Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Grande Dame.....Sharon Needles

What can be said of Sharon Needles? Sharon Needles was born one night in Pittsburgh when Courtney Love’s favorite heroin-shooting vein busted open and squirted all into the gutter as Marilyn Manson jacked off on a Nina Hagen voodoo doll. Bitch is like a Real Housewife of Silent Hill. And I'm here to tell ya a sweet heart and one fierce queen. Her performances and style are always on point and given much thought. For those of you off the drag circuit, Sharon Needles is one of Pittsburgh’s most notorious drag queens. A self-proclaimed punk rock sex clown and is extremely well liked, given her very unique, and out of the ordinary drag style. She left the Philadelphia bitches speechless! My only hope is that Sharon will do some of her other looks on Dragrace and not just her extreme goth, but I tell you, she will not disappoint! You can check out at her forthcoming website at Sharon Needles or the old fashioned way, with a Ouija board!!! Good luck to ya girl!

Monday, January 30, 2012

A Weekend for the Senses

Did you ever have one of those weekends where you did alot, but it still felt relaxing? This was one of those. My group of cackling hens got together for brunch on Sunday. It's always nice to gossip about who's not present, just another reason to go. Iif they stop talking, then you should be worried I say. It was a weekend for a sensory over load I'll say that. My good friend Pixie Stick and I got together finally. We used to work together and it had been almost a year since we saw each other. Before heading out,and the drawn out process of getting ready, I tried my new fragrance choice, Hermes d'Orange Verte. Now mind ya, I only wear three fragrances usually. I wear the same three for years now, and everybody always knows when I've been there. They are,

Terre d'Hermes, Hermes d'Orange Verte, Chole eau de fleur Capucine, and Chanel's Egoiste. I always get comments when wearing these scents, and the d'Orange Verte from Hermes is the newest to the regimen, and did not disappoint. And did it smell yummy! But the highlight of the weekend was the time spent in Doylestown with Pixie visiting the stunning locale of Fonthill.

Fonthill is a modern castle made entirely of concrete and rebar, by the founder of Moravian Tile Works, that we also visited. This castle is not only unique, but bizarre. Mercer used all of the tiles in his home that his tile works created! Fonthill was the home of Henry Chapman Mercer. Archaeologist, anthropologist, ceramist, scholar and antiquarian, Mercer built Fonthill both as his home and as a showplace for his collection of tiles and prints. The first of three Mercer buildings in Doylestown, Fonthill served as a showplace for Mercer's famed Moravian tiles that were produced during the American Arts & Crafts Movement. Designed by Mercer, the building is an eclectic mix of Medieval, Gothic, and Byzantine architectural styles, and is significant as an early example of poured reinforced concrete. Pixie and I entered the house in a very dark entry way. Outside we had noticed that the windows were all different sizes and inside there were openings in the house through walls also of all different sizes. Windows and openings were just placed wherever Mr. Mercer thought one should be. The guide described it as "an architect's nightmare" because nothing was square. Regardless, we were both totally fascinated with the building. It took about 1 hour to go through on an abbreviated tour.

The upstairs floors were too cold to tour in the winter to stay up there long, because there was no heating of course! It's really hard to describe this "house." It really felt more like a castle, but the tiles all over every wall, ceiling and floor in each room were bizarre.

I didn't sense a ghost in the house, just a residual energy of sadness, particularly in the large "library" area. We learned that Mr. Mercer was never married, didn't care for the company of women, was very artistic, loved to travel and collect, everything, and loved his dogs. It doesn't take much guesswork to figure out that he was probably gay, does it? In the house, there are Rollo's pawprints in various concrete stairways, and one is actually labeled Rollo's Stairway. Up next was the Moravian Tile Works.

We also took a tour of the tile works and the entire process of making the tiles was explained as we walked through it. Of course, it was 43F, so it was cold in there- but there was some warmth from the ovens that were going as tiles were being produced. We learned that all of the clay used to make the tiles are from local sources. The tile company became famous when the Pennsylvania State House commissioned Mr. Mercer to completely tile that building. Mercer also tiled many other landmark buildings.

