Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mistress Makes an Easter Exit

Well, here we are again's Easter, but the weather here is telling me otherwise. Still so chilly. How do you like the Mistress's departure outfit above? To much???? Wait till you see my Easter ensemble........
Yes dear ones, the Mistress is off again, packed lock, stock, and gin barrel for the trek to the ancestral home for the Easter weekend. It was a hard packing this time with the formal garb and hats, but one can't be seen in just any old rags while strolling the boulevard!!!! It's time for some big chapeaus damn it! If you think mine is much........ Have you met my Mother? Sometimes she gets mistaken for the center piece.........

 I'll be enjoy some peace and quite hopefully and a delish Easter dinner on Sunday at the Aunt and Uncle's house with the usual antics.....Whilst I'm gone, a modest staff will be left behind in case y'all stop by. Help yourself with a colored egg from my 2&3 footmen's baskets won' t you?

If you don't care for any protein, then how about a tin-foiled chocolate egg....creatively arranged by the first footman?

Let's use our facial muscles & SMILE darlingsss...shall we! Happy Easter to those who celebrate...& enjoy a gloriously long weekend everyone!
Happy Easter!

Easter Bunny.........

Are you ready for a nice vodka filled jello egg? I hear Lady Bunny will be replacing the Easter Bunny at malls everywhere. That should liven things up.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I'm really hoping for a Jinkx, Alaska, Detox and Roxxy final four.....and would finally like to see the definition of a drag queen  that is funny , campy and quirky, win! I LOVES me some Jinkx Monsoon! I can't help wonder if it will come down to her and Alaska.....a final two quirky set? After all Detox is already pretty well known, and Roxxy a beautiful pageant queen.

Grande Dame

drag queen, costume designer, juggler, fire eater,  stilt walker. The Ivy Winters we didn't see on Drag Race. Enclosed is the Ivy I have seen. Maybe she didn't eat fire because of the Aqua-Net in the air!!Ivy Winters from "RuPaul's Drag Race" was competing in Season 5 of the Logo reality series. From New York City, she works as a talented seamstress, and her hand sewn costumes are in demand in New York, where she dresses queens like Lady Bunny and Manila Luzon. A circus performer for eight years, Ivy can breathe fire, and  walk on stilts. Her shows are unforgettable.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Room Service-The Sex Tape......

The fabulous drag queen, Jodie Harsh is back with Room Service Part Two! I have known many a straight guy who has had one of these mornings with the Mistress.....  and a fun beat to boot!

 The hunk ain't bad either.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Scenes from the Abode

It was a quite weekend around here this week, and much needed since it's been on the go alot lately. The Lad came over for a visit, much time spent eating, lounging, late,late, morning in bed, and some movie watching, with some entertaining on Saturday night. Some sights around the Casa lately.......
The apothecary jars ready for Easter......with some vintage touches from antique shopping......

sweet white carnations.......
Newest addition to the boudoir. Ceramic deer head from a chic shop in Minneapolis.
A dessert torte I made on Saturday. It's now history.
The Lad's pile of clothes...on floor, despite that he has a drawer in the dresser!!!!
Sleeping pup.........
vintage globe and wrought iron airplane......
1940's or 50's Victorian birdcage picked up on last antique trip with the Dame Courtney. Unsure how and where I'll incorporate it yet.

 This was also seen this weekend with the visiting Lad! Always a conservation piece. Picked up at a Provincetown B&B.......

 The houseboys can't always take a closed door as a hint.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another Parlor Game

What better to do on a Sunday night then a parlor game. So here at the Casa du Borghese ,we have the doors open, so come on in, pinch a houseboy, gather in the parlor and lets have a gin! Feel free to answer any or all the questions.....I adore all your chatter.......I have answered mine in white.

If you had to choose........
If you were a member of the Crawly family would you choose for a boy toy Thomas Burrows or Tom Branson?
If you had to give a million to Lindsay Lohan to disappear forever or Taylor Swift to stop singing which would you choose?
If you had too, would you change or spouse's body or face?
If you had to have sex would you choose Batman or Robin? For the women Wonder Woman or Poison Ivy?
If you had a time machine would you choose to go to the past or future?
If you were God and you had to choose would you end world hunger or the green house effect?
If you had to choose would you take a deeply romantic relationship that would last a year, or a so-so one that would last a lifetime?
Would you star in a Hitchcock film or a Orson Wells film?
In the James Bond series, If you had to choose would you be the sexual piece of amusement to Daniel Craig, or Pierce Bronson?
For the rest of your life if you had too would you go commando or wear a thong?
Every morning for the rest of your life....Starbucks or Dunkin?
If you had to choose, would you be covered in birds or ants?
Oh what fun, I can't wait to read your answers. Now gentle readers, if you'll excuse me, I had better toddle away ,to begin the exhaustive search to see what's for dinner. Unfortunately, I find myself , once again ,bereft of any inspiration. However , I do hope something comes along soon..........
Good evening.

