...
Dame Margaret Natalie "Maggie" Smith
born December 28th 1934 

 "I believe that I am past my prime. I had reckoned on my prime lasting till I was at least fifty."
 "My career is chequered. Then I think I got pigeon-holed in humor; Shakespeare is not my thing"

"I tend to head for what's amusing because a lot of things aren't happy. But usually you can find a funny side to practically anything"

 "Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes."

Dame Judith Olivia "Judi" Dench
born December 9 1934

"I think you should take your job seriously, but not yourself - that is the best combination."
"Actually, what I miss are people corpsing on stage."
"There are very few things that surprise me"
"Sometimes nudity is gratuitous. We just live in a society where everything goes."
"The more I do, the more frightened I get. But that is essential. Otherwise why would I go on doing it?"
80 and still fabulous, I'd say!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2014




L♥VE & JY to you all !
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