Like Mercer's house Fonthill, the building of the tile works was built entirely out of concrete, and was designed in "Mission Style" like buildings in the American Southwest. Combined with Fonthill, the tile works makes for a great trip! After all that touring and getting chilled it was off to Honey to warm up....and of course, some nibbles. Which were very good and enjoyed, but the four cock-a-tails I had really warmed up the Mistress.

A honey Expresso martini, several!!!!!! They did the trick, but kept me up most of the night! It was nice to get out and about, God know how long this mild, warm winter will hold up. The Mistress usually doesn't go out and about much in the winter and tends to get reclusive in the cold temps. So I'll enjoy it while I can take it. Now.....to muster the energy to greet Monday. Tootles!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Let the Drag Race Begin...........

Don't forget tomorrow, RuPaul's Drag Race starts on Logo at 9pm. And please, do not be afraid of Sharon Needles, she is really a sweet queen. Will you be on the sidelines this season? And remember y'all...............


Our friend Phoebe Bixler

She is always busy and never makes brunch anymore. She says she is too busy. Of course, it's none of my affair. Too much running around, if you ask me. The Garden Club this, the Junior League that... as if any of them would give her the time of day! But, she'd die before she'd fix a glass of iced tea for the Temple Sisterhood!

Contrary to Popular Belief.... I Take Both!

Kailyn sent me this. She knows me so well in certain terms.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Simply Gruesome Twosome

This is the campy/bizarre intro to Gruesome Twosome - the runtime of the movie was too short for distributors so director HD Lewis had to pad it with many nonsensical scenes, including this famous opening scene. Love the voices and the music.

Sugar pie's, I hope you all are having a great weekend, and if you'll just hush, we can watch the clip....

Friday, January 27, 2012

Chris Crocker Metamorphosed Nicely

"Leave Britney Alone!", arguably changed the course of popular culture. The words were spoken by Chris Crocker, a then 19-year-old from Tennessee with an already burgeoning Internet career who regularly posted videos to YouTube .In just two days "Leave Britney Alone!" racked up over four million views, a virtually unheard of feat in the earlier days of YouTube -- and soon Crocker became known -- and parodied -- around the world. But now, with an unbelievable new look that is guaranteed to shock, he has a upcoming foray into the porn industry, more music on the way, and a documentary, "Me at the Zoo," I do believe he is coming back with a whirlwind. And in a recent interview I found him to be very interesting. I always did like him, but the Mistress loves anything unique and odd and eccentric, but in the early days he was a bit, well, hyper and tooo over the top. But I do believe he has matured and grown up nicely. Hold on the your cock-a-tail and pearls girls......

The interview is from Huffo/Gay.What kind of a response has your new look gotten you?

Chris Crocker: People usually ask me something really simple-minded like "So you're a man now?" and they want it to be this really simple answer. And the real answer is that I don't feel like just a man or just a woman. I feel really comfortable with both the feminine and masculine sides of myself.

What was the process like for you to begin presenting as more masculine?

I started gradually. I was wearing less makeup and pushing my hair back and putting it in a pony tail instead of curling it or wearing it long. My hair extensions got shorter and shorter and I went from 26-inch extensions to shoulder-length extensions. My answer for this is the same as when people ask me "When did you start dressing like a girl?" I never realize the changes that are taking place. They literally just happen. It's never a conscious thought of I'm going to wake up tomorrow and be a different person. It's little by little. So I was pushing my hair back, wearing less makeup, and I was blond at the time and then it went to black. Then I buzzed it off. It's always just gradual -- it's never a conscious decision.

You get a lot of attention now about the way you currently look. Most of the people I showed your recent photos to couldn't stop talking about how hot you are. What's your reaction to that?

