Saturday, February 29, 2020


What with me in hibernation for the last month and a half...the Candy Shop went to hell, but after a good cleaning we're back open for business to satisfy your sweet tooth. It's been a tough week to decide what to stock the shop with but after careful consideration, might I present this delicious addictive treat....
This is one swoon worthy guy for me. Dylan Cawte…. underwear model, fitness model and content creator, and I'm sure an Influencer. He hails from the beautiful land of Auckland, New Zealand. I love me a guy with a good fashion style,  and just enough hipster without going overboard. And what's not to like? He loves being near water, has a love for dogs, likes wearing hats, looks sexy as fuck in glasses...a huge turn on for me... those pecs and arms get me, he has what a call great CSL'S,(cock sucking lips)...and  he apparently likes lounging in bed. 
Maybe I shouldn't share this one.....

Friday, February 28, 2020


You know the drill! Each week, I'll share with you all a special guest, and you tell me in only three words what come to mind.

In three words...
Diana Ross, that's MS. ROSS to you!

And since she's here, we may as well let her help kick off this weekend with my favorite song of hers....


There was a show. A very strange, enchanted show.  During my long hibernation, I took it easy and decompressed for the most part. With excemption to another famous, fabulous three hour lunch with our lovely Anne Marie and her hubby Arteejee,  Daddy Warbucks for Christmas got me tickets for us to go see the Moulin Rouge, which was a nice treat.
The musical version of the iconic Baz Luhrmann film has hit the Great White Way. There are few musical films as iconic as Moulin Rouge!, which took the world by storm when it opened at the start of the century starring Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. After initial tryouts the musical version of the film has officially opened on Broadway in 2019, with a West End run announced for 2021.  And the reviews seem to be pretty favorable. Entering the red light-coated Al Hirschfeld Theatre, with the stage flanked on either side with a giant red windmill and a large elephant’s head, you’re immediately asked to immerse yourself in the dreamlike, fantastical world of Baz Luhrmann’s 2001 romantic tragedy Moulin Rouge. The whole theatre was pretty much the set, and the next best thing to actually being at the real thing.  As its musical adaptation blazes forth with a whiplash-inducing 70 songs, flashy can-can dancers and bohemian ideals, the fantasy is forced to be grounded in reality, but doesn't lose any of the film’s  spectacular-ness in the process.
Before the curtains open, the show begins very suddenly with two women swallowing swords. Like Cabaret, Moulin Rouge! thankfully refuses to let you forget that its setting is maybe its most important character. Even the Playbill offers a history of the storied Paris cabaret club’s 130 year history. The framing of the musical is the first thing that sets it apart from its film counterpart: where Luhrmann framed the story with foreboding sadness led by the mystical song “Nature Boy,” the stage show looks to the bacchanalian chaos of cabaret.

The adaptation, with a tidy, problem-solving book by John Logan, female-and-trans-empowering choreography by Sonya Tayeh, and farce-with-a-heart maximalist staging by Alex Timbers which looked incredible, Moulin Rouge! sparkles like a million falling sequins, tickles like a chorus boy’s feathers, and burns like a shot of absinthe engulfing your brain.Logan’s tweaks to the original screenplay are neat and necessary. Now the male ingénue, a virginal writer lured to the City of Light by the promise of Art and Love, is an American: Christian, played by my newest crush du jour.....Aaron Tveit, made me MELT.

Our hero quickly falls in with bohemian painters and composers such as Toulouse-Lautrec, who Sahr Ngaujah played very salty and fun,  and Santiago, played by Ricky Rojas, spoofing the film’s Latin clichés. These outlandish artistes bundle Christian off to the hottest nightclub in town, the Moulin Rouge, where the lad promptly falls in love with the house diva, Satine, and the rest follows suit. I found the play to be honest much more enjoyable then the film as it didn't have all the jerky and quick moving camera movements. And say want you want, but I found the play very satisfying and the music  numbers are the highlight. Not to mention my new found love for that hunky singer Aaron. His voice made me melt.

Thursday, February 27, 2020


They’re here! And they’re oh so very queer!  Drag Race is coming roaring back into our lives once again, FOR THE 12TH time, with an entirely new crop of queens, whether we’re prepared for it or not, although, I'd like to see RuPaul hang this up on the 13 th season. I mean how many more different queens can she add to her arsenal of Drag Super Stars? Ru herself has said she'd like another comedy queen to win this season. I’d hate to see this cultural phenomenon burn itself out on the public, with season coming fast and furious... although it should be noted, the Drag Race franchise is still riding high on Emmy wins, big ratings, and the critical acclaim afforded to its UK version and this crop looks fun and probably more diverse then past seasons. I can tell you Brita Filter, Gigi Goode, Crystal Methyd, Jackie Cox and Sherry Pie are my favorites to watch for. As always I find it fun to place the queens how I think they will take my T very lightly hunties.

Aiden Zhane- Acworth, GA
Hailing from rural Georgia, it’s apparent Aiden Zhane is attracted to the darker side of life. Horror films, Marilyn Manson, and weirdness all inform her outlandish – and original – spooky persona. But do we need another Yvie Oddly? 10th place.

Brita Filta- New York City
Everyone who's anyone in the scene or drag, or lives in New York City knows Brita. That’s because this hard-working Polynesian queen captivates audiences with her famous lip-syncs … no less than seven nights a week. I have long adored her and her hilarity and I'm all about her wigs and ensembles. I would love to see a win, but I think she'll place 7 or 8th.

Dahlia Sin- Los Angeles
Originally hailing from Brooklyn, Dahlia Sin emerged from the Haus of Aja (of Season 9 and All Stars fame). Now this look queen lives in LA, where she wows the west coast with her urban brand of sexiness. 13th place.