Upon Their Easter Bonnet

Oh..... God love them.Looks like a group from over at the Infomaniac!!!! I shouldn't make judgement, for this could be me one day. You don't see women wear Easter hats like you did back in my grandmother's day. But here is Bucks County, this time of year, I am amazed to see the older folk breaking out their Easter finery, but the ladies hats are much more serious then the ones above. You just know they took pride in those hats. My style would be more like in my header! A sun shield.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

From the Candy Shop

This eye candy is the most sought after delicacy in the Mistress's Candy Shop. Week after week, this candy has the top three hits for searches here, and it's those eyes, that smile, and those man pillows..... and it is none other than the addictive....Marco Dapper! Marco an American male model turned actor and gained notoriety when he acted in 'Eating Out 2',sequel in 2007 where he had full frontal nude scene and gay man to man sex scene. That was when I first became smitten with him and have been ever since. He still leaves me breathless and what a sexy gay ally we have in him. He used to be a UPS man. Could you imagine this package arrive to your door? Free samples till tomorrow!!!!!

Weekend is Here!

Cheers darlings!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Johann Sebastian Bach

Today is  Johann Sebastian Bach's Birthday and he would have been a mere 328 years old. I just love classical music and will generally listen to it on my way home for relaxation, and then with some wine upon getting home, and Saturdays are the best with breakfast and coffee. So today was a treat as all the public radio was playing was Bach. But did you know some of these interesting facts........ 

Bach fathered 20 children: only nine of them survived him.
Sons of Bach: Several Bach sons became professional musicians and composers. The most famous were Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach and Johann Christian Bach.
Orphan: Bach was orphaned at age 10 and was raised by an uncle.
Germany only: Although he traveled frequently, Bach never ventured beyond a 150-mile radius of his birthplace, and never left Germany.
Technical expert: Bach was often invited to inspect the mechanics of church organs.
Duel: In his early 20s, Bach pulled a sword on a bassoonist who had accused him of slander.
Jail: Bach spent about a month in jail after showing disrespect to the Duke of Weimar by illegally seeking employment elsewhere.
Third choice: Bach was hired at Leipzig only after Georg Friedrich Telemann and another (now practically forgotten) composer refused the post.
Old-fashioned: By the time of his death, Bach’s fugues and contrapuntal style were out-of-date with the newer, lighter style; his sons referred to him as “old powdered wig.”
In his own words: “The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul. If heed is not paid to this, it is not true music but a diabolical bawling and twanging.”
and now for one of my favorite pieces......

Johann Sebastian Bach - Sonata no 5 in F min bwv 1018

The Hookie Awards?

This Friday at the Roseland Ballroom, will be a fun event if you have no plans, as they are hosting The Hookies, which is the 6th Annual International Escort Awards Show!! Exciting, right??
This year's "Oscars of Escorting" will be hosted by Sharon Needles, the reigning season-four winner of RuPaul's Drag Race and drag extraordinaire.........
Sharon Needles quickly became a household name and queer icon known for her wit and style and revered by fans around the world. She just released her debut album PG-13, embarking on a 42 city tour.Kick off your Black Party weekend in style with the “who’s who” of the erotic at The Hookies Awards. The after party will be a free-for-all, with scene boys giving into their darker temptations for a night filled with something only the Black Party can deliver.  Treat yourself to the Hookies VIP Experience and meet your your favorite XXX stars, city escorts, and celebrity presenters in their VIP Area, with complimentary cocktails and special seating. Contrary to popular belief this isn't a Casa du Borghese event, I swear. I know what it must look like! I can't imagine there would be a thing there for me to see.........

This is really an event you don’t wanna miss so RUN, don’t walk…unless you strut harder than Naomi on the catwalk. Tootles!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sent From a Friend........

I told you I have the best of friends.This must explain why I got along with one of my ex's mother so well.