I'm offended. The most irritating thing is guys I find attractive say, "Oh my God -- you're so hot now." It's like, "OK?" You need to be able to see the full picture of who I am -- not just half the picture. You can't put your hand over half of who I am and accept part of me. So, as far as dating guys or considering guys to date, that's really difficult. They can't always accept that I used to dress up or that that's a part of me still and that I still dress up. It's just annoying. Even if it's a girl or a fan saying it -- I don't like when people put it that way. I can understand if I'm a more socially, traditional "attractive" but I don't like when people phrase it like, "You're hot now."

You have a documentary about your life, "Me at the Zoo," debuting at The Sundance Film Festival in a few weeks. How did that come about?

I was friends with Chris Moukarbel's boyfriend -- Chris is one of the directors. His boyfriend's parents are from where I live in Tennessee which was really coincidental and weird and meant to happen. We got to talking and he said that his boyfriend was doing a film about the Internet and how it affects pop culture and they wanted to do some interviews with me. Once they saw my story is really a story for this generation and saw that what happened to me hasn't happened to that many people, they got inspired by the story and wanted to do the film. It's been almost three years in the making.

I do believe I'll be interested in seeing this documentary. Maybe I should put together a swank Sundance ensemble and grab a date to attend the event.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Burglary of Epic Proportions at the Casa!

A burglary took place meanwhile at the Casa du Borghese. Missing are some of the antique silver cutlery, three straws, a vintage compact, some Rolaids, the finch from the cage, and brace yourselves, three houseboys!!!!! Two of which were my prized possessions -The Twins!!!!

The local borough authorities have investigated and think it was a inside job. I have my suspicions though. I at first though it was Cory Jo, and that she had them in her Dark Corner. Plus she is conveniently out of town right now in Texas. But I hear she is busy using a brandin iron on all the cowboys. Mistress Mj is also suspected from the Vaseline left on one of the door knobs, and I know she uses tons of it over at the Infomaniac in her oubliette. I am also suspecting Miss Normadesmond. She has recently come into a newly acquired ear trumpet, from Mistress Mj and has been doing all kinds of downright odd things with it. Could the last two be in cahoots together? And the other houseboy missing is clothes boy!!!!

Now this leads to to believe Queen Ginger Grant could be the thief. She has been seriously quite over at Chez Ginger, and she loves herself some domestic help. The other houseboys aren't versed in machinery, it's to complicated for them to use. Now who will wash my dainties? And not off the hook is my man loving dear sister Mame, aka David Dust, who is probably trying to convert them into Dust Bunnies!!!! Or perhaps making the poor things jump through hoops at the Urges!

I should have suspected something like this would happen sooner or later, with such a pristine collection of men. Now I'm thanking my lucky stars my dew drop in the garden driver is still around, were departing to check out Wally's story!!! Keep your finger crossed. Driver...make tracks! And keep the shirt off. Meet driver......... and ain't my car cute?

Grande Dame

Victoria Porkchop Parker hails from Anderson, SC. As a child, Victoria would burst out into song or dance at any given chance. He was involved in regional theater and show choir, and entered every talent show or event that was possible. In high school he was selected into the Smith 16, a show choir that traveled throughout the east coast entertaining and winning many competitions. The first night he ever went to a gay bar there was a drag show. He realized at that moment that female impersonation was for him. Victoria has worked on cast at many of the greatest drag shows in the country: “Legends Raleigh, NC,” “The Connection Louisville KY,” and “The Chute Nashville TN.” He has also traveled the country entertaining the masses. He has entertained in drag in over 35 states and has been lucky enough to capture the title of almost 100 pageants, including four national titles. Victoria has appeared on "Life’s a Drag" "My Life is a Sitcom" and of course was a drag testant on RuPaul's Drag Race.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

.....And Another Thing

Could someone, ANYONE please stick some duct tape, the heavy duty kind across Mariah Carey's mouth and shut down that damn Jenny Craig commerical??? I swear since it started airing it's on all the time. And quite frankly her warbling that song is getting on my gay nerves. And I really do love Mariah, saw her twice in concert. And I'm happy she shed her baby weight, a small country, and two Mac trucks, but enough! We have seen her plenty of times in a long skirt with thigh high slit, mid-drift, and whore heels some hooker from Jersey lost. If I had a gin for everytime this commerical aired....oh. wait I did. And if for some reason you haven't seen, please grab a highball and enjoy. Go ahead, my ear plugs are in.

