Saturday, December 31, 2011

The New Year is Upon Us.......

.......and where did the time go? It has been a busy week for me getting prepared for guest tonight. I like to make sure everything is just right. It will soon be all about good food and friends, spirits and the Mummers Parade here in Philadelphia. But on New Years Eve, one thing I will not be par-taking in- huge crowds!

No, after years of going out, I now leave it to the amateurs. Just kidding. You know it is because I fear of passing out and taking out the whole bandstand and straggling myself with my fur stole! And if were at the Casa, someone can easily un-zip me and carry me off to the boudoir!!!! I decided since it was so fun last year, I would host an intimate dinner again. This year I'll be starting with several French cheeses, roasted almonds and cashews, dried figs,feta stuffed olives,and chilled shrimp along with a few ginger sidecars. The dinner will be Fillet Mignon and Lobster tail with steamed greens. Buster has already offered to take all and any scrapes. My #1 Fan is bringing two magnums of Champagne, plus one bottle I already have on hand. Everyone will stay over for a huge slumber. It resembles a mind field the next day. I have another dinner planned for New Years Day- the traditional Pork and Sauerkraut! I also prepared a stollen for brunch.......if anyone is up in all that light! I'm post something about the night tommorrow. Maybe next year I'll do a Mummers theme party. Nah, most guest would only ues the feathers as French ticklers.

Now mind ya I don't usually look back over the pass year, never had, and lets face it, like I remember much of it!!!!! But I have to admit I don't have much to complain about. I love my job-greatly, my family is all healthy and wise and entertaining, most times! I met three very different boys to keep me "entertained", and I have some great friends, and I don't want for much. I enjoyed several trips and some great times, I think. I even met Rachel Zoe, and ate crow, as before then I couldn't stand her, but what a talent she is. My only upset was the passing of Amy Winehouse. I'm a huge fan. I enjoyed her music so much and her being out there. I can only compare it to when people lost John Lennon I guess. It still makes me sad, but I have finally moved from wearing black to deep purple! But we'll always have her music.

This will be the Mistress later tonight when she gets good and tight and forgets herself!!!!!! This will be after taking a swim in the sidecar and champagne pool!

My white tux shirt fit nicely, and is ready for the ironing.

Some of the wine and other spirits for those who don't drink my sidecars!

Currently at the casa.....

It's about 2:30am and all is quite. On weekends I'm usually up late, the night owl in me. I can never sleep the night before when I have a get together or I travel. I get all very excited. I would like to wish everybody a great New Year whilest I'm thinking about it. To my good friend and sister Mame, aka David Dust, who got me swindled into blogging and drinking, and to my girl Kailyn, my drinking partner in crime. To my bad influences, MM #1 Fan, Adrien and Preston. And to my good blogger friends, Froggy,Debra,Madtexter, Auntie Flame,Eric Arvin, Beth, Miss Ginger, Howard, Cali-Boi, Mahogany Empress, Pearl Gates, Lady Finger,Lenore Nevermore, my sweet Bob,and the neat Stephen. This year I also got to know some very interesting and fun new people at the Casa and think it will be the beginning of a new friendship, the mischievous Adam and Nick, the fabulously chic and sharp Tabitha, the sweet Cory Jo, RJ and Craig! And then there is my sweet and lovely Skill who always makes me feel good! And to me eccentric friends Mistress Mj and Designing Wally!!!!! And of course to all my readers and followers, who I love to hear from. Your comments, at times, keep me in stitches!!!!!! It is to all of you, along with my guests tonight that I will raise my 10th glass of champagne to for a New Year filled with love, happiness, peace and good health for all! And just remember, there is always time for another cock-a-tail!!!!

A very Happy New Year to you All, dears!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back at the Casa du Borghese.........

......... I had every intention this evening of retiring very early to my bed, but since you all nonchalantly dropped by, I heaved a little sigh, and put on my other, head. It must be simply ages since I've seen you, it's a pity I'm not feeling very bright, I must ask you to excuse me for this evening you see, I had a very hard day last night.

Normally I'd offer you a sherry, cause I know dears your rather fun when your tight, lets say we sit and watch the telly, because I had a very hard day last night.

For old friends like you, I would've like to look my best, but if only you knew how much I needed! My friends say it's time I took it easy, so it's not a case of being impolite, would you think me a bore, if I showed you the well, it's looks like another hard day, tonight!

Well since you were your so kind to drop in, the Mistress had a lovely holiday with family and friends, and heads back to work tomorrow for two days. With all the holiday festivities, and now in the throws on planning my New Years Eve party and New Years Day dinner, I apologize for my absence, but I did get to enjoy a winter day trip on Tuesday at the stunning Longwood Gardens, which you can read of over at Gals About Town. I'm am wiped out, and keeping the house boys in line, but otherwise, I'll be back soon dears! Tootles!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Leaving the Casa, Again

Could you just see the Mistress driving up the road to visit family with the likes of this??? Yeah, I know, it wouldn't surprise any of you! Although it would be festive to drive a red vintage MG westward to the ancestral home for Christmas. Maybe I would even wear my tuxedo shirt and bow tie! And yes you guessed it....I'm off tomorrow to spend Christmas with family and friends.How's everyone feeling so far this holiday... Stressful & Anxiety or Peace & Joyful? Surprisingly, I'm not in any major panic this year! I'm usually not, but sometimes I do have a little bit of stress, but not this year. It was smooth sailing. I think this is my first time I can honestly say I am truly relaxed this holiday season! I can't believe how caught up I was this year, and how calm it is here! Twas two days before Christmas and all through the Casa du Borghese, not a creature is stirring, except these warm, cozy and hunky boys!

Ahhhhhhhh, won't they be nice to help keep one warm on a cold winters night? And love how they make long johns look sexy! But like I was saying to never having free time during the holiday season to do extra fun things. But tonight after work, I met the Lad and another friend for some of these-

These too will help to keep me warm! A delish Espresso martini at the Lambertville Hotel! They make the best ones! Now, we are pesently back at the Casa, and the Lad is trying to help me get things ready to depart tomorrow, but I think he has other things on his mind! Or he will have to wait till my New Year Eve party. It will be nice to sleep in and leave at a leisurely pace. Once home we will have our usual unlimited Cosmopolitans with a light buffet at my mothers, followed by our annual watching of A Christmas Carol and then to bed late. The next day is the big dinner at the Aunt and Uncle's bungalow for her wonderful Roast Beef Dinner with Yorkshire Pudding and all the trimmings! Some of her kids will be present, but as an added treat this year, her youngest will be home. As he plays with the Chattanooga Symphony, and ALWAYS travels with his viola, I hoping we can have his arm twisted to play a few Christmas ditties! So I'm off again and will be back late next week sometime, with exception to a Christmas Day message.

Soooo.... I wish you all a magical, wonderful, and gayly festive Merry Christmas! Thank You for you all for your kind words, and funny comments and for visiting me at the Casa du Borghese - I'm truly grateful for all of your friendships and kindness! Now how about a round of Gin and Tonics???


Mistress Borghese

Fashionable Art by Rene Gruau

You may have noticed in my sidebar a while back I added some incredible fashion art. It is by one of my favorite graphic artist,Rene Gruau, who was one of the most important graphic designers in the second part of the 20th Century. Designing posters for the Lido and Moulin Rouge in Paris and for large Advertisers like Air France, Cinzano and Vichy mineral water. He worked closely with Dior fashions, and worked with Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, and Le Figaro Madame and other journals of the time. His mother had a great influence on his interest in the World of fashion being involved in Haute Couture. His Illustrations were printed by Lidel as early as in 1924 in Italy. He worked as a clothes designer for a while in London.In 1947, Christian Dior invited Gruau to design for Dior and create Ms Dior fragrance. Gruau continued the relationship with Dior and worked with many fashion houses as well. Art nouveau and Japanese prints that influenced the impressionists also had a great influence on his body of work. Gruau continued working for Dior and many others right up until the end of his life. I have several prints of his and even ordered a stationary set which I used as Christmas cards one year. In the world of graphic art, Gruau is one of the most collectable artists of the last 50 years. Her's some of my favorites.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Orbs of Loveliness

If there is one thing the Mistress loves, it is big shiny balls! Every year when I have guest in, they always compliment me on my balls and their placement, and how they appear simple, but add so much glitz and a festive touch to all my rooms! You do know I'm talking about glass ornaments right? While I wouldn't say I'm a collector, I do have close to two hundred or more of them, and all sizes and colors. I place them in jars, glasses, boxes, on my tree, and vases. Some I even lie about casually. I think it is their color and the shiny object thing I like. You know it doesn't take much to distract me!!!!

Until the mid-1800’s, Christmas trees were mostly decorated with homemade adornments or edibles like fruits and nuts. But the German entrepreneurs based in the glassblowing center of Lauscha had a better idea. They began producing decorative tree ornaments made out of thinly blown glass. In the 1880s, F.W. Woolworth imported the first of these baubles into the U.S., triggering the American love affair with Christmas tree ornaments

Shiny Brite, always a staple in ornament manufacturing, continued making glass balls till the late 1950s and then disappeared. But how many of us remember pulling out as a child, the Shiny Brite box to help decorate, and every year there would be fewer and fewer balls, but we kept the box anyway? Eckardt was a German immigrant who made his own balls and then started the said ball company. Later he teamed up with Woolworth's, and they convinced the Corning Glass Company to start mass producing glass balls.

Over this past weekend when I was at the Capital Street Duo's house for the party, the next day, we went to visit the Lemoyne Antiques Market where what did I do? Why search out and buy more balls! All sizes and colors too! I got some real good deals on them. I also found this hat box to arrange them. Lots of the ones I bought were Shiny Brite. The Dame also gave me, I swear, like 60 more balls in addition. Besides placing on the tree, here are a few things I did with them......

This hat box from from Astor Millinery is great to fill with balls, and it's just what I did! Astor Millinery is no longer around, but I do love hat boxes. How do people transport their chapeaus these days with a hat box?

The Dame gave me this nifty glass dome to fill with balls also! I placed it on my bar ledge sitting on a gold gilded frame and placed with my snowman.

Many of us probably remember these glass ornaments from the 40s,50,s and 60, from our parents and our childhoods. They take so back to a time in our minds when things were less uncomplicated time. Like a song or smell, each ornament can bring back all those memories and reconnects us to one another and the past.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm Getting Nothin' for Christmas

My suitors are tempting me to be bad.

I'm getting nothing for Christmas, the poor little Mistress is sad,I'm getting nothing for Christmas, because I didn't want to be bad!

Joe promised me a French Citro├źn , just for a little kiss, sterling cuff links, and a case of Hendricks, just for a little kiss, he said he'd buy out the stores, everything I have is yours, I will be your Santa Claus, just for a little kiss!

I'm getting nothing for Christmas, my little Joey is mad,I'm getting nothing for Christmas, because I didn't want to be bad!

The Prince promised me a Gucci watch, just for a tiny squeeze, a drawer of Calvins, plus an Argentine trip, just for a tiny squeeze, he said minx be nice to me, and on Christmas day you'll see, presents round your Christmas tree, just for a tiny squeeze.

I'm getting nothing for Christmas, my little Princy is mad,I'm getting nothing for Christmas, because I didn't want to be bad!

And finally the Lad promised me a day at Bergdorf's, just for a tiny grope, a Hermes wallet, and a summer share, just for a tiny grope, he said jezebel be sweet to me, and you will see, unlimited Chanel Egoiste under your tree, just for a tiny grope.

I'm getting nothing for Christmas, my little Laddie is mad,I'm getting nothing for Christmas, because I didn't want to be bad!

So take my advice, I think you should, it's good to be good, but not to good......... oh hell with it, when I'm bad I better!!!! I'll end up with a full floor under my tree!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dessert Party in a Winter Wonderland

Well the Mistress is back from a weekend filled with men and holiday merriment, and cock-a-tails and some sparkle and pazazz! I had two parties to tend too! But Saturday night's party was the highlight, not only because I went with a five o clock shadow, and not in drag, but it's always a fun night with my good friends, the Capital Street Duo who always have a fun and interesting mix of guest! Not to mention touring the house. This year the Dame Courtney had a dessert party, that reminded me of a fancy chocolatier boutique. And were the chocolate covered potato chips ever addictive with the gin!!!!!!! who knew. Everything was made by the Dame herself! With my outfit I was worried she'd ask me to serve!

Truth be told though, as much fun as it is to visit my wonderful friends and hosts and have a good time, another reason is to see the Dame working her magic through the house for the holidays, and just in general. The Dame is a huge collector of Christmas decorations and vintage items, antiques, Victorian objects, well, she collects alot, but it is always so interesting to see how she will change the place up from season to season. It's never dull and always a treat to see. At Christmas though she pulls out all stops! And if you know me, you know I love my eccentric friends. It reminds me a living in a Bergdorfs window, or close to it. This year, on the main floor, she went with a creme, white, and gold theme, with LOTS of flocked snow everywhere. How stunning is that tree and mantle piece? You will see fairy angels, beads, tons of balls, glass finals, and various white vintage trees that were from the defucted department store Pomroys, that was local to the area and these tress were used in their windows. Also my favorite item- the peacocks that are stuffed with arsenic. I tried to get them in my trunk, but the Dame just wouldn't leave the room. And yes, that is indeed a vintage full size sleigh you see filled with packages, and another tree.

This is there newest edition to the Capital Manor, Philly! And is he ever adorable! And no, he is not a taxidermy!!!

This is the Dame's funeral collection of gadgets on the way up the stairs to the second floor. Don't cross the Dame or she may embalm ya, as I'm sure there were embalming implements present!!!! Who do you think stuffed all those birds?

A beautiful hallway table with arrangment. Love the soft glow of the light.

This is the stunning tree in the master bedroom! This tree is huge, as it went up into the third floor of the house. It was decorated with all sizes and colors of vintage ornaments, beads, candle clips and whimsical pieces. And yes, that is a snow goose in flight behind the tree! Another of her fowl collection!

This is a actual window the Dame installed in the master bedroom that looks out into the upstairs hall, adored with antique bubble light candles. She even gave me one to bring home!

Love the bird cage filled with balls! And how cute is the nest with two blue balls instead of eggs.

A very nice time was had by all, and Dame Courtney always has just the right mix of personalities and characters at a party. The Mistress hit a wall by around 1 and don't remember getting undressed or going to bed, but the next morning was a blur, or should I say early afternoon it was, when the Mistress awoke from the dead like the ghost of Christmas past! After my feeling of being hung left, The Dame and I went to the Antiques Market for some shopping and instead of getting some presents, I ended up with more vintage glass balls, a very swanky sleeping mask, and various other items, but you may as well have enough of what you like right! I can't help myself, shiny balls make me happy! And a huge THANK-YOU to my lovely hosts and wonderful friends for a very memorable night! Tootles!