Gigi Goode- Los Angeles
This leggy fashion queen is only 21, but enters the competition with a sizeable social media following. Gorgeous fashion illustrations come to life and make her Instagram fans stand. Gorgeous... A top 5 queen.

Sherry Pie- New York City
A campy, polished queen who knows her references, Sherry Pie will leave an audience in stitches, TRUST ME. And with Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett as her icons, she’s certainly learned from the best. She is one of my front runners to win this. I adore this bitch. A top 5 queen.

Heidi N Closet-Ramseur, NC
Heidi comes from Ramseur, a small country town in North Carolina. She playfully says there’s little to do there except count chickens and cows. But her infectious persona is sure to make her a global name very soon. 7th place.

Crystal Methyd- Springfield, MO
The only thing Crystal Methyd is addicted to is attention. And with her quirky fashions, incomparable makeup skills and screwball sense of humor, she’ll certainly be catching the judges’ eyes. Loves the name!!! A 6,7 or 8th placed queen.

Jackie Cox- New York City
The Persian princess of drag has arrived. Born in Canada and with Iranian heritage, Jackie Cox now considers the New York cabaret stage her home. She loves to write her own shows and bring them to life. A top 5 queen.

Jaida Essence Hall- Milwaukee 
Jaida Essence Hall always strives to be the essence of glamour. She originally wanted to be a fashion designer, and now gets to both live that fantasy and model her own gorgeous creations. A top 5 queen.

Jan Sport-New York City
Jan is a musical theater queen and skilled singer, who can belt in the original key of a female popstar’s song. Ambitious and driven, she’s looking to slay the Drag Race performance challenges. She is also part of the music group, Stephanie's Child, along with Lagoona Blu and Ros'e. They are pretty good.  9th place.

Nicky Doll- New York City
The first French contestant to compete in RuPaul’s Drag Race, Nicky Doll relocated from Paris to New York City, where she enchants audiences with her European catwalk, high fashions and seductive charm.  11h place.

Rock M Sakura- San Francisco 
Rock M. Sakura’s aesthetic is an amalgamation of anime, manga, and anything pink. With her high-energy death-dropping performance style and dirty sense of humor, this is a queen who defies categorization. I don't see a win...she is too close to Trixie Matell's look. 12th place

Widow Von' Du- Kanas City, MO
Jaida Essence Hall always strives to be the essence of glamour. She originally wanted to be a fashion designer, and now gets to both live that fantasy and model her own gorgeous creations. 6th place.


Wednesday, February 26, 2020


I don't know about Ash Wednesday...
but by the look of things,  Fastnacht Day was a hit with Silky Ganache.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Fasnacht Day: who wouldn't appreciate a holiday revolving around frying and eating doughnuts?I warn you to grab your napkin and let the drooling begin.
Otherwise known as “Fat Tuesday”, for a Pennsylvania resident, today is fastnacht day. We here in Pennsylvania  drinking land, like doughnuts, as much as we like our hootch.
The religious call it Shrove’s’s the day Lutheran’s clean their larder of all fats, and live a clean un-fatted life until Easter. I see the Fat Tuesday similarities. Don’t you?

These Shrove Tuesday treats, known as fasnachts, or faschnacht-kichli in Pennsylvania Dutch, are deep-fried cakes originally made of risen dough from flour and finely mashed potatoes. Fasnachts are fried every year in communities across Pennsylvania, the United States and Europe as a final hurrah to usher in the somber season of Lent. There are many recipes and ways to enjoy fasnachts. These are the ones I got to take into work today. IF they make it there at all!!!


I get mine from a local farm, and they are like eating air!!!! This year I got three dozen. Two for work and one for myself. What a pig right? Soooooo good. Some families, churches, and ladies auxiliary clubs make them according to regionally specific recipes, while some commercial establishments make them without potatoes. I can remember when I was very young, and staying with my grandmother. She in her apron, and her church lady friends would make thousands of these down at the church and would later have at the ladies function that afternoon,  and would also sell them in brown bags. There were many advantages then to hanging around her dress skirts!!!! Some years she made them in her own kitchen, to give to our family and the whole neighborhood. Some use baking powder rather than yeast to make a regional variety called "kickers," after the western Lehigh and eastern Berks Pennsylvania Dutch word "kichliche" (little cakes). Some enjoy them dipped in molasses or syrup, dusted in powdered sugar, or "just so." 

Traditionally, fastnachts are made to use up the lard, sugar, butter, eggs and other rich foods in a house before the austere diet of Lent begins. In Catholic and Protestant countries, Fastnacht Day is also called "Fat Tuesday," or "Mardi Gras," a name which predates the Reformation and referred to the Christian tradition of eating rich foods before the Lenten fast began. The word "fastnacht" means "the night before the fast," since the doughnuts are eaten the night before Lent, when fasting is usually observed by many Christians until Easter Sunday. 

So get out there and eat a doughnut, and repent you sinners.

Monday, February 24, 2020


The Mistress CAME OUT OF HIBERNATION and is pulled, cleaned, buffed, fluffed, rested, had my nails done and hair did... lips puckered...and now ready to be back and start receiving you all once again!!!!

Hibernation is over and we're back.

Or behind. Depending on how you see things.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Friday, February 14, 2020


Who needs chocolates? 
This is by far less fattening...more filling, but indeed less fattening.

Happy Valentine's Day 
❤my dears!❤

Thursday, February 6, 2020


I was set to come out of hibernation, and will return shortly...right after I referee and break up a cock fight that ensued with the houseboys...

Don't you just love a heated size competition? 
Help your self to a drink and hard candy from the special candy dish while you wait.......