This is Why I Drink Mr. Ablow

Yesterday while cruising the inter webz, I found myself in Smallville visiting with our favorite snark blogger Bob, I swear, he was born with jungle red on those claws! Anyway he had an interesting post about Keith Ablow and why he wants to stop America from drinking, and he wants to tell us why Americans drink.You can read Bob's post here. He says that "one in every six Americans downs eight mixed drinks within a few hours, four times a month. Really. Because the Mistress downs them 6-8 every hour!!!! Gin comes in by the barrel around here! But I digress. Now these are some reason I drink so much.

Pass Buffoon......

Revival of the new Three Stooges.......

The wicked bitches of the East and West......

The homeless, un-employment and hunger.....

And the last thing to make me drink IS Kim Kardashian and her big ass!!!! Why won't this damn clan just go aways? I won't even post it's picture in fear I'll get in a stupor and not get out! All these things pictured here scary the hell out of me, so is it any wonder I love my gin so much?

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Gayborhood Adjacency

Just back in from taking the country mouse, Buster Bolfig, back into center city Philadelphia to the ex-boy-toy's place. On my way back, I always pass Woody's Bar and Lounge. For you out of town folk, it is probably Philly's largest and oldest bar now in Philly.

All this time I never noticed what was next door, probably because I usually leave Woody's in a haze. What's next door you ask?

A place called Sweet Ending. Imagine how many leave Woody's for the night hoping for a sweet ending! And you can't see it in the picture, but they had a poster that read," Still don't know, come on in!" Oh dear. And not far from there is yet another fun place.....

I will say, it is like candy land down there. Us gays are a fun bunch.

Have Your Picture Taken at the Casa!

..................it's Monday again!!!!!! What prop will you use?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

You Should Meet my Son

Have any of you seen this fun movie? I just saw it last night when I had my neighbor over last night for dinner and he decided to bring a flick. I have never seen it before but was it ever entertaining. Now mind ya, I have always been out and about since I was....well, born. When the doctor slapped my back side I said again! And I was told fingers, and long baby bottles kept me quite for hours, and I was always trying to get the banana lose from a stuffed monkey I had! But had I not been always out of the closet, the mother in this movie would soooooo have been my mother along with my aunt, trying to fix me up!

Naturally Soft

Look at how velvety and smooth that shirt is! Almost appears to be painted on! Looks so soft........

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why 2" Isn't Much to Receive

Well, the Mistress is relaxing all weekend from another long week. Work was busy, and in addition, I also have taken on a freelance interior design project. So after all this working, it is time to relax and get caught up with some home cooking, with some stuffed peppers and a macaroni and cheese casserole with tomatoes and onions. Of course last night we had our first snow fall, all two inches of it, not much by my standards! So we had to venture out for our afternoon walk- about in the white stuff, as Buster loves the snow. There was much sniffing....

After some rather lenghty investigating it was a matter of time before he left his mark.....

This look screams he ready to go in now, I believe.

We made a pit stop at my neighbors house Nathan's so Buster could frolic with Cleo and Scotia.

Now that were back, it's time to get cookin and I invited Nathan over for a winter's dinner! You know the Mistress loves to entertain! Hope everyone in staying out of trouble this weekend!!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

From the Candy Shop.....

As you may know, the Mistress has a awful sweet tooth! And I have a real weakness for the delectable Gandy flavor. Just look and enjoy the exotic, melt in you mouth flavor of David Gandy! How handsome does he look in that sharp suit above? David is a very successful model and is widely known for his Dolce and Gabbana spokes model work, in that skimpy swim suit! So hurry in to my candy shop, but I have to offer you other treats as this is all